jamie1is there a way to install gnome with wayland on lubuntu?03:02
jamie1i just finished setting everything up and started getting used to the de but if i want to run retroarch i have to use wayland display server03:03
jamie1i want want know for the sole purpose of running retroarch and lxde for running everything else03:03
stobrendoHi there. I've installed ubuntu and have 2 problems with it. First one is that I don't have audio at all and second one is that whenever I play any video on any browser (html5), the video is choppy (it struggles and "jumps"), but when I download that exact video and play it with VLC It plays perfectly. I haven't a clue on how could I fix it, audio isn't muted (already checked in alsamixer and pavucontrol),15:02
stobrendoheadphones are working and already did `modprobe pcspkr`, also already installed lubuntu-restricted-extras , ubuntu-restricted-extras vpx-tools, wavpack, gnome-alsamixer and i965-va-driver. What else could be missing or wrong_15:02
stobrendos/I\'ve installed ubuntu/I\'ve installed lubuntu/g15:03

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