studio-user677Hello! My Ubuntu Studio 16.04LTS try to start desktop and then freezes: Time in clock indicator stops running and grey desktop without wallpaper shows up. Mouse cursor is available and responsive but clicking is not. This happened after Software Update.14:24
studio-user677Can someone please try and help how to undo those software updates which i suspect broke something. I used program called "Software" and there was some part that stated that updates were available for "system stability, security and performance". I regret now for not using the synaptic package manager, which has never been a problem!14:35
studio-user677Even telling me how to search web and get results for this exact problem would be appreciated.14:53
Eickmeyerstudio-user677: Sounds like something might be wrong with the Xfce desktop. For those issues, I highly recommend joining #xubuntu to see if anyone there can help.15:49
studio-user677Eickmeyer: Thank you for you suggestion.16:05
OvenWerksstudio-user667: have you tried <ctl><alt>F2 from 6the login screen? Then sudo apt-get -f install (or is it sudo apt-get install -f)17:00
OvenWerksIf you get that far, then sudo apt-get update17:01
OvenWerksthen sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:01
OvenWerksJust in case there is something that did not get updated properly17:02

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