jcuba89hello, i need help00:01
krytarikJust asking might be a viable option here.00:04
jcuba89thanks. I am trying to execute kiwix, andit doesnt do anything. What can i do?00:06
jcuba89iam using lubuntu 180400:06
jcuba89kiwix is an offline wikipedia reader and it was working fine in l 160400:07
JJ_I need help. I am trying to execte an app and it doesnt do anything00:17
JJ_i am using lubuntu 180400:17
tsimonq2!patience | JJ_00:20
ubottuJJ_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/00:20
tsimonq2!patience | JJ_00:20
tsimonq2What steps are you using to try?00:20
JJ_i download kiwix from the official web00:21
JJ_then i open the folder00:21
tsimonq2Maybe ask them.00:21
tsimonq2Kiwix is not supported software by Lubuntu.00:22
JJ_I heard00:22
JJ_that sucks00:22
JJ_and i dont understand00:22
JJ_kiwix is free software00:22
sklei4Oh, they left. It's pretty straight forward. You need to run the binary. :P02:53
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holywaterwhere can i leave suggestions for software?07:15
holywaterto be included in default lubuntu install07:15
holywatercalcoo sounds like a good replacement for galculator, gdmap would be a good inclusion, xarchiver seems to be a good substitute for file-roller, gpaint is pretty good alternative to mtpaint (easier to use too), feh instead of gpicview, mupdf instead of evince07:23
holywatercamorama instead of guvcview, mpvs instead of gnome-mpv07:30
tsimonq2holywater: The LXDE edition of Lubuntu is in maintenance modenow that we've switched to LXQt.09:13
tsimonq2Thanks though.09:13
jk^hi all12:08
jk^i'm on lubuntu 16.04.4. How to set password at startup? In "Users and groups" it is setted on "Ask password on startup" but it doesn't ask me anything https://drive.google.com/file/d/12p9LrUwzPLdO9ewTFN5SDB4PhUGINM3v/view?usp=sharing12:09
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_Aeden_I installed Lubuntu, but there is this ugly uncustomizable taskbar that I want to turn to flat black and beautiful taskbar21:32
_Aeden_Is there a way to do that, or do I have to install a dock ?21:32
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