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danialbehzadiIs there a problem with launchpad?13:42
danialbehzadimy builds got fail with weird logs:  https://launchpadlibrarian.net/377127491/buildlog.txt.gz13:42
danialbehzadiAnd that happen only for artful and bionic. Cosmic is fine: https://code.launchpad.net/~dani.behzi/+recipe/traktor13:42
acheronukdanialbehzadi: it happens intermittently for any release. just randomness I thing that you avoided it on cosmic, as it is very infrequent14:10
acheronuk#canonical-sysadmin have an open ticket on the keyserver glitches last I heard, as the issue is that going awol for a response sometimes14:12
acheronukusually on the chroot failure it report, as retry will work14:14
* acheronuk swears at keyboard14:15
acheronuk*reports, a retry14:15
danialbehzadiacheronuk: How can I retry the build?14:48
acheronukdanialbehzadi: in this case. just click on request builds on the recipe page15:07
danialbehzadiacheronuk: There is no "request build there"15:09
acheronukdanialbehzadi: https://i.imgur.com/AfXZkig.png15:10
danialbehzadiacheronuk: Oh, I see!15:11
danialbehzadiacheronuk: Thanks15:13
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