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webuser291Hey, I need some help with a new Ubuntu MATE install. Everything was working fine until I apt upgrade'd and rebooted. Now I am stuck at the graphical Ubuntu MATE login screen and the keyboard appears to not work and the mouse does not seem to interact with the gui at all. Does anyone know how I can fix this?04:39
m4twebuser291: not sure. but you can hit ctrl+alt+f1 to goto a terminal to login and poke around from there04:48
m4tif that's not working, then you would want to interrupt grub and boot into single/rescue mode04:49
webuser291thanks for the tips, I'll see what I can do05:00
risto_Heips !08:01
alkisgHi there08:05
risto_Greets from Finland08:05
risto_Did England won ,,,in football ?08:05
risto_Alkisg: I have a small  prob with my  Raspberry pi 308:06
risto_i hop you can help08:06
alkisgristo_: nice, ask in the channel and see if someone knows and is available to answer08:06
risto_first time here....what channel for FAQ's ???08:07
alkisgIn IRC, you ask, then wait, then people might look in their IRC clients and see the question, and if they know the answer they might help08:08
alkisgSo usually you just come here, ask, and wait for half an hour or so, and check if anyone answered08:09
risto_My Ubuntu mate 16  probelem is like this:   My Raspberry pi 3  + Ubuntu Mate 16.04   cab'r08:10
risto_addjust monitor settings08:10
risto_Reason:  Unknown displays.....both Acer LCD and Plasma TV08:11
risto_Mate is using now  1824x984 with comment unknown monitor....i can't addjust resolutions08:13
alkisgAFAIK in raspberries you adjust the resoultion from config.txt, because they have weird graphics cards and drivers08:27
alkisgI.e. they don't yet support the xrandr protocol08:27
alkisgSo if you're looking for 1920x1080, you would disable "overscan" there08:27
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mate|81152Could some help me please. I tried find a solution on the internet, but couldn't. My thinkpad L420 overheats and poweroff and I'll use for thinks such as updating, installing new programs and even watching stream.16:02
mate|81152I had it cleaned it, the the problems persist.16:03
mate|81152I installed the mate 18.0416:04
diogenes_use sensors to observe the heat16:04
mate|81152how can i prevent it from overheating?16:15
diogenes_mate|81152, open this link: http://dpaste.com/1V0E9TP16:16
diogenes_copy the command to the terminal and hit enter16:17
diogenes_tell me when done16:17
mate|81152ok, I can see the temp now16:20
sixwheeledbeastmate has a sensors applet too16:26
mate|81152ok, I can see the temp now. 60C idling. By installing a new program, it jumped to 81C. Critical would be 85C and then automatic poweroff.16:29
mate|81152but how can i prevent it from reaching such a high temp.16:30
diogenes_mate|81152, most probably by replacing the thermal paste16:31
diogenes_or even better, liquid metal16:31
mate|81152I did that last week. Or at least that's what I paid someone to do.16:32
diogenes_hehe, what country you from?16:33
diogenes_oh, they should do german quality repairs16:33
diogenes_i'd advice you to go back to that service center and tell them to troubleshoot the machine better16:34
mate|81152that's what one would expect. :)16:34
mate|81152ok thanks.16:34
diogenes_no problem, i hope you fix this issue because overheating is a real pc killer.16:35
sixwheeledbeasthow loaded is the cpu when you are having issues?16:49
mate|81152haven't checked that. I just hear the fan going full blast17:00
diogenes_mate|81152, also what is the surface that you place your laptop on?17:01
mate|81152on top of the desk17:01
sixwheeledbeasttop in a terminal will show cpu and load average etc17:07
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NiteCoderDo .run files hurt ubuntu mate? I have been trying to install a qt file but there is a error message saying it's posibly harmful22:13

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