IrcsomeBot1<fmb> (Photo, 255x113) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/IT1TV8tX/file_8339.jpg01:01
IrcsomeBot1<fmb> Hi. I sent a message earlier, but I think it got lost in the conversation. I'm using Kubuntu and loving it a lot, but I'm having some display problems. As asked, yes, my drivers are updated, but I'm getting a lot of screen tearing and from time to time the icons on my desktop become like the picture I'm sending you. Then if I reboot it goes back to normal and then, after some more time, these banners appear on the icons' names. It01:01
IrcsomeBot1happens both with the open source and the proprietary drivers. My system is a i5, Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H motherboard and GeForce 1030 GPU.01:01
IrcsomeBot1<fmb> Sorry, forgot to say it is Kubuntu 18.0401:01
IrcsomeBot1<fmb> Thank you!01:01
IrcsomeBot1<Faszinosium42> fmb  … I wish I could help you. Unfortunately, I'm not expert in Kubuntu. But maybe the information helps you, that the edges of the letters getting ''blue-red''-ish, like it's visible in your pic, when I try to move my desktop icons.06:13
threebarhey guys07:00
threebarwhat screen locker does kubuntu use in 18.04? i can't find the kscreenlocker package or anything07:00
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IrcsomeBot1<fmb> @Faszinosium42, Thanks you. Maybe that's a piece in the puzzle. Let's see what else I can find air it09:58
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BluesKajHowdy all11:28
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netahsydI have a dell 7559 (dual graphics) and I installed proprietary drivers and bumblebee. I'm using my intel GPU currently and the screen has a low resolution12:14
netahsydEven in screen settings, the res is 960x540 but my laptop screen is 1080p12:15
netahsydThe driver manager says its using nouveau display driver and I cannot change it to use the proprietary one12:15
netahsydIf I select the proprietary, the driver manager refreshes and the nouveau one is still selected12:16
anqxyrhmm, so in 14.04, I could explicitly configure individual locale settings12:26
anqxyre.g. have YYYY-mm-dd for file format, $ for currency, and , for decimal separator12:27
anqxyrin 17.10, I can only select a country, and it will automatically change all the locale settings to match that country12:28
anqxyris there a way for me to change some specific part of the locale without changing everything?12:29
BluesKajnetahsyd, check your bumblebee settings , but your nvidia gpu should use the recommended driver.Perhaps bumblebee which is buggy and old should be removed, but I'm only seculating.12:34
BluesKajspeculating  rather12:34
netahsydeven before I used bumblebee settings, I wasn't able to select the propritetary driver12:35
netahsydprime-select query shows intel. Does that mean I'm neither using nouveau or nvidia?12:35
BluesKajnetahsyd, which driverf version is it?12:35
netahsyd396. I saw 390 had some issues12:35
netahsydregarding black screen on boot up12:35
netahsydAnd intel integrated graphics12:36
netahsydUsing nvidia is second priority. Right now I would be happy even if I got integrated graphics working properly12:37
netahsydiGPU shows wrong resolution and even in displays the res is 960x540 but my laptop screen is 1080p12:40
heeusax^that's me. I've Reinstalled intel xorg driver12:43
BluesKajone solution I've seen is to blacklist the intel gpu and run the nvidia exclusively, but that uses up your battery more quckly12:43
heeusaxI would like that too but I barely get 2 hours on nvidia. I need a bit more juice for classes12:45
BluesKajheeusax, what's your resolution now?12:57
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neatahsyd1BluesKaj 960x54013:25
neatahsydAargh. Keep disconnecting13:28
neatahsydBluesKaj or better shall I reinstall?13:29
moonseppelHi there. Anybody here who can help me with a sound device relate issue with kubuntu 18.04?13:31
BluesKajneatahsyd, assume you're running 18.04 Bionic?13:31
BluesKajmoonseppel, just ask your question13:32
BluesKajneatahsyd, have you updated and upgraded lately?13:33
neatahsydYes. Fresh install, then did update13:33
neatahsydAnd upgrade13:33
moonseppelSure. I have VLC set up to run in background (init.d script). It basically works great, but only when I'm logged into KDE. When I start the script from the console (or while boot) or once I log out, the vlc playback stops. I just want to have it running.13:34
BluesKajneatahsyd, try your OS without bumblebee first13:34
moonseppelI assume it's the sound devices being "switched off" or something, as they're not listed after logout (tried also-something -l), but I#m not sure. Playback of vlc is via alsa13:34
BluesKajmoonseppel, logging out stops/suspends all running apps afaik13:36
BluesKajmoonseppel, so no pulseaudio?13:37
moonseppelThe task is not owned by the KDE session, as its an init.d script. And starting it from consoel without KDE login also does not work13:38
moonseppelpulseaudio is not used, but is installed. I just used an alsa device for vlc. You think with a pulseaudio device it should do better?13:39
BluesKajmoonseppel, which kubuntu ?13:39
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neatahsydBluesKaj I have purged bumblebee, but the resolution problem is still present. Also I can't choose the proprietary nvidia driver from driver settings13:40
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BluesKajmoonseppel,  pulse is merely a sound server that runs on top of alsa, if alsa shuts down then pulse has no signal13:40
BluesKajneatahsyd, what about your prime  settings?13:41
moonseppelSo I'd rather stick to alsa, because it already took me quite a while to find the right device and parameter for vlc ;)13:41
neatahsydI am using Intel13:42
neatahsydSo that means the driver selection has not effect?13:42
neatahsydSince I'm using Intel13:42
BluesKajmoonseppel, well, you can use vlc to choose any audio devices you want in audio device and tools>preferences>audio>output module and device13:45
moonseppelNot really. I use a script to start, so no graphical UI, just console parameters and the docs on those are not good. But the device is corrct. I'm just now listening to the music from vlc, started via the script. But I just need to log out to make it stop13:47
moonseppelAnd I just wanna get rid of that stopping, nothing more. All else is fine13:47
BluesKajsorry, dunno how to help you there, no experience with running vlc from the cli....to me it's unecessary13:49
BluesKajmost users use the gui which is very configurable13:49
BluesKajneatahsyd, have you tried installing the nvidia 390 driver without bumblebee in the mix?13:51
moonseppelYes it is. Okay, thanks for trying nayway :)13:53
BluesKajmoonseppel, if you want to run a media player from the gui, try mplayer ot mpv they're well suited for command strings etc13:53
moonseppeldo they support .m3u playlists?13:54
neatahsydSo I'll run sudo apt purge nvidia*?13:54
neatahsydThen reboot and then reinstall?13:54
BluesKajneatahsyd,dunno if purging is necessary, but it probly won't hurt13:56
BluesKajneatahsyd, also check for dkms , altho it should be installed by default13:57
moonseppelOkay, have to leave now. Thanks for your time, BluesKaj, I'll check those players out.13:59
neatahsydOdd. I cannot install nvidia-396 via apt14:01
neatahsydEven though it is recommended14:02
neatahsydI can only install 39014:02
neatahsydIt says unable to locate package for 39614:03
BluesKajneatahsyd, it's still not available since it's kernel module isn't supported yet14:11
BluesKajI'm testing 18.10 Cosmic and the 396 isn't available either14:12
BluesKajneatahsyd, you could search launchpad staging or proposed ppas for the 396,. but from what I've read the success rate is quite low getting the driver to load14:23
neatahsydReinstalled nvidia 390 without bumblebee14:23
neatahsydSameer bad resolution even with Intel and nvidia prime modes14:23
neatahsydI'm tired and I'm just going to to reinstall at this point14:24
BluesKajneatahsyd, well that's your call, but have you tried sudo apt install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau14:26
neatahsydStill the problem remains :/14:28
BluesKajthe resolution should be full 1080p with that driver, it's actually very good14:28
BluesKajneatahsyd, reboot if you ran the command14:29
* BluesKaj shrugs14:31
neatahsydWhile reinstalling it keeps getting stuck in updates and other software screen14:41
neatahsydWhen installing nvidia drivers, should I use the driver menu or apt install?15:24
BluesKajneatahsyd, it makes no difference, they both use the same backend (dpkg)15:31
progarti am now here and want to know how i can join channels ? who can help me?19:35
progartno, i use quassel irc19:36
progartaa, sorry, i find it :D19:36
parabola-user1Hello everyone.21:09
TheLucidEagleI was hoping that someone who is familiar with KDE might be able to help me21:10
TheLucidEagleIs there any reason why icons would not show up in the applications menu, or dolphin?21:11
TheLucidEagleI changed them over to a new icon theme and the icons do not show up in the applications menu, or dolphin anymore.21:11
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oerheksTheLucidEagle, blame the theme ?21:16
TheLucidEagleThat is something I haven't thought of. Let me try changing the theme and rebooting21:17
oerheksa few .. https://www.ubuntupit.com/12-best-kde-plasma-themes-kde-desktop/21:19
dragonslayeri would like to know kubuntu minum specs for install22:26

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