jamespagedoko: async being invalid syntax for an argument name with python 3.7 is biting us a bit05:25
jamespagedoko: do we have a cosmic rebuilt test that covers that yet?05:25
jamespagei.e. with py 37 as part of python3-all05:26
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dokojamespage: no. so for now it's tracking upstream for these patches11:32
rbasaknghttp2 is stuck in proposed. Valid candidate. update_output.txt reports: "* armhf: nghttp2-client, nghttp2-proxy, nghttp2-server". apt-get seems happy with each of those individually in an armhf cosmic-proposed chdist. Does it need hinting through?11:40
rbasakAh, it's tied to jemalloc.11:41
rbasakWhich I think is blocked on a bunch of other things on armhf.11:41
rbasakStill, I think some attention might be needed to get jemalloc through11:42
LaneyYep. jemalloc.11:43
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danialbehzadiIs there a problem with launchpad?13:02
danialbehzadimy builds got fail with weird logs:13:03
danialbehzadiAnd that happen only for artful and bionic. Cosmic is fine: https://code.launchpad.net/~dani.behzi/+recipe/traktor13:08
rbasakahasenack: so in your opinion bug 1766186 is ready for release to both Xenial and Artful?15:32
ubottubug 1766186 in apache2 (Ubuntu Artful) "IncludeOptional fails when a directory does not exist" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/176618615:32
ahasenackrbasak: yes,and for the remaining (single) test failure, which is valid, I have an MP and associated sru bug15:33
rbasakOK thanks15:33
ahasenackand I have a run that it passes with my fix15:34
ahasenackshowing that*15:34
rbasakjbicha: any opinion on bug 1778782 please? I'm not particularly familiar with ostree/flatpak from an SRU review perspective, and would appreciate your input.15:58
ubottubug 1778782 in ostree (Ubuntu Bionic) "[SRU] New upstream microrelease ostree 2018.6" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/177878215:58
rbasakseb128: still around? On bug 1762595. The Cosmic fixed hasn't migrated yet. Not a problem for an SRU in itself, but the version in the Cosmic release pocket is still 1.36.1-0ubuntu1. If the version in proposed gets deleted, that would cause a problem.16:23
ubottubug 1762595 in gvfs (Ubuntu Cosmic) "Thunar incorrectly thinks USB storage device hasn't finished ejecting" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/176259516:23
rbasakI've not hit this case before. Not sure what to suggest.16:24
rbasakAnyone have an opinion on how to handle this or whether we need to care? ^16:25
Laneyrbasak: gstreamer was/is in this case, and it was accepted to -proposed without any trouble. There was some debate as to whether it should be released to -updates while it wasn't in cosmic-release, but eventually it was.16:26
LaneyAgreed that it's easy to lose track of uploads in such a situation though.16:28
LaneyI have an SQL query in my UDD history that finds uploads where stable > dev, but it's not really surfaced anywhere.16:28
Laneys/really //16:28
rbasakWe probably don't want to block SRUs for this in the general case.16:34
rbasakBut I'd like another SRU member +1 before accepting I think, seeing as I'm still quite new.16:34
Laneythat's bionic{-updates} > cosmic16:35
LaneyMost of them have an upload in -proposed, but not e.g. swauth16:36
seb128rbasak, oh ok, thanks for letting me know but I don't think there is much I can do. I understand if you skip it, let's just hope that the cosmic version doesn't get stucked for too long and make us risk missing bionic .116:51
mr_louCan someone tell me a fix for getting Ubuntu to detect my burner again?16:55
wxlmr_lou: #ubuntu for support17:04
mr_louwxl, Well I asked there too, but last time I had the same problem, they referred me to this channel, which makes sense since it's obviously a bug that was introduced very recently.17:05
wxlmr_lou: i'd start there, at least17:06
mr_louI had the same problem when kernel 4.4.0-98 came. But I could solve it back then by booting an earlier kernel, like 4.4.0-97.17:06
mr_louCan't do that anymore. No matter which kernel I boot on, my burner just isn't detected. :-(17:07
rbasakseb128: I certainly think it's wrong for us to block Bionic over this. I just want to make sure that there isn't some other solution that is preferable.17:07

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