OvenWerksEickmeyer: I have an addition to -controls that will turn up and unmute speakers when the phones are unplugged. However from what you have said... I am not sure it would help you. It doesn't work on my son's computer either (laptop) which shows not headphone or speakers levels in the mixer.01:22
EickmeyerOvenWerks: :/01:22
OvenWerksThere is a utility called hda_analizer.py That shows a bunch of pin stuff01:23
EickmeyerIf I may throw some good news your way, I managed to package Cadence, and Catia can be installed separately, so it looks like we have a viable replacement for Patchage.01:23
OvenWerks I am told it should hold some keys01:24
OvenWerksThat does sound good.01:24
OvenWerksNow to add it to the repo...01:24
EickmeyerI just need to clean it up to make lintian happy. Also, I packaged the latest version of the Calf plugins that fixes a bug that causes Ardour to crash.01:25
EickmeyerMight require less cleanup since I used leftovers from the package in the repo.01:25
OvenWerksThere have been more comments about https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/AudioHandbook/UsingVSTPlugins 01:26
EickmeyerI was trying to get Carla's wine bridges to work, but alas, there's a ton of work that would go into it.01:26
OvenWerks""Next, download a VST. Here is a remarkable and very popular free  synth from British vendor U-He"01:26
OvenWerks16:08 < rgareus> uhm, except U-he is not British and there are native Linux versions  of the plugins01:26
EickmeyerYeah, native VST versions. VST != Windows only.01:27
OvenWerksThere are still, somehow, people using ubuntu who think the latest Ardour is 2.*01:28
OvenWerksThe screen shots for Ardour in the handbook are way out of date too. I don't remember the mix strip ever looking like that :)01:30
EickmeyerI just s/British/German01:32
EickmeyerI"m looking at the mix strip now, and it looks very similar, just different colors. He left the fader out.01:34
EickmeyerI could probably sub it out.01:34
OvenWerksThe buttons are differently placed too. Probably not a really big deal01:35
EickmeyerIt translates well, tbh.01:35
OvenWerksThe write up on VST plugins should be changed somewhat I think.01:36
OvenWerksIt shouldl at least not say that vst plugins are not available for linux because that is just wrong01:37
OvenWerksAs of vst3 linux is even officially supported.01:37
EickmeyerYeah. I'll make the changes.01:37
OvenWerks(by Steinberg)01:37
EickmeyerVST isn't proprietary anymore, is it?01:38
OvenWerksYes it is, but there is a GPL api version.01:38
OvenWerksvst2 is officially not there any more. Steinberg is actively going after people who create new plugins for it.01:39
OvenWerksyour problem with Carla and wine may be 32bit vs 64bit.01:42
OvenWerkswine that is01:42
OvenWerksa lot of win vst are 32bit.01:43
OvenWerks You will want to make any wine lib you pull in match whatever LMMS pulls in.01:43
EickmeyerThat's part of the problem. The other part is that I couldn't get the bridge to compile properly because of an error in WINE.01:44
EickmeyerI just made changes to the VST plugins section that remove references to wine or 32-bit. That section could, honetly, eventually be removed. I might rewrite it to include effects plugins as well.01:46
OvenWerksThe only windows program I have ever used in linux is hulls.exe01:50
OvenWerksIt is the only one that has run well for me.01:51
OvenWerksFor anything else there has been something in Linux that worked for me01:52
EickmeyerYeah, that's why I haven't done much with Waves plugins like my co-worker, because LV2 plugins work well for me.01:52
EickmeyerHonestly, if it's possible to get LinVST packaged, that might be the way to go for people who want to use Windows VST plugins.01:54
EickmeyerBut, I'm not going to waste my energy on it yet.01:54
EickmeyerI'm just happy to get Calf 0.90.0 and Cadence packaged. I think I'll be done for the evening.01:56
OvenWerksdoes our version of Ardour include the a-* plugins?02:13
OvenWerksa-fluidsynth has replaced my last use for calf.02:15
krytarikhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/cosmic/amd64/ardour/filelist - appears to be so.02:18
OvenWerksYa, the show up when I open Ardour, just wanted to make sure that wasn't because I also build Ardour src02:19
krytarikI see.02:19
OvenWerksMy Harrison plugins don't show though... maybe I haven't imported them from my 16.04 yet02:21
OvenWerksmy keys are there...02:22
OvenWerkswe don't seem to set LV2PATH02:38
OvenWerkshu, "All runlevel operations denied by policy21:19
OvenWerksinvoke-rc.d: policy-rc.d denied execution of reload.21:19
OvenWerksthen listed are a number of cups packages... I am guessing cups updating is half done.21:25

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