oerheksnor you have mint, tomreyn02:00
lotuspsychjegood morning to all02:38
hggdhlotuspsychje: morn03:00
lotuspsychjeheyy hggdh guiverc03:14
guiverchowdy lotuspsychje03:15
ducassegood morning06:09
BluesKajHowdy all11:28
pauljwhi everyone12:09
BluesKaj'Morning pauljw12:10
pauljwhey BluesKaj :)12:10
BluesKajheatwave here, 90F/90% humidity12:15
pauljwsame here, BluesKaj, thank goodness for a/c.12:41
BluesKajyup, already turned it on, it's already 28C/83F /80% humidity12:45
BluesKajwe a near tornado yesterday over our little town, that was a scary experience...the clouds were dark green then the wind came up and rain was horizontal12:47
pauljwoooh, yeah, don't like tornadoes.12:57
BluesKajheh, no kidding12:58
BluesKajvery rare around here13:00
tomreynoerheks: have firefox upgrades been made available faster in the past?15:23
tomreyn(when they contained critical security patches, but i thinkt hat's almost the case, more or less)15:24
oerhekstomreyn,  i thought FF is on a 6 week cycle?16:28
oerhekssomething like that16:29
tomreynoerheks: yu mean upstream releases are?16:29
oerheksyes? i see it in debian already16:30
tomreynwhat i was asking about is time to patch, or how fast the upstream releases have hit ubuntu in the past.16:30
oerheksi don't remember exactly, normally firefox would appear 3-5 days afer release, chromium much later16:31
tomreyni guess we could check mozilla security advisories vs USNs16:32
tomreyn...comparing dates16:32
tomreynFirefox https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox/16:32
oerheksstable in debian https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=firefox16:32
tomreynpaste firefox USNs https://www.google.com/search?q=host%3Ausn.ubuntu.com+firefox16:35
tomreynoerheks: not stable in debian, no. they use ESR16:36
tomreynactualyl this link https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Ausn.ubuntu.com+firefox16:38
oerheksoh indeed, sid gives 61 https://launchpad.net/debian/sid/+source/firefox16:38
tomreynbtw you got a private message if you dont ignore them16:39
oerheksso, maybe today or tomorrow, holding on on the 4-5 day cycle? but that cycle is just an observation16:39
oerheksyes i read it.16:39
tomreyni dont know the usual time to patch, it's what i'm trying to determine now16:40
tomreynoerheks: feel free to add to it in case you got some time: https://lite.framacalc.org/QdSF3zNebB17:05
tomreynjust pick some version from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox/ and look up the usn17:11
oerheks6 week cycle indeed https://wiki.mozilla.org/Release_Management/Calendar17:17
oerheksmaybe i should just contact the mozilla team17:17
tomreynabout what? asking them to patch firefox in ubuntu?17:17
oerheksnot patching, just the whole new version?17:18
tomreynright, that's what i meant. but why would mozilla provide ubuntu packages? for all we know they have some kind of contract with ubuntu to define who does what (not) and to protect each others brands.17:20
oerheksoh, i thought we waited for the debian branch to build first?17:20
tomreyni tzhionk packaging firefox in ubuntu is independant from debian17:21
tomreynsince canonical decided to do rolling releases for firefox in ubuntu some years ago.17:22
tomreynbefore this, there was a team involving people form both debian and ubuntu working on backporting patches.17:23
tomreynactually that was the very old times, then both debian dn ubuntu switched to esr, then ubuntu switched to rolling releases17:23
tomreyndn -> and17:24
tomreynthat's from my memory, may be incorrect17:24
oerhekshasn't that changed when firefox changed to 6 week cycle too?17:24
oerheksthis happened a few years ago, iirc17:24
tomreynwhat do you mean changed then?17:28
EriC^^evening all17:29
tomreynmozilla was never happy with distros shipping old firefox releases with backports, which is why they prohibited using the firefox brand on those backports, which is why there was iceweasel.17:30
tomreynhi eric17:30
EriC^^hi tomreyn17:30
oerheksoh so far does my knowledge not go ..17:31
oerhekshi EriC^^17:31
EriC^^hi oerheks17:31
oerheksat a certain point, i read about firefox releasing a fresh version any 6 weeks, and seems correct looking at their timetable17:31
oerheksEriC^^, i am wondering why FF 61 is not in the repos yet17:32
oerheksand what the 'normal' timeline is, between release and build17:32
tomreynyes, i agree that they seem to have a 6 week release schedule. but this doesn't tell us how long it takes for upstream releases to arrive in ubuntu17:32
oerheksi migh be wrong looking a debian, expecting that package to show up17:33
tomreyndebian stable wont have 61.0.017:33
tomreynunless 61.0.0 will be selected as an ESR by mozilla17:33
tomreynESR = "extended support release"17:34
oerheksnope, 60 will jump to 6817:34
tomreynso debian stable wont have 6117:34
tomreyndebian testing aklso uses ESR exclusively, i think17:35
tomreynso either ubuntu syncs firefox from debian unstable (but i dont think they do) or they build it themselves.17:36
tomreynchances are that canonical is bound to some contractual terms to be able to deliver "firefox" branded packages. such as not removing / modifying some things (default search engine? start page still getting the google cookie?)17:38
tomreyni'm just making this up, have no idea what is there and what isn't, but it would seem logical for how businesses would set terms.17:40
oerhekstomreyn, > chrisccoulson> it will be published when it's in a releasable state and we can build language packs that work18:42
oerheksso it is a 2-trap rocket18:43
tomreynthanks for sharing18:47
tomreynwhile going over the USNs i notice that there have been many regressions and upstream follow up releases.18:47
tomreynprobably not the greatest packages to work on.18:48
tomreynbtw. my table is growing steadily18:49
oerheksI have no idea how hard that would be, i would like to contribute, but understanding how this packaging works is also valuable to pass on18:49
tomreynlooking at the launchpad bazaar(s) will probably provide more info on how packaging is done.18:51
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