tomreynupdate what?00:00
Max-Pgambl0re: Should be instant, why? You may need to clear the DNS cache if for example you changed DNS servers and expect to see a different result: sudo systemd-resolve --flush-caches00:00
oerheksrestart wifi00:01
tomreynMax-P: according to your systemd plot, the two snapd services take very long to start up. is there anything about this in syslog?00:02
Max-Pfair point, let me check that in 2 minutes when it's done booting again00:03
SheilongMax-P: I installed from the repo00:03
Max-PSheilong: what do you get from `dmesg | grep -E "nouveau|NVIDIA"`? What about if you do `sudo modprobe nvidia` and then check dmesg again?00:07
Max-Ptomreyn: that's getting even weirder: https://d.max-p.me/irc/ubuntu-boot-slow2.svg00:09
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PsychoBoBwhat the name of package to create a boot usb initialization?00:10
PsychoBoBHow I can run on terminal it?00:11
SheilongMax-P:  first command give nothing00:11
SheilongGonna check second now00:11
Sheilongsecond command gives this error00:12
Sheilongdmesg again gives nothing00:12
Max-PSheilong: what graphics card do you have? Version 340 is quite old, that should probably be 390 unless your card isn't supported anymore by recent drivers00:14
tomreynMax-P: i'm more used to the textual output, can you post "sudo systemd-analyze critical-chain" and "sudo systemd-analyze blame"?00:15
Max-Ptomreyn: There's a long skip in syslog, possibly it's waiting to seed the random generator? https://d.max-p.me/irc/ubuntu-syslog.txt00:15
SheilongMax-P: Nvdia Geforce 9800GT00:16
Max-Ptomreyn: here you go: https://d.max-p.me/irc/ubuntu-systemd-critical.txt00:16
tomreynMax-P: indeed, that's a good explanation.00:16
tomreynMax-P: i guess you need haveged then or whatever00:18
SheilongI am poor, Ican't afford a new computer I have my PC since 2008 lol00:18
SheilongI have a quit  old laptop too, but younger than the PC.00:19
Edistohow do you add a group to a folder or drive? Doing 'sudo chgrp sysdrive ./' seems to have no effect00:19
tomreynSheilong: you dont have to buy a new one, you can buy a newer pre-owned one.00:19
Sheilongtomreyn: Too expensive at the country that I live, even a pre-owned one00:19
SheilongOur taxes are very high00:20
tomreyni see :-/00:20
SheilongJust want to fix my computer to finish school stuf lol,00:20
Max-PSheilong: do you use that to game or just general desktop usage? If just desktop, that card probably works decently with nouveau00:20
Max-PGiven you have to run a fairly old version of the driver it looks like the module doesn't build for the current kernel or something from the looks of it00:20
SheilongMax-P: Hardly I use to game. Just to general desktop00:20
Max-PIf you reboot and pick an older kernel, maybe it'll work00:21
SheilongI am gonna try it00:21
Sheilongbtw I am using awesome-wm right now, but I never got used to tiled wm lol00:21
tomreynEdisto: seems to have no effect based on?00:21
tomreynEdisto: what'S the chgrp exit code, does the 'sysdrive' group exist?00:22
Edistotomreyn: when I right click adn go to permissions 'sysdrive' is not there under groups00:22
tomreynEdisto: i dont trust your GUI ;-) , please check with ls -l00:23
gambl0re   /j#web00:25
Max-PAye that is much much faster now! Thanks tomreyn for pointing me the right direction. Added virtio-rng-pci to my VM and it works perfectly now!00:25
PsychoBoBi dont can install deepin00:27
tomreynMax-P: you spotted the issue yourself. ;)00:27
PsychoBoBi dont can create a boot usb initial00:27
Edistotomreyn: is there a way to check under the sysdrive. It shows my current account and group when I do 'ls -l'00:27
PsychoBoBhelp me guys00:27
PsychoBoBi have .iso of deepin00:27
Max-PPsychoBoB: unetbootin?00:27
PsychoBoBwhat is?00:27
tomreynPsychoBoB: i dont think "deepin" is supported here. to write an iso to a usb storage, you can use usb-creator-gtk00:28
Max-Paye that sounds more up to date than unetbootin. Personally I still just `dd` my images onto my drive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯00:28
tomreynEdisto: what is "the sysdrive"?00:29
PsychoBoBtomreyn, ok, the package run... but when i select the d.iso dont show on program00:29
PsychoBoBjust show my usb pendrive00:29
PsychoBoBbut the .iso no00:29
PsychoBoBwhy ?00:29
SheilongAfter switched kernel I was able to log into default desktop. The funny thing is that I just upgraded the system today morning to see whether ir would fix my issue. Anyway, the system reported a crash right now just after log into the default desk with the message : Sorry, a problem occured while installing software Package: nvidia-340 340.104-0ubuntu0.16.04.100:29
tomreynEdisto: can you tell me the full path you are trying to change the group owner for, and maybe also discuss why (in case you're not 100% sure your approach makes sense)00:30
oerheksPsychoBoB, try the #deepin channel here on #freenode ?00:30
PsychoBoBnobody ask there00:31
Edistotomreyn: the group i created. I'm trying to add the group to the drive so my standard accounts can access the hard drive.00:31
oerheksthat is why you need to install ubuntu :-)00:31
PsychoBoBi using ubuntu00:32
PsychoBoBbut i want to test other00:32
Max-PSheilong: Yup, sounds like it's the nvidia module being incompatible with that kernel as I suspected. Seems to be reported too: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-340/+bug/177982900:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1779829 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-340 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-340 340.104-0ubuntu0.16.04.1: nvidia-340 kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:32
oerheks15 hours ago .. pretty hot bug00:34
tomreynEdisto: ok, so the full path is?00:34
SheilongThis is not the first time I got issues witrh my drive00:34
SheilongFirst time I installed the drive it bugged the default desktop, actually I  used to bug when I log with my main user00:35
SheilongI tried everything to get it back working and nothing, the solution were creating a new user00:35
tomreynEdisto: also, which file system is in use there00:35
poswarhi there00:35
oerheksPsychoBoB, - dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX 4M && sync # you need to use full path00:36
Edistotomreyn: /media/admins/C0F21894F218913000:36
PsychoBoBoerheks, run on terminal ?00:37
Edistotomreyn: not sure about that question00:37
Max-PSheilong: you're probably better off without it in your particular case and use nouveau (the default one). It's been a long time since I last used Ubuntu so I'll have to leave safe uninstalling of nvidia to the others if you want to go that route :)00:37
tomreynEdisto: is that an external drive then? what's the file system? mount | grep '/media/admins'00:37
oerheksPsychoBoB, that is what you asked for, as start00:38
PsychoBoBoerheks, what is the 4m00:38
PsychoBoBshow error it00:38
Edistotomreyn: it is the internal hard drive. I am dual booting windows and ubuntu.00:38
Edistotomreyn: /dev/sdb2 on /media/admins/C0F21894F2189130 type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other,blksize=4096,uhelper=udisks2)00:38
PsychoBoBdd: unknow operation 4M00:39
oerheksoh ..  bs=4M00:39
tomreynEdisto: hmm, i'm not sure how to determine the actual file system from this. it is mounted using fuse. i will try to leanr how to do this quickly. in the meantime, can you show the output of 'ls -ld /media/admins/C0F21894F2189130/'00:41
bapatomreyn: what about ``cat /proc/mounts`` ?00:41
tomreynbapa: right, this seems to provide this info, thanks.00:43
jmaderohi all - I'm having an issue with my time, it's setting to UTC despite my locale being correct00:43
jmaderohad the issue ever since moving to Ubuntu 18.0400:43
tomreynEdisto: can you run: grep -F '/media/admins' /proc/mounts00:43
Edistotomreyn: let me switch to teh standard account so I try to assess it from there.00:45
bapajmadero: Any chance you dual-boot with Windows? (I doubt it's related, but I'm curious.)00:46
jmaderobapa: I do - I'm reading about this conflict now, it's strange though, if I correct the time in Ubuntu, even if I reboot and never go back into Windows, Ubuntu comes up wrong again00:47
jmaderoinstructions I'm seeing all are about earlier versions of Ubuntu asking me to modify a file that no longer exists00:47
bapajmadero: FWIW, you can force Windows to use UTC via a registry tweak (and then a reboot). It's how I've got Windows + $distro to place nice with timezones in the past.00:48
jmaderobapa: yeah I'm reading about this now - what a PITA00:48
jmaderook going to try it out00:50
jmaderowish me luck00:50
tomreynthere's also "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata" to set the local timezone as well as "timedatectl set-local-rtc" with systemd00:51
bapaYep. Have fun.00:52
oerheksbest way is to force windows indeed00:52
tomreynbest way is not to have windows ;)00:52
oerheksbut i want one, .. even i am not in title to, as i never bought 7/800:53
bapa(Also I know this is off-topic, but I'm nuking my Ubuntu install for another $distro soon. R.I.P. I'll still stay here to offer support for a bit though ;_;)00:53
oerhekseverybody got it for free, freeware00:53
oerhekswait,i am offtopic00:53
tomreynbapa: enjoy hannah montana linux!00:58
RandolfLast week I converted my laptop from Windows 10 to Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS.  It is at least twice as fast at the most important things.  Applications start instantly, they don't chew up nearly as much memory, and WINE is able to run most of my Windows programs faster than Windows could.01:18
RandolfNow I just set up my OpenVPN client, and it's amazing how quickly it runs.  It also doesn't send any data over-the-wire at all, unlike Windows which seems to like to send regular chatter and eat up loads of bandwidth.01:18
RandolfBoot time is also much faster.  I'm down from 5 minutes to less than 1 minute.  The big delay on the Linux boot is scanning devices because "lvmetad" seems to have problems.01:19
Randolf45 seconds of delay for that.01:19
sonicwindsounds like you're set01:19
RandolfWell, there are a few things that don't work, but for the most-part everything is working.01:20
RandolfI'd like to use my numeric keypad consistently though -- when NumLock is off, in most applications it functions as cursor keys.  Some applications ignore it.  Is it possible to get this working properly?01:20
RandolfAlso, FAR Manager (64-bit and 32-bit) crashes very badly under WINE.01:21
bapaMy wishlist for all distros is a way to get my extra buttons on my logitech mouse working without resorting to cmdline work and brittle hacks.01:22
RandolfJavaFX is only supported up to JRE/JDK 8.  It seems that it was left behind.01:22
Randolfbapa:  That would be nice.01:22
sonicwindI never found anything that worked in WINE. I ended up finding Linux apps that serve me well.01:22
bapaSpeaking of WINE, Ubuntu LTS needs to package /usr/share/applications/wine.desktop. I couldn't get WINE apps to launch by double-clicking Windows .exes on someone's machine, and had to download the Arch Linux tarball and copy their *.desktop file so that Nautilus could associate with the extension. :X01:23
bapaI should probably file a bug for that if one hasn't.01:23
tomreynRandolf: i'm with sonicwind there, you should try replacing your windows applications by alternatives ubuntu provides, wine will not make you happy inthe long run.01:24
bapaI made the mistake of installing Wine and installing their favorite Windows card games and having it nice and integrated into the launcher. Big mistake, because they now think the buggyness of it is a defect of Ubuntu, rather than the fact getting Windows .exes to run on Linux is a MIRACLE of engineering, and something you have to go out of your way to setup.01:26
bapaUsers a) Complain something is constrained and annoying. b) You give them freedom, and then the freedom isn't as polished as the experience they're "meant" to have, and they attribute it to the OS sucking. >:(01:27
bapaAnyway, sorry. I'll stay on-topic from now on.01:27
oerheks!info pysolfc01:29
ubottupysolfc (source: pysolfc): collection of more than 1000 solitaire card games. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0-4 (bionic), package size 3446 kB, installed size 9775 kB01:29
oerheksgo wild01:29
bapaYeah, but open-source games usually don't understand usability. They're usually really hit or miss IMO.01:30
xheartwhich games have been a hit?01:31
bapaSudoku on Gnome 3201:31
bapaSorry, thinking of System32. ;>01:31
bapaAnd a giant miss is Sudoku on KDE.01:32
xheartthat's it?01:32
bapaYup. Linux ain't got no game.01:32
xhearttrue that is why i asked01:33
bapaAlso, how's KDE 5 been treating people on LTS 18.04? I think I'mma try that DE and see how it goes.01:37
Biessiei swapped over to cinnamon for now. i hear they are updating gnome end of the month that is supposed to help with CPU performance01:37
bapaon LTS?01:37
BiessieYea they said 18.04.1 is supposed to drop01:38
Biessiei too am running 18.04 LTS01:38
bapaI'm sad Gnome 3 has been so buggy for me. Glad I thought of trying KDE instead of rebooting ito the Hannah Montana Linux installer like I was just about to.01:39
Biessieyea i heard KDE is pretty good for 18.04.. and apparantly gnome will be fixed end of month01:39
Biessiei like gnome so i will switch back once that happens01:40
bapaI've used KDE 5 on OpenSUSE leap and it's AMAZINGLY polished and stable. Here's hoping it's the same on Ubuntu.01:40
bapaBiessie: Oh? What issues are there with Gnome 3? Are my issues known? I asked earlier, but everyone just gave me advice instead of telling me whether it was or not.01:40
bapa'Cuz I can put up with broken-but-gonna-be-fixed-later.01:41
Biessiebapa : Im honestly not certain exactly what the issues are but its supposed to keep the CPU usage lower and less spikes, etc01:41
Biessieill scroll up and find who told me that so maybe you can inquire when they get back01:41
bapaAnd fingers crossed that my network driver kernel regression will be fixed soon. 3 distros have the same issue of disconnecting my network after waking from sleep, with nothing short of rmmod/modprobe.01:42
Biessiehis name was lotuspsychje01:42
bapaOh my god. It's fixed in the -24 kernel. Finally!01:43
bapaWhat a coincidence. It got fixed yesterday. Dang, yes!01:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1752772 in linux (Ubuntu) "r8169 ethernet card don't work after returning from suspension" [Medium,Fix released]01:43
Biessiebapa  - https://i.imgur.com/Valw3kj.png01:43
Biessiethats a clip of our convo01:43
rangemongerbapa: thats fixed now?01:43
bapaNot yet, because I'm running -23 kernel. Fingers crossed with -24.01:44
rangemongerwas that a bug that was only in the ubuntu kernel or also the main kernel?01:44
bapaIt happened to me in OpenSUSE Leap and Fedora 28.01:44
bapaSo it's a kernel regression and not a distro issue.01:45
rangemongeri think its been happening to me with the main kernel01:45
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bapaNow, how to figure out how to completely uninstall Gnome-everything since a million billion Gnome packages are selected by apt...01:47
rangemongerbapa did you install it all at once wiht one selection?01:47
rangemongerif so: sudo apt purge (package you installed it with) then: sudo apt autoremove01:48
bapaI just did the Ubuntu installer defaults, which selects the whole shaboo. So I can't just put a hit out on the top-level metapkg and ``autoremove`` to my heart's content.01:48
rangemongerlinux could be so much more usable if they just added things like that to the gui01:49
rangemongersynaptic could have an autoremove01:49
bapaIMO, I want less choice in Linux, and just a set of thingies that all are polished and work well.01:49
bapaWhich I admire Canonical for with their understanding of papercuts.01:50
bapaIt's just a shame Ubuntu LTS 18.04 is still so unstable and buggy for me. Same with the previous LTS. But that's just my luck :\01:51
rangemongerand mine01:51
bapaI thought after not running Ubuntu for so many years, I'd come back to an AMAZING distro. And it is. But not not amazing enough to not embarass me with stuff not working when I install it on normal people's computers. Sigh.01:52
xamithannormal peoples computers,  like a 10 year old family PC running winxp ?01:53
bapaMore like 2009.01:53
xamithanOk 9 year old,  not 1001:54
bapaWindows 9 was a government conpsiracy.01:54
bapaAlso, LTS 18.04 and Rthymbox. Are media keys not working a bug or a feature?01:55
xamithanDon't know,  sane people use mpd01:56
bapaFWIW media keys work in VLC, but for some reason the sound is tinny and horrible in that (never touched any of its settings, and rm -rf-ing the config dir for VLC does nothing).01:56
bapaI used to run mpd in my Gentoo days. But now only basic, boring GUI players for me.01:56
oerheksthat is for all players, clementine comes with build in equaliser01:57
rangemongeri feel the same way, earlier ubuntus felt like more progress was being made making linux usuable01:57
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BiessieIf i logout and change GUI at the login screen and relog back in.. should it switch then or do i need to reboot? i swapped from gnome3 to cinnamon and it's not looking any different when i log back in lol01:57
bapaCan anyone test their media keys with Rthymbox for me on LTS 18.04?01:57
bapaBiessie: You don't have to reboot, but I usually do so when installing new desktop environments because sometimes daemons/services running in the background don't get killed when you logout, and they can interfere with the new enviroment.01:59
Biessiebapa : okay ill try that hopefully thats the reason since it doesnt look any different01:59
bapa(And I dare not switch to a console and go to runlevel 1, and then back to runlevel 3, because switching runlevels has a habit of freezing this Ubuntu machine for some reason. Not even escape sequences help ;_;)01:59
bapaBiessie: did you select Cinammon from GDM's thingy?02:00
bapaI think you can use it to select what desktop environment to log into.02:00
bapaAlso wait, I'm confused. Where's the KDM login manager package in the repos? I see nothing with kdm in the name, and typing `kdm` gets me no relevant hits for what pkg might contain the binary.02:02
bapaOh, it's called sddm now.02:03
Biessierebooting worked02:03
Biessiecinnamon gui works02:03
bapalogging into KDE. pray for me.02:03
Biessieim digging cinnamon02:05
bapaI pray full-text indexing works automagically like in Gnome 3.02:10
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Biessiewow cinnamon uses only 2-4% of my CPU compared to gnome using 20-50%02:14
bapaWhat sorcery is this. Japanese input works properly in KDE. :O02:16
bapaBiessie: Glad Cinnamon is working out for you!02:16
bapaOh gosh. The -24 kernel is here! I can remove that rmmod/modprobe script now! :D02:17
rangemonger4.17.4 is here too02:19
bapaWelp. Now in KDE I get this after I suspend and resume: https://i.imgur.com/tO9Udso.png02:28
bapaI guess I should try the Nvidia-340 drivers.02:28
rangemongeri always find having 2 DEs on = trouble02:28
Randolftomreyn:  Thank you.  I definitely prefer to use native applications.  There are a few applications, however, that alternatives just don't seem to be up to par for.  For example, FAR Manager, and Adobe Photoshop are two.02:28
bapaHence why I always remove all DEs and their libs/apps, unless it's something minimal like fluxbox02:29
Randolfbapa:  I remember trying Fluxbox on NetBSD many years ago.  It seemed like a nice lightweight GUI.02:38
bapaI actually used to use a Fluxbox a lot back in the day. ANd this IRC session is also running on NetBSD right now, heh. But now, I am a fat and lazy typical desktop user who wants his shiny.02:40
bapaFingers crossed for 340 nvidia drivers02:40
rangemongerflux box is still pretty much the same and thats a good thing02:42
Randolfbapa:  I still use NetBSD for a lot of stuff.  Mostly server things.  I'm finding that Ubuntu has better support for current hardware though, and seems to be performing much faster.02:51
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ceibalhola papito03:11
bapahola, esse03:12
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rangemongergreets and stuff03:26
foo38229rangemonger: hmm?03:27
foo38229rangemonger: i like ubuntu!03:27
rangemongerdont we all03:28
foo38229but i'm beginner :D03:28
foo38229see ya!03:29
bapaI think I can live with Ubuntu+KDE, but I have to use Nouveau because nvidia-390 and nvidia-340 both cause lots of random corruption. 5 FPS in muh games, yay.03:29
rangemongerwhats the state on nvidia and kms?03:30
rangemongercan i run kms mode with a gf770 on the proprietary drivers?03:31
bapaDoes anyone know where I can find some release notes or a changelog for 18.04.1? I'm about to nuke Gnome 3, but I'll consider keeping it if the changelog mentions something about improving stability.03:37
guivercbapa, 18.04.1???  it's eta is 26-july-2018 I thought (still in the future)03:40
bapaYeah, that's what I mean. I'm hoping there's a place to read about the bugs that are fixed *thus far*~03:41
guivercbapa, as far as i know (& would expect) the release notes aren't public (more location isn't published) until release.  discussions & decisions you can watch (as with all releases) or read via logs (those done via irc anyway), but there are no easy lists (unless one is mentioned in the lists)03:45
bapaALright, thanks guiverc.03:46
guivercbapa, have you tried using bionic-proposed??  (http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-proposed/)03:53
bapaguiverc: Nope, no FrakenBuntu for me. :P But I've never heard of that, so I'll give it a look nontheless.03:54
guiverci mentioned it because you mentioned 'nuke'... :)03:56
bapaAh, I just said nuke because mixing DE's is a no-no. For example I'm using KDE but everything wants to open in Gnome apps.03:58
rangemongeryou could use kde's association thingy to fix that03:59
bapaWelp. I don't even know what to do anymore. With nvidia drivers, lame graphics corruption. With nouveau, really bad tearing in lots of apps. Unless that's just a KDE thing I can configure or something.04:05
rangemongertry turning compositting off in kde04:05
rangemongertheres a hotkey to do it... one sec04:05
rangemongershift alt f1204:06
rangemongermight not help but its worth a shot04:06
bapaMakes no difference, since I don't think composting has much due do with a browser tearing while scrolling.04:07
bapaI'm surprised at how bad the drivers are considering how old my card is. :\04:07
bapawelp, back to nvidia 390 + gnome. that was better than this.04:08
lotuspsychjebapa: you cant make a new card out of your old one right04:15
bapalotuspsychje: What do you mean?04:17
bapaWell, I guess my other option is to just unplug my 560 Ti and use the integrated Intel thingy I have (since not even the BIOS will acknowledge its existence if a PCI-e card is plugged in). :\04:17
Max-Pthat sucks, if you could still get the BIOS to enable the integrated graphics you could run your desktop off the integrated ones and use a bumblebee-like setup to run heavy stuff04:21
taaperotassuUsing ubuntu server 16.04 wondering why I cant seem to edit or delete my bash_history file. I should have enough rights etc.04:28
abcecho help04:28
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Guest86456cd ..04:29
guiverctaaperotassu, do you get an error? (I've done it on desktop many times)04:31
bapaMax-P: Yeah, I checked the BIOS much earlier in the day, and there was nada for letting the integrated live with Mr. PCI-e. Oh well.04:32
bapaUnless I get... the belt. (AKA, check if the manufactuer has issued an update to the BIOS)04:33
pavlostaaperotassu: ls -l ~/.bash_history04:36
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RojolaI'd like to ask for help, please04:51
RojolaI already asked in #mysql but somebody only linked me 2 pages which do _not_ contain any solution to the issue.04:51
Rojola...as I already followed best practice04:52
RojolaI tried all 4 ways (in this order)04:52
Rojolabut I still cannot login as root04:52
icedwaterHow do I get around "Failed to start poweroff.target: Transaction is destructive."? I just want to shut the laptop down... silly systemd.04:54
guivercicedwater, try running `systemctl enable poweroff.target` then try....04:55
icedwaterI tried that, it still complains. https://askubuntu.com/questions/764565/ didn't work for me. Except the poweroff -f answer at the end. But that's a silly solution, too.04:57
icedwaterWhy is systemd blocking the shutdown action?04:58
guivercicedwater, sorry I can't help; i have no idea how Ubuntu (& linux) shuts down05:00
icedwaterI'm also reading this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/144125305:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1441253 in systemd (Ubuntu) "hanging suspend job prevents shutdown" [Undecided,Won't fix]05:00
icedwaterI guess it makes sense that you don't shut down in the middle of a suspend operation, but what if I don't want to suspend, I just want to shutdown...05:01
icedwaterguiverc: I get that, thanks for the help though :)05:01
lotuspsychjeicedwater: your ubuntu version please? clean install or upgrade?05:02
icedwaterlotuspsychje: 16.04, clean install, I think. I don't remember when or if I did do-release-upgrade05:05
icedwaterWould this be in some logs somewhere?05:05
icedwaterI'm quite sure I shuffled partitions around to make room for a clean install of 1605:06
lotuspsychjeicedwater: on shutdown you can press F1 to see text shutdown, see where it hangs and what it does05:06
icedwaterOK, thanks. But what would the difference have been between clean install and upgrade? Where were you going to suggest I take a look?05:07
lotuspsychjeicedwater: sometimes leftovers of upgrades or bad upgrades can make bugs occur, hence why i asked05:08
icedwaterAlso, systemd recently started asking me to enter a passphrase for a cryptswap partition as part of the boot process. Is there somewhere I can specify that passphrase which can be read automatically?05:08
icedwaterlotuspsychje: nods05:08
lotuspsychjeicedwater: a few ideas maybe, booting a different kernel version, or testing shutdown from a liveusb05:09
icedwaterlotuspsychje: anyway now that I did poweroff -f once, and started the system again, shutdown doesn't hang. But I'll check if it stops somewhere. Have you helped debug this before? Yeah, I'll try those too if it comes again, thanks05:10
lotuspsychjeicedwater: if nothing helps you can also file a new !bug05:10
taaperotassuquiverc no errors05:14
taaperotassuhistory -c; history -w  helpded erasing bash history though sudo rm didn't work nor editing the file. No errors.. strange05:17
Rojolasorry for re-asking.  I guess my question got overlooked before.05:24
RojolaI would like to change the MySQL-root-user's password05:24
Rojolanone of my attempts worked:05:24
guivercRojola, please try and keep questions to a single line; a non-answer doesn't mean it was overlooked, but it could be no-one available at the time you asked had any answers05:26
Rojolasorry guiverc05:27
pavlosRojola: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16556497/how-to-reset-or-change-the-mysql-root-password05:28
Rojolapavlos, thank you,  tried that already...05:30
Rojolapavlos, https://dpaste.de/HQuC/raw05:30
Rojolashould I really run it via "sudo" as the error suggests?05:30
Rojolaeven as root I get an error:  ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)05:31
pavlosRojola: can you try the example voted 63 times in that page? it starts mysqld_safe in step 305:36
Rojolapavlos, I will, but I had to remove (purge) the mysql-server first,  as the solution I tried first totally busted the mysql installation05:38
Rojolapavlos, the solution with 63 upvotes is more the less what I did05:40
Rojolaokay, even re-installing did not help05:41
RojolaI cannot login any more05:41
Rojolaroot@linux:/home/user# mysql05:41
RojolaERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)05:41
pavlosRojola: are you on 18.04 server?05:43
RojolaI can login as root again05:44
Rojolaupdate user set plugin='auth_socket' where User='root';  flush privileges;05:44
Rojolabut still,  logging in via password does not work05:44
Rojolathankfully I created a user with all rights before this incident05:45
pavlosRojola: check this ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset05:45
Rojolathank you pavlos !05:45
Rojolapavlos, it's not like any of these solutions worked :(05:46
Rojolaokay, I give up05:49
RojolaI'll use the user-account I set up before05:49
Rojolathank you pavlos !05:49
pavlosRojola: nw ... I dont have a db to test now and need to get some zzz's05:50
Rojolasleep well! :)05:50
pavlosRojola: we'll continue tomorrow05:51
Rojolathank you =)05:51
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tensopis pubg playable yet, havent touched it in about 9 months06:02
mrecis there any realistic way to enable exim4 quickly with ubuntu?06:26
mrecthat rubbish wiki page doesn't work06:26
danielpeichevserver irc.all4y.net06:33
OlofLConceptually, can you make vsftpd run as a sftp server, or is that done on openssh server itself?06:36
oerheksvsftp got its own deamon, so conceptually: yes06:38
chl_do people run unbound for caching dns?06:59
oerhekschi , well, you can .. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unbound07:02
MagePsychosymlink to a folder is treated as a file or folder?07:02
arthar360chl_ Yes, We have it in our organisation07:02
oerhekssome docs https://calomel.org/unbound_dns.html07:03
chl_in terms of performance, do any of you happen to know it compares to bind?07:03
=== Murii is now known as Murii_
=== Richard is now known as Guest30841
KryptoXHello all, I got a big question, I have searched high and low for an answer to this one,07:27
KryptoXI have a Dell Precision 3510 (https://zerobin.net/?2430e64e96282ebe#lPQ4Amc4TCT/N2PzTG06Ic4xYMhT7fwQaBIUKBGnGks <-- specs)07:27
KryptoXAnd every version of Ubuntu I tried caused the motherboard to heat up very quickly around the GPU area, but I have no idea why Ubuntu detects my AMD FirePro W5130M as AMD Radeon HD8800M.07:27
KryptoXIt does not allow me to use the laptop more than 10 minutes before it gets too hot to have on my lap.07:27
KryptoXI forgot to mention, for some unknown reason, it runs the GPU @ 100% at all times, not even using the integrated graphics07:30
oerhekslots of posts about that https://askubuntu.com/questions/961747/ubuntu-detecting-wrong-gpu-in-dell-precision-351007:32
explodesUh, well this sucks07:33
explodesI restarted my ubuntu box and the wireless interface is gone07:33
KryptoXoerheks: Yeah, I swa that already, but no one offered a solution to this problem, I even went the extra mile and contacted AMD support over the phone, the answer I got was just weird "We do not currently support this product under linux, but might be in future releases of this model".07:33
KryptoXWhich means "We do not support THIS specific one, upgrade to a new laptop to get ubuntu support".07:33
oerheksall there is is the openradeon driver, no amdgpu pro ?07:33
KryptoXno, amdgpu pro is just for a couple of specific GPU's, FirePro is not included.07:35
KryptoXI am stuck with Windows and this sucks!07:35
KryptoXI did find this, but every time I install it, it just shoots out an error before it crash and burn.07:38
qwebirc6817There is a black screen after installing Nvidia drivers07:41
oerheksKryptoX, i am afraid you are stuck with that hd53007:41
qwebirc6817I tried to use root mount07:42
qwebirc6817Now I typed startx07:42
qwebirc6817There is display to contact ubuntu support07:43
qwebirc6817Please help07:44
arthar360qwebirc6817 That happend with my laptop as well. I gave up after weeks of troubleshooting and reinstalled ubuntu and never installed graphics driver to keep it running07:45
mohammadhello guys08:02
=== mohammad is now known as Guest46248
Guest46248when i run virtualbox and run a virtual on it08:03
Guest46248i see that whole system is stuck08:03
Guest46248what is problem ?08:03
OolGuest46248: install the last version of virtualbox08:05
ikoniaOol: that is not the default answer08:05
Guest46248Ool, i miss old machines ?08:05
ikoniathe version that ubuntu ships is fullly supported and tested, so why would you randomly just change the version08:06
Guest46248ikonia, it was okay but now when i run a virtual machine on it whole system stucks08:07
ikoniaGuest46248: ok - so whats going on with that ? are you resources ok, is the host hanging or just the guest08:07
Guest46248ikonia, i just run android machines on it and it is ubuntu 16.0408:08
ikonianot what I asked08:08
Guest46248host hanging08:08
ikoniaso when you launch a guest, the host totally hangs/locks08:09
Guest46248yes when i run guest08:09
ikoniaok, can you do basic thinks like move the mouse around on the host08:09
Guest46248host totally locks08:09
Oolikonia: not random08:09
Guest46248i cant even move mouse08:09
ikoniaOol: explain why based on one line of problem the answer is to change the provider to a 3rd party package08:09
ikoniaGuest46248: ok, so the mouse cursor is totally locked as well08:10
Guest46248yess mouse is totally locked08:10
confluencyGuest46248: you say "it was okay". When was that? Yesterday? Last week? Did you install or upgrade anything between then and now?08:10
ikoniaGuest46248: does your keyboard have a capslock / numlock light ?08:10
Guest46248ikonia, yes it has08:10
ikoniaGuest46248: if you press capslock / numlock does the light go on/off /08:11
Oolikonia: I 'm solving this particular problem like that … but if you have more experience …08:11
Guest46248confluency, it was for 6 months before that i ran an android machine and it was okay08:11
ikoniaOol: you said it's not random - could you explain why based off one line the answer is to change the package provider and version ?08:11
ikoniaOol: what is the deduction that it is the problem ?08:11
Guest46248ikonia, let me check08:12
confluencyOol: do you have specific knowledge of a Virtualbox bug in the packaged version which is fixed in a later version?08:12
Guest46248but it takes time08:12
Guest46248because i need to restart because it will be locked08:12
confluencyGuest46248: were you also running 16.04 six months ago?08:12
adrian_1908hello, anyone having problems with the latest 4.15.0-24-generic kernel on bionic? I seem to have crazy long boot times since I updated yesterday.08:12
ikoniaadrian_1908: define "crazy long" and what part of the boot process is taking time08:13
Guest46248confluency, yess i am using that now also08:13
adrian_1908[    6.710147] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eno1: link becomes ready08:13
adrian_1908[   32.715029] random: crng init done08:13
ikoniaadrian_1908: so the network card coming up, how long is that delay ?08:14
confluencyGuest46248: it looks like this problem may be affecting you -- the suggested solution there is to upgrade from Virtualbox 5.0 to 5.2. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238231408:15
confluencyDid they leave? :/08:16
=== mohammad_ is now known as Guest5057
confluencyGuest5057: it looks like this problem may be affecting you -- the suggested solution there is to upgrade from Virtualbox 5.0 to 5.2.08:16
adrian_1908ikonia: does that look like the network coming up takes long? I thought it would be something else afterwards. but i'm not well versed in reading these logs.08:16
confluencyGuest5057: what version of Virtualbox do you currently have installed?08:16
Guest5057caps lock is not working08:16
ikoniaGuest5057: ok, so the whole machine is hard locking then08:17
Guest5057ikonia, yess08:17
Guest5057confluency, let me see08:17
ikoniaadrian_1908: that looks like the last thing that happens is the interface coming up, so the next thing will be most likely the dhcp request for that interface,08:17
ikoniaadrian_1908: how are you getting that information08:17
adrian_1908ikonia: this is from dmesg08:17
ikoniaadrian_1908: and 3rd time of asking how long is "crazy long"08:17
ikoniaadrian_1908: dmesg is not going to help08:17
ikoniaadrian_1908: you want to watch the boot process08:18
ikoniaadrian_1908: remove the boot splash08:18
adrian_1908ikonia: ah ok, I thought those times were about how long it took, my bad. ok will try without splash and come back.08:18
Guest5057confluency, version 5.008:18
confluencyGuest5057: the thread I posted has more specific instructions for the suggested solution in a comment lower down: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2382314&p=13739411#post1373941108:18
confluencyGuest5057: (The original suggestion doesn't explain exactly how to add the PPA; this comment does.)08:19
confluencyGuest5057: in that case it may be a good idea to try this.08:19
Guest5057confluency, thank you so much08:20
Guest5057let me try that08:20
Guest5057if i want to uninstall vb08:22
Guest5057with keeping old machines08:22
Guest5057what should i do ?08:23
confluencyGuest5057: I don't understand the question.08:23
confluencyGuest5057: uninstalling the package isn't going to remove your data.08:23
Guest5057confluency, with the link that you sent08:23
Guest5057it needs to uninstall08:23
confluencyGuest5057: yes, and? That isn't going to do anything to your machines.08:24
Guest5057i wanna use apt purge virtualbox08:24
confluencyGuest5057: why?08:24
Guest5057Uninstall VB completely (Your VMs should be safe. They aren't touched by an uninstall. But make sure you are backed up as a matter of policy.).08:24
confluencyGuest5057: that should also not destroy your machines; they shouldn't be part of the system configuration that gets purged.08:24
Guest5057confluency, okay08:24
confluencyGuest5057: why do you want to use purge?08:24
Guest5057i should use remove?08:25
confluencyGuest5057: yes. That's what the instructions say.08:25
confluencypurge isn't "remove, only better".08:25
confluencyGuest5057: what instructions are you reading?08:26
Guest5057confluency, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2382314&p=13739411#post1373941108:26
=== Fuchs is now known as foxy
confluencyGuest5057: don't read the first comment; read the last comment.08:26
confluencyGuest5057: that has the specific instructions for adding the PPA.08:26
confluencyGuest5057: it doesn't matter if you do the remove first.08:27
Guest5057i did remove08:27
gasullwhere is the Ubuntu GPG public key used for the repos?08:27
gasullI need to download it.08:27
confluencyI suggest that instead of putting the PPA line in /etc/apt/sources.list you put it in its own file, like /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list08:28
Guest5057gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.08:28
Guest5057i get this08:28
confluencyIt'll work either way, but this way will be much cleaner.08:28
Guest5057when i run08:28
Guest5057wget -q https://www.virtualbox.org/download/..._vbox_2016.asc -O- | sudo apt-key add08:28
confluencyDid you copy and paste the link with the ...08:28
confluencyYes, don't do that. The link is shortened for some reason.08:29
confluencyIf you click on it you'll see that it's actually https://www.virtualbox.org/download/oracle_vbox_2016.asc08:29
confluencySubstitute in that link.08:29
rajendrasymlink to a folder is considered as a file or folder to the system?08:31
Guest5057confluency, i did whole link08:31
confluencyGuest5057: and?08:31
gasullAs ridiculous as it sounds, I can't find Ubuntu's public GPG key08:31
Guest5057but same error08:31
Guest5057wget -q https://www.virtualbox.org/download/oracle_vbox_2016.asc  -O- | sudo apt-key add08:32
Guest5057gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.08:32
confluencyGuest5057: are you sure? It works for me.08:32
Guest5057confluency, i dont know what is wrong08:33
Guest5057but i can open link08:34
confluencyGuest5057: when you follow that link in your browser, what do you see? Do you see -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- and then a big block of characters?08:34
guivercrajendra, if you `file` a symlink it shows as a symbolic link (regardless of what it points to)..   in theory everything is a file, so file could be considered true though (in *nix theory)08:34
Guest5057confluency, yess i can see what you say08:34
confluencyGuest5057: and when you just do wget PUT_LINK_HERE does it download the file without any errors?08:35
confluencyGuest5057: and if you cat oracle_vbox_2016.asc afterwards, do you see the same thing as in the browser?08:35
Guest5057i think08:36
geirhagasull: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/project/08:36
Guest5057http-proxy is set for my terminal08:36
gasullGuest5057: thanks!08:36
confluencyOh, OK. Then wget may not be working correctly. Save the file from your browser.08:37
adrian_1908i'm back. so i watched the boot process, but couldn't see anything useful. the boot messages appear on the screen (all [ OK ]) and then the screen goes blank and stays that way indefinitely (i.e. minutes). what seems to allow me to get a login is to switch to another tty. once i do submit my name there, i get the graphical login.08:37
confluencyGuest5057: once you have the file saved, you can try cat FILENAME_HERE | sudo apt-key add08:37
Guest5057confluency, how can i unset that ?08:37
confluencyThen you can bypass wget for now.08:37
adrian_1908i didn't make the connection the first time, that my using the other tty causes the login to appear. i thought it was a coincidence of timing.08:37
confluencyGuest5057: you can try unset http_proxy08:37
confluencyGuest5057: if you want to fix wget08:38
confluencyGuest5057: that will only do it temporarily in this terminal session.08:38
adrian_1908brb in 5 mins!08:39
Guest5057when i use08:39
Guest5057echo $http_proxy08:39
Guest5057i see no output08:39
Guest5057but when i use wget08:39
Guest5057i see08:39
confluencyGuest5057: then it should be unset.08:39
Guest5057Connecting to failed: Connection refused.08:40
Guest5057i did unset http_proxy08:40
Guest5057but same error08:40
confluencyWhat about https_proxy?08:40
Guest5057confluency, solved08:41
Guest5057with https_proxy08:41
confluencyOK, great. So did you add the key successfully?08:41
Guest5057confluency, yesss08:42
Guest5057i am updating packages08:42
Guest5057i just get error in updating08:43
Guest5057because we are sensored and filtered as we live in iran08:43
takemethere is a two commands that execute ‘ls -la’ and ‘pwd’ in different terminal? how can i make this shell command?08:44
Guest5057and i cant get some updates08:44
confluencyGuest5057: you probably need to put the proxy back. :/08:44
confluencyGuest5057: did you get the updates from the virtualbox PPA?08:44
Guest5057confluency, i have not reached that yet08:44
confluencyGuest5057: are you getting the main system packages? Or do you need the proxy for those?08:46
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
Guest5057confluency, the proxy that i am using is not stable08:46
guiverctakeme, sorry I don't understand, but are you talking about `alias` ?08:46
Guest5057and without a good proxy i cant update my packages08:46
Guest5057Err:12 http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian xenial Release08:47
Guest5057  403  Forbidden08:47
takemei want to make shell command in one file, ls command and pwd command. but it is executed in different terminal08:47
confluencyGuest5057: the newer version of Virtualbox shouldn't need any new dependencies, so as long as you can reach the PPA server now you should be able to install the new version without having to fetch anything else.08:47
confluencyGuest5057: Hmm. You can try to hack around this by downloading the package in your browser and installing it with dpkg -i08:48
adrian_1908ikonia: are you still there? don't want to bother you, but if you have some suggestions on figuring out the boot issue, i'm all ears.08:48
Guest5057confluency, how about depenencies?08:48
ikoniaadrian_1908: what does the boot sequence show the delay on08:48
adrian_1908ikonia: where can i see this?08:48
confluencyGuest5057: as long as all the dependencies are installed (they should be, if you already had the previous version) it should be fine.08:48
guiverctakeme, put your commands in a file (we call it a 'script'), you make the file executable (eg. if called 'file' use the command `chmod +x file`) then execute the script with ./file  (./ tells the system to look for it in your current directory)08:48
ikoniaadrian_1908: removing the splash08:48
Guest5057confluency, when i can download that ?08:49
ikoniaadrian_1908: and 4th time of asking "how long is booting takes an age"08:49
guiverctakeme, the first line possibly should be "#!/bin/bash" (called a shebang), which tells people & system what script language it is...08:49
adrian_1908ikonia: did you see my message from 10:37? the messages switch to a blank screen after a while.08:49
confluencyGuest5057: do you need the i386 package or the amd64 package?08:49
takemeguiverc: there is a file that have ‘ls’ and ‘pwd’, but i execute it with different terminal . guiverc08:49
ikoniaadrian_1908: how long does the overall boot process take08:50
confluencyGuest5057: this should be right: https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian/pool/contrib/v/virtualbox-5.2/virtualbox-5.2_5.2.14-123301~Ubuntu~xenial_amd64.deb08:50
guiverctakeme, i don't know what you mean by "with a different terminal" sorry"?  if you use csh; the shebang should match csh; but I don't think that's what you mean sorry08:51
adrian_1908ikonia: hard to say, but i think most stuff is done after ~15 seconds. then i get the blank screen which will persist without my intervention.08:51
confluencyGuest5057: if your browser can download stuff and wget can download stuff, apt should also be able to. I think that apt has its own proxy settings.08:51
ikoniaadrian_1908: so look at systemd-analyze to map the boot process08:52
ikoniaadrian_1908: what is the intervention you do to make the black screen go away08:52
Guest5057confluency, i get access denied in my browser08:52
confluencyGuest5057: :/08:52
Guest5057what should i do :/08:52
adrian_1908ikonia: Startup finished in 7.542s (firmware) + 4.387s (loader) + 2.309s (kernel) + 2min 21.451s (userspace) = 2min 35.690s   graphical.target reached after 2min 21.431s in userspace08:53
confluencyGuest5057: I have no suggestions except trying to find another proxy. I will see if I can find a copy of that package version on another server.08:53
guiverctakeme, if you want to execute it without a "./" you only need to put it in a location searched by your $PATH  (myself I use /usr/local/bin/))08:53
Guest5057confluency, thanks08:53
adrian_1908ikonia: the last delay is arbitrary, i switch to another tty and typing in there or submitting my user login seems to trigger the graphical login.08:53
takemex( guiverc08:53
adrian_1908ikonia: arbitrary in the sense that it's as long as i wait to interact via the other tty.08:53
ikoniaadrian_1908: look at the xorg and greeter log08:53
adrian_1908ok, one sec08:54
takemeguiverc: https://ideone.com/Ml0giN08:55
Guest5057is there a free vpn for ubuntu ?08:56
takemeguiverc: ?08:56
confluencyGuest5057: what you can try is to install the 5.2 package from 18.04 -- it might work, but it might have different dependency versions.08:58
confluencyGuest5057: I will find you a link to try.08:58
confluencyGuest5057: another thing that you can try first is to upgrade to the 5.1 version which was released as an update to 16.04 earlier this year. That may fix the bug.08:59
confluencyGuest5057: when you do the update (with your proxy on), are you able to reach the main official repositories?09:00
takemeguiverc: ?09:00
Guest5057confluency, i can update with my current proxy09:00
guiverctakeme, commands can have a "&" at the end which means they run in the background (different process), and you can `bash -c "ps"; to cause a new interpreter process to process the "ps" (enclosed command).  i'm not sure why? or what you're after?  (school assignment maybe?)09:01
confluencyGuest5057: OK, and do you have the updates repository enabled in your sources.list?09:01
Guest5057confluency, yesss09:01
Guest5057but i get error during the update09:01
adrian_1908ikonia: /var/log/seat0-greeter.log has a GTK Warning about drawing a gadget with negative dimensions. I wonder if that could be it. The thing is, i didn't touch any of that around the time the issues appeared. what happened yesterday was that i did a kernel upgrade, so that my first suspicion.09:01
confluencyGuest5057: I suggest that you comment out the PPA line you added to sources.list, since it looks like you can't reach that PPA.09:01
Guest5057i am downloading with my phone now09:02
Guest50575 mins left09:02
confluencyGuest5057: OK, but what error? Can you or can you not actually get updated packages>\09:02
takemeguiverc: because first command will not terminated when i press button of ctrl + c09:02
Guest5057confluency, i am downloading the link that you said with my smart phone and i will transfer that to my ubuntu and install that with dpkg09:03
guivercsorry takeme, guests have arrived (dinner time!)09:03
takemewhat guest?09:03
adrian_1908ikonia: btw, X0rg log looks fine, it just shows the giant delay that most other logs show, but no errors.09:03
=== Richard is now known as Guest94888
Guest5057confluency, proxy that does exist on my phone works09:03
confluencyGuest5057: oh, OK, cool. In that case try that first.09:04
confluencyOtherwise, if you look here, you'll see what versions are available for different Ubuntu releases: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox09:04
Guest5057confluency, you are sure that it didnt need any dependency ?09:04
confluencyGuest5057: no, I'm not sure. I have no idea. But it probably uses the same dependencies you already have.09:05
Mr_Panlech mir am arsch :P09:06
=== | is now known as Guest89522
adrian_1908brb, trying something!09:07
confluencyAs you can see in the last link, a 5.1 update was released for Xenial and Artful at the same time. That may be a fix for this bug. So if that 5.2 package doesn't work, you can try this one (if you expand the 5.1.34 version under Xenial and scroll down you'll see the binary packages). If you are able to use apt to get these, that would be best, but you can also download them like this if necessary.09:07
Guest5057i use dpkg -i?09:08
confluencyGuest5057: yes. With sudo.09:08
Guest5057it is in progress09:09
Guest5057The VirtualBox kernel modules do not match this version of VirtualBox. The installation of VirtualBox was apparently not successful. Executing09:10
Guest5057what should i do :/09:11
confluencyThen I would try the 5.1 packages from Launchpad.09:11
confluencyBut first you should undo all this stuff. First do apt purge virtualbox-5.209:12
confluencyBecause you may have a partially installed package now and that will break apt.09:12
MrM1stHi all09:12
confluencyThen go to your /etc/apt/sources.list and remove that PPA line from the end.09:12
confluencyYou can leave the key; that doesn't break anything.09:13
oerheksuh oh, ppa not in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder ?09:13
confluencyGuest5057: then get a new terminal with a proxy, and we should check if you can actually access the normal repositories with a proxy.09:13
Guest5057confluency, https://askubuntu.com/questions/900794/virtualbox-rtr3initex-failed-with-rc-1912-rc-191209:13
Guest5057can we fix that with this link?09:14
MrM1stI'm having problems with 18.04 latest kernel. Booting into "emergency mode". Anyone up for a challenge?09:14
confluencyoerheks: following instructions which appended it to sources.list. I assure you that that is the least of our difficulties.09:14
blackflow!ask | MrM1st09:15
ubottuMrM1st: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:15
oerheksGuest5057, as said, remove that virtualbox from oracle, instal the one from softwarecenter09:15
confluencyoerheks: read the backlog, please.09:15
confluencyGuest5057: are you sure you got the amd64 version?09:15
MrM1stThe last error is: systemd[1]: Timed out waiting for device dev-disk-by\<id1>\<id2>.....\<idx>.device09:15
Guest5057confluency, yesss09:15
oerheks"<Guest5057> The VirtualBox kernel modules do not match this version of VirtualBox."  i understand perfectly ..09:16
confluencyGuest5057: and are you sure that you have an amd64 system?09:16
adrian_1908ikonia: the prior kernel 4.15.0-23-generic boots fine, so my that confirms it i guess. should i report this somewhere (if it isn't already)? launchpad?09:16
confluencyoerheks: no, you need to scroll back a lot further.09:16
ikoniaadrian_1908: report what ?09:16
Guest5057confluency, yess09:16
adrian_1908ikonia: that the latest kernel causes issues09:17
confluencyoerheks: Guest5057 needs to upgrade to a newer version because of a bug, and this version may be available in the updates repo, but everything is made more difficult by the fact that Guest5057 is in Iran.09:17
ikoniaadrian_1908: how do you know the kernel is the issue09:17
ikoniaadrian_1908: do you even know the problem yet ?09:17
confluencyGuest5057: then this is not your issue.09:17
confluencyGuest5057: at least not the first answer.09:18
adrian_1908ikonia: are you being deliberately difficult? the prior kernel boots fine, and the issue started after i did the kernel upgrade yesterday. what other variables would be in play here?09:18
ikoniaadrian_1908: no, I'm not09:18
ikoniaadrian_1908: you're saying you should report it, but you have nothing to report09:18
ikoniaadrian_1908: where is the actual problem ?09:18
confluencyGuest5057: did you remove the dkms package?09:19
Guest5057confluency, yess09:19
Guest5057and i installed again09:19
confluencyOK, cool. Does it work now?09:19
=== foxy is now known as Fuchs
confluencyAnd does it run without hanging?09:19
adrian_1908ikonia: i can only report my observation i guess, since i couldn't find any log with the cause. others might confirm that they ran into the same issue.09:19
Guest5057virtual machine is running now without hanging09:20
blackflowMrM1st: which disk is that? Primary, with root?09:20
ikoniaadrian_1908: and that's the problem - an observation is not a bug report09:20
confluencyGuest5057: awesome! Congratulations. :)09:20
adrian_1908ok, fair enough09:20
ikoniaadrian_1908: so you managed to isolate that swapping the kernel impacts this, that's great, but that doesn't mean it's the kernel09:20
Guest5057confluency, thank you so much09:20
ikoniaadrian_1908: that could be xorg not working with the kernel, or your video card modules not working with that kernel09:20
ikoniaadrian_1908: also did anything else update at the same time as the kernel09:20
confluencyGuest5057: no problem.09:21
MrM1stblackflow: /boot is on a separate USB09:21
Guest5057confluency, i wish the best for you09:21
Guest5057bye bye09:21
MrM1stblackflow: /boot is on USB, / is on the HDD09:21
blackflowMrM1st: so whiche one is timing out?09:21
adrian_1908ikonia: i think it might be related to nvidia drivers. but i wouldn't know how to investigate further. only the kernel was updated, that i remember.09:21
ikoniaadrian_1908: few key things there, you think it's related to the nvidia drivers (that's great!) but you're talking about reporting the kernel (see the issue there) and only the kernel was updated "that I can remember" that's not the level of detail a bug report needs09:22
ikoniaadrian_1908: you need to work the problem, change the drivers from nvidia to nv or vesa failsafe to see if that impacts it, work the xorg / greeter logs etc09:23
MrM1stblackflow: How do I know? there's some huge ID's here. Can I use that to see what disk it's trying to access?09:23
oerheksadrian_1908, you can make a bootchart, from current boot with 18.04/systemd it is: systemd-analyze plot > filename.svg09:24
blackflowMrM1st: yes, but from rescue mode or livecd using blkid -- I think those are UUIDs, right?   anyway, are you pulling the USB disk out before it finishes booting?09:24
MrM1stblackflow: Nope. It's still in there. I'm pulling it out after booting09:25
blackflowMrM1st: one likely solution, if this is not the primary device with root, is to set them nofail in fstab  (see fstab(5) manpage). but it'd be great if you could identify it first.09:26
MrM1stblackflow: After the timeout, I get "Dependency failed for /boot"09:26
blackflowMrM1st: oh. that explains it. can you boot into rescue mode and pastebin your fstab?09:26
MrM1stblackflow: You think rescue mode will work?09:27
blackflowMrM1st: also remember or pastebin those UIDs from the error09:27
blackflowMrM1st: no idea.09:27
MrM1stI don't recognize those UID's09:27
MrM1sttried running blkid, but I don't recognize anything09:28
blackflowMrM1st: pastebin them, you'll run blkid from rescue mode, and we'll compare them. They're probably not the same09:28
adrian_1908oerheks: in the output graph, are the bright-red bars offenders of some sort or? I think it's not a delayed boot anymore, but rather a failure to display the graphical login (lightdm).09:28
oerheksno, those red are correct, it can tell some about delay09:29
MrM1stblackflow: Trying recovery mode now. However I'm not so sure this will work...09:30
adrian_1908oerheks: i will boot with the other kernel again to compare. brb.09:30
blackflowMrM1st: and what is "this"?09:30
MrM1stI'll send you a pm09:31
blackflowMrM1st: the recovery mode is to get to the shell and run those blkids and see if fstab needs correction. should also check grub config to see if correct disks are selected for booting.09:31
blackflowMrM1st: please don't.09:31
MrM1stblackflow: OK. I won't then.09:31
MrM1stThe machine won't boot at all in recovery mode09:32
=== Richard is now known as Guest13439
MrM1stFreezes after "Loadin initial ramdisk..."09:32
blackflowMrM1st: and that's when you boot from the USB disk?09:33
Xatenevhow do i make the mouse faster in ubuntu :/09:33
XatenevI do _not_ want to increase mouse acceleration, only mouse speed09:33
Xatenevand it seems impossible to do so...09:33
MrM1stblackflow: I've got another way to boot this machine. I can boot from the 18.04 installer09:34
roryI've got a bash script that outputs some lines, and I want to make the output of this available over telnet... right now I'm using this, which technically works, but is there a nicer way than "while true; do bash script.sh | nc -l 23" ?09:34
MrM1stblackflow: and chroot :P09:34
blackflowMrM1st: that's okay too. I suspect grub was not properly set up09:34
blackflowlooking for root in wrong places.09:34
MrM1stblackflow: Might be a good assumption09:34
MrM1stHold on... It'll be a few minutes here to set up the chroot09:34
oerheksXatenev, systemsettings > devices > mous > mouse speed09:34
Xatenevoerheks, how do I open system settings via terminla?09:35
oerheksXatenev, just use your panel09:35
Xatenevoerheks, I tried gnome-control-center09:35
rorypreferably one that supports concurrent connections09:35
Xatenevbut it looks kinda empty I guess its the wrong one09:35
Xatenevoerheks, I dont have any panel to start it from.09:36
Xatenevoerheks, https://gyazo.com/f270d7183f3ca595d1f0b5cd6345f1f2 I guess this is the wrong one?09:36
oerhekserr what is this, 14.04?09:36
Xatenevoerheks, 1609:37
oerheksXatenev, indeed, that menu has no mouse speed, nor gnome-tweak tool AFAIK09:40
oerheksyou might try it, sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool, unless you are on unity09:40
oerheksthen it would be unity-tweak-tool09:40
oerheks17.10/18.04 lTS have this setting09:41
blackflowMrM1st: btw, is that FDE or what's the reason you have /boot separate on an USB?09:41
blackflowMrM1st: you also mentioned kernel update.... was the USB stick plugged in, and /boot mounted when you ran the upgrade?09:41
MrM1stblackflow: Yes and yes09:43
DevtronI don't know if this is the right place to ask, but i am trying to install a server of ubuntu on a VM using virtual box, and i want to access the server from other computers on the network, so i am setting it to bridgemode, but it will not access the net, even doing instalation, in nat mode i get access, but i need it to get an ip so we can access it from the outside, been googling this problem09:43
Devtronfor a while now09:43
roryDevtron: #vbox is definitely the right place, as the question is about how to do virtualbox networking (regardless of the guest OS being Ubuntu)09:44
Devtronthanks, was unable to locate that channel09:44
MrM1stblackflow: But why do you wonder about fstab? That doesn't get used until later in the process, right?09:46
Xatenevoerheks, gnome tweak tool doesnt seem to have a speed?09:47
Xatenevoerheks, This is "Keyboard and Mouse": https://gyazo.com/6273c06e25f4c1a5e2a1f8c37f9f79a509:47
MrM1stblackflow: fstab refers to the /boot partition by UUID. But is that being used at all during boot?09:47
Xatenevbut theres no slider for mouse speed or something09:47
Xatenevthis is so dumb09:48
XatenevI just wnat to adjust my fuckign mouse speed lol09:48
Xatenevwhy isnt there something like `$ set_mousespeed 509:48
oerheksthat i was afraid off .. use xinput like this?  https://askubuntu.com/questions/172972/configure-mouse-speed-not-pointer-acceleration09:48
Xatenevoerheks, well the answer is weird09:49
Xatenevhes explicitly asking for Configure mouse speed (not pointer acceleration!)09:49
Xatenevand the answer is "configure acceleration" :E09:49
Max-Panything but 1x is technically acceleration :p09:50
oerheksno, Device Accel Constant Deceleration09:50
Xatenevoerheks, thats the same. :p09:50
kry0mHi. Does anyone has the problem of thumbnails for audiofiles (mp3) in dolphin not showing up?09:50
rorywhat would an mp3 thumbnail look like?09:51
Xatenevoerheks, when you set it lower - your mouse accelerates faster09:51
Xatenevi will just use acceleration now.. :p09:51
Xatenevand buy a mouse with higher DPI asap09:51
MrM1stblackflow: I'm trying to remove the boot partition from fstab09:52
kry0mrory: it would show the coverart embedded in the audiofile09:53
MrM1stblackflow: voila. I'm in! But... this is a serious issue though. Why should Ubuntu not boot because /boot is not being found? Seems like a bug?09:55
rorykry0m: has it ever worked? Maybe Dolphin doesn't support embedded album art. Try #kde09:55
blackflowMrM1st: no. systemd will consider it a fatal failure if a mount in fstab is not available. that's why I mentioned you need to set "nofail" for those mounts that might NOT be available on boot.09:57
adrian_1908oerheks: i ran the systemd-analyze commands, but am not sure what to make of it. a few services run long in the slow-boot case, but i don't think they're the reason necessarily, just using the time given to them. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/88y5B5J7vy/09:58
blackflowMrM1st: fstab is used to define mountpoints once the kernel from /boot is loaded. initramfs mounts root and then pivots into that root, so while /boot is not required after grub does that, it _is_ required if listed in fstab without nofail09:58
kry0mrory: https://i.stack.imgur.com/oE679.gif09:59
blackflowdespite what many think, this is a GOOD thing and NOT a bug. if you have mountpoints that MIGHT not exist, set them nofail.09:59
kry0mrory: in #kde no one ever seems to answer anything :(10:00
roryLooks like that's a feature, that it isn't displaying a preview unless "preview" is selected10:00
roryI'm going to shut up until someone who knows about Dolphin can answer tho10:00
MrM1stblackflow: You didn't mention nofail though, before now. But it seems like a thing to remember. I'll update my docs to remote /boot from fstab when installing /boot to USB. Thanks10:01
kry0mrory: i know but even in the preview mode it doesnt work10:01
adrian_1908Maybe related to my issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/177982710:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1779827 in linux (Ubuntu Bionic) "failure to boot with linux-image-4.15.0-24-generic" [Critical,Triaged]10:02
blackflowMrM1st: yes I did :)  /lastlog nofail 510:03
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:09
tiggster79good morning10:09
MrM1stgood morning10:09
tiggster79or evening here in Australia :)10:09
MrM1stIt's lunch here :P10:11
DeathTickle1after updating ubuntu 16.04 I got kernel 4.15 but now my wifi driver (bcmwl) isn't building.10:12
DeathTickle1should I report a bug ?10:12
ikoniaDeathTickle1: no10:13
DeathTickle1okay... so how can I follow if a fix will be released ?10:16
blackflowDeathTickle1: what's the failure?10:18
DeathTickle1blackflow:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/B8Pn7ZvCHr/10:20
arunkumar413Hi folks10:20
blackflowDeathTickle1: and did you "Consult /var/lib/dkms/bcmwl/ for more information"?10:21
arunkumar413I have a ISO image on a USB stick. How to make it bootable on a mac system10:21
sunlsanything people?10:22
sunlsyou  ren mei?10:23
DeathTickle1blackflow: yeah, during compilation there are a few errors : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/C5P4fZydcV/10:24
blackflowDeathTickle1: what was the previous kernel version? not 4.14.x ?10:27
blackflowDeathTickle1: looks like that driver source will have to be upgraded for the new kernel.10:27
DeathTickle1I was on 4.1310:28
blackflowDeathTickle1: yeah, that's it then. Out-of-tree drivers need to be in sync with the kernel version.10:28
DeathTickle1blackflow:  well it was also working on the previous kernel version 4.410:31
blackflowDeathTickle1: I would file a bug report against bcmwl-kernel-source, make sure you post there this last post where invalid sig of kernel_read() is listed as error.10:31
blackflowDeathTickle1: uhm, I'm assuming that's the package, yes?10:31
DeathTickle1it is10:31
blackflowDeathTickle1: yeah, from that error, it appears that kernel_read() changed attribute types and the compiler is barking at that.10:32
DeathTickle1kernel_read is just a warning, I see multiple errors in wl_init_timer though10:33
blackflowDeathTickle1: oh you're right, I was looking at the wrong line10:33
BluesKajDeathTickle1, which BCM chip ?10:38
blackflowDeathTickle1: yeah, struct timer_list changed in 4.15:  https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/v4.15/source/include/linux/timer.h#L1310:38
DeathTickle1BluesKaj: kernel: wlan0: Broadcom BCM4331 802.11 Hybrid Wireless Controller (r587334)10:39
blackflowDeathTickle1: lost "data" member since 4.13:  https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/v4.13/source/include/linux/timer.h#L1210:39
DeathTickle1weird the build works fine on the kernel 4.13 I already have10:42
MrM1stI'd like to run a specific script when my laptop is on a certain subnet. How do I fix that?10:43
blackflowDeathTickle1: this is definitely due to changes in the kernel source, and also apparently in compilation requirements with those two -Werror(s)10:44
blackflow(and even those kernel_read() missing casts are bugs if you ask me, even though the compiler just warned)10:45
ramsub07Hi, when i reboot my system, I have entered the login loop. I am not able to run nvidia-smi command and it says driver version mismatch10:45
ramsub07I tried the solutions given here, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43022843/nvidia-nvml-driver-library-version-mismatch didn't work for me10:46
ramsub07will be really happy to get some help here :)10:46
DeathTickle1blackflow: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bcmwl would be where I report the bug ?10:51
BluesKajlooks to me like you should be using the nvidia-390 driver, ramsub07 , try running sudo ubuntu-drivers list10:52
ramsub07BluesKaj: yes, exactly10:52
ramsub07i seem to have 3 versions apparently10:53
ramsub07how do i uninstall the two versions that i don't want ?10:53
blackflowDeathTickle1: or use `ubuntu-bug bcmwl-kernel-source` from the command line10:54
BluesKajdon't think you have 3 installed, you may have to choose from one of the 3 available10:54
blackflowDeathTickle1: there's a number of related packages under bcmwl source, so I'm not 100% sure thats' the correct one.10:55
ramsub07BluesKaj: how do i choose ?10:55
BluesKajramsub07, run sudo apt install nvidia-39010:56
ramsub07BluesKaj: thanks10:56
ramsub07so sudo apt-get remove nvidia-384 will remove 384?10:56
DeathTickle1blackflow: looks like I am seeing this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bcmwl/+bug/177902110:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1779021 in bcmwl (Ubuntu) "bcmwl ADT test failure with linux-hwe 4.15.0-24.26~16.04.1" [Undecided,New]10:56
BluesKajramsub07, installing the 390 should remove the existing driver automatically10:57
ramsub07BluesKaj: thanks!10:57
ramsub07BluesKaj: i thought of removing all the packages and installing and hence i $sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-*10:58
blackflowDeathTickle1: maybe. but I'd file a new one anyway, looks like hte package is 'bcmwl'10:59
ramsub07i run into an error "gzip stdout : No space left on device"10:59
ramsub07i am not sure why that is happening, especially when i'm trying to remove10:59
YounderYes, funny there seems to be so much trouble with the NVIDIA drivers considering they sell several servers and workstations with Ubuntu installations.11:03
YounderStill since it is NVIDIA and not Ubuntu that maintain the drivers you had better ask there.11:05
rajendraWhich is the best code deployment tool for Ubuntu?11:05
YounderOr you can linp along with Novaux11:05
BluesKajramsub07, run sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean11:15
BluesKajYounder, the ubuntu package proprietary drivers receive kernel updates and upgrades, the nvidia website drivers work until a kernel upgrade comes down and then they stop working because they aren't supported.11:27
=== gms is now known as Guest44779
DeathTickle1so I found a bug with some activity about my bcmwl issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bcmwl/+bug/1757008, looks like a fix exists in xenial-proposed package11:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1757008 in broadcom-sta (Ubuntu) "Broadcom wireless drivers failed to build [error: implicit declaration of function ‘init_timer’]" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:34
blackflowDeathTickle1: great. You could test it and then confirm it fixed your issue on that PR11:36
blackflow*if it fixed11:36
[twisti]i have a weird and horrible question: i would care to write a file (ascii/text, if that matters) to a remote host which i can only access via ssh. the writing client is running on windows, so on that end, there are no shell tools. currently, i mount the remote pc via sshfs, but that is spotty at best on windows. i was thinking that maybe i could start something to pipe the inputstream to a file via ssh,11:37
[twisti]anything like that out there ? throughput performance is a concern sadly.11:37
ppf[twisti]: why not upload with scp11:39
ppfor sftp11:40
YounderBluesKaj, Though that is true the driver installation does Kernel patches so that should not be a problem.. (SHOULD)11:40
[twisti]ppf: because neither is available on the client11:40
ppf[twisti]: so what _is_ available on the client11:40
DeathTickle1blackflow: it works so far !11:40
ppf[twisti]: we can't really guess11:41
ppfand, if your in such a locked-down scenario, you'd better ask windows channels11:41
[twisti]ppf: nothing, i would have mentioned it otherwise. just a program that can open an ssh connection and send data to the input11:41
ppf[twisti]: then, what is the question?11:42
silv3r_m00nhi, my monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080 can i want it to be less wide. can i get a resolution of something like 1600x1080 ?11:42
silv3r_m00nis some setting available in ubuntu for that ?11:42
[twisti]ppf: "whats a good way to get data from the input stream into a file on linux", i suppose11:42
[twisti]im not sure how i would use that to read from stdin11:43
ppf>foo; # everything you type goes into foo11:43
[twisti]i see, thank you, that seems helpful11:44
blackflowsilv3r_m00n: not 1600x1080 but maybe you could force one of the non-native but standard resolutions with a custom xorg.conf.11:54
silv3r_m00nblackflow: actually i do not want to use a non native resolution, instead i want to cut off some pixels11:54
blackflowsilv3r_m00n: no idea if that's possible.11:55
blackflowmaybe just get a 4:3 screen or something?11:55
silv3r_m00nlike make thick borders appear on left and right side and my logical resolution be 1600 x 108011:55
silv3r_m00nblackflow: i just got a new monitor, it feels big11:56
silv3r_m00nso i am thinking of tricks to make the display smaller11:56
silv3r_m00nits a lg 24 inch11:57
blackflowsilv3r_m00n: I think you're better of just getting an adequate monitor.11:57
YounderJust get used to it is my advice. Haing gone through the same I can say it will seem perfectly normal after a couple of months. The extra screen estate is worth it.11:58
silv3r_m00nor is there some way to clip the "maximise" button area. like if a window is maximised, it should not get wider than 1600 px but can take full height11:58
silv3r_m00ni was earlier using samsung 19 inch and started feeling lack of vertical space on many websites, i went for an upgrade, i thought 1920x1080 on 22 inch would have higher dpi and smaller fonts, so i chose 24 inches, but it feels massive, though at the shop it did not feel this big11:59
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samgoodyIt has been a while since 18.04 was released, but I have not gotten prompted with dist-upgrade to a new release12:21
samgoodyAm I supposed to be doing do-release-upgrade12:21
samgoodyOr is it recommended to wait some more before moving?12:21
samgoodyAm on 16.0412:21
raidghostis it not needed to upgrade to 17 first12:21
raidghostand then 18?12:22
samgoodyI thought from LTS to LTS was automattic12:22
blackflowsamgoody: LTS upgrade (16.04.x to 18.04.x) will become available wtih 18.04.112:22
tomreyndirect upgrades from 16.04 to 18.04 will be supported and enabled some time after 18.04.1 is released12:22
samgoodyOK, so will wait for now.12:22
svipWhy does Xorg use a constant of 2% CPU?  All I am doing is running Firefox and a terminal window.12:23
svipFirefox, for its part, is constantly flickering between 1 and 10% CPU usage, even though I am doing nothing.12:23
YounderFirefox is a huge app. Why are you surprised12:23
svipYounder: That Xorg is constantly using 2%!12:23
svipIt didn't in 16.04.12:24
=== To_Aru_Shiroi_Ne is now known as ToAruShiroiNeko
svipNow I am using 18.04.12:24
samgoodyOh wow, another three weeks till expected release date of 18.04.01 - why so long?12:24
blackflowsvip: because opengl on xorg involves CPU.12:24
svipblackflow: Why has that changed from 16.04?12:25
samgoodyThats a question, not  a complaint12:25
MrM1stAny tips on how to run a specific script automatically when connection to a specific network?12:25
blackflowsvip: and if you're using a non-accelerated DE then that's your answer too12:25
svipIs XFCE not accelerated?12:25
blackflowsvip: if compositor is enabled, it is. dunno if it does it automatically or you have to explicitly enable12:26
svipAll I am saying is; in 16.04, I could leave my laptop after doing work on it, and it would calm down (fans stopping), but now (18.04), once the fans come on, they are unlikely to quiet down without me turning the laptop off to cool it down.12:27
urselhi there12:27
blackflowsvip: which gpu?12:27
bacarrdyHello, i have installed ubuntu 18.08 and my PC have 2 gpus: 1: integrated intel; 2: nvidia.12:28
svipblackflow: Quadro 2000M.  Yes, it's an older laptop (2012), and I am using the open source nvidia driver, because the prioritary was worse.12:28
bacarrdyi manually installed nvidia driver and created Xorg.conf to make nvidia as secondary12:28
bacarrdyi`m using that nvidia for rendering, the main problem is that integrated intel GPU is lagging12:29
bacarrdyi`m thinking that it doesnt has correct driver12:29
blackflowsvip: nouveau has always been causing the cpu fans to spin up. what's the latest proprietary you tried?12:29
urselhave here an ubuntubox from a friend, installed 5 days before, after installing updates there are suddenly boot messages like: "a start job is running for hold"12:29
blackflowsvip: (nouvau has been ...... for me)12:29
sdfgsdhi so I'm backing up some folders with rsync but for millions of very small files there's a bottleneck and rsync pauses for 2-3 seconds and then continues12:30
svipblackflow: 396, I believe.  The newest one in the graphics-driver PPA.12:30
bacarrdyi have searched for intel gpu drivers, but i have found that intel doesnt created it for ubuntu 18.0812:30
urselthat costs 10 minutes at start, has someone an idea how to remove?12:30
sdfgsdwhat's this bottleneck caused by ?12:30
blackflowsdfgsd: by millions of very small files.12:30
svipblackflow: The problem is my laptop has Optimus, and with the driver installed, udevd is forced to constantly turn the kernel module on and off.12:30
ramsub07Hi, I am not able to mount the external hard drive which is present in my system. I am able to see sda which is 2.7tb. and even I am able to see this hard drive as /dev/sda when i run "fdisk -l"12:30
blackflowursel: you have to figure out why that service is failing. check the logs.   journalctl -u <service name here>.service12:31
svipblackflow: And that constant 'flicking of the switch' (if you will) caused the fans to spin even more.12:31
sdfgsdno I think it's something about the inode chunks, buffers or something12:31
ramsub07How do i make this /dev/sda as /dev/sda1 and mount? (Given that my partition is exfat)12:31
sdfgsdit pauses every 5 seconds12:31
blackflowsvip: ah that's frequent complaint here.12:31
svipblackflow: Is there any known solution?12:31
blackflowsdfgsd: what does? rsync output or actuall I/O?12:32
urselblackflow, that was snappy daemon, i de-installed it, after that there was only the message  "a start job is running for hold" - without name12:32
blackflowsvip: I don't know, sorry, I'm not paying attention to those discussion threads.12:32
blackflowursel: what's "hold", is that a service?12:33
bacarrdyramsub07: if this is new and never used disk then you need to format it to correct format, but if you already have inside some data then you need to mount it only and if there is no sda1 it means that there is no any partition inside12:33
blackflowursel: when it boots, please check with    systemctl list-units --failed12:33
ramsub07bacarrdy: hi, i have used this disk before. my system was force shutdown dueto a power cut and since the reboot, i'm having this problem12:34
ramsub07I already transferred data when i was using this system before the reboot12:34
sdfgsdblackflow: I think it's both, because it's the IO - file lookup performance12:35
bacarrdywhat error you getting when trying to mount it?12:35
sdfgsdit's looking up thousands of files before copy and write / backup12:36
urselblackflow, nothing fails: 0 loaded units listed12:36
blackflowsdfgsd: one thing to note is that with many small files, rsync could be checking them faster than the kernel does actual copying of data, due to the filesystem being interacted with in pages, and there's the kernel page cache12:36
urselbut the boot time has growed from 10 seconds to 10 minutes12:36
blackflowsdfgsd: if your I/O is saturated you don't have to concern yourself with those "pauses"12:36
bacarrdyramsub07: what error you getting when trying to mount it?12:36
ramsub07bacarrdy: using mount -t <> ?12:36
blackflowursel: is tehre such service?   systemctl status hold.service   shows anything?12:37
ramsub07bacarrdy: i don't have /dev/sda1 or /dev/sda2 or /dev/sda3 etc...12:37
bacarrdyramsub07: yes try to mount it via terminal and then you should see the exact error. you can try mount /dev/sda12:37
blackflowursel: okay I'm stupid.   is that  "Hold until boot process finishes up"  ?  and you just had it clipped off?12:38
urselblackflow, yes12:38
ramsub07bacarrdy: FUSE exfat 1.2.3 ERROR: exFAT file system is not found.12:38
ramsub07bacarrdy: i used, sudo mount -t exfat /dev/sda /eHd/12:39
bacarrdyramsub07: try without -t may be it knows what filesystem your partition is12:39
blackflowursel: I think that's plymouth-quit-wait.service .   Can you pastebin   journalctl -u plymouth-quit-wait.service   ?12:39
pax_rhosI've updated packets and now only 1 of my monitors works12:39
pax_rhoswith a shitty resolution12:39
ramsub07bacarrdy: perfect!! Thank you very much12:40
bacarrdyramsub07: you are welcome :)12:40
pax_rhoshttps://paste.ee/p/9i70m nvidia-settings results into errors12:40
bacarrdyohh nvidia, was playing with this month ago :)12:41
urselblackflow, https://pastebin.com/4DW9quA812:41
blackflowursel: what about   journalctl -p err -b  ?12:42
pax_rhoshalp, please12:43
HashedFoxI am getting a hash mismatch error when trying to do `apt-get update`.12:43
HashedFoxI tried doing this: sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*; sudo apt clean; sudo apt update;12:43
HashedFoxBut that didn't work. I am still getting the error. How do I fix this?12:43
bacarrdypax_rhos: i sugest reinstall nvidia driver and install it manually (dont use PPA because they isnt good solution)12:44
urselblackflow, https://pastebin.com/b0iFXaFv12:44
urselsnap is installed again12:44
pax_rhosbacarrdy: there is a ton of nvidia-related packages, which one do I need?12:44
bacarrdypax_rhos: to install nvidia driver manually its quite easy task12:44
pax_rhosI have nvidia-340 (340.106)12:45
pax_rhosbecause my gpu is low tier / old12:45
bacarrdyjust download latest nvidia driver from oficial nvidia web page, and run it (probably you will need to blacklist few modules) and that driver will install all required apackages for you12:45
pax_rhoswhat's nvidia-prime? do I need it?12:46
bacarrdyyes by default it should be12:46
bacarrdybut it is used to switch primary used gpu12:47
pax_rhosmy built-in gpu is intel12:47
pax_rhosI don't use it12:47
bacarrdyyes then you need to install nvidia-prime12:47
BluesKajbacarrdy, the nvidia websitr driver will only work iuntil the next kernel upgrade because the kernel module changes won't apply to that driver version.12:47
HashedFoxWhat's the advantage of having a graphics driver installed? Will the display look better with it?12:48
bacarrdyand then just try switch prime-select nvidia12:48
urselblackflow, snap came back with installing mate, tried that because i thougt, it is good to change the display manager12:48
urselbut it is equal, both are slow - gdm3 and lightdm12:48
blackflowursel: I'd try two things here. First, set a sane timeout to plymouth-quit-wait.service, and second try boot without the 'splash' keyword in the kernel command line in grub12:49
blackflowursel: do you know how to override systemd services?12:50
blackflowursel: service configs I mean12:50
pingwindyktatorHello. Im trying to understand one upstart-related thing - I've got respawn stanza included in conf file and my exec looks like exec sudo -u some_user12:50
pingwindyktatorWhen Im killing this job (sudo kill pid), it does not respawns12:51
bacarrdyBluesKaj: i have already updated kernel and everything works because of DKMS12:51
urselblackflow, no - i will search for it and find :-D - when not, i come back12:51
pingwindyktatorthe solution is to replace exec ... with export HOME="/root" && exec ...12:51
pingwindyktatorwhy is that?12:51
blackflowursel: for starters you could just try without the 'splash' keyword.   reboot, hold shift key for the grub menu to appear, then hit the 'e' key, use arrows to reach the line containing 'vmlinuz' and then remove 'splash', hit F10 to continue booting that.12:53
blackflowursel: that's temporary change. if that fixes your problem, you can permanently disable splash via /etc/default/grub  (don't forget to run update-grub afterwards)12:54
urselblackflow, thx, i will try this12:54
blackflowursel: the other thing, systemd service config override involves running     systemctl edit plymouth-quit-wait.service     and then adding elements you want to override, in this case   [Service]    block and under it,  TimeoutSec=30    (for example 30 sec), but then I'm not quite sure why that isn't sane already and what exactly does that service (more precisely plymouth --wait) do12:55
blackflowursel: the systemctl edit command is shortcut for creating an override file under /etc/systemd/system/plymouth-quit-wait.service.d/...12:56
urselblackflow, done, thx, reboot now12:58
blackflowursel: what was quick. fixed? :)13:03
urselblackflow, that worked fine, yes, thx13:03
blackflowursel: which part exactly? no startjob at all, or there was but it lasted only 30s ?13:03
urselblackflow, splash is removed and so i cant see no more what happens (quiet remains)13:04
urselthink, timeout worked13:05
blackflowursel: you can remove quiet too, to see systemd output during boot13:05
urselblackflow, exactly what i do in this moment13:05
pax_rhosbacarrdy: https://i.imgur.com/dqZYKZS.png there's no GT 21013:09
bacarrdypax_rhos: just try to figure out what gpu is used at this moment13:16
bacarrdypax_rhos: to check what curent gpu is used: prime-select query13:18
bacarrdypax_rhos: to change curently used gpu to invidia: prime-select nvidia13:18
dserodioUbuntu often tells me I need to restart after installing updates, how can I tell which packages are asking for a restart?13:24
bacarrdydserodio: probably kernel updates are asking for reboot13:24
BluesKajdserodio, no default packages and kernel upgrades13:25
BluesKajnon default13:25
dserodiobacarrdy: I enabled "Canonical Livepatch" hoping these frequent restart prompts would go away, but they didn't13:25
geodb27People : hi ! What would be the best way to get all available php versions that can be installed, including the versions proposed by repositories that were added along the official ones ?13:30
bacarrdydserodio: you can update manually via terminal :) then it will not ask for reboot :) probablly :) .13:30
Fuchsgeodb27: apt policy    should list them13:32
geodb27Fuchs: first of all, thanks for your answer. And no, it only show "official" ones. Here, on the server I launch "apt policy php", it lists versions 7.0 and 7.2. I've added ondrej's ppa, and php5.6 don't show up.13:35
Fuchsdid you do an apt update afterwards, and does the packagename match?13:35
bacarrdyapt search php | grep -oE php'[0-9]'.'[0-9]' | sort | uniq13:38
bacarrdybut if you want to search for php versions whats not in your soure list :) then you need to use google13:39
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hfpHi all, how is ZFS on Ubuntu server? Is it a good idea to use this filesystem?13:45
blackflowhfp: yup13:46
hfpblackflow: what's the ram footprint with compression enabled but not deduplication? is it as insane as what freenas recommends, i.e. at least 8GB?13:50
hfpand also, can it be used as the rootfs or storage only?13:51
blackflowhfp: you can run ZFS with as least as 64MB. ZFS thrives on RAM, but doesn't _require_ it unless you dedupe.13:51
urselhi - back13:51
blackflowhfp: I run all ubuntu servers with ZFS root on LUKS13:51
blackflowhfp: the only "problem" is that the installer doesn't support this, so you'll have to do it with debootstrap13:52
hfpblackflow: is https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/wiki where all the most up to date info is at?13:53
blackflowhfp: yup13:54
hfpblackflow: thanks13:55
blackflowhfp: you don't have to follow the partitioning layout exactly as in the wiki though13:55
urselblackflow, it is a curious thing. After new install all works perfect. I update, then the boot process hangs. Now you cant see no more anything with systemctl13:55
mysticwhats the ubuntu room called for chat, not questions?  thanks13:55
blackflowursel: update what, the kernel?13:55
urselthe complete system13:55
portonmysql or mariadb or percona on my PC for testing purposes?13:55
blackflowmystic: #ubuntu-discuss and #ubuntu-offtopic13:56
blackflowursel: which gpu do you have there? I found this which might explain the cause (and solution):  https://askubuntu.com/questions/760825/cannot-boot-system-due-to-start-job-running-for-hold13:56
hfpblackflow: one more thing, how do you deal with entering the passphrase and rebooting your server?13:57
geodb27Thanks a lot for the oneliner bacarrdy, it does the stuff :-)13:57
blackflowursel: though my guess is the problem is with the gpu drivers and KMS in early boot13:57
blackflowhfp: yes, with dropbear in initramfs, over ssh13:57
portonmysql or mariadb or percona on my PC? (to test my DB scripts)13:58
urselblackflow, hmm, thats a new installation with 18.04 - you think, it is worth to test that (it is for 16.04)13:58
urselblackflow, the system here is 18.0413:58
XV8Quick question about clustering. Is it generally safe to install updates on one node in the cluster and it sync to the other nodes or would it be safer to update those individually?13:59
urselblackflow, its an intel, thats right13:59
blackflowhfp: https://dpaste.de/LffV13:59
hfpblackflow: This is probably a dumb question but I could never answer it myself: if the partition is automatically decrypted on boot and the passphrase is saved, why encrypt at all? Anyone getting hold of the machine and booting it will decrypt the data without your consent or knowing your passphrase. what am I missing?13:59
blackflowhfp: yeah, but who said anything about decrypting automatically :)   the setup I use puts dropbear ssh server into initramfs, so you ssh in and unlock via /lib/cryptsetup/passfifo  (you echo the passphrase to that)14:00
notebookhello?  how to upgrade 32bit ubuntu to 64bit without reinstall all system? my CPU  is intel P870014:00
hfpblackflow: right, I see, it starts an ssh server upon booting for you to login and enter the passphrase. so then you can't have the machine restart itself with unattended-upgrades or do remote reboots.14:01
blackflowhfp: the autimagic relies on several things: 1) existence of dropbear on the system, 2) dropbear configured (see that pastebin of mine), 3) propery set up crypttab     and it all works automatically in that dropbear starts and booting process waits until rootfs is unlocked.14:01
blackflowhfp: one shouldn't use unattended upgrades on servers anyway. too much trouble. test EVERY update first.14:01
bacarrdygeodb27: you are welcome :)14:03
blackflowhfp: oh, you'll need to install zfs-initramfs beside zfsutils-linux, it doesn't come automatically, for zfs on root and initramfs support.14:03
hfpblackflow: I tried not having unattended upgrades but couldn't keep all my machines up to date so I thought it's better to have up to date servers than risking an update breaking the system. What's your procedure for testing updates?14:04
hfpblackflow: noted14:04
blackflowursel: I'd look through dmesg and journal to find any clues wrt intel gpu during boot14:04
blackflowhfp: having a test server where updates are run through before production. automation with stuff like Ansible, SaltStack, Chef or Puppet, helps you maintain many servers14:04
blackflowhfp: usually the breakage comes from kernel updates, we've had stuff like broken boots and broken apparmor caused by it, caught by running the upgrades before prod14:05
notebookhello?  how to upgrade 32bit ubuntu to 64bit without reinstall all system? my CPU  is intel P8700. Does it will happend?14:06
blackflowso yeah, kernel livepatch is another no-no.   I suppose unless you're paying for it, and all the free users catch the bugs first :)14:06
lotuspsychjenotebook: can't, reinstall the architecture clean14:07
hfpblackflow: I use ansible yes so my thinking was that if an update breaks, I can always wipe and reinstall from the playbooks/roles and import the backups. is your setup usable in a homelab environment? do you have as many testing servers as you do have production server configs? do you have a way to automatically test the update went well or is it as simple as curl test.example.org and see if the app is still14:07
hfpup and responding after upgrading?14:07
hfpblackflow: by useable I actually meant practical14:08
lotuspsychjenotebook: also if your system is 64-bit capable, always install a 64bit ubuntu14:08
blackflowhfp: well we have monitoring in place for individual services, so it's not just curl. and we don't have huge criticality, a single server where mostly reboots are tested suffices. Also the big thing is ZFS snapshots, so we can easily roll back for minimum downtime in case of borkage.14:08
notebook64-bit capable is depend on CPU?14:09
lotuspsychjenotebook: yes14:09
hfpblackflow: yeah snapshots is half of why I want zfs :) do you snapshot regularly with cron? what's your retention strategy?14:09
adrian_1908notebook: yes, on CPU. P8700 (Core 2 Duo from the looks of it) should support 64bit fine.14:09
hfpblackflow: and what do you use for monitoring? I was looking at prometheus with influxdb as a longer term datastore but didn't fully figure it all ou yet14:10
notebookOh, good   this CPU is quite old14:10
blackflowhfp: data(base) is snapshot every 5 minutes, zfs sent to another machine and we drop >6 hourlies, >30 daylies (hourlies at midnight are renamed to dailies)14:11
blackflowhfp: rootfs only before upgrades, also zfs sent out14:11
notebookthank you. I search it later14:11
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bluesmonkHi everyone! After installing docker in ubuntu 18.04 something broke and now the dns service in my local network is funny. Can you please have a look at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51105875/internet-connection-not-working-networkmanager-not-working-after-installing-dock14:12
blackflowhfp: for monitoring we have a mix of Munin and custom checks for services, partially integrated with SaltStack so it's all centralized throuhg Salt. I contemplatet Nagios, but this works so well for us...14:12
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hfpblackflow: thanks14:16
blackflowhfp: yw14:18
=== Chrisbur is now known as Chrisbur2
hfpblackflow: one more question: how do you restore the snapshot if the upgrade borks everything? mount the pool on another machine/rescuecd and restore the snapshot this way?14:32
mr_louHELP!!!!  Why does Ubuntu hate my optical burner? Since kernel 4.4.0-98 it was no longer detected. I had to boot on older kernels every time I wanted to burn something. Then finally in kernel 4.4.0-128 it worked again. But now in kernel 4.4.0-130 it's again no longer detected - and this time it doesn't even help booting an older kernel!!! :-(((((14:35
lotuspsychjemr_lou: your ubuntu version?14:35
mr_loulotuspsychje, 16.0414:36
lotuspsychjemr_lou: updated system to 16.04.4?14:36
mr_louUm... how do I check that? Command?14:36
lotuspsychjemr_lou: lsb_release -a14:36
Chrisbur2Hi guys, im traying to learn how to change from my Windows, to Ubuntu. :) but its really difficult for me make the change. any suggestion or recomendation for a noob guy wans to learn how to learn14:37
mr_loulotuspsychje, Description:Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS14:37
lotuspsychjemr_lou: ok good14:37
lotuspsychje!manual | Chrisbur2 start here14:37
ubottuChrisbur2 start here: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:37
lotuspsychjeChrisbur2: do you want to install ubuntu?14:38
Chrisbur2Thanks lotuspsychje14:42
Chrisbur2i wil start review it14:42
blackflowhfp: yes through a rescue env, but ultimately we'll have an initramfs script that will revert the rootfs dataset between unlocking and mounting it14:42
blackflowhfp: already have some custom initramfs for that in testing14:43
beaveroops sorry14:53
compdocban beaver now!!14:54
compdocjk  :)14:54
sruliin 16.04 i had a udev rule whenconnecting a usb device it attaches it to a vm (libvirt), in 18.04 something has changed in udev wont settle the device before the script finishes executing and the device can't be attached before its settled, i had to make a inotifywait and get udev to echo "" to a file after which inotifywait executes the script, i really do not want to rely on inotifywait, how can i resolve this catch 22 situation?15:01
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grr12314hello. why is X running on tty 2? can i change it back to tty 7, 8, 9?15:04
=== stegosaurus_ is now known as stegosaurus
grr12314after some automatic system updates my alt+fX keys start to switch to tty X, alt-left/right switch ttys too15:05
grr12314ad if i were in a textmode tty not a graphic one15:06
grr12314as if*15:06
grr12314and i guess it is because X is running on tty 2 which is typically a text tty15:06
grr12314anyone got any clues about how to fix it?15:07
urselblackflow: the problem is figured out: it is a problem with kernel ...24, all others work.15:08
luxioanyone know of a program that lets you read md files?15:13
luxiosomething offline15:13
coconutDo the pre-configured rules inside Gufw firewall check on the binaries too(location, hash)?15:14
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blackflowcoconut: what do you mean? it's a network packet filter15:16
hfpcoconut: it sounds like you want something like suricata, ufw is just a different api to iptables which is a firewall and only looks at individual packets (mostly)15:22
hfps/firewall/packet filter15:23
Jedee2011hi guys, i'm upgrading to a 31/5 inch monitor, and i would love to reset all the graphics of my current Xubuntu install, i've enlarged all the workbars and more stuff, how can i reset this?15:26
coconutblackflow: i wanted to know whether it would have such feature.15:28
blackflowJedee2011: should be automatic. Are you forcing anything through xorg.conf?15:28
blackflowcoconut: no, it's a network packet filter. If you want something like a HIDS, try out AIDE15:28
blackflow!info aide15:28
ubottuaide (source: aide): Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary. In component main, is optional. Version 0.16-3 (bionic), package size 706 kB, installed size 1986 kB15:28
Jedee2011@blackflow, i'm also going to hook it up to my Intel graphics instead of old AMD15:28
Jedee2011and it's a Xubuntu install not Ubuntu, hope i'm at the right place asking this15:29
blackflowJedee2011: @ is not required, this is not twitter. Just start typing a nick and use TAB for completion, at the very beginning of a sentence15:30
Jedee2011ah ! sorry real noob here15:30
Jedee2011blackflow: got it now :)15:30
blackflowyup :)15:30
blackflowJedee2011: otherwise it might not trigger highlights, as @ could be part of the nick15:31
blackflowwell actually no, on irc it's op sign... but anyway.15:31
Jedee2011blackflow: i understand it i think, would using another graphics card reset the graphics?15:32
blackflowJedee2011: there's nothing to reset, it should be all automatic detection. what problem are you having exactly?15:32
blackflowJedee2011: oh wait, you're talking about changing dpi/icon sizes/font sizes    ?15:33
Jedee2011blackflow: yes, because of my bad eyes i've made toolbars and workbars quite large15:34
Jedee2011i've got a 24 inch monitor now, and soon to a 31.5 inch one, i want to reset dpi toolbars and all the toolbar sizes15:35
Jedee2011sorry bit of a mish mash15:35
blackflowJedee2011: somewhere in settings, sorry I don't use xfce and don't know off the top of my head. look for things like "scaling".    Or maybe something like this, but make sure you back up those files first (copy somewhere else):  https://askubuntu.com/questions/224006/resetting-xfce-panels-to-default-settings15:36
Jedee2011blackflow: so connecting to another Graphicscard and new monitor would make no difference?15:38
Jedee2011sorry enormous noob greenhorn and newbie15:38
blackflowJedee2011: no because what you say you did is changing aspects of the UI that are not part of graphics card setup.15:40
Jedee2011ah got it !15:40
Jedee2011thanks for the link, i will try this when my new monitor has arrived15:41
Jedee2011have a great day and thanks !15:41
john1987hello guys15:45
john1987i am playing around with nandsim,ubi and squashfs15:46
john1987i have 2 ubi volumes: one with squashfs and one with ubifs15:46
john1987i do not know how to mount the ubi volume with squashfs15:46
john1987mount the ubi volume with ubifs works like a charm15:47
deskwizarduhm, not directly related, but maybe one of you know or can point me in the right direction... I' trying to send either a CR or NL with mosquitto_pub, from what I read I could if I escaped it with \\ (like \\r for example) but it's not cooperating15:53
mystichow much ram should i giv et ovirtua lbox to run windows 10?  i have a 8gb ram laptop16:16
qswzThere must be people here with docker installed, I'm wondering why I can't find /etc/docker/daemon.json file as described here https://docs.docker.com/config/daemon/16:16
kk4ewtmystic, win10 wants at least 1016:17
mystic10gb ram?16:17
kk4ewtopps 4G16:17
mysticno it doesnt16:17
qswzif someone had docker installed, can he check if that file exists on his system?16:17
mysticif i inly have 8gb total, will it stop ubuntu working peoperly if i give 4gb t ovirtual box?16:17
john1987for mounting squashfs that is written in ubi volume is used ubiblock to generate a block device... mounted this block device and all is ok16:18
qswzdocker? someone?16:19
qswzlol 10GB ram for win10, where is the world going16:20
qswzoh 4 he meant16:20
mysticjason file lol16:20
qswzok docker, does it talks to someone?16:20
MagePsycholn -s /src/dir /dest/dir -> how to create symlink if it doesn't exist only16:21
qswzman ls16:21
MagePsycholn -sf ?16:21
mysticsudo science16:21
tomreynqswz: the documentation you're following states you can create this file, not that is already exists.16:24
tomreynalso, there is a docker channel her eon freenode16:24
qswztomreyn: ohhh16:25
mysticcant start my windows 10 in virtual box16:27
mystic'VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED).'16:27
mysticany idea?16:27
qswzyou've a license?16:27
mysticno chance to put anything in. .wont even boot16:28
Fuchsthat sounds like your CPUs either not being able to VT-x or it, as it suggests, having been disabled16:28
mysticwhats does that mean though? lol16:28
Fuchsit's an extension usually used by virtualization software16:29
ppfif the former then you're screwed, if the latter then you need to enable it16:29
ppf(it's a bios setting)16:29
mystichow to 'enable' ?16:29
mysticreal bios or virtual bios?16:30
Fuchsreal bios16:30
ppfwhat's a virtual bios16:30
mystici dont bloody know16:30
mystici figured its runing in a virutal machine16:30
mysticmay have virtual bios16:30
Fuchsit sort of does16:30
Fuchsbut you want the real one16:30
mysticand wat do i want to enable there?16:30
Fuchsalso  have a look at  /proc/cpuinfo16:30
Fuchsto see what your CPU can and can't do16:30
ppfwell .. there's not much basic about it16:30
mystici ran windows 7 in her ebefore16:31
Fuchsmystic: VT-x or similar, might be called somethingsomething virtualisation16:31
mysticso it can mange that ok16:31
mystici have windows 7 in virtua lbox before16:31
blackflowmystic: 64-bit windows?16:31
blackflowmystic: yeah that requires vt-x16:31
Fuchsyou can probably disable it being wanted in VirtualBox settings, but you don't really want to do virtualisation without the host CPU supporting it properly16:31
mystici dont really understand the advice16:31
mysticcan i get it to work or not really ?16:32
mysticif not may have to go bac kto win 1016:32
blackflowmy which CPU is that?16:32
blackflowmystic: ^^16:32
mysticlenovo x23016:32
mystic 'really want to do virtualisation without the host CPU supporting it properly'  why not?16:33
blackflowmystic: virtualizing 64-bit OS requires cpu virt support, vt-x16:33
ppfin the case of win7 i think it'll just auto-downgrade to 3216:33
blackflowwhich your cpu probably has, so why is it disabled in BIOS?16:33
mysticwell iv eno idea16:33
ppfand run in some kind of compat mode16:33
mysticor any idea how to enable it16:33
blackflowmystic: what's the exact CPU model?16:33
ppftry and enable it16:33
mystici dont know sorry16:33
ppfcheck your bios' handbook16:34
mystici dont have it16:34
ppfthe internet does16:34
deskwizardprobably disabled in the bios, since I have no issues with a 64bit os with VT-d16:34
blackflowmystic: what's "model name" in /proc/cpuinfo  ?16:34
ppfmystic: also paste /proc/cpuinfo please16:34
mysticyea.. al this tweaking and consant searching makes me think i should just put windows 10 back in and be done16:35
mysticbash: /proc/cpuinfo: Permission denied16:35
deskwizardI don't recall any machines I owned having it enabled by default, for the record.16:35
blackflowmystic: cat /proc/cpuinfo | nc termbin.com 9999    and paste here the URL you get16:36
mystici got no url16:36
sruliin 16.04 i had a udev rule whenconnecting a usb device it attaches it to a vm (libvirt), in 18.04 something has changed in udev wont settle the device before the script finishes executing and the device can't be attached before its settled, i had to make a inotifywait and get udev to echo "" to a file after which inotifywait executes the script, i really do not want to rely on inotifywait, how can i resolve this catch 22 situation?16:36
mysticno message at all16:37
blackflowmystic: are you on Ubuntu right now?16:38
mysticmaybe i put the code in wrong16:41
mystictwo lines or one?16:41
mysticif its two, please type two16:41
mystici dont understan dthe format at all16:41
ioriamystic,   cat /proc/cpuinfo16:42
srulimystic: just type this on one line "cat /proc/cpuinfo | nc termbin.com 9999"16:42
mysticwhich is it16:43
BluesKajcopy and paste also works mystic16:43
ioriamystic,   you get output ?16:43
mysticyes but i get no mesag eat all when i paste it16:43
mysticno message16:43
BluesKajhit enter16:43
ioriamystic,  copy and paste on paste.ubuntu.com16:43
=== messer440 is now known as Guest14749
mystici get outpout if i enter16:43
mystic'cat /proc/cpuinfo'16:43
mysticbut not if i enter the long command16:44
BluesKajno quotes16:44
mystici didnt use quotes16:44
mysticthe last part doesnt produce anything16:44
mystic'even my granny can use linux'  i smell bs16:45
ioriamystic,  cat /proc/cpuinfo | nc termbin.com 9999     (you probably missed a '9')16:45
ioriamystic,  9999  = 416:46
mystici pasted exactly as you said16:46
mystici get info if i paste 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' only16:46
BluesKajintgo the terminal/console?16:46
ioriamystic,  install pastebinit and   cat /proc/cpuinfo | pastebinit16:46
mysticterminal yea16:47
blackflowmystic: well nobody said "even my granny can figure out CPU models through the procfs in order to enable vt-x from bios so she could virtualize a 64-bit OS, namely, windows 10"16:47
mysticyea well, thats the slogan i hear too much.. indicating its as easy, or easier to operate than windows.. it just isnt period. not even close16:48
srulimystic: whats the reason you want to use linux again?16:48
mysticmight have to kick this into touch again, go back to windows.  try ubuntu 20, later perhaps16:49
mysticive tried 12,14,16 18 i think lol16:49
mysticstill cant get on with it enough16:49
blackflowmystic: you're comparing apples to oranges. if you want to comapre fairly, then compare this to figuring out CPU features on windows and pastebining that to a pastebin service in an easy fashion.16:49
mysticno, i just know that most casual users wouldnt have a chance on linux16:50
mysticsorry.. im not a fan boy either way, just telling how i see it16:50
blackflowmystic: ubuntu version has nothing to do with hw virtualization options being apparently disabled on your machine.16:50
ppfthat's a bogus assumption16:50
mystici wan tot use it., but i jus tcant put up with this stuff16:50
mysticno, its a true one16:50
mysticthats why linux is free, yet has a miniscule user base16:50
blackflowmystic: sure, it only powers 90% of the internets and a majority of mobile devices :)   miniscule user base, I'd say, indeed.16:51
mysticTHATS apples and oranges blackflow16:51
mysticim tlaking about computer operating systems and you know i am16:51
blackflowI am too.16:51
mysticgod the intellectual dishonesty.. really16:51
srulii so miss the blue screen, viruses, malware, freezes, i cant wait to get back to it16:51
mysticye awell16:51
mysticmaybe next time16:51
ioriaok, chat time16:52
blackflowmystic: you're not giving this a chance. first bump and you wanna quit and go back to windows. please don't blame that on Ubuntu.16:53
mystici dont appreciate being insulted by people eitehr hinting that im stupid since i cant understand the damn code they present me with16:53
mysticas happened in that other room  with datyfbolloks16:53
mystici didnt sign up for this deceitful fanboy crap16:53
mystici dont have a horse in this race, just want something that works well16:54
DeathTickle1interesting support requests over here16:54
mr_louHow can I get Ubuntu to detect my burner again? :-(16:54
mr_lou. o O ( And why does this happen every time I need to burn a lot of discs? )16:54
srulimystic: there will always be a learning curve when you try something new...16:54
mysticthe windows learning curve compared to linux is a whole new level16:55
mysticnot the same at all16:55
ppfthen why not use it16:55
mysticpeople just cant admit it for some reason16:55
mystici am16:55
mysticbut once again wa swayed to try linux16:55
Toadisattvapoint click log into facebook, that's all most ppl need to know :P16:55
mysticand once again here we are16:55
deskwizardToadisattva: lmao16:55
blackflowmystic: if you want to fix this specific issue, go back to BIOS and look for virtualization options, whether you need to enable something. meanwhile, what's the "model name" line when you cat the /proc/cpuinfo   "file"  ?16:56
srulimystic: its not the same at all, no one ever claims it the same, linux is different, you want to learn how to use it good, else you prob16:56
mysticyea, cos it snot cool to just use a mouse?  we have to waste our live slearning terminal code right?  cos thats the good stuff?16:56
blackflowmystic: even Windows has powershell for stuff where GUI is lacking.16:57
mystici never need to touch it in windows16:57
mysticbi gdiff16:57
blackflowmystic: alright, so you want to fix this or?16:57
DeathTickle1is this the comparison to windows channel now ?16:57
mysticyea death16:58
ToadisattvaI'm convinced 90% of irc is linux vs windows debate16:58
Toadisattvaevery channel every day16:58
mysticspose i have to.. since i deleted my windows 10 installation completely16:58
mysticther eis no debate.  linux is harder to use..  end.   it maybe better in some ways ,but it is not easy to use.  that sall16:58
Toadisattvafine work there :P16:58
blackflowmystic: if you still need support for this, please state what's teh "model name" from that cpuinfo output.16:58
blackflowotherwise please cut the noise, people, this is a support channel.16:59
DeathTickle1we welcome your opinion mystic we can move on now16:59
mysticfacts arent opinions..16:59
tomreynbut this is a duiscussion, and doesn't belong into this channel16:59
mysticmodel name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz17:00
ioria Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) ‡ Yes17:00
=== nat_ is now known as Natkeeran
blackflowmystic: great, so that has VT-x/VT-d support. now please check in BIOS whether it has to be enabled17:01
mysticsorry, no idea how to do that17:01
blackflowmystic: you don' tknow how to reboot and enter BIOS?17:01
mystici can get into bois17:02
mysticbut dont know how to find hat particular option among the others17:02
srulimystic: put this into the terminal "egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo" output should be 0 or 117:02
mysticoutput is 417:02
blackflowmystic: by reading the option names until you see "virtualization" or "vt-x"...17:02
mystici'll have to reboot to do that17:03
blackflowmystic: also, holy cow, first hit on google for "BIOS enable virtualization"  https://i.stack.imgur.com/H2zEE.gif    -- sure, your BIOS might differ but eh....17:03
blackflowit's surely not gonna call it "Enable Lurgid Bee Shenanigans?  yes|no|maybe"17:04
sruliblackflow: "kvm-ok" should state if its enabled, no?17:04
blackflowsruli: where?17:05
mysticwho knows.. they remane stuff it seems to me17:05
sruliblackflow: put "kvm-ok" in terminal....KVM acceleration can be used17:05
taaperotassuI am using ubuntu 16.04 I thought about getting the newest tmux version 7, but seems like adding ppa:pi-rho/dev wasnt enough? Althought I installed tmux-next? Which seems to be not tmux version 7?17:06
blackflowsruli: I don't know that command. I see it's in cpu-checker package17:06
sruliooops cpu-cheker needs to be installed for that17:06
sruliblackflow: if "egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo" returns =>1 that means its enabled17:07
mystici enabled two options that hinted about virtualixation17:07
blackflowsruli: likely more than one if you have more than one core17:08
sruliblackflow: i just tried it on a vm with 8 cores, output was 0 - his output was 817:08
mysticits booting up now17:08
blackflowmystic: right, so perhaps now try what you were doing with virtualbox17:08
srulimystic: did you find the setting in the bios?17:09
mysticyea, two of them.  jus tenabled them both17:09
blackflowsruli: cpuinfo will return one such flags line per core, so it's like going to bemore than 1, if the flag is present17:09
srulimystic: the were disabled?17:09
qwebirc60087hi there ... i just install ubuntu 18.04 and i want to achieve that service dnsmasq will start after network initialisation17:09
mysticby default i think17:09
sruliblackflow: i guess i was wrong17:10
=== qwebirc60087 is now known as sargonout
tomreyntaaperotassu: i assume you are aware that PPAs are not supported. this said, accdording to https://launchpad.net/~pi-rho/+archive/ubuntu/dev?field.series_filter=xenial this PPA does provide a "tmux-next" package with a 2.7 version.17:11
sargonoutis there any reason why symlinks in rcx.d directories are all S0117:13
blackflowmystic: so, windows 10 working now in virtualbox?17:14
mysticit seems to be17:15
mysticits 'getting ready'17:15
mystici gave it 4gb of my 8gb ram17:15
ioriahopefully it's a 64bit guest17:16
mystici wouldnt use it, but i cant find a decent photoediting program in linux.   one that does 'hdr' pictur esplitting and editing17:16
=== StopTakingMyNick is now known as Chinesium
blackflowmystic: tried gimp? if anything can do that, gimp should17:16
mystici find it hard to use gimp.. cant even crop the picture without getting confused lol..  i find adobe hard to use also.   i was using cyberlink paintshop pro for my photo editing.  easy and good results17:17
mysticits has a really easy adn really effecting high dynamic range picture editor17:18
_Dbug_mystic, not sure about the versions of PaintShopPro released after Jasc, but PSP 8 and 9 work absolutely perfectly with Wine. Zero problem.17:18
mysticwell, thats a possiblilty17:20
mysticif they had HDR editing back in the eariler versions17:20
mysticwhats jasc ?17:21
coconutWhen is this channel going into support mode again?17:22
srulimystic: for simple cropping etc you can try shotwell, nice photo manager with some simple editing tools17:22
sruliin 16.04 i had a udev rule whenconnecting a usb device it attaches it to a vm (libvirt), in 18.04 something has changed in udev wont settle the device before the script finishes executing and the device can't be attached before its settled, i had to make a inotifywait and get udev to echo "" to a file after which inotifywait executes the script, i really do not want to rely on inotifywait, how can i resolve this catch 22 situation?17:22
_Dbug_mystic, the companyt who made the original versions of PSP before they were bought by Corel, and apparently Cyberlink based on what you wrote.17:22
mysticoh.. maybe its corel, sorry17:22
mystici get the mconfused co i like cyberlink powerdirector also..  both easy and effective programs, even for lightweights like nme17:23
=== subzid is now known as subzz
blackflowsruli: maybe through a systemd .mount unit and a corresponding oneshot .service that does the attaching when the path/device appears?17:24
sruliblackflow: i tried this https://tinyurl.com/yc3ztyso but systemctl was complaing the device is not active17:26
blackflowsruli: complaining at which point?17:29
BiessieHappy 4th!17:29
sruliblackflow: when triggering it, journalctl -xe showed that17:29
AnthaasHi - I have a USB dongle, but don't seem to be able to establish a connection with it.17:30
blackflowsruli: can you pastebin that?17:31
mystichow to get the correct screen size in virtual box?17:31
sruliblackflow: i have to be on-site for that (as i have to connect disconnect the usb)... what time are you around tomorrow?17:32
mysticits either small, or too big and i have to scrool down to see the bottom task bar17:32
tomreynAnthaas: what kind of a dongle, which ubuntu version, which kernel version, have you searched the web about whether it is supported on linux, what does "dmesg | tail" day when you connect it?17:32
blackflowsruli: noon through afternoon UTC, but ping me first if I'm here17:32
Tegumystic: try installing guest additions17:32
mystici can use 'scaled mode'  seems to work17:33
mysticbut how to tur nit off when im done?  lol17:33
sruliblackflow: thanks, so 13-16:00 utc you should be around?17:33
blackflowsruli: yup17:34
Tegumystic: right ctrl (the host key) and something.. maybe it was S17:34
sruliblackflow: thanks17:34
mysticdoesnt seem to work17:34
Anthaastomreyn: Ubuntu 18.04, Kernel 4.15.0-24-generic, Result of `dmesg | tail`: https://dpaste.de/wMHi17:35
mysticright cntrl and C17:36
mysticnow i will fire up wine and work out which is the best method of virtual editing17:37
coconutmystic: this channel is not a blog...17:38
AnthaasTrying something now...17:38
mysticget stuffed17:38
tomreynAnthaas: the company producing this chipset does not provide good quality linux drivers for this device. so this was an unfortunate choice at the shop. there is this driver which is supposed to work with newer linux versions https://github.com/Mange/rtl8192eu-linux-driver17:40
Rar9ho can i fix under 18.04 this php 5.63. build error ? configure: error: Cannot find imap library (libc-client.a). Please check your c-client installation.17:44
Biessieim noob so idk but i do have a question. why dont you want php 7?17:45
Rar9i already got 7.27 on system but a domain needs 5.6x17:46
Biessieahh okay17:46
Rar9but I'm stuck on this library17:47
BiessieRar9 : Think i found a solution? let me know.17:47
Biessieor not.. ill keep searching17:48
blackflowRar9: I don't think Plesk is supported software here.17:48
Biessieif not*.. ill keep searching Rar917:48
Rar9yes but its a ubuntu problem not plesks17:49
blackflowRar9: PHP 5.6 under Bionic is not "Ubuntu problem", 5.6 is not supported on Bionic.17:49
AnthaasOk, I have WiFi by installed some rtl8192eu driver, but it is incredibly slow.17:50
eeosThinkPad X1 Yoga Carbon - Is it possible to phone from the laptop after inserting 4g SIM card? (ubuntu 18.04 64 bit)17:51
tomreynRar9: PPAs aren't supported either, but this is the most common way how people get multiple php versions installed next to one another on ubuntu https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php17:52
eeosI can easily connect to the broadband mobile network, but every time I have to take the sim card out to put in my smartphone to phone17:52
eeosIn other words: can I use my laptop as a mobile phone in ubuntu 18.04 64bit?17:54
blackfloweeos: can your smartphone be a wifi hotspot?17:55
coconuteeos: 4G wifi on an pc is called LTE, iirc.17:55
eeoscoconut: Ok .... but can I phone from it?17:56
cluelesspersoneeos: in theory, it should be able to17:56
cluelesspersoneeos: in practice, phone companies are cunts17:57
cluelesspersonand make it difficult.17:57
eeoscluelessperson: what do you mean?17:57
cluelesspersoneeos: You're better off using the LTE thing, then a software phone service17:57
eeoscluelessperson: I do not know how use even 3g from ubuntu 18.04 ....17:57
blackfloweeos: can your smartphone be a wifi hotspot?17:57
eeoscluelessperson: LTE would be perfect .... the only issue I have is to be able to make phone calls .... I can already connect to mobile broadband ....17:58
eeosblackflow: why?17:58
cluelesspersoneeos: It requires specialty hardware that can handle it.   My laptop has a port for a sim card, but I would have to spend $150 on the LTE card.   then you need the dataplan.  Then it just works like a network card.17:58
eeosblackflow: I have the sim card in the laptop, in the WWAN17:58
blackfloweeos: because then you can leave the sim card in the phone17:58
blackfloweeos: ah, I see.17:58
eeosblackflow: I have already everything working for the mobile broadband .....17:59
cluelesspersoneeos: Long story short, phone companies are assholes and make it hard to do proper calls from computers.      It's easiest to setup the LTE DATA, then make software calls.17:59
blackflowwell anyway, I'd got for that solution one way or another. use the phone regularly and export the mobile broadband through its wifi hotspot service17:59
blackflowin fact, thats what I do17:59
eeoscluelessperson: I am not sue what do you mean ....18:00
cluelessperson eeos: which part?  be specific18:00
cluelesspersonI have to spend time typing this shit out, I'm not going to play guessing games with you18:00
=== coconut is now known as coconut_
muhahaDoes exists something like compat-openssl10 in ubuntu 18.04 ? Seems there is a problem with dotnet and libssl, which needs 1.018:01
eeoscluelessperson: very simple: how do I make phone calls from the laptop over the SIM card.18:01
eeoscluelessperson: no data, this is already sorted. Just phone calls.18:01
cluelesspersoneeos: I've explained it like three times now.   Phone companies are assholes and they purposely make it difficult to make calls from computers.18:03
cluelesspersoneeos: The reliable solution is to use LTE DATA for software calling.18:03
cluelesspersoneeos: You might try some random software and see how it works for you though, matter of googling18:03
eeoscluelessperson: apologies, but I do not care how difficult it is. How do I do it? I do not find any documentation.18:04
mysticskype is pretty good value eeos18:04
cluelesspersoneeos: documentation for what?18:04
cluelesspersonskype is malware18:04
eeoscluelessperson: I do not know what LTE DATA  .....18:04
mystichow is skype malware18:05
cluelesspersoneeos: LTE is the connection method, you get a laptop with a simcard reader/card.   Ubuntu will probably just see the network card and connect to internet.18:05
cluelesspersonmystic: it's owned by microsoft for one.18:05
mysticthey arent the devil incarnate u know.  they may have access t ostuff a bit, but they also make useful stuff.  why do u need 100% privacy all the tiem anyway. its not like theyd arrest your for chatting normally ?18:06
cluelesspersonmystic:    1. Owned and run by Microsoft  2. It's adware.  3. It often comes installed on computers without permission, which makes it bloatware.  4. It introduces security attack vectors to your computer, which makes it dangerous18:07
cluelesspersonAltogether == Malware18:07
myghtyhi there18:07
cluelesspersonstop apologizing for microsoft18:07
cluelesspersonmyghty: sup18:07
myghtyjust a question, maybe someone knows how to help18:07
mysticim not.  im just not a microsot hater either18:07
eeoscluelessperson: apologies, but this is not what happens. I have explained several times: the sim card works, and it is configured.18:07
cluelesspersonmystic: that's because you're naive and institutionalized.18:07
myghtyI am trying to kill a remote process via ssh, having its pid in a pid file18:07
explodesFound why my wifi stopped working: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bcmwl/+bug/175700818:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1757008 in broadcom-sta (Ubuntu) "Broadcom wireless drivers failed to build [error: implicit declaration of function ‘init_timer’]" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:07
Richard_CavellAnyone have an opinion on kernel 4.15?  It won't boot on my machine. I have to use 4.1318:07
explodesThis probably affects a lot of people18:07
cluelesspersonAnyone in their right mind would hate someone for fucking them over as hard as microsoft does to our population now on a regular basis18:08
mysticunless i need total privacy if im a pedo or something. i guess skype isnt so bad for most people18:08
myghtyssh devopslab@gitlab.platinion.com 'bash -s' < "kill -9 `cat /home/devopslab/eureka/eureka.pid`" is my command, but it misinterprets cat /home etc. as a file...18:08
myghtydo I have to excape the colons around it somehow?18:08
cluelesspersonmyghty: pkill ?18:09
cluelesspersonmyghty: that's a shitty defense18:09
myghtyyou mean mystic I guess cluelessperson  ;-)18:09
cluelesspersonmystic: That's a shitty defense.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE18:09
cluelesspersonDo NOT tlak to the police.18:09
cluelesspersonThey make mistakes, they seek to make connections, they care about having a good record of winning, more than your life and respecting your innocence.18:10
cluelesspersonto trust police, higher authority, is literally stupid.18:10
cluelesspersonUse them as a tool if required, but do NOT trust them18:10
mysticyea. my liberty is under threat cos i use skype lol18:11
mysticbetter batten down the hatches and install linux tails18:11
cluelesspersonmystic: Your liberty is under threat when everyone you know uses skype/windows, and the government is able to back door it and produce/abuse ANY information they wish to use against you18:11
cluelesspersonYou are naive and again missing the point18:11
myghtycluelessperson: basically kill -9 plus the cat kills my process18:11
mysticthe points is is not as bad as u say it is18:12
myghtybut not if I call it via ssh from a remote pc18:12
blackflowtoinfoil hattery please -> #ubuntu-offtopic   kthnxbai.18:12
cluelesspersonmystic: No, it's way fucking worse18:12
cluelesspersonand you're too stupid to see it18:12
mysticwat will they abuse me for?  chatting to my brother ?18:12
blackflow!language | cluelessperson18:12
ubottucluelessperson: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:12
cluelesspersonmystic: Yes.18:12
mysticim not the one throwing insults either18:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:12
mysticso i guess u are just a paranoid bitter basement dweller18:12
cluelesspersonmystic: insults don't make me wrong, they're a mark of frustration18:12
cluelesspersonmystic: No, I live in an apartment in Seattle and practice security in DEVOPs positions.18:13
mysticif linux was popular, your probably be cheering for windows.  the oppressed under dog is always right !18:13
tomreyndiscussion still doesn't belong here, mystic + cluelessperson18:13
tomreynplease take it elsewhere18:13
mysticyea, well urs an insulting ass none the less18:13
mysticas many guys who use linux seem to be18:13
Biessiethat got hostile quick18:13
myghtyplease go away...18:13
myghtythat is really not helpful at all18:13
myghty(for nobody) ;-)18:14
cluelesspersonmystic: and you're the one who's been wrong every single sentence.  Let's see who wants to hire you or trust you.18:14
Biessiei agree with going to an off topic channel.18:14
Biessiebut i am curious as to where you guys take it so i can go18:14
cluelesspersonSorry for the offtopic.18:14
cluelesspersonWe got on it because skype is malware18:14
mysticyou ar emalware18:14
mysticyour attitude stinks18:14
cluelesspersonAvoid using software that intentionally abuses you.18:15
tomreyndo we need to call the ops or can you move to offtopic?18:15
Biessiei only ue skype on my work computer due to work requiring us to use it for IT/AR/AP talk18:15
Biessiebut other than that, im no fan18:15
cluelesspersonmystic: who cares.  don't suggest malware to users to install on their computers.18:15
mystichow about people who intentionally abuse me ?18:15
mysticits my opnion. and u have yours18:15
mysticno point insulting me about it18:15
cluelesspersonmystic: This isn't opinion.  the definition of malware isn't opinion.  stop apologizing for skype/microsoft.18:16
cluelesspersonIt's malware, period, fact, indefensible.18:16
cluelesspersonby multiple definitions.18:16
mysticlike how ure a rude asshat18:16
tomreyn!ops | mystic, cluelessperson18:16
ubottumystic, cluelessperson: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax18:16
mysticscared skype are gonna find ure kiddie stash18:16
cluelesspersonmystic:  Stop suggesting malware to uses, and stop calling people pedophiles for calling you out.18:17
mysticstop being a cunt18:17
cluelesspersonmystic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE18:17
mysticand stop posting tin foil hat links18:17
cluelesspersonmystic: Watch a DA tell you you're wrong about trusting authority to not abuse power over you18:17
blackflow*  mystic, cluelessperson: please take it elsewhere, this is a support chan   *18:18
cluelesspersonmystic: "tin foil hat link"   It's a former DA of New York, and the New York chief of police, agreeing that you shouldn't talk to cops, because your best interest is not at heart.18:18
cluelesspersonI'm done, sorry for this BS18:19
Biessiecluelessperson : all good you have good intentions18:19
Biessieim not taking sides but i hate malware18:19
mysticyea?  he's a rude cunt too tho18:20
mysticguess that dont matter in here18:20
phunyguymystic: regardless of what is happening in here, that language is not tolerated.  That goes for everyone in here.18:21
Biessiename calling doesnt help. anyways im going eat yall have fun18:21
phunyguyPlease clean it up or leave18:21
cluelesspersonmystic: How exactly am I supposed to tell you that you are wrong without being sorta an ass?18:21
phunyguycluelessperson: seriously, enough.18:21
mysticby not being a total ass18:21
mysticits easy18:21
cluelesspersonmystic: pm me that18:21
blackflowbye guys.18:21
Anthaasshut up18:21
cluelesspersonWho needs help with something? :P18:22
DeathTickle1I'm looking for a library that would be a straight play_mp3_file(filename) in C/C++ with dependencies on libavcodec and alsa18:23
=== stegosaurus_ is now known as stegosaurus
cluelesspersonDeathTickle1: a library? for what language?18:25
cluelesspersonassuming C/C++, uncertain18:25
DeathTickle1C/C++ yes18:25
cluelesspersonDeathTickle1: I'd suggest taking a look at the basic,  aplay and arecord commands and see what htey use?18:26
cluelesspersonthey're used with alsa/18:26
DeathTickle1aplay plays basic PCM sound data18:26
DeathTickle1I would like to use the decoding facilities of libavcodec with a simpler API18:28
mysticany reason my wine installation wont launch?18:28
cluelesspersonmystic: errors?18:28
cluelesspersontail -f /var/log/syslog  and whatever other logs wine puts out18:29
mystici dont want your help18:29
cluelesspersonyou might try starting it from terminal as well, perhaps with a --verbose option   (--help)18:29
coconut_Thank you for that!18:30
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mysticwhy was a kicked when i was the one insulted?  wat a bunch of snobs you people are18:33
mysticif u wanna know how to treat newcomers, go to the puppylinux chat room18:34
mysticthey are actually nice guys18:34
phunyguymystic: you got kicked because you keep going.  Want to make it a ban?18:34
blackflowmystic: because you were the first to continue aggroing. and you're still doing it. just calm down and let's keep the support machinery rolling ;)18:34
mysticdont threaten mee asshat18:34
coconut_mystic: i do not want to feel you bad, but you chat, are offtopic and make questions by questions. This is a support channel, leave please!18:35
phunyguythey are gone.18:35
phunyguyback to work!  ☺18:35
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stehi i'm using qemu for pci passthrough and all is well. after I add spinlocks to the configuration, windows doesn't boot properly and the vm appears to hang. I'm trying to get the best performance out of the vm and apparently that's something that needs setting up - does anyone have any info on why I would need that setting and why changing literally only that setting causes boot issues?18:46
grorcoHey guys does anyone know of a way I can capture my full key input while editing text?18:58
grorcolike when I'm done I want to have an edited file, and a file with any error's/ mistakes I've made along the way18:59
ckyle22Can anyone tell me why my NFS mount works fine with a mount command but won't automount when I edit my /etc/fstab file?18:59
ckyle22<NAS IP>:/volume1/Media /mnt/Media nfs rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,_netdev 0 0 is what I have in there, but it doesn't automount19:00
ckyle22mount <NAS IP>:/volume1/Media /mnt/Media works though19:00
_KaszpiR_ckyle22 switch to autofs19:04
ckyle22_KaszpiR_, sorry I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to editing fstab, I was following a guide so how would I switch to autofs? Like what do I change?19:05
_KaszpiR_it's a package19:06
RandomGu2OnIrcI just installed the newest ubuntu on another computer. A screensaver came up, and I can't get back to log into anything. How do I make the screen saver go away and unlock the machine?19:06
ckyle22_KaszpiR_ just installed it, do i have to change anything in fstab? like do I change nfs to autofs?19:07
ckyle22Oh I see what you mean, don't use fstab at all.19:08
=== ChunkzZ is now known as ChipM0nk
_KaszpiR_ckyle22 you should move lines from fstab to autofs config19:09
ckyle22I will try that19:09
_KaszpiR_in the url I gave there is point 4 which explains how to use autofs with nfs mount19:10
jhutchinsckyle22: Try trimming back the options you're specifying.  Look at /var/log/syslog and dmesg, see what the system thinks is happening to that mount.19:11
ckyle22And I'm assuming I can check this with a df command when I'm done?19:14
MagePsycho_How to create parent directory if not exists and create symlink? for example: ln -s /src/directory /A/B/link -> where B folder doesn’t exist19:15
louiematdoes anyone use kde connect?19:15
Mrhi all, is any available to answer a couple of technical questions?19:16
BluesKajlouiemat, yes, what's your issue?19:16
_KaszpiR_Mr just ask and wait19:16
jhutchinslouiemat: No, kde is a desktop environment, it doesn't connect to things.19:16
Mrok - i am having an issue with my vps where it doesn't load the kernel after a reboot... in grub ls / shows that vmlinuz exists but i can't find it19:17
louiematok that answered my questio, thanks19:17
BluesKajjhutchins, kdeconnect is kde app that connects to android phones over LAN19:18
BluesKajlouiemat, read above19:18
jhutchinsBluesKaj: I need to read more carefully.19:19
Mrwhen i type ls /vmlinuz i am unable to locate it19:19
ckyle22_KaszpiR_ autofs worked perfectly!19:20
louiematdoes anyone like Abi word ?19:20
louiematI find it great19:20
ckyle22I don't understand this bit: "But remember that you need to access a directory before it is auto-mounted.", does that mean I have to cd to that directory every time, or that anything that tries will "just work"19:21
_KaszpiR_ckyle22 it should work without any special steps19:22
_KaszpiR_if it is not mounted then it may take a while to show up - to initiate connection19:22
ckyle22That's fantastic.19:23
_KaszpiR_looks into autofs 'ghost' option19:23
ArtMiajoin #yoa19:23
RandomGu2OnIrcThat was the most unintuitive screen ulock ever. I had to drag it up, to get the login prompt19:24
RandomGu2OnIrcI thought the machine was hung19:24
RandomGu2OnIrcI rebooted19:24
RandomGu2OnIrcthen accidentally locked it again when trying to disable the lock screen19:24
AssociateXHolas todas aqui!!!19:29
AssociateXHow do I remove my password for DM login but still have it for sudo?19:30
p0aI just installed `pinta' using apt-get but now I have a lot of root certs installed; 148 in particular19:31
p0ahow can I undo the whole action removing the certs & pinta?19:31
tsmasterXp0a, apt --purge autoremove ? or19:33
p0atsmasterX: so first remove pinta and then run that?19:34
p0athanks! I didn't realize19:34
tsmasterXp0a, ok np :) this is just how i get rid of software19:35
tsmasterXwith apt-get --purge autoremove packagename19:35
p0atsmasterX: it says "0 removed"19:35
p0aso that the new ca certs were not removed19:35
tsmasterXp0a, idk then, lets someone else say how to do it19:36
ioriapinta installs ca-certificates-mono ,if it's that that bothers you, it will be removed with autoremove19:37
p0aioria: /etc/mono with all the certs stayed19:41
p0aand it seems apt did not update the deleted certs, so they stayed19:41
ioriap0a, sudo apt purge pinta19:42
p0aioria: that only removes pinta19:42
=== kazuto is now known as al_ryan
ioriap0a, did you run it ?19:43
ioriap0a, sudo apt autoremove19:43
p0aioria: updating certs in /etc/ssl/certs: 0 added, 0 removed;19:44
p0aioria: I think I'll just manualy delete all certs in /etc/ssl/certs that were created today19:45
ioriap0a, dpkg -l | grep ca-certificates-mono19:45
p0aioria: empty19:45
ioriap0a, autoremove is autoremove not autopurge19:46
ioriap0a, you need it to purge it manually19:46
p0aioria: what do you mean?19:47
ioriap0a, ca-certificates-mono is not purged is just removed19:47
tsmasterXp0a, yeah19:47
p0aioria: should I purge it? apt purge ca-certificates-mono ?19:48
p0aso I should reinstall and then purge?19:48
ioriap0a, nope19:48
p0athen what?19:48
ioriap0a, dpkg -l | grep ca-certificates-mono | pastebinbit19:48
ioriap0a, dpkg -l | grep ca-certificates-mono | pastebinit19:48
p0ait's empty19:49
ioriayou should see 'rc'19:49
p0ait's empty?19:49
ioriap0a, weird19:50
=== semeion is now known as mnemonic
jsqkldhfwhat's the most popular way to install a VM inside my current (distant) Ubuntu server?19:51
jsqkldhfto have a second "isolated" from host development machine19:52
p0aioria: I deleted them manually19:52
cuddylierWhat is the latest Ubuntu 18.04 kernel? I'm on 4.15.0-23 atm19:57
rud0lf4.15.0-24 here19:57
cuddylierHmmm, I did 'apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade' but it's not finding anything newer.19:58
ppf!info linux-image-generic20:03
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB20:03
ppfcuddylier: you're up to date20:03
cuddylierGood :) Just seemed quite old date wise vs CentOS but I'm just not used to Ubuntu.20:04
ppfjsqkldhf: sounds like you actually want a contaienr20:04
ikoniacuddylier: cetos is on a much much older kernel20:05
cuddylieryea, I realise that20:05
ikoniaso not sure how 4.15 seem "old"20:05
cuddylierWell, I mean since the last update I mean really20:05
ikoniawhat ?20:06
cuddylierSays it was released on 23rd May20:06
ikoniawhat has a package release date got to do with anything20:06
AnticomHi. I've got dual boot xenial and win10. My Win10 is always wrong with its time, however i'm assuming the issue might actually be on the linux side: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings-winpc/windows-10-time-always-wrong/75d9036d-9f43-4a06-9c34-ec9bdc8f4fd7 (last reply)20:06
jsqkldhfppf: what would you recommend?20:06
ppfjsqkldhf: docker20:06
ppfbecause it's easy20:06
AnticomThe answer states to set UTC=no in /etc/default/rc5, however on xenial there is no such option in there currently20:07
Anticomcan i safely add it or is there a "ubuntu" way of achieving this?20:07
* Anticom doesn't want to mess with rc scripts20:07
jsqkldhfppf: what do you have in a docker for example?20:08
ppfAnticom: timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 --adjust-system-clock20:08
ppfjsqkldhf: build slaves20:08
jsqkldhfppf: what does that mean?20:08
ppflike, various flavors of linux building llvm20:08
ppfor running a distccd20:09
Anticomppf: cheers20:10
Anticomppf: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JzMY5c9XpQ/ what's the matter with the warning tho?20:11
ppfAnticom: i think it means what it says20:12
Anticomwell i won't change time zones that often20:12
ppfDST though?20:13
Anticomso TL;DR; of that warning is that some other software relying on date/time might not expect the rtc to change radically when chaning time zones?20:13
Anticomlike the issue is not the setting itself but software relying on a stable rtc?20:13
ppfif rtc is UTC then it's slightly more monotonic20:14
Anticomwell if nothing is crashing on my in the next couple of days i'll forget about this warning :>20:15
J0ca_hi guys20:31
=== Sven_vB_ is now known as Sven_vB
J0ca_what can i do20:31
J0ca_to fix it20:31
J0ca_when i use #service sshd start20:32
Sven_vBwhat's the most light-weight way to run a 64bit X11 application on a 32bit ubuntu? is there some compatibility layer like wine?20:32
Sven_vBstackoverflow recommends qemu but the thread os old so maybe I'm in luck nowadays. :o20:34
_KaszpiR_Sven_vB you will not be able to run 64bit app on 32bi system20:34
raidghost_KaszpiR_: But the other way around 32 in 64bit works like a dream20:35
_KaszpiR_raidghost ;D20:35
Sven_vBraidghost, well, using less bits than available sounds like the easier way. :D20:35
oerheksJ0ca_, did you start ssh deamon  properly?  sudo systemctl enable ssh.service20:35
_KaszpiR_you could emulate 64bit sysem on 32bit system but that's pure overkill20:36
Sven_vBso there's no general solution lighter than a virtual machine?20:36
oerheksSven_vB,  "to run a 64bit X11 application on a 32bit ubuntu?" .... LOLZ20:36
_KaszpiR_Sven_vB what is your hardware?20:37
oerheksnice troll,... next!20:37
J0ca_oerheks i will try, 1 sec20:37
Sven_vBThinkpad T420. if there's no general solution I'll narrow down to running Waterfox. worst case would be to run the Windows build in wine.20:37
t_Hello Ubuntu and 1686 irc users20:40
rud0lfand 1 bot20:41
J0ca_oerheks wow20:41
J0ca_it's working now20:41
J0ca_thanks :D20:42
oerheksJ0ca_, have fun!20:42
Sven_vB_KaszpiR_, when you say "32bit system", are both the CPU bitwidth and kernel bitwidth hard limits, or could I somehow run 64bit code on a 64bit CPU even while a 32bit kernel is booted?20:42
nx_i am surprise too20:42
_KaszpiR_Sven_vB  if you have Thinkpad t420 then you should have an intel cpu, which is 64bit20:42
_KaszpiR_just reinstall system20:43
Sven_vB_KaszpiR_, if reinstalling was an easy option I'd have done it already.20:43
J0ca_oerheks ow :( https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HXWyHTxxhw/20:43
nx_just reinstall20:43
J0ca_dont work now20:43
t_week using 18.04 with Lenovo x201, no promlems 4 GB mem and 64bit.20:43
_KaszpiR_what disallows you to run 64bit system?20:43
t_under 2GB mem20:44
nx_i am from Ukraine20:44
Sven_vB_KaszpiR_, I can't convince steam to download the 32bit linux version of starbound.20:44
Sven_vB_KaszpiR_, and the 64bit version doesn't work on a 64bit Ubuntu20:45
oerheksJ0ca_, not sshd, but ssh, that triggers the sshd(eamon)20:45
AnthaasI can't work out why my internet connection over wifi is so poor.20:45
AnthaasMy phone gives me ~35mbps, the computer gives 0.8120:45
AnthaasLink quality is at 79%20:45
_KaszpiR_Sven_vB  you know you can run 32bit apps under linux?20:45
_KaszpiR_and it should be pretty easy20:45
_KaszpiR_probably just run 32bit steam20:46
Sven_vB_KaszpiR_, yeah, I did that for normal apps, but steam was too stubborn.20:46
_KaszpiR_or there is an option for that to force 32bit installs20:46
J0ca_oerheks i know but have problem too20:46
J0ca_[....] Starting ssh (via systemctl): ssh.service20:46
J0ca_Job for ssh.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status ssh.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.20:46
J0ca_ failed!20:46
_KaszpiR_running 32bit system is pretty useless nowadays20:46
striveAnthaas: What is the computers' capable wifi standards?20:46
Anthaasstrive: I dont know how to answer that.20:47
_KaszpiR_ok, I gotta go now, good luck and bye20:47
AnthaasI have a WiFi dongle that is 802.11n if that is what you meant?20:47
J0ca_oerheks when i use service ssh start or /etc/init.d/ssh start i have this problem20:47
J0ca_oerheks Job for ssh.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status ssh.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.20:47
J0ca_oerheks https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HGTYYhN4wt/20:49
J0ca_when i use journalctl -xe20:49
ppfJ0ca_: maybe also paste the first half :p20:52
ppfJ0ca_: what's the status say20:52
oerheksJ0ca_, maybe you have 2network adapters, and it is bound to the wrong one?20:53
ste_hi i'm using qemu for pci passthrough and all is well. after I add spinlocks to the configuration, windows doesn't boot properly and the vm appears to hang. I'm trying to get the best performance out of the vm and apparently that's something that needs setting up - does anyone have any info on why I would need that setting and why changing literally only that setting causes boot issues?20:54
t_my laptop Lenovo x201 https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/889501220:55
Jonta!enter | t_20:55
ubottut_: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.20:55
t_Client: HexChat 2.14.1 • OS: Ubuntu "bionic" 18.04 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU       M 520  @ 2.40GHz (1,20GHz) • Memory: Physical: 3,6 GiB Total (2,2 GiB Free) Swap: 2,0 GiB Total (2,0 GiB Free) • Storage: 133,4 Gt / 969,7 Gt (836,2 Gt Free) • VGA: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller @ Intel Corporation 1st Generation Core i3/5/7 Processor Reserved • Uptime: 1h 50m 19s20:59
El_Presidentehi, I am running 16.04.4 Server and I have an odd problem with apache2. I tried to enable only TLSv1.2 with "SSLProtocol  all -SSLv2 -SSLv3 -TLSv1 -TLSv1.121:00
El_Presidente" but ssllabs shows TLSv1 and TLSv1.2. I ran a grep of the entire etc dir to look for some double configuration but I have not found anything ... any suggestions?21:00
Jontat_: Dunno what you're trying to accomplish21:04
t_why unity desktop and Wayland ended as default desktop at Ubuntu. Gnome and X-server is future?21:12
gigirockt_: yes seems so21:13
gigirockt_: to develop and maintain unity and wayland u need money and the Canonical idea is not to spend in desktop21:14
oerheksbionix 18.04:  wayland is available and installed, not standard. unity is available, not standard21:17
oerheksso you should be on Xorg21:17
tomreynEl_Presidente: remove "-SSLv2", it's not supported anyways. other than that, it looks correct to me. you will also need to restrict ciphersuites. make sure you configured it in thecorrect scope, e.g. per virtual server (and optionally additionally globally). be aware that ssllabs' scanner caches results (but you can override this).21:21
ste_how can i tell ubuntu to use a specific graphics card if i rebind drivers and start gdm?21:23
tomreynEl_Presidente: https://mozilla.github.io/server-side-tls/ssl-config-generator/?server=apache-2.4.28&openssl=1.0.2g&hsts=yes&profile=modern21:23
gigirocku can't ste_21:24
ste_so if i have 2 cards plugged in, how do make one or the other "do the work"21:25
ste_or how does ubuntu determine which one to use21:26
gigirockste_: which cards ?21:26
ste_as the primary21:26
ste_I have an amd r7 360 in pci express slot 1, and a 1070 gtx in slot 221:26
tomreyndepends on the hardware you have there and the drivers you use21:26
El_Presidentetomreyn, it was the default vhost21:26
ste_im passing the 1070 through in a VM for windows21:26
ste_if i stop gdm and rebind the drivers how can I make the 1070 all of a sudden be the primary21:27
tomreynEl_Presidente: usually the mozilla generators' configurations just work, give it a try.21:27
gigirockste_: use an yellow helmet and plastic glasses , the sudo reboot21:27
gigirockste_: use an yellow helmet and plastic glasses , then* sudo reboot21:27
ste_but if the 1070 is in slot 2 then how does it know to use that one21:27
gigirockste_: i think yours is an exotic configuration and developers never tested21:28
gigirockste_: try inxi -G now and look for the response21:29
gigirocki think the default gpu will be choosen21:30
tomreynste_: i'm not actually sure whether you can change the order in which graphics cards will be used from the OS. maybe in bios, you can. if you just want to disable one of them, there should be two options to achieve this: blacklisting the driver of the unwanted hardware, making linux ignore thie PCIx slot.21:31
ste_Graphics:  Card-1: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD/ATI] Tobago PRO [Radeon R7 360 / R9 360 OEM]21:31
ste_           Card-2: NVIDIA GP104 [GeForce GTX 1070]21:31
ste_           Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.19.6 ) drivers: radeon,vfio-pci Resolution: 2560x1440@59.95hz21:31
ste_           OpenGL: renderer: AMD BONAIRE (DRM 2.50.0 / 4.15.0-24-generic, LLVM 6.0.0)21:31
ste_           version: 4.5 Mesa 18.0.0-rc521:31
tomreyn!paste | ste_21:31
ubottuste_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:31
gigirockso seems amd is the main. ste_ is amd card on mb ?21:32
ste_yeah, it's in slot 121:32
ste_the 1070 is currently bound to vfio-pci which is the one im passing through21:33
gigirockste_: i mean is a 'separate' card ?21:33
en50Xorg has a delay loading because mcookie/getrandom() isn't returning a random number due to low entropy. This just started happening with the latest kernel release.21:33
en50I installed "haveged" and it seems to have solved the problem, but it's way beyond my knowledge as to why there isn't enough entropy any longer on boot.21:34
en50The first couple of times I run 'startx' (or try to start LightDM/GDM), it doesn't work, and it seems it's because the entropy is too low and getrandom() blocks21:36
tomreynen50: is this bare metal or a VM? also, you seem to be saying that there was enough entropy in the same (or a similar?) configuration in the past - what change dbetween then and now?21:37
tomreynok you're saying a kernel security patch intorduced the change, if i'm getting you right? which version was it before, which version is it now?21:38
en50tomreyn, bare metal on a ThinkPad. It seems to work on the last kernel (4.15.0-23), so I'm assuming it has something to do with 4.15.0-24.21:38
tomreynhmm, that's probably worth a bug report then (using 'ubuntu-bug') if there isn't one already.21:40
tomreynwhat you're discussing would be a 'regression', introduced yb a kernel patch. it would be good to rule out other possible causes, though, if you can.21:41
en50tomreyn, I'm going to search to see if I can find a changelog between the two releases to see if I can figure it out on my own before submitting a bug report, but I'll definitely do that if I can't do it on my own.21:42
tomreynen50: is this 18.04 or 16.04 with HWE kernel?21:43
en50https://askubuntu.com/questions/1051555/after-security-update-to-4-15-0-24-generic-26-ubuntu-screen-shows-log-content <-- It seems this person is having the same problem.21:43
en50tomreyn, 18.04, and I'm not sure about HWE21:44
tomreynif it's 18.04 then it's the GA kernel since there is no HWE for 18.04, yet21:44
blackswancan somebody tell me where in the graphical adminitrative-type tools one can turn multicast dns stuff on and off?21:44
blackswanor give a hint21:45
gigirockblackswan: what is the trouble with the multicast dns ?21:46
squealingcodeI'm not sure if there's a GUI way, but does this help? blackswan21:46
blackswanthe trouble is i don't know how to turn it on :-)21:47
en50tomreyn, I just did a search and there's a lot of people with the problem. There's already a bug report here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm3/+bug/177947621:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1779476 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 18.04: gdm3 does not switch to graphics after update" [Undecided,Incomplete]21:47
blackswani can muck with the configuration files, sure, but i want to know what pointy-clicky tool there is to manage this stuff21:47
algidanyone have any idea how to get terminator to open on my secondary display?21:47
gigirockalgid: something like terminator screen:!21:48
gigirockalgid: something like terminator screen:121:48
tomreynen50: no reference to a lack of entropy there.21:48
AnthaasIs there a clear tutorial on how to permanently mount a second HDD?21:48
tomreynen50:what made oyu think it was a lack of entropy?21:49
squealingcodeAnthaas, absolutely. Just a sec21:49
Ben64!fstab | Anthaas21:49
ubottuAnthaas: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200709/page07.html and !Partitions21:49
squealingcodeAnthaas, ubottu got there before me:)21:49
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:49
squealingcodeOr rather, Ben64 got there before me :D21:49
tomreynen50: you said "Xorg has a delay loading because mcookie/getrandom() isn't returning a random number due to low entropy." - is this actually what was rptined on scrren or these (at least partially?) conclusions you have made?21:50
en50tomreyn, lightdm and gdm both had a strange delay that seemed to resolve itself after changing VT and typing some text--it would just popup at random if I was actively typing something.21:50
en50tomreyn, I set the boot default to multi-user instead of graphical, and then tried a simple 'startx' which had the exact same delay21:51
Ben64i don't see how that makes it related to entropy21:51
en50tomreyn, 'startx' would hang for an indefinite amount of time without any errors. I looked through the 'startx' script and found it was hanging at the call to xauth/mcookie21:51
en50So instead of doing 'startx' the next boot, I just ran mcookie, and lo and behold, it hung just like xorg, returning a random number only after typing a little or changing virtual terminals.21:52
algidanyone have any idea how to get terminator to open on my secondary display?21:52
en50I ran an strace on mcookie, and found it was stuck on the getrandom() kernel call21:52
blackflowen50: install haveged if you have entropy issues21:52
blackflow!info haveged21:53
ubottuhaveged (source: haveged): Linux entropy source using the HAVEGE algorithm. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9.1-6 (bionic), package size 28 kB, installed size 72 kB (Only available for linux-any)21:53
tomreynblackflow: they already did21:53
en50blackflow, yes, haveged solved the issue21:53
blackflowoh, k. don't see it mentioned in the backscroll. nvm.21:53
en50What I really don't understand is why the system is low on entropy with the latest kernel update.21:54
tomreynen50: okay, i'm not entirely convinced that it's related to entropy, yet, but it would be good to point this out.21:54
Ben64i'm updating my laptop now to see if i get a different result21:54
en50tomreyn, what else would cause mcookie/getrandom() to hang?21:54
tomreynen50: i don't know, it's just surprising to me that a kernel security patch would reduce entropy21:55
en50tomreyn, well, I didn't really know anything about entropy before trying to figure this out, so I'm a little puzzled too.21:55
en50tomreyn, I'm not 100% certain it was the kernel update that did it, but it does work on the previous kernel21:56
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Ben64my laptop pulled in 4.15.0-2521:59
en50Ben64, apt says everything's up to date at 4.15.0-2422:00
tomreynen50: this would be the kernel patch we'Re talking about: https://usn.ubuntu.com/3695-1/22:01
Ben64oh, -25 is in proposed22:02
tomreynBen64: can you check its changelog? packages.ubuntu.com still thinks -23 is the latest22:02
Ben64well, -24 gets me into gui within 20 seconds from boot22:03
Ben64so i'm not even seeing your issue22:03
tomreynon bug #1779476 which en50 pointed to, lspci was requested, returning https://launchpadlibrarian.net/377005312/lspci.txt22:04
ubottubug 1779476 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 18.04: gdm3 does not switch to graphics after update" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/177947622:04
tomreynquite the amd system22:04
tomreynen50: what's your hardware?22:05
en50tomreyn, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga22:06
en50Intel core i722:06
Ben64still within 20 secs from boot to gui on -2522:06
tomreynhmm very different then22:06
tomreyn...the hardware22:06
tomreynen50: i don't know... report a new bug, and point out how you worked areound it and that it *may* be similar to 177947622:08
raidghostto make a /home/ on ssd at installation. And after installation make /mnt/raid/home/ copy /home/ to /mnt/raid/home/ and make a symlink so /home/ links to /mnt/raid/home22:10
raidghostIs that Tricky and not recommanded?22:10
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tomreynraidghost: why dont you install the way you want to have it in the end?22:15
tomreynraidghost: also, why not mount whatever you mount to /mnt/raid/home to /home instead ?22:16
raidghosttomreyn: the 240GB drive is not big enought to set some /home22:17
raidghostSo i thought of using space from my raid as /home space22:17
raidghostaah. mount raid as /home ? :P22:18
t_bye, Good night Ybuntu22:19
tomreynraidghost: this may be an option. i don't know what the drives you have there, are.22:19
en50tomreyn, thank you; I just posted what I've found in the comments section on that bug report, so at least others might be able to benefit in the meantime while I continue trying to figure out the code that caused the problem.22:20
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bapaGosh, 18.04.1 can't come soon enough. These freeeezes. If only I was not dumb enough to write a tool to get a core dump of gnome-shell when my thingy freezes for like 2 mins. ;_;22:27
bpyeHey, so I have a weird issue22:28
bpyeOn boot my network doesn't come up, this delays boot because it waits to time out and also means no network which sucks, however, if I run dhclient eno1 once booted, it gets it's IP immediately22:29
bpyeI'm really confused, I've basically taken this machine and put it on a different network, but I don't know why that's killed DHCP22:29
bpyeThis is running 16.04 server22:29
hfpHey, I am converting my storage to zfs so I have done all that with a livecd and now I have a mirror vdev ready to go. But how do I tell my ubuntu to mount this zfs pool now? It's not with fstab so where? I want to mount the datasets where my drives were originally so that the applications on the server can't tell the difference once it reboots with the zfs pool22:53
blackflowhfp: you run zpool import and all datasets on it with canmount=auto property will mount to their respective points23:05
blackflowhfp: in addition, /etc/zfs/zpool.cache will remember the import for next boot, and automount it23:05
blackflowmaman: /quit23:07
hfpblackflow: cool, can I do this in a chroot from the livecd?23:18
AnswerGuyJust setting up my first preseed/PXE installation for 18.04 (bionic) ... noticed that change from ipupdown to netplan; wonder how we're supposed to indicate configuration of eth1 in our preseed files23:38
blackflowhfp: yup23:38
AnswerGuyAlternatively, how do I force systemd-networkd to re-reach the tree of .yaml settings from /etc/netplan?23:39
donofriodoes this mean bad things? "ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGL.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored."23:45
AnswerGuyBTW: I configure these to use the old eth0 eth1 names and I'm curious what I need to do to get d-i to create a configuratio like: /lib/systemd/network/99-default.link for eth1 as well as eth023:47
AnswerGuydonofrio: it sounds like you have some program trying to LD_PRELOAD a shared library that you don't (no longer?) have on your system.23:49

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