dreamon__hello. want to use a gtk3 programm called tilix. but its having such a ugly big window upper frame where window title is standing. Is it possible to configure gtk3 design in xubuntu?06:24
diogenes_dreamon__, gotta screenshot?06:28
dreamon__diogenes_, http://pasteall.org/pic/66b280d20c0070597853024d6997b88306:31
dreamon__normally I have a very little titlebar.06:32
diogenes_dreamon__, oh, this is gnome-shell desing, they don't use native system decorations for windows06:34
diogenes_dreamon__, you could try to look in dconf-editor, maybe you will be able to find some settings for that.06:35
dreamon__are all gnome-shell design such ugly. cant I change this design to a different one.?06:36
Axzercionyes, they're all that ugly. Remmina has it too nowadays06:37
dreamon__Axzercion, remmina shows it normally, here.06:38
Axzercionwhat version of remmina are you using?06:38
AxzercionI'm running, though I'm not sure when they changed the window title bar06:40
dreamon__big titlebar I cannot understand. loosing so much space. in tilix I loose a important centimeter to press "OK" button ..so have to move the window up and down by pressing ALT06:42
Jedee2011hello guys, can someone help out with a graphics question?07:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:00
Jedee2011i'm currently on a AMD graphics card, and soon upgrading to my 4k intel card08:00
Jedee2011how can i reset all the graphic stuff?08:01
pmjdebruijnthat a rather vague question08:01
pmjdebruijn"reset all the graphics stuff"?08:01
pmjdebruijndefine graphics stuff08:01
pmjdebruijndefine all08:01
Jedee2011sorry :) fairly new at this08:01
pmjdebruijnno problem, just elaborate08:02
pmjdebruijndid you install the amd blob driver?08:02
Jedee2011all the workspaces, panel sizes08:02
pmjdebruijnno clue08:02
Jedee2011i'm on a 24 inch full hd monitor now, and getting a 32 inch omdel08:02
pmjdebruijnprobably just cleanup ~/.config/xfce08:02
pmjdebruijnit's just config files08:03
Jedee2011ah !08:03
pmjdebruijnthey're human readable08:03
pmjdebruijnso if you view them, you can a set of what you'll be resetting by removing them08:03
pmjdebruijni'd suggest always just moving them to another dir08:03
pmjdebruijnso you can put them back if things go badly wrong08:03
Jedee2011so copy the config file to a safe place, delete the current log in and out?08:04
Jedee2011and reconfigure?08:04
pmjdebruijnI would guess so08:05
pmjdebruijnnever did it myself08:05
Jedee2011sorry a real noob here, first time ever to ask this08:05
pmjdebruijnjust have no personal experience doing this either08:05
Jedee2011pmjdebruin feeling like a sukkel :D08:05
pmjdebruijnI just know those are the relevant files08:05
Jedee2011i've done a search on the web for this but very old results and getting into coding and the terminal, quite overwhelming for a noob08:07
Jedee2011i've not have found a "restore from install" button08:08
Jedee2011Xubuntu is great to work with :)08:11
pmjdebruijnmoving file from ~/.config/xfce4 should work08:13
pmjdebruijnjust browse around frist to get a feeling what's what08:14
Jedee2011great ! thanks ! i've not known that it was just as simple, move the config file08:14
Jedee2011i'm Dutch and the word is i'm a sukkel  ( moron)08:15
Jedee2011thanks all !08:16
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Guest30531hi, i'm new in xubuntu an linux in general12:17
Guest30531i'm traying to install npm but the terminal keep saying "change media: insert the disk lavel as  «Xubuntu 18.04 LTS _Bionic Beaver_ - Release amd64 (20180426)» en la unidad «/media/cdrom/» y pulse [Enter]"12:19
diogenes_Guest30531, have you installed xubuntu or you're using the live session?12:38
Guest30531i installed it13:27
rhaguHi, I just installed xubuntu 18.04 on a macmini which was running lubuntu 16.04 prior to this. After the reinstall I have trouble to connect to my samba shares on a ubuntu 16.04 server. My iMac with OSX can still connect. smbclient gives me this output: "Error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED"14:10
rhaguIn thunar I can access a different workgroup without a problem14:12
studio-user677Hello! My Ubuntu Studio 16.04LTS try to start desktop and then freezes: Time in clock indicator stops running and grey desktop without wallpaper shows up. Mouse cursor is available and responsive but clicking is not. This happened after Software Update.16:08
studio-user677 Can someone please try and help how to undo those software updates which I suspect broke something. I used program called "Software" and there was some part that stated that updates were available for "system stability, security and performance".16:09
studio-user677I regret now for not using the synaptic package manager, which has never been a problem!16:10
diogenes_studio-user677, run: cat /var/log/apt/history.log | nc termbin.com 999916:14
diogenes_paste here the link you get16:15
studio-user677diogenes_: How to run that command when there is no response from desktop? I have tried open the "terminal" (or what was it called?) with "ctrl+t" and "alt+t" and "ctrl+alt+t" but nothing happens. Everything is stuck. I'm now writing this from different operating system.16:23
diogenes_studio-user677, try: ctrl+alt+f1/2/3/416:25
studio-user677diogenes_: Ok. I must write down your instructions because I'm on multiboot and I have to reboot this machine to try it out.16:32
studio-user677diogenes_: ...oh, and thank you.16:34
studio-user667diogenes: Hi. I was here logged in with perhaps different user-name but I'm the one who got that ubuntu studio start up problem. Here is the link you asked16:54
studio-user667diogenes_: http//termbin.com/c98nd16:55
studio-user667diogenes_: http://termbin.com/c98nd16:56
diogenes_ugh, quite a lot of updates, seems like even a system upgrade16:59
diogenes_studio-user667, you could try to choose the advanced option when booting and try to boot a previous kernel17:02
studio-user667diogenes_: Been there done that.17:03
diogenes_one last try would be to boot again with ctrl+alt+f1 and run: mv $HOME/.config $HOME/.config.bak17:04
diogenes_reboot again17:04
studio-user667diogenes_: I wonder are these "snap" updates somehow conflicting. But anyway, I'll try what you suggested even I don't understand what all that means. I definitely should have invent a proper username here for starters.17:12
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Johannes97May I ask for xubuntuspecific help if you have ever encountered the same problem?18:51
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:52
Johannes97I've encountered this problem the first time with Spotify. The software opens a playback-stream but on creation it is muted.18:53
Johannes97Also if a new stream gets created alongside the already existing and manually unmuted stream of the software, the unmuted stream of the software will get muted again Later today I noticed that the videoplayer parole and VLC are also affected. Firefox and Teamspeak3 are not affected at all.18:53
Johannes97related > https://i.imgur.com/4eYgQpVl.png18:53
Johannes97Short version: "playback-streams are muted on creation with most software"18:55
diogenes_Johannes97, try this: pkexec mousepad /etc/pulse/default.pa and cooment out this: #load-module module-role-cork18:57
diogenes_reboot afterwards18:57
Johannes97_It did work, thank you very much19:04
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