mupBug #1779970 opened: Cannot find cloud-init datasource error when adding a node through a new rackd controller <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1779970>00:13
mupBug #1779980 opened: maas overestimates size of raid device, can cause deployment failure <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1779980>02:50
mupBug #1769139 changed: package maas-region-controller 2.4.0~beta2-6865-gec43e47e6-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: installed maas-region-controller package post-installation04:24
mupscript subprocess returned error exit status 1 <apport-package> <bionic> <i386> <maas (Ubuntu):Expired> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1769139>04:24
fileasHello, is there a way to tell maas to stop keeping to try to use an interface that is not connected on a dual port Mellanox X3 card ? the init-bottom script keeps trying to use a port which is down and does not switch to the other. To get this working I have to shut the port in the Bios of the NIC10:22
nikolisHello guys I am coming across the following problem when I am tryinh to run make test in maas15:40
nikolisbin/buildout install parallel-test                                                                        │python3-tempita15:40
nikolisInstalling parallel-test.                                                                                 │python3-twisted15:40
nikolisWhile:                                                                                                    │python3-txtftp15:40
nikolis  Installing parallel-test.                                                                               │python3-tz15:40
nikolis  Getting distribution for 'pexpect'.                                                                     │python3-yaml15:40
nikolisError: Picked: pexpect = 4.6.0                                                                            │python3-zope.interface15:40
nikolisMakefile:116: recipe for target 'bin/test.parallel' failed                                                │snapcraft15:40
nikolismake: *** [bin/test.parallel] Error 115:40
nikolisbin/buildout install parallel-test15:41
nikolisInstalling parallel-test.15:41
nikolis  Installing parallel-test.15:41
nikolis  Getting distribution for 'pexpect'.15:41
nikolisError: Picked: pexpect = 4.6.015:41
nikolisMakefile:116: recipe for target 'bin/test.parallel' failed15:41
nikolismake: *** [bin/test.parallel] Error 115:41
nikolisif anybody is in the mood to help plz let me know15:41
roaksoaxnikolis: what version is this ?15:44
nikolisI cloned the master branch from git15:45
roaksoaxnikolis: works for me15:46
roaksoaxnikolis: make install-dependencies15:47
roaksoaxnikolis: and then make test ?15:47
roaksoaxit would seem as a versio mismatch of whats expected15:47
nikolisyes exactly .. the only difference is that I got an error will  using make install-dependencies that python-uvloop could not be found and thus I installed it using pip manually I don't know if this could be the source of the problem15:49
roaksoaxnikolis: so you are probably using xenial instead of bionic ?15:51
nikolisyes that's true15:52
roaksoaxright, so master is bieng developed on bionic, and the dependencies are obtained from the ubuntu archive as that's the dependencies we need to ensure MAAS works on, then either you'd need to install the dep versions in the requirements15:53
roaksoaxor change the versions15:54
roaksoaxactually: required-packages/base has python3-pexpect15:55
roaksoaxnikolis: i would create a lxd container w/ bionic and develope there15:55
nikolisI will do that thanks for your help15:55

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