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Guest80240hi... how to access samba share folder from kubuntu00:33
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BluesKajHey folks11:56
BluesKajhi diogenes_, what's happening?12:03
diogenes_BluesKaj, total complete madness :)12:39
someone_Problem :: after I installed updates, the right click does not work with Okular  .13:00
BluesKajdiogenes_, how so ?13:08
diogenes_BluesKaj, i wish i know.13:10
someone_Guys anyone has faced the same problem with Okular after the last update ?13:11
BluesKajsomeone_, seems the only option with right click on okular is "add bookmark"13:24
someone_BluesKaj  I need it to copy. but Do you have the same problem ?13:25
BluesKajyes, it seems so13:27
BluesKajsomeone_, try tools tab>selection tool13:29
someone_OK, thanks.13:31
hangar18how can i permanently turn off the trackpad on my laptop? do i need dconfig to do so?14:56
BluesKajhangar18, system settings>input devices>touchpad>Touchpad>Enable/Disable Touchpad tab(assume that's what you mean by trackpad) ,15:03
hangar18blueskaj: yeah, i've done that already but when i suspend my session and come back to it, the trackpad's reactivated and i've got to shut it down and turn it back on just to keep it off. i read elsewhere that going into the BIOS is an option.15:07
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SzykCechIs Kubuntu 30bit color depht ready?!? I mean 10bit per color?!? I wonder if Kubuntu can take full advantage of Radeon Pro and 4k 1G colours monitors?!?15:26
SzykCechI swear you if I don't get satysfy answer!!!!15:32
SzykCechI swear you if I don't get satisfy answer!!!!15:33
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DragnslcrTerry Pratchett was right about multiple exclamation marks15:37
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BluesKajSzykCech, google is your friend too15:39
DragnslcrAs far as I can tell, it's handled by the graphics driver and individual applications, so I don't think it's a Kubuntu or KDE issue15:43
jubo2Hello and thanks for the awesome OS15:56
jubo2Does the Kmail 5.5.3 actually work? I installed an IMAP account but clicking on inbox does nothing ... the main screen just shows an ad about all the nice new features in this version15:57
jubo2How can I see my mail in Kmail?15:57
jubo2restarted Kmail and now it shows something but the UI is messed up with a empty white box hiding most of the main view16:00
jubo2ok the white box is for displaying the messages when selecting.. my bad complaining about that16:27
BluesKajjubo2, you're not bad, just mistaken17:17
viewer|49480please help me ,i am new to LINUX word ,i am trying to install cisco packet tracer in kubuntu  18.04 but after successful installation when i try to open packet tracer via terminal am getting following error "/usr/local/bin/packettracer: line 8:  3035 Aborted                 (core dumped) ./PacketTracer7 "$@" > /dev/null 2>&117:54
diogenes_viewer|49480, what does it do?17:55
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thatfossguyHey, has kubuntu gotten plasma 5.13 yet?, I know they where waiting for some qt stuff before putting it in the backorts22:57
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> No 5.13 yet, still waiting for QT to land.23:21
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