bluesabreUnit193: awesome!10:59
Unit193bluesabre: Forced the last one through as I was starting to get re-spammed. :P11:00
bluesabreI'd been watching excuses to see what was hanging, cool to see you got it :)11:01
Unit193grep-dctrl -n -sPackage -FDepends libxfconf-0-2 us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_devel*amd64_Packages  compared with the libxfconf-0-3 list, and same with libthunar is easier.11:03
bluesabreknome, embedded IRC is broken in Chrome (and probably elsewhere) since we're embedding the http: version, https://xubuntu.org/irc/23:04
Spassblank space on my Firefox 60 too23:47
Unit193Hmm.  Newer xfconf, and seems a -settings snuck up on me.  There's also a newer exo too..23:54
Unit193Oh I guess the non-English folks might be more happy if we updated libxfce4util.23:55

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