ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @AlexanderPlaza, Sounds like a hardware issue. I've had it happen on different devices throughout the years.00:57
ubptgbot<AlexanderPlaza> Mmm just gotta find a replacement screen and see if that’s the problem01:05
ubptgbot<mateosalta> @jacob_morosco, https://www.androidauthority.com/psa-project-fi-phones-792301/01:47
ubptgbot<mateosalta> probally similar, all the extra network switching stuff probally won't work like expected01:49
ubptgbot<mateosalta> looks like you will only get the tmobile part01:50
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ubptgbot<John_athan> Update coming today05:29
ubptgbot<vanyasem> @John_athan, ?05:33
ubptgbot<John_athan> Rc weekly update05:33
ubptgbot<NotKit> does anyone know if there is any MTK-specific code in Mir or somewhere else for MediaTek HDMI control?06:07
ubptgbot<NotKit> I'm sure it had to be done for Ubuntu Tablet, as hdmi port is controlled by ioctls to /dev/hdmitx06:07
ubptgbot<NotKit> in Android, there are Java frameworks and JNI code that handles this, it could be based on, but I'd really like to reuse existing solution if there is any06:08
ubptgbot<NotKit> https://github.com/yuan1617/Framwork/blob/master/frameworks/base/services/core/jni/com_mediatek_hdmi_MtkHdmiManagerService.cpp - that's what I'm talking about on Android side06:15
ubptgbot<NotKit> I guess could be grepped by "hdmitx"06:15
ubptgbot<Sr> Ub ports support Sony Xperia so c5303?06:40
ubptgbot<Sr> Sp c530306:40
ubptgbot<vanyasem> No06:41
ubptgbot<koni_raid> Hi, I noticed a wrong translation: instead of Never it is displayed: Aldrig07:19
ubptgbot<koni_raid> using Ubuntu 16.04 (2018-07-04) on a N5, Language English (UK)07:20
ubptgbot<popescu_sorin> Open ah bug report 😃07:32
ubptgbot<koni_raid> done07:48
ubptgbot<koni_raid> https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/74207:49
ubptgbot<popescu_sorin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/nwh0OL9l.webp07:50
ubptgbot<advocatux> @koni_raid, You can fix it yourself :) https://translate.ubports.com/translate/ubports/system-settings/en_GB/?checksum=&offset=&q=Aldrig&search=substring&source=on&target=on&type=all&ignored=False08:18
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ubptgbot<Quantumechanic> Any /saved stuff here ?08:29
ubptgbot<Bolly> Welcome @Quantumechanic !!! Check this put for more about UBports https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome08:32
ubptgbot<Quantumechanic> @Bolly, That was too early :)08:33
ubptgbot<advocatux> @Quantumechanic as it seems you're interested in the history of this group, you can click on Information and access to all the pubished material 👍08:35
ubptgbot<Quantumechanic> @advocatux, Sure :D08:35
ubptgbot<advocatux> :)08:35
ubptgbot<Quantumechanic> @advocatux, Id want the manifest link :P08:35
ubptgbot<Stereofont> @koni_raid, Well it is Old Norse, so close 😎08:47
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ubptgbot<dohbee> @NotKit, I would guess it's handled in kernel level?10:01
ubptgbot<anpok> @NotKit, The Android Hardware c API can controll the outputs, and yes the android mir platform has Code that drives that11:25
ubptgbot<anpok> The c API is rather clumsy and assumes/requires a single threaded compositon loop11:25
ubptgbot<anpok> Ah those are output configurations that are probably   exposed through that side channel11:37
ubptgbot<koni_raid> @advocatux, done!11:56
ubptgbot<advocatux> 👍12:00
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ubptgbot<anpok> [Edit] Ah those are secondary output configurations that are probably   exposed through that side channel12:13
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ubptgbot<Pgcor> Hi! Is anyone with Pro5 experiencing strange behaviour with cellular data? Mine isn't going beyond the Edge connection, in places where other phones with same mobile operator, and other operators are working well, even with 4G. … Ia there a known issue about Pro5's cellular data connection going slow, or it could be a hardware problem12:53
ubptgbot of my Pro5?12:53
ubptgbot<NotKit> @anpok, on tablet or in general? It seems output needs to enabled through /dev/hdnitx first, which is not mapped to hardware API13:19
ubptgbot<anpok> In general.. The display API knows one external one virtual output, next to the primary.. I would assume that the mtk display service impl maps that but with less detail..13:25
ubptgbot<anpok> https://android.googlesource.com/platform/hardware/libhardware/+/master/include/hardware/hwcomposer.h a service should implement the hw_composer_device interface.. This is what mir uses to enable and configure the external output..13:29
ubptgbot<Flohack> @anpok, Long time no see xd13:36
ubptgbot<anpok> Yes I am back.. Finishing the Sony Port.. My wife needs a new phone13:37
ubptgbot<anpok> And too much overtime at Siemens13:37
ubptgbot<anpok> @Pgcor, Things like that are related to the baseband firmware.. Afaik out of reach of the linux kernel13:41
ubptgbot<Flohack> Good to hear Andi. A lot of things happened meanwhile xD13:52
ubptgbot<BlueKenny> Is there a better tool / way to get the barcode from an image, than using zbarimg ? (i takes 4-5s on the OnePlus One and 0,04s on my PC)13:53
ubptgbot<anpok> Yeah I saw the nice halium install script..13:56
ubptgbot<andreasimonetti> @dohbee, from the beginning of the 16.04  i always experienced this kind of behaviours ..  and still with the last update of today.. for me was about 390 mb .. it lasted about 3 min but the line never moved from 278 mb .. until install in the end.. meanwhile system settings it is kinda freezed13:58
ubptgbot<andreasimonetti> nexus 514:03
ubptgbot<anpok> @Pgcor, Look in the ubports forum.. There are people with the same problems and solutions14:10
ubptgbot<Milan> enyone  here have installed 16.04 rc on nexus 5?14:34
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> @anpok, This is awesome news! :)14:37
ubptgbot<mariogrip> @anpok, I got a sony device im have my heart set on, snapdragon 845 and usb 3.1 with native displayport. convergence dream phone14:41
ubptgbot<mariogrip> @anpok, [Edit] I got a sony device I have my heart set on, snapdragon 845 and usb 3.1 with native displayport. convergence dream phone14:41
ubptgbot<mariogrip> just needs to find some freetime to port it 😅14:42
ubptgbot<mariogrip> @anpok, Awesome! :D Is this something thats ready for a spot on the system-image server maybe??14:43
ubptgbot<anpok> I can push the device Manifest.. Halium and plasma will work.. Still issues with apparmor (maybe)14:46
ubptgbot<anpok> The recent Lineage changes made device repo changes minimal.. There are Just a bunch of errors in themuppets14:48
ubptgbot<mariogrip> humm ok, does it have the kernel backports for apparmor?14:54
ubptgbot<PhoenixLandPirate> @anpok, This is really cool and awesome!14:54
ubptgbot<anpok> Yeah I added it..14:55
ubptgbot<anpok> Something might have gone wrong there.. Also the kernel has seen a lot of changes from Sony..14:57
ubptgbot<PhoenixLandPirate> @mariogrip, And the other 18 phones you've got on your desk :P14:57
ubptgbot<anpok> It would be good to have another few pairs of eyes14:58
ubptgbot<mariogrip> @anpok, sure, got the src somewhere?15:00
ubptgbot<anpok> All your sources are belong to us15:00
ubptgbot<mariogrip> huh?15:01
ubptgbot<anpok> https://github.com/ubports/android_kernel_sony_msm899415:01
ubptgbot<anpok> Already there..15:02
ubptgbot<mariogrip> ah ok, will see if i find something15:02
ubptgbot<anpok> https://github.com/ubports/android_kernel_sony_msm8994/blob/halium-7.1/arch/arm64/configs/kitakami_sumire_defconfig15:02
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ubptgbot<Kai Plan> Hey there, sorry to bother you guys, but I try to install UBPorts on Oneplus One Takes like hours "Flashing Images" with the UBports installer. how long would be normal?15:06
roujia few minutes at most for me15:15
ubptgbot<Kai_Plan> -.- It´s the second oneplus one I seem to waste. should be easy though - activate developer mode, connect to pc, start installer, choose model, start fastboot - wait a few minutes at most - have fun, Not for me.15:17
roujimind you I've had my share of odd problems with the installer15:18
roujinot a fan of the local webapp nonsense15:18
roujibut if it does work correctly, it's fairly quick15:19
ubptgbot<Kai_Plan> is there a good install guide to do it by hand?15:19
roujiI'd like to know that too15:19
ubptgbot<NotKit> @anpok, basically UBPorts won't detect display on Gemini15:20
ubptgbot<NotKit> I guess in case it was exposed by display API, nothing special would be needed?15:20
ubptgbot<Mikhail_outerspace> https://outerspace.ga/static.php?id=1815:27
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @Mikhail_outerspace keep it on topic15:28
ubptgbot<Mikhail_outerspace> what?15:29
ubptgbot<Mikhail_outerspace> Fwd from UniversalSuperBox: @Mikhail_outerspace keep it on topic15:29
ubptgbot<ilfuma88> what about displaylink and connection with superBook?15:36
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ubptgbot<andreasimonetti> @Kai_Plan, is your device unlocked? did you install adb and fastboot? did you try to clear ubports installer's cache? there is a welcome group that can help you to solve this tipe of problems..16:16
ubptgbot<Kai_Plan> thx for the help. I can start into Ubports recovery, but it won´t boot up to the regular startscreen16:18
ubptgbot<Kai_Plan> I think I change to teh welcome group :)16:21
ubptgbot<John_athan> What is libertine?16:23
ubptgbot<balcy> https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/dailyuse/libertine.html16:28
ubptgbot<balcy> allows to run desktop apps on the phone16:28
ubptgbot<mateosalta> @Kai_Plan, First boot takes a long time16:31
ubptgbot<mateosalta> After it is done flashing just let it do its think, I remember I thought it failed on mine16:31
ubptgbot<Kai_Plan> Well, I fire it up again. last time I let it run over night.16:32
ubptgbot<mateosalta> Hm, well not that long...16:34
ubptgbotPascal was added by: Pascal17:31
ubptgbot<Pascal> Is it possible to install the current Ubuntu Touch OTA-3, on the latest Fairphone 2 ? Has the « blue screen » bus been fixed ? Thanks !17:34
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Yes and yes17:35
ubptgbot<Pascal> Thx ! What’s the best way, ubports-installer, or a shell script (Debian or Ubuntu) to get the things done ?17:38
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> ubports-installer is preferrable.17:38
ubptgbot<Pascal> Thx !!!17:40
ubptgbot<anpok> @NotKit yes .. is the source for the display service somewhere?18:24
ubptgbot<anpok> or hwcomposer..18:24
ubptgbot<anpok> I think qdisplay is the name of the service on qualcom devices..18:24
ubptgbot<vanyasem> @anpok, Correct18:25
ubptgbot<vanyasem> I hate seeing "qdisplay.service died" in logcat 😝18:29
ubptgbot<anpok> yes.. @NotKit also next to knowing that a display is attached - the api is also used for posting frame buffers - so if it is not exposed - how would the android port work then?18:34
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ubptgbot<popescu_sorin> Sup pasi18:57
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ubptgbot<advocatux> Hi Milos & @Yugal_Patil, welcome! Take a look to https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome to get you up to speed. … There are UBports language focus groups too 👍20:38
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