hggdhI have a problem with opendns00:22
oerheksWhat? does it allow dangerous sites?00:24
hggdhI think so00:25
tomreynpick one of the others then, there's no shortage lately00:53
oerhekscould well be, that we hear in hours that opendns was vulnerable00:54
oerheksgamblore, now hggdh00:54
oerheksone might as well open a ##opendns channel, to spot00:55
tomreynhttps://quad9.com https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/00:56
tomreynbut i'm not sure i'm getting the issue properly00:56
oerheks'vulnerable sites'... maybe the browser says so00:58
tomreyngoogle safebrowsing might01:01
oerheks"You have until July to Install SSL or Google will mark your site “Not Secure”01:03
tomreynTLS 1.1+ rather01:04
oerhekshttp sites like some of canonical, http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ will be blocked01:04
oerheksTLS 1.3 .. that is key feature in FF 6101:04
tomreynmaybe why its impossible to build it ;)01:04
oerheksalso because of 32 bit, i read back?01:05
oerheksand translations01:05
tomreynprobbaly rathe rthose, i would guess tls 1.3 will be smooth.01:06
* oerheks hits update icon01:07
oerheksyou have 17.10 .. yeah yeah01:08
oerhekslaptop is 18.0401:08
tomreynhmm, sounds unhealthy01:09
oerheksi am not a laptop person, actually01:11
oerheksand i have those handy bags for doorstopper01:14
tomreynbags for door stoppers instead of laptops?01:18
oerheksyes, bags with sand, like this https://cdn.agradiservices.net/products/1200x1200/es-lh118.79e706.jpg01:21
oerheksalso silica, but different01:21
oerheks.. or an aspire 5738g01:22
tomreynjust smash the door, problem solved01:32
oerheksmy chihuahua would love that01:38
tomreynis it a bit angry at times? or does it just like the open door policy?02:00
oerhekshe likes to greet people, nosy little raskal02:10
oerheksand yes, if you are impressed by his bark, then you have no life :-D02:11
oerheksbut he does it friendly, attention seeker, like his master02:11
hggdhoerheks: yes, I was referring to gambalore (or whatever is the nick)02:40
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:56
lotuspsychjecool, update-manager is deleting unused kernels04:04
lotuspsychjeupdated https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/177972305:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1779723 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "[Wishlist] Add a GUI option autoremove kernel cleanup on updates" [Wishlist,Incomplete]05:13
lordievaderGood morning06:07
EriC^^morning lordievader06:23
lordievaderHey EriC^^ , how are you?06:30
ducassegood morning07:03
lordievaderHey ducasse07:06
lordievaderHow are you doing?07:06
ducassehi lordievader - all good here, thanks. and you?07:07
lordievaderDoing good here 😁07:07
ducassegood, all is well with the world ;)07:07
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:09
daftykinshey BluesKaj \o10:30
daftykinsdo anything special for Canada day? :)10:30
BluesKaj'Morning daftykins, yeah we had a get together and jammed off and on all day and well into the evening...it was a good time ;-)10:32
daftykins:D sounds good10:33
BluesKajyeah, takes me 2 days to recover and this heat isn't helping any. my old a/c unit has a difficult time keeping up, but it sure helps nontheless10:35
daftykinshad quite some warmth here, but we're not really a region for having AC in homes10:36
daftykinsthankfully all that property work i had done last year has vastly improved the deflection of the heat out of my roof - and the 17th century granite walls at ground level work nicely to keep at least the ground floor cool :D10:37
* BluesKaj nods ...nice11:17
daftykinsgreat fun with learning to be compliant with necessary regulations for my clients with card machines today, oof :P11:21
BluesKajcard machines? .....11:21
BluesKajoh you mean readers11:22
BluesKajcredit and debit card readers?11:23
coconutAny apple magic mouse 2 like mouse which is guaranteed to work with ubuntu?11:35
lordievaderdaftykins: Those things are quite strict, right?11:37
coconutI ask because a screwed an magic mouse under elemetaryOS. (and i like the comfort of an flat mouse)11:39
daftykinsBluesKaj: yep11:40
daftykinslordievader: yeah it looks like i'm going to have to buy a router with multiple interfaces so the card machine can be totally segmented from their office LAN11:41
daftykinswhich amusingly is exactly what i thought on the first day i saw they'd gotten one - but i was never consulted on it :)11:41
BluesKajheh, at first iwas imaging those ancient unix machines i saw at the local U in 1970 :-)11:42
lordievaderAh, the classic case of 'I could have told you so' 😋11:42
daftykinsindeed :)11:42
daftykinsBluesKaj: :D before my time, the old punch card11:42
BluesKajI MUST be getting old ...sheesh11:43
BluesKajhi mystic13:59
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all14:02
BluesKajHey lotuspsychje14:03
lotuspsychjehey there BluesKaj can you heat yourself?14:04
BluesKajlotuspsychje, ?14:04
lotuspsychjesummer heat14:04
BluesKajyeah it's going up to 33C here today ... got the a/c on already to give it a head start :-)14:05
lotuspsychje28c here today, we went for few hours swim BluesKaj14:06
lotuspsychjein tropical swimparadise14:07
lotuspsychjewith outside pool14:08
BluesKajwe have a lake 2km away, but it's a beach, there's no dock to dive from14:12
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: water a bit clean?14:12
BluesKajwater's clean,  it's a spring fed mountain type lake14:13
BluesKajwe don't have real mountains ,they're ancient shield mountains , billions of yrs old that have been ground down to a  few hundred meters at the highest points14:15
BluesKajglaciers and manay ice ages later14:16
BluesKajit's ok14:16
BluesKajlots of lakes in this area, very few people have pools, but many have summer cottages on the lakes14:17
BluesKajor by the lakes rather14:18
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: but if it comes from the mountains, water is pretty cold right?14:18
BluesKajyes, the local lake is still cool , it will be warm enough for swimming after this heat wave , 20C or so14:19
BluesKajthe water come from springs which are deep down in the earth's crust not from any mountain streams14:20
lotuspsychjei see14:21
lotuspsychjewelcome mystic14:23
mystici was in here yesterday14:25
lotuspsychjemystic: nice you found us14:25
mystictook the plunge and installed ubuntu on my ssd14:25
sonicwindhey lotuspsychje14:25
lotuspsychjemystic: ah your the guy with ubuntu sd persistent14:25
lotuspsychjehey sonicwind14:25
sonicwindeverything still going well, mystic?14:26
mysticsd persisnetnt?14:26
mysticno ,just standard ubuntu i think14:26
mysticsorry, one hand typing, eating14:26
lotuspsychjemystic: did you have ubuntu installed on an sd card?14:26
lotuspsychjesee its you :p14:27
sonicwindI use mine from an external docked HD14:27
mysticlol.. so it is14:27
lordievaderHow fast is that sd card?14:27
lotuspsychjewe told him yesterday it would bottleneck ubuntu lordievader14:28
lotuspsychjethats why he installed on ssd now14:28
lordievaderHehehe, that is quite the difference ;)14:28
mysticim not sure14:28
mysticsamsung evo14:28
sonicwindalways good to make sure you have some sort of live media though... I can't believe how many times it has helped me14:29
BluesKajsd would die from too many writes in no time at all, they good for booting a RPI tho14:29
lotuspsychjemystic: raspbery pi14:30
mysticoh ok14:30
BluesKajarm architecture14:30
sonicwindwhat made you decide to try Ubuntu, mystic?14:31
* daftykins points at the penguin in the room14:31
daftykinsit was him, he makes us all14:31
mysticben trying it on and off for yours.   ther ewas always something about it i liked, the aesthetic.. but in the past i could never get enough done on it.  but now it seems its evolved enough for a relative newbie like me to use14:31
BluesKajmystic, perhaps your experience has "eveolved" :-)14:32
lotuspsychjeyeah penguin got it nice togheter this time14:32
mystichardly lol14:32
BluesKajoops evolved14:33
sonicwindI'm just past 2 1/2 years in... I had enough of M$ and decided it was worth a try... still have a Win 7 system, but using Ubuntu more14:33
mystici like wind 7.. just a bit heavy14:33
lotuspsychjei dont have the patience anymore for windows14:34
sonicwindI love w7... but I know it isn't going to last forever14:34
sonicwindand I'll be damned if I'm ever going to give MS another chance at something else14:34
daftykinsonly 18 more months until 7 goes EOL in fact14:34
lotuspsychjeperhaps windows 11 sonicwind :p14:34
daftykinsend of life14:34
lotuspsychje!eol | mystic14:35
ubot5mystic: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:35
BluesKajW7 is a good OS , W10 is awful14:35
daftykinsworks for me :)14:35
sonicwindI stopped upgrading my Win 7 system years ago... never been more stable. Yes, I have everything else covered... NoScript, AdBlockPlus, etc.14:36
sonicwindI swear MS puts out crap updates so people go out and buy new systems.14:36
daftykinsWindows Update on 7 did go funny since 10's release, but i have the 3 updates you need to fix that in a zip14:37
daftykinsalso, when they released the May 2016 update rollup which was essentially as close to a Service Pack 2 as Windows 7 was ever going to get, i made up my own custom ISO with it integrated14:37
sonicwindthankfully I stopped updating Win 7 *before* all their updates to force you to Win 1014:37
daftykinsso whenever i have the misfortune of needing to reinstall 7 instead of move to 10 for a client, i install from that, apply the 3 updates in the zip, then Windows Update is fine14:37
BluesKaji gave up on Windows , Kubuntu does what i need without much fuss14:37
daftykinsyeah they stopped releasing those actually, so that's a moot point now14:38
daftykinsi have plenty of clients on 7 that are running it fine14:38
mysticwin 10 is a bit  hit and miss for me.  but can be ok for a basic user.  i hated how they prety much forced the update on to eveyone tho.   my two other old computers were running win 7, and win 10 install popped up. it didint work properly on both14:38
sonicwindI still don't trust that they stopped doing those, daftykins14:38
daftykinswell i can tell you it's fact :)14:38
sonicwindthey completely violated my trust over the years14:38
daftykinsdidn't get any trouble with the alleged forcing of updates myself14:39
daftykinsi firmly believe that the people who ended up moved to 10 clicked something as part of their standard rushed attempts to dismiss on-screen prompts14:39
lotuspsychjeyeah a steady hand can get any Os straight14:39
daftykinslotus' tale from the other morning of a 'buntu customer who hadn't been installing updates continues to seal my confidence that users are the same no matter which OS you're on :D14:40
lotuspsychjetrue this14:40
sonicwindtoo many of the updates screw things up, regardless of the OS it seems... I've learned to keep a backup. Just recently read about Timeshift and plan to try that out.14:41
daftykinsyeah no argument there from me14:42
daftykinsMS did some kinda USB driver screwup the other day, it only affected a friends wifes PC though :D14:42
sonicwindI'm using fsarchiver for the backup14:42
mysticshame ubuntu doesnt have a system image back up option14:42
ubot5There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning14:42
daftykinsno USB devices would work so you couldn't even use mouse+kb to interact with it - i have some old PS/2 peripherals though so they brought it to me14:42
daftykinsthere are plenty of options :)14:43
mysticbut not sure a system imag eback up is one of them?14:43
mysticclonezilla maybe14:43
mysticbut u may have t orun windows for that14:43
daftykinsno you don't14:43
daftykinsit's a bootable Linux ISO14:44
daftykinsbut full system is a total waste of time14:44
mysticsystme image is good for me i think14:44
sonicwindmystic check out fsarchiver14:44
mysticsaves me reinstalling the tweaks and fixes etc14:44
daftykinsyou'd be better off learning to script them for a new install :>14:44
lotuspsychjemystic: just abckup /home with all config files?14:44
mysticsounds dangeroulsy difficult lol14:44
daftykinsbut if you're planning to require a full reimage theeeen i think it's fair to say you're planning to fail with the OS to begin with :D14:45
mysticfail how?14:45
daftykinswith the idea that you'd have to revert to said backup14:45
daftykinsanother approach -> 'buntu OS installed on the SSD, but /home on a 2 disk RAID1 volume14:46
mysticnot a fail for me, just a safety measure.  after ages of tweaking, why relearn or go thru al lthat again14:46
daftykinsthat'd be the ideal14:46
lotuspsychjemystic: choosing an LTS, installing tweaks every 5 years?14:46
daftykinswell you'll be surprised how quickly things change on any desktop OS anyway, what you learn today could be useless next month14:46
mysticevery 5 years is fine.. but if it fails in between, id have to do again14:47
daftykinshence RAID that /home :)14:47
mystici only have one disk in this laptop though14:47
lotuspsychjemystic: ubuntu doesnt just fail in between easy14:47
mysticdisks can though14:47
lotuspsychjeunless you have bad disk yeah, and that daftykins solution14:48
mysticwhich one lol14:48
lotuspsychjemystic: also first lesson ever, make a second backup of your data14:48
lotuspsychjeraid on /home14:49
mystici dont know raid.  and i only have one ssd in this laptop14:49
mysticthis is why i just like a system cloner14:49
mysticjust done with14:49
lotuspsychjemystic: you can also choose backing up to external media14:49
mystic ialso have a 'cliclkfree'  external hdd with some data on it, but cant access it with ubuntu14:50
sonicwindI back stuff up to a separate external HD, and in the process of putting what data I can on pcloud and/or protonmail14:50
daftykinslaptops :(14:51
daftykinsmystic: no reason you shouldn't be able to, unless you mean files that need Windows only software14:51
sonicwindwhat is a "clickfree" hd?14:51
lotuspsychjea home NAS can be great :p14:51
mysticits a hdd with built in software, aut oback up kinda stuff14:52
mysticwhich infortunately means it wont even open in ubuntu14:53
lotuspsychjeone touch backup?14:53
daftykinssounds crap14:53
mysticsomething like that i think14:53
lotuspsychjewhat brand, what format mystic ?14:53
mysticprobably ntfs14:53
daftykinsit sounds like one of the typical drives that offers encryption features and so on, the USB bridge chip presents as two devices - one is the HDD - the other is a small volume of software14:55
daftykinstypically the software then offers the encryption element so can lock the drive portion from the user14:55
daftykinsyep or just a total format to bypass all that junk14:56
daftykinsit could also be implemented on-disk with two partitions14:56
mysticits fine in windows14:56
lotuspsychjemystic: perhaps take a look on that thing with gparted14:56
mystici just turn of fthe clickfree process trhe naccess my stuff normally14:56
mysticcant access it with ubuntu tho14:56
mysticmay try gparted yea14:57
lotuspsychjemystic: perhaps take alook on that thing with gparted14:57
daftykinsjust show is how it looks right now plugged in14:57
daftykinssudo parted -l | pastebinit14:57
daftykins*show us14:57
daftykinsmy fingers are trolling me with vowels it seems14:58
mystichow to screen capture?14:59
daftykinswhy would you need to14:59
daftykinsor do you mean in general other than running the command above? :>15:00
mystici didnt see it15:01
daftykinsbut it's right up there ^15:01
mystici didnt know it a a command15:01
mysticim not used to it15:01
mysticeiterh way, it only shows my internall ssd15:01
mysticno info of the clickfree at all15:02
daftykinsand it's definitely plugged in by USB?15:06
daftykinsthe full command i typed would give you a URL to share here, so i can't be sure you're doing it right15:06
daftykinsthere's also "lsusb | pastebinit" which may show the device plugged in15:06
mysticim supposedto put pasbinnit also?15:06
mysticok, i thought you were telling me to 'paste bin it' myself15:07
mysticbloody terminal codes...15:07
daftykinsthat would have spaces and a sequence of english that makes sense :)15:07
mystici thought it was aquick slng rewuest15:07
daftykinsthen it wouldn't be in quotes either15:07
mysticits not15:08
mysticsudo parted -l | pastebinit15:09
mystic[sudo] password for mystic:15:09
mysticCommand 'pastebinit' not found, but can be installed with:15:09
daftykinsby that i meant my second command15:09
daftykinsyou're just being picky now :)15:10
mysticjeez..  how do i know  lol15:10
daftykinsyou need to ask when you don't know15:10
mystici was asking15:10
daftykinsyeah ok, so pastebinit isn't installed, so "sudo apt update && sudo apt install pastebinit" <-- that's a command :)15:10
mysticbut cant follow that if its not clear for begginers15:10
daftykinsyes with the first one i should have said "you need to run this in a terminal"15:11
mysticwhats supposedto happen after pastebinnit?15:12
mysticnothing showing15:12
daftykinsit'd likely ask for your user password first, to allow using sudo15:13
daftykinsor if not, it should've installed the package15:13
mysticit didnt15:13
mysticit installed15:13
mysticim talking about your other command15:13
mysticnothing happened15:14
daftykinsno... it was "lsusb | pastebinit"15:14
mysticyou rtold me they wer etwo seperate commands lol15:14
mysticso i seperated them15:14
daftykinsby that i meant "lsusb | pastebinit" and "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"15:15
daftykinsyou have to be doing this on purpose because nobody is this challenged :P15:15
mysticno,, im fine on windows.. ubuntu is just shite for beginners15:15
mystichow do i knw owat u meant.. never done it before15:15
daftykinsi'm talking about understanding that a single thing counts as text on one line between two "15:16
daftykinsother than mystery device on line 4 then, it's not giving up a lot of info15:16
mysticdoesnt work anyway15:16
daftykinsnever say 'doesn't work' in IT, that's the most useless two words ever15:16
daftykins"i tried x, y happened, i expected z"15:16
daftykinsanywho, time for a new external HDD :D15:17
mysticor just go bac kto windows lol15:17
mysticstuf fworks without having to learn terminal code15:17
mysticor have people hinting that im a retard15:17
daftykinsthis is why desktop Linux is a bit of a joke still to me (i don't use it) because you can't do all the things graphically15:19
daftykinsbut this is true of Windows at the intermediate level too, gotta dip into command line15:19
sonicwinddidn't know about pastebinit... pretty slick... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pastebinit16:00
sonicwindyet another thing to add to my install to-do list16:00
daftykinsthough since it's not installed as default, surprisingly, it's more useful to pipe to netcat16:00
daftykinscommandhere | nc termbin.com 999916:00
sonicwindeasier to remember pastebinit :-)16:01
daftykinsyeah but sometimes we help people that the installation would be yet another delay for16:01
daftykinsor their install might be broken and they can't install, at that moment in time16:01
daftykinsalso recently i've seen pastebinit give URLs back with no paste ID ;/16:01
sonicwindneat... only vaguely familiar with netcat... just tried that out16:06
mysticcant start my windows 10 in virtual box16:26
mystic'VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED).'16:26
mysticplease advise16:26
mysticsorry, wrong room16:26
daftykinsyou need to enable virtualisation in your BIOS16:31
daftykinswhen you turn on the system, assuming this is the laptop you mentioned, when you see the manufacturer logo (or even slightly before) you have to press F2 or delete, (it's different per brand) which lets you enter BIOS setup16:32
daftykinsyou can turn on virtualisation technologies inside there, but only if supported by that laptop (some hide the setting, or don't even offer it)16:32
pauljwhi everyone16:59
BluesKajhi pauljw17:48
pauljwhey BluesKaj, how's things?17:49
BluesKajok here pauljw, still hot tho. how about you17:50
pauljwyeah, very hot here, too.  real feel: 107F going up to 108F, same tomorrow.17:51
BluesKajwe have close 100F "feels like" degrees/index17:54
pauljwit's miserable but we're hanging on inside even though the a/c went out yesterday afternoon.17:55
pauljwinconvenient, makes me happy that we rent.  haven't bothered the landlord with it yet, it's a holiday so he won't be getting anyone out today.  will let him know in a bit so he can get on it in the morning.  :)17:57
* BluesKaj nods17:58
BluesKajstarted the a/c early to get a head start, it was still 77F in the house at 6 this morning17:59
=== coconut is now known as coconut_
BluesKajit's supposed to pass tomorrow evening , should be normal temps on fri, 75-80F during the day18:02
daftykinspauljw: glad i'm not dropping by in summer ;)18:05
BluesKajguess i'll take walk to the mail box...bbiab18:09
daftykinswell, if it's good enough for Versace...18:10
pauljwheheh... well, it's normally not an issue.  but i agree, glad no one is here for this.18:12
daftykinsvery warm and humid here too, i'm in shorts and t-shirt mode for sure18:13
daftykinsbare feet around the house to keep cool18:13
pauljwwe have ceiling fans and the whole house fan which i opened the intake vent in the basement so it's bringing some cooler basement air up.18:13
daftykinsthat's neat, Lorie's place has fans but i've not seen what they can do18:14
pauljwi don't do bare feet, every time i hit my toes on something that doesn't move... :(18:14
mysticso clueless gets to stay but im kicked, yet he insulted me first18:31
mystici like the way you ubuntu cats roll lol18:31
hggdhmystic: the issue there is you would not stop19:01
mystici didn tstart it, thats the issue19:01
mysticthen he expects me to  accept his 'help'  when he decides to be 'nice'19:02
mystici dont bend over like that, sorry19:02
hggdhso you got banned. I fail to see how this helped you19:03
mysticbeing banned from a ubuntu chat room is better then bending over19:03
mysticnow, can anyone help me get wine working, or i will have to do a win10 reinstall19:04
mysticone or the other19:04
coconut_mystic: install windows, you have given up on linux already.19:05
mystici was insulted in here ,then insulted in the other room19:06
mysticnow im asking again, and u reply with some gnarly comment19:07
hggdhcoconut_: just don't19:07
hggdhmystic: and you, please do not start here19:08
mysticgo to puppy linux room and see how to treat other human beings19:08
mystici didn tstart19:08
mystici was started on19:08
hggdhmystic: I do not care. If you keep going, you will be out of here as well19:08
BluesKajmystic, you blame everyone for one person's ignorance19:08
mysticoh, at least 2 people19:08
hggdhmystic: stop.19:09
mystichelp me then19:09
mysticthen i can leave19:09
daftykinsyou're going to need to accept your own abilities and take the advice given as it is offered, otherwise this isn't the place for you19:09
pauljwgotta run for a bit, going to find an air-conditioned restaurant for dinner... bbl.19:14
daftykinshehe poor paul19:43
oerhekshggdh, maybe gamblore runs into this https://www.theindy.us/is-firefox-lying-to-users-about-viruses-in-downloads/20:50
hggdhoerheks: he might, but I think his issue was DNS cache21:12
hggdhI generically consider these type of warnings as uselessly dangerous21:12
oerheksyes, sometimes hilarious..21:14
oerheksold one, 2011 or so21:14
oerheksc: drive .. spaces in folder names.. i was questioning myself too21:16
daftykinsspaces in folders have been fine on Windows for years :)21:20
oerhekssure, C: drives too21:23
oerheksbut basicly, i think it is nuts, spaces in names21:23
daftykinssure is annoying for script making :>21:24
oerheksor irc user names that start with _ or ^21:24
daftykinsah those symbols are easy on a UK keyboard ;D21:24
daftykins$ mv Rise\ of\ the\ Tomb\ Raider\ 8K\ 4320p60\ Gameplay\ Titan\ X\ Pascal\ 4\ Way\ SLI\ Gaming\ 4K\ _\ 5K\ _\ 8K\ and\ Beyond-FcvmrTsZuDM.webm RotTR-8K.webm21:27
hggdhyeah. They suck, these spaces22:02

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