ricotzchrisccoulson, hi, you can find a tarball for thunderbird 52.9.0 here https://launchpad.net/%7Emozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages06:01
seb128good morning desktopers07:28
jibelhi seb12807:34
seb128lut jibel07:40
seb128jibel, thanks for the testing on bug #177881707:42
ubot5bug 1778817 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Bionic) "release upgrade from xenial to bionic desktop: screen locks itself, password to unlock fails" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/177881707:42
dufluMorning seb128, jibel. Anyone feel the need for a BT meeting?07:53
seb128duflu, hey, I don't, I'm currently looking at your bionic SRU but that's the only bluetooth thing I've been dealing with recently. do you?07:56
dufluseb128, no, nothing. I guess you could count the PulseAudio12 update too07:56
dufluAlmost nothing07:56
seb128I need to look at that MIR07:56
seb128it's on my todo as well :)07:56
dufluI could drop the prereq but it's been requested since last year07:57
seb128let's skip the bluetooth hangout then, willcooke is having computer issues apparently so he's not around07:57
seb128seems like we don't like full disks07:57
seb128duflu, the update can stay in proposed for a bit while the MIR is sorted out, let's try to move forward and get the issue resolved rather than workaround around07:59
jibelHi duflu , I've nothing for the meeting.07:59
jibelseb128, I'm trying to reproduce the 1st part of the bug now.07:59
dufluHmm, mutter's timing is still terrible. Even complex animations render in under 3ms and I can't get it to run faster than 43 FPS08:02
dufluMorning Laney08:02
dufluMorning willcooke08:03
willcookeafternoon duflu08:03
seb128hey Laney willcooke08:03
willcookeWe need to look in to how we can make things less bad when you run out of disk space08:04
seb128willcooke, rm ~/Videos/somepornmovies? ;)08:04
willcookeI won't delete my porn for anyone08:04
willcookeSo, fun story08:04
willcookeI had a Raspberry Pi which was running some house services stop working yesterday08:04
willcookeCouldnt get the thing to boot at all, so I took the SD card out and tried to mount it here08:05
willcookeThe thing was screwed08:05
willcookeI used disktest to recover some files which was very slow, so after the football finished I just left it running over night08:05
willcookeThis was an 8GB SD Card08:05
willcooketestdisk must have got in to some strange loop08:06
willcookethe recovered folder (after I delete a 14GB postfix spool file) is......08:06
willcooke(still counting)08:06
alexarnaudMorning willcooke seb128 andyrock jbicha Trevinho duflu and all08:06
willcooke((I think there must be some horrible recursive directory in itself thing going on)08:07
willcooke26 GB08:07
willcookeso 40GB of files on an 8GB SD card08:07
willcookeanyway, left it running over night, came down this morning, couldn't unlock my machine08:07
willcookecouldnt switch to a different vt08:07
dufluA couple of users report their disks get filled with gigabytes of gnome-shell logging. I can't reproduce it myself08:08
willcookecould get it to boot in to single user mode08:08
willcookeand it wouldn't boot normally, lots of errors about things not starting08:08
willcookeas you might expect08:08
willcookeso I had to boot of a USB stick in to live mode and delete a few files,08:08
willcookethen everything came back to life08:09
willcookeIt's totally my fault that the disk filled up08:09
willcookebut I think we need to try and make it more tolerant to such situations08:09
willcookefor the list next cycle.08:09
willcookeTHE END08:09
willcookedidrocks, you missed my exciting story08:10
jibelis anyone else seeing a snapd timeout on boot of bionic ?08:10
didrockswillcooke: the one you started on telegram about full disk?08:10
jibeldidrocks, hi, I'm reviewing the sru of ubuntu-report. Where is the report stored again?08:10
willcookejibel, yes, but I put that down to disk being full.  Seems ok now08:10
willcookedidrocks, yeah08:10
seb128I didn't for snapd08:11
jibelwillcooke, I'm seeing it on a fresh installation08:11
willcookejibel, yeah seems to be working ok now08:11
seb128lut didrocks08:11
willcookejibel, I'll fire up a VM08:11
willcookejibel, in fact, I will install my other laptop with the iso I just downloaded08:11
seb128willcooke, disk full handling was something we worked on the past, but another of those topics were we don't have regular testing and that we regressed of the cycles08:11
dufluwillcooke, don't need to fix everything, but making the machine boot and the GUI not freeze would itself be a significant challenge. People write new code that isn't tolerant of it all the time. Even writing a log message to the disk could hang everything if done wrong08:12
willcookeduflu, yeah I expect fixing everything would be impossible, but we should be able to make it better.  Not being able to get to a shell if your disk is full SUCKS08:13
dufluYeah, people report all sorts of failures (in bug reports) when it happens to them08:14
willcookeI'm sure we used to do something which would stop you being able to fill your disk more than 95%08:14
didrockssalut seb12808:16
Laneywillcooke: you're probably thinking of the ext4 reserved block count08:19
Laneyroot can write to that though08:19
Laneymoin didrocks08:19
didrockshey Laney08:21
jibelwillcooke, by default there is 5% of  the blocks reserved for privileged processes08:21
jibeltune2fs -l <dev> will tell you how much on your system08:22
seb128willcooke, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootLoginWithFullFilesystem08:24
seb128is what we did in the past08:24
seb128so I think it's one of those polish feature that would be nice to work on08:25
seb128we need to debug what components are having issues08:25
Laneyyeh, that would be a nice task to do08:26
willcookeah yeah, this process had to run as root08:26
willcookeI've added it to the list for next cycle anyway08:26
seb128like that spec ^ mentions08:27
seb128At boot time, check whether /tmp has at least 1Mby free. (This should be done after filesystems are mounted and after /tmp has been cleaned.)08:27
seb128If not, mount a 1Mby tmpfs over /tmp.08:27
seb128I bet we lost some of those things over time08:27
willcookejibel, just booted a newly installed machine, snapd seems to be running ok08:27
seb128changing to systemd etc08:27
Laneythat's going to touch foundations areas too08:27
Laneywhich is a gentle way of me suggesting it for brussels :-)08:28
seb128willcooke, the fact that you said you couldn't get to grub sounds weird though08:28
seb128Laney, yeah, that's probably the right venue to discuss topics for next cycle08:28
willcookeI looked at the Brussels spreadsheet yesterday to see if I could add sessions, but not yet it seems.  Laney, if I forget can you try and remember?08:28
seb128willcook_e said he's putting it on the list08:29
willcookeI put it on the product roadmap list08:29
seb128willcooke, just put a google calendar reminder?08:29
seb128like for before Brussel with "add fulldisk boot to the agenda"08:29
seb128computers are good at those reminders :p08:29
jibelwillcooke, and it booted reasonably fast?08:30
willcookeseb128, done08:30
willcookejibel, yeah, seems fine08:30
willcookejibel, I'll upgrade everything and try again08:31
seb128willcooke, :)08:31
willcookedidrocks, jibel - can you take a look at this post and see if we can help lubuntu & kubuntu with using ubuntu-report? https://community.ubuntu.com/t/extending-ubuntu-report/685108:32
willcookeseb128, fyi ^08:32
jibelwillcooke, which image did you use?08:32
jibeldaily or release?08:33
willcookejibel, release08:33
* willcooke downloads daily08:33
jibelwillcooke, I had this issue with the daily image08:33
didrockswillcooke: I'm in the board meeting, is it something to be done today?08:33
seb128willcooke, I saw that discussion yesterday evening, thanks for the ping though :)08:33
willcookejibel, will try again.  Yesterday Mark Murphy pinged to stay he couldnt get networking in a vm on the daily image too, but said he would try some stuff and report back, but didnt08:34
willcookedidrocks, whenever you get time08:34
willcookeI dont think there is an immediate rush08:34
willcookejibel, this one?  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xenial/daily-live/current/xenial-desktop-amd64.iso08:35
willcookedidrocks, merci08:35
duflujibel, are the daily images installing yet? Last I tested 20180627 which was "current" it would crash on both systems I tried08:35
duflu(a long way into installation)08:36
seb128duflu, bionic or cosmic?08:36
dufluseb128, cosmic daily08:36
seb128duflu, they are talking about bionic there08:36
jibelduflu, yes08:36
seb128but cosmic should work08:36
seb128do you have a report of the problem you hit?08:37
dufluseb128, no, it was late at night and I had too many things to deal with08:37
jibelseb128, it was a problem with missing efi files08:37
seb128k, no worry08:37
seb128seems like it's known anyway from what jibel just said08:37
jibelthen grub failing to remove some files08:37
dufluThat was a different bug with efi. I'm talking about a new issue after the fix08:37
seb128jibel, "was" so it's fixed now?08:38
dufluNevermind. When I get time I'll try fresher images08:38
jibelduflu, there was a dependency issue with grub that the installation fail. It's fixed now but if there is anything else please file a report and i'll have a look08:39
willcooke<seb128> willcooke, the fact that you said you couldn't get to grub sounds weird though08:49
willcookeI think that is probably because my laptop starting thinking the shift key was stuck and ignored it08:50
willcookebut I couldnt fix it by powering off and back on08:50
willcookeI'd still say it's a laptop issue rather than a software issue.  I'll play around when I get time08:50
seb128k, that would make sense08:51
seb128it's likely that the ENOSPACE issue start with gdm/login manager08:52
seb128as that was the case in the gutsi time when we first looked at it08:52
seb128probably similar reason, some auth file that needs to be written on disk and can't08:52
ricotzhey desktopers08:57
seb128hey ricotz08:58
ricotzthere seems to be some delay regarding libreoffice updates08:58
willcookegah. stupid idiot.  I downloaded the xenial image.08:59
ricotzis there a need for a prepared libreoffice 6.0.5 package?08:59
ricotzsee https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages08:59
seb128ricotz, right, our maintainer is on paternity leave and we don't have enough resources to have backup maintainers :/ I guess any help on getting the updates ready will make the work easier once he's back09:04
ricotzseb128, so you want to wait for him to come back before pushing an update?09:05
seb128"want" is a bit strong09:06
ricotzI have pushed the relevant changes to the packaging branches so it is there to be picked up09:06
seb128I don't think we have a choice09:06
seb128ricotz, I just looked at our calendar, Olivier is supposed to be back tomorrow09:07
ricotz(libreoffice 6.1 rc will be available this week which is the target series for cosmic)09:07
seb128so not long to wait09:07
ricotzah good then09:07
seb128then I guess he's going to have some backlog so unsure what his priorities are, but I guess getting libreoffice updated is going to be on his list09:08
willcookewoo.  Hard lock up09:46
willcooke(while still scanning that SD card)09:46
willcookejamesh, ace job on the snap themes howto10:04
jameshwillcooke: hopefully we can cut down on the boilerplate once templates are a thing10:04
jameshwillcooke: is the screenshot I added to the blog draft okay?  It's hard to do something that doesn't just look like a file chooser10:07
willcookejamesh, where am I looking?10:08
jameshwillcooke: the "Support for XDG Desktop Portals" section10:08
jameshthe 18.04.1 blog draft10:09
willcookeah, got ya. yeah, that'll do nicely, thanks10:12
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willcookeoh, jibel I forgot - installed daily and it seems fine.  What should I be looking for?10:42
jibelwillcooke, is there any timeout for snapd in the journal?10:53
jibelwillcooke, is it with bionic daily?11:04
jibelwillcooke, this is the image I tried http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/bionic/daily-live/pending/11:04
willcookejibel, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/bionic/daily-live/current/bionic-desktop-amd64.iso11:04
willcookewill retry with pending11:05
jibelwillcooke, it shouldn't make any difference.11:06
jibelwillcooke, I'll have a look on my system11:06
willcookeI see snapd starting11:06
willcookeno obvious problems11:07
willcookejibel, you want this log somewhere?11:07
jibelwillcooke, yes please to compare with my boot. journalctl -b -o short-monotonic in a pastebin will be fine11:10
willcookejibel, https://pastebin.com/eK0bDcsR11:11
jibelwillcooke, thanks11:15
jibelseb128, no way to reproduce the screen lock during upgrade issue with 16.04 to 18.04. I tried with the garphical and text upgrader with a user or root and the screen lock is always inhibited. I'm wondering if I experienced it with 17.10 instead. I'll try that to confirm11:16
Laneynothing like a good tidy up rebase session11:32
Laneyrearranged the stuff so there's all mergable things and then one small switchover commit11:32
* Laney proposed11:32
seb128jibel, thanks for testing11:39
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seb128do we have people around who are still on bionic and have livepatch enabled? do you see sometime notifications about livepatch updates?13:59
willcookeand no14:09
LaneyI just enabled it14:09
Laneyand it did Jul 04 15:09:00 nightingale canonical-livepatch[12007]: Applied patch version 40.7 to 4.15.0-23.25-generic14:09
Laneybut I didn't get a notification, should I have?14:09
Laneyoops I forgot to eat lunch, back soon14:10
seb128andyrock, ^14:23
seb128bug #178009314:23
ubot5bug 1780093 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "Livepatch notifier didn't trigger when a livepatch was applied" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178009314:23
seb128Laney, oh, and thanks for testing and enjoy your lunch :)14:45
Laneywas a good lunch14:54
Laneyoh MY15:08
LaneyI just learned about edit-and-execute-command15:08
Laneytype a command and then hit ctrl-x ctrl-e in bash15:08
Laneyprobably one of those things that everyone knows about apart from me :-)15:09
Laneythat and 'fc'15:10
willcookeLaney, your snapd blocking issue could be related to waiting for entropy15:59
willcookem_vo is on the case, natch15:59
Laneyo rly16:00
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Laneyseb128: did you want to try merging the latest gvfs upload(s) into git?16:21
Laneyonly noticed because it broke my hint :-)16:21
Laneybeen trying to push things through proposed on the side today16:22
Laneyk, everything systemd --user is merge proposed now16:48
Laneyearly start for the train tomorrow, so o/16:48
Laneywill try to be online from it16:48
seb128Laney, yeah, I noticed after doing the changes, but I wanted to get that SRU out today16:48
seb128I plan to read the git documentation from Didier while travelling tomorrow16:48
seb128then I can have a look to put that new knowledge in use16:49
seb128but feel free to merge that one for me if you need to pile up other changes, I'm sure I can find another one to do :)16:49
seb128Laney, well done, enjoy your evening and safe travel tomorrow16:49
* seb128 has a plane at 7:45, going to be an early start so I'm going to wrap now as well16:50
willcookenight all, safe travels tomorrow17:31

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