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veeberswallyworld, babbageclunk: What else do I need for a test, I'm getting no test to run: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZMWFtBZtkP/22:15
babbageclunkveebers: is that in a new package?22:16
veebersbabbageclunk: aye22:16
babbageclunkyou'll probably need a package_test.go22:16
* thumper was going to say that22:17
veebersbabbageclunk: ah right, I'll give that a whirl. Cheers22:17
thumperwe started the pattern of doing the setup of tests for packages in their own file22:17
thumperveebers: there are two different ones22:17
thumperone if you need mongo, and a different way if you don't22:17
babbageclunkveebers: look at core/auditlog for a trivial one.22:17
veeberssweet, cheers guys. Should be pretty simple as there is no deps needed (it's a simple test :-))22:18
veebersbabbageclunk, thumper sweetbix that works. \o/22:20
thumperveebers: just changed our 1:1 from hangout to meet22:32
veebersthumper: ack, I'll re-join22:32
thumperwallyworld: could I get you to triage bug 1778033 as you have been in storge recently?23:51
mupBug #1778033: juju stuck attaching storage to OSD <4010> <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1778033>23:51

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