ubptgbot<amolith> @pjnaraujo, Welcome, Paulo! Check out ubports.com/telegram-welcome to get you started and feel free to ask any questions you may have here or in our Welcome & Install room! 🙂 … I've got to leave so I won't be able to help you if you need it but I'm someone will be around soon who can!00:34
ubptgbot<mateosalta> hm, anyone crashing on attempting enabling developer mode on latest dev02:15
ubptgbot<Ern_st> Nope :) tried yesterday on a fresh nexus 4 xenial devzl install02:20
ubptgbot<mateosalta> cool, thanks. I think my phone is worse for wear after bricking it and bringing it back then...02:22
ubptgbot<John_athan> Will it work , If i install anbox via libertine and install android app there03:01
ubptgbot<budheswarbaghel> @UniversalSuperBox, I think you only talk about ubuntu touch here03:08
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @budheswarbaghel, Yep, that's the point03:14
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @John_athan, No03:14
ubptgbot<mateosalta> @John_athan, https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/dailyuse/anbox.html03:23
ubptgbot<mateosalta> not with libertine though, and curently on the tablet or pro 5 only03:24
ubptgbot<Ern_st> What is a storage provider for unity8 ?03:24
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @Ern_st, What do you mean?03:25
ubptgbot<mateosalta> like filesystem format?03:25
ubptgbot<Ern_st> I just found this : https://github.com/unity8-team/storage-provider-webdav03:26
ubptgbot<Ern_st> Not really sure how would it work...03:26
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Well, that makes three of us03:26
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Probably something that was meant for the newer version of Unity803:27
ubptgbot<Ern_st> looks like the account service ...03:27
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Mixes in with Online Accounts03:27
ubptgbot<mateosalta> maybe it mounts your nextcloud folders in filemanager?03:27
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Kinda like Documents for GNOME, I'd posture.03:27
ubptgbot<mateosalta> they are't very descriptive with the readme's03:28
ubptgbot<Ern_st> Hum interesting03:28
ubptgbot<Ern_st> nope at all...03:28
ubptgbot<mateosalta> https://github.com/unity8-team/storage-framework03:28
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> unity8-team is not owned by us03:29
ubptgbot<Ern_st> the commit title helps a bit03:29
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> And the maintainers seem to be... Gone.03:29
ubptgbot<Ern_st> Yes03:29
ubptgbot<mateosalta> might be some intresting stuff laying around03:29
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> I'd import it from Launchpad directly if there is03:30
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> I know I'm paranoid, but you can rewrite a Git history without anyone knowing03:30
ubptgbot<Ern_st> Yes could be interesting ...03:31
ubptgbot<mateosalta> reallly excited about the hud and appmenu03:38
ubptgbot<mateosalta> imagine all the libertine apps with instead of small menu bar, a drop down indicator on the top left with all the menu items03:39
ubptgbot<Ern_st> @mateosalta, What, where ?03:50
ubptgbot<jonny> @TartanSpartan, 👍05:58
ubptgbot<Flohack> @amolith, A normal distro does not make it so easy to install 3rd party software, as most stuff comes from the distro repos. Ubuntu does not have an app store, and app stores can be source of a lot of troubles, even on Android an iOS despite a very complex security model. Canonical wanted to compete with them, so its clear the06:06
ubptgboty dont do it like on Desktop. Not only for Techies who know what they do.06:06
ubptgbot<amolith> @Flohack, I didn't even think about software only really being in the repos. I'm so used to Arch I forget that you have to compile from source or use a PPA to get a lot of stuff on other distros. It makes sense now; thank you for the explanation. Looking at it like that, AppArmor does seem like a more logical choice06:20
ubptgbot<padraic7a> @mateosalta, Oh that could be great06:55
ubptgbotMyKeLu was added by: MyKeLu07:19
ubptgbot<advocatux> @MyKeLu, Hi Michael Lu, welcome! Take a look to https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome to get you up to speed 👍07:25
ubptgbot<NYL91> Anyone managed to hack apple carplay protocol?07:45
ubptgbot<NYL91> To fool the headunits and display ubtouch or any other os on them?07:46
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> @UniversalSuperBox, Ok, my bad.08:23
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> @jonny, I know you've been waiting for me to dive into this particular pool ;)08:25
ubptgbotMarius Bude was added by: tone3608:30
ubptgbot<vanyasem> btw has anyone considered the possibility of not very good people compiling vivid apps for xenial manually and reuploading their clicks to the openstore (thus impersonating the apps)?09:10
ubptgbot<advocatux> Yes, I know Brian takes into account every possible scenario 👍09:18
ubptgbot<Bolly> Welcome @tone36 !!! Check out this to get you started! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or in our Welcome and Install room! https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome10:13
ubptgbot<VeryOriginalUsername> How do I start libertine apps?10:49
ubptgbot<VeryOriginalUsername> I installed some with settings gui yet no idea how to start them10:50
ubptgbot<neothethird> go to the home screen, swipe up from the bottom, select the star next to the legacy apps scope, go to the home screen again, swipe left, select the apps in the scope10:50
ubptgbot<VeryOriginalUsername> Thanks10:51
ubptgbot<neothethird> 👍10:53
ubptgbot<Kirill> installed the previous release of telegrams, still hangs at the input numbers10:57
ubptgbotk000028 was added by: k00002811:05
ubptgbotholmes465 was added by: holmes46511:10
ubptgbot<holmes465> is there a way to port halium (UBports) with lineageos 15.1?11:10
ubptgbot<NotKit> not yet, but Sailfish is mostly working with 15.1, so if you want to pave the way, you could try11:18
ubptgbot<holmes465> Sailfish based on Halium, right?11:21
ubptgbot<Quantumechanic> @holmes465, Yes 🙈11:23
ubptgbot<holmes465> Hm11:23
ubptgbot<vanyasem> @holmes465, no.11:23
ubptgbot<vanyasem> sailfish is based on Mer, which is more than just the HAL. Mer could theoretically use Halium, but it doesn't atm11:24
ubptgbot<vanyasem> They share a common hybris base though, but not directly compatible11:24
ubptgbot<vanyasem> Halium doesn't support lineage 15.1 at all now. only cm 12.1 and lineage 14.111:24
ubptgbot<vanyasem> iirc it was described somewhere on halium.org11:25
ubptgbot<dohbee> @vanyasem, You can't upload under someone else's namespace I hope.11:33
ubptgbot<vanyasem> @dohbee, Nobody can stop me from changing the name of the app11:33
ubptgbot<vanyasem> And reuploading it under my name11:33
ubptgbot<vanyasem> It's a valid concern assuming half of vivid apps won't be recompiled for xenial by their original maintainers11:33
ubptgbot<vanyasem> At least at the start11:34
ubptgbot<dohbee> @UniversalSuperBox, It was meant to provide an API for apps to use, so you could save data to SD card, in webdav, etc...11:35
ubptgbot<dohbee> @vanyasem, Yes, but how is this a problm really? You can do that in Android, sailfish, etc... And could under canonical store too. It may even be necessary in some cases if a new person needs to take ownership11:37
ubptgbot<vanyasem> @dohbee, Well it might be a problem if an original maintainer is still active, but just hasn't recompiled the app yet11:38
ubptgbot<vanyasem> That might lead to duplicates11:38
ubptgbot<padraic7a> @dohbee, Is there lots of work left to bring it to a workable level do you think?11:38
ubptgbot<dohbee> @padraic7a, Yes11:39
ubptgbot<padraic7a> That's a shame.11:39
ubptgbot<dohbee> @vanyasem, Maybe, but we're small enough, and open enough, I wouldn't worry about it11:39
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> @dohbee, https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/75711:54
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> Did it.11:54
ubptgbot<VeryOriginalUsername> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/jcQlEm5t.mp411:55
ubptgbot<padraic7a> No, that's the way to do it. There is a current bug report open : https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/74811:56
ubptgbot<advocatux> @vanyasem this is Brian's answer to your question about "not very good people" :)12:26
ubptgbot<advocatux> Fwd from bhdouglass: Its not possible for someone to upload a xenial app with the same id as an existing vivid app, so there wouldn't be an automatic upgrade. Now of course someone could always publish it under a different id. This is also the reason you can't delete an app from the OpenStore, only unpublish it (prevents bad12:26
ubptgbot people from uploading an app under the same id)12:26
ubptgbot<vanyasem> well it12:26
ubptgbot<vanyasem> [Edit] well it's not really an answer, it's an explanation of the problem :P12:26
ubptgbot<advocatux> I'm just a messenger :D12:27
ubptgbot<vanyasem> and well my thing was not really a question12:27
ubptgbot<vanyasem> to answer it in the first place :P12:27
ubptgbot<advocatux> lol12:27
ubptgbot<dohbee> @vanyasem, looks like a question to me12:28
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> @padraic7a, The current libertine-scope branch is broken. I installed latest package from a previous branch and it works fine :)12:35
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/JCy4LApW.null12:35
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> Use sudo dpkg -i12:36
ubptgbot<SRIDHARDV> Fwd from SRIDHARDV: Hi team is there any progress on Xiaomi Redmi 3s... … Am asking bcoz the device file is already there in halium-devices->manifest12:51
ubptgbot<SRIDHARDV> Fwd from SRIDHARDV: As progress for porting to xiaomi redmi 3s,  boot-hybris is completed and system image is ongoing...12:51
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> @nfsprodriver will this give a Libertine scope on Xenial?12:55
ubptgbot<SRIDHARDV> @SRIDHARDV, Device Code name as "land"12:56
ubptgbot<vanyasem> @SRIDHARDV, @rupansh weren't you working on that one?13:16
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> @vanyasem, Did someone call 'not very good people' ?? Thats my middle name! And I can probably build a team of not so good people! Yay not so good!13:18
ubptgbot<vanyasem> @wayneoutthere, what.13:19
ubptgbot<rupansh> @vanyasem, Ye13:33
ubptgbot<rupansh> My server died13:33
ubptgbot<rupansh> I will have to get a new onw13:33
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> @vanyasem, With deep meditation, and 8 hours of sleep my humor shall become accessible to you.13:49
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> @TartanSpartan, Yep13:54
ubptgbot<mattbel10> @wayneoutthere, I like your humor Wayne 😂 I always did...13:55
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> Oh excellent!13:58
ubptgbot<SRIDHARDV> @rupansh, Were ru now in the process... … I have completed halium boot and system build.... … Started flashing....14:13
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> So clearly this scope would have to be installed on a writable device rather than within Libertine as I stupidly first thought. Duh.14:35
ubptgbot<padraic7a> @nfsprodriver, Nice one, thanks14:55
ubptgbotIlya was added by: Ilya15:05
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/mlP5R5XA.mp415:14
ubptgbot<SRIDHARDV> (Photo, 1280x960) https://irc.ubports.com/c0g9w00m.png Hello team... I ported the ubt to xiaomi redmi 3s... In oc Ethernet is connected but unable to connect to ssh.... I can able to ping the ipaddress.... Any one can help me...15:14
ubptgbot<SRIDHARDV> @SRIDHARDV, *oc = *pc15:15
ubptgbot<padraic7a> @nfsprodriver, Ppm15:16
ubptgbot<John_athan> Compass Not working15:23
ubptgbot<mateosalta> @SRIDHARDV, @Ern_st15:24
ubptgbot<mateosalta> (Photo, 960x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/Wp9HLX0b.png15:24
ubptgbot<mateosalta> @Ern_st, ^^15:25
ubptgbot<dohbee> @John_athan, Please stop making arbitrary statements of issue in channel, and instead open issues on GitHub with enough information to work on the issue15:34
ubptgbot<LeoKor> @SRIDHARDV, Standart check-list: … 1) Be sure, openssh-server is installed on host, to which you are trying to connect to; … 2) If openssh-server is installed, check whether it listens to standard port (22).15:34
ubptgbot<John_athan> @dohbee, Is it working for you15:34
ubptgbot<dohbee> @SRIDHARDV, Are you running Ubuntu or just halium?15:34
ubptgbot<SRIDHARDV> @dohbee, Running ubuntu15:35
ubptgbot<dohbee> @SRIDHARDV, Did you enable ssh with `android-gadget-service ssh enable`?15:37
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> He's porting Ubuntu Touch15:39
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @ubports_porting is the place to go for this, @SRIDHARDV15:39
ubptgbot<SRIDHARDV> @UniversalSuperBox, Thank you15:41
ubptgbot<PhoenixLandPirate> @mateosalta, This vs HUD is the question I have. … Would people prefer a swipe from the top left to bring you to those menus, or a HUD system?17:16
ubptgbot<PhoenixLandPirate> Perhaps we should have a vote on the forums?17:17
ubptgbot<Javacookies> i looked at that picture a few times...didn't realize it's about the HUD,LOL17:17
ubptgbot<Javacookies> I would love both maybe17:18
ubptgbot<Javacookies> I love HUD but it's underutilize17:18
ubptgbot<PhoenixLandPirate> well the HUD generally let's you search all these menus without having to look through them all. … Idk how the HUD would work with them, perhaps the user would get an option to have the default left pull, either context menus or the HUD, and if you selected the menus, it would just be a swipe to the left to jump to the hud17:20
ubptgbot<Javacookies> maybe another short vs long wipe? but that could add to the complexity of the gestures I guess17:21
ubptgbot<Javacookies> *swipe17:21
ubptgbot<PhoenixLandPirate> @Javacookies, Long vs short could make sense if we make the HUD small, but when canonical implemented early versions, it took over the screen for a multitude of reasons, the idea was that it'd be more integrated, so for example gimps colour wheel would be in the HUD, as well as sample stuff, how that would work is be17:28
ubptgbotyond me, but its something we should keep in mind before we begin implementing.17:28
ubptgbot<kesha21> Good evening, friends! I'm created a channel about the operating system KaiOS - a new OS for simple button phones. More information about the system you can find on my channel, which will be filled with news, reviews about KaiOS. … t.me/kaios117:28
ubptgbot<vanyasem> gtfo spam17:37
ubptgbot<Jo_Led> @vanyasem, What happened? Already deleted or what ?17:46
ubptgbot<padraic7a> @nfsprodriver, Hi Bjarne, just wondering what branch you installed? Wonder if you would post details to this github issue? https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/74817:53
ubptgbot<vanyasem> @Jo_Led, sure, deleted and perma banned17:56
ubptgbot<MaxKerst> (Sticker, 512x383) https://irc.ubports.com/ZTJETZvL.webp17:57
ubptgbot<mateosalta> @PhoenixLandPirate, Wouldn't it have both, just have search box at the top18:08
ubptgbot<mateosalta> Hm, i think there was a more recent mockup that had that18:09
ubptgbot<PhoenixLandPirate> This was how it was originally proposed, but giving it a more modern design, perhaps it could just be a search bar at the bottom of the context menus, and become something more when you start to search. … https://youtu.be/h384z7Ph0gU?t=4m1s18:19
ubptgbot<Javacookies> I still don't get the marketing of Canonical....it seems like Ubuntu for devices is already "there" and functional based from that video...some of the features shown are not even implemented yet or never LOL18:27
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> You said it well.. marketing18:28
ubptgbot<Javacookies> but don't get me wrong...that video shows the dream for Ubuntu which I still believe in...oh well 😁18:32
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ubptgbot<Bolly> Welcome @abith1012 !!! Check out https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get you started, we have language groups available.18:49
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> The Libertine scope works for Xenial! Praise be upon you for dstributing it @nfsprodriver . Only thing I noticed is for some reason after I rebooted to revoke write permissions, it seemed to be gone. So I had to make it writable and install the .deb over again. Does anyone know why this might be?18:49
ubptgbotnn130001 was added by: nn13000119:00
ubptgbot<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, Huh?19:13
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> Didn't you see the scope .deb he shared upthread earlier today?20:02
ubptgbot<dohbee> yes20:03
ubptgbot<dohbee> and rootfs is readonly normally. so yes of course you need to remount it rw to be able to instlal things which are part of the rootfs, to test.20:04
ubptgbot<dohbee> and after you reboot, yes obviously itw ould be ro again20:04
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> But if it was read-write and you rebooted, the things you wrote should be there20:04
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> That's the question.20:04
ubptgbot<dohbee> well they are20:05
ubptgbot<dohbee> the only way they wouldn't be, is if you installed a .deb which was part of the system image, and also updated the system image, simultaneously20:05
ubptgbot<dohbee> so you installed a deb. rebooted, performed a system upgrade, which included a newer version of the thing you just replaced20:06
ubptgbot<dohbee> then yes, reboot would "replace" what you just installed20:06
ubptgbot<dohbee> so does @TartanSpartan have an actual problem? or just some confusion about how the rootfs works?20:07
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> I set the image to writable, installed the .deb, tested the scope and it worked, went to UT Tweak Tool and hit the slider to revoke write permissions which necessitated a reboot, logged back in and then tested the scope again, it's gone. Have to repeat the process everytime I reboot from what I can see. Arale 16.04 RC-2/2018-W20:17
ubptgbot27. I haven't been performing system upgrades.20:17
ubptgbot<ignorare> Guys, I need a PDF reader app very urgent! Sturm Reader can not open such files... :-(20:54
ubptgbot<ignorare> Any recommendations?20:54
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> https://open-store.io/app/com.ubuntu.developer.bobo1993324.pdfjsviewer20:55
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Does this work?20:56
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Wait, 15.04 or 16.0420:56
ubptgbot<ignorare> 15.0420:57
ubptgbot<ignorare> In OpenStore there is PdfjsViewer and Document Viewer, which is better?20:57
ubptgbot<sergiusens> @dohbee, Only if the delta overwrote those bits, which why in the long run,this practise is not a good one for users given the potential for e.g.; library skew20:57
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> @ignorare, pdfsviewer21:17
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @ignorare, Whichever works. :)21:18
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @Flohack, is Weblate expected to flush translations to the docs soon?21:18
ubptgbot<YougoChats> @ignorare, For just pdf, pdfjsviewer. For all sorts of documents choose Document Viewer, it's powered by libreoffice (-kit)21:30
ubptgbot<Flohack> @UniversalSuperBox, Yeah I found the mistake21:31
ubptgbot<Flohack> The cron was meh since a file was missing exec rights21:31
ubptgbot<Flohack> For no reason, it worked before21:31
ubptgbot<Flohack> So actually it should have pushed smth last night, if not, I need to take a look21:32
ubptgbot<YougoChats> Is File manager getting daily updates on 16.04? Or is there a version mismatch between the Open Store and the OTA images? I'm on FP2, 16.04/devel r37321:42
ubptgbot<YougoChats> File manager version:21:43
ubptgbot<ignorare> Thank you guys!! :-)21:43
ubptgbot<YougoChats> (Photo, 1920x1080) https://irc.ubports.com/2ltBzrKa.png21:43
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> Anyone interested in the hw info tool aida64? We may contact finalwire for a reupload to the OpenStore because it's proprietary.21:44
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> @YougoChats, I think there is a bug since we received the new version and the deb is still present in the system21:45
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> Also think so21:47
ubptgbot<amolith> What would it take to get KDE Connect on UT?21:49
ubptgbot<YougoChats> @malditobastardo, Are you saying that since the file manager is in the open store it should no longer be in be system image?21:49
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> Ah wait, that's because ubutnu doesn't delete "newer" verions from the click dir.21:49
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> You may run ``` sudo rm -rf /opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.filemanager/0.5.622-94b0712```21:50
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> I would very much like to see Aida64 avaiable for Xenial and OpenStore, yes.21:51
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/OYhX65NH.null21:51
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> Built for myself...21:52
ubptgbot<YougoChats> Will that remove the open store one or the system image one? If it removes the system image one, won't it just be back next OTA?21:52
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> If you have installed the filemanager app some time ago, it used git revision numbers. If you didn't uninstall that version it keeps on system and will be rerecognized every reboot. Click's can't be "downgraded".21:58
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> I created a PR with 0.5.800, which should be defenetely the highest version number.21:58
ubptgbot<nfsprodriver> Hope that will fix it for everyone...21:59
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @Flohack, Docs are not updated22:00
ubptgbot<amolith> Does UT have any NFC capabilities?22:36
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Libhybris does, UT does not.22:37
ubptgbot<VeryOriginalUsername> That's a good feature to add, though22:38
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Go for it22:38
ubptgbot<VeryOriginalUsername> Maybe one day we'll use UTPay xd22:38
ubptgbot<amolith> @UniversalSuperBox, Any possibility of it in the near future? I'm replacing the battery cover of my N5 and ones with the NFC module are more expensive than ones without and I'd rather save the few dollars if it's not coming to UT soon lol22:39
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Given our workload, no. If someone does it, though, sure.22:40
ubptgbot<amolith> @VeryOriginalUsername, I've suggested that before but there are a lot of reasons why it wouldn't be feasible 😉22:40
ubptgbot<amolith> @UniversalSuperBox, Thank you!22:40
ubptgbot<dohbee> @amolith, there are n5 covers without nfc/qi antennas?22:40
ubptgbot<amolith> @dohbee, Yup. I'm looking at one on Ebay right now.22:41
ubptgbot<dohbee> @amolith, weird22:42
ubptgbot<amolith> @dohbee, There are also some with no vibrate module22:42
ubptgbot<amolith> @amolith, Can't find the listing right now to send you a link but the pictures were missing it and the description said nothing about including it like others22:45
ubptgbot<mateosalta> @amolith, the charging still works right?23:02
ubptgbot<amolith> @mateosalta, What do you mean?23:07
ubptgbot<amolith> It still charges fine23:07
ubptgbot<mateosalta> ah, is that seperate from the nfc then23:08
ubptgbot<mateosalta> the contactless charging23:08
ubptgbot<amolith> The cover has just gotten cracked and bent and the snap-things broken in the many times I've disassembled it.23:08
ubptgbot<mateosalta> [Edit] the wireless charging23:08
ubptgbot<amolith> @mateosalta, I have no idea about that; I need to look into it. I was planning to get a wireless charger as well 😕23:09
ubptgbot<mateosalta> hm, looks like they are seperate components. I was under the impression the used the same coil23:14
ubptgbot<mateosalta> hm, https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Nexus+5+Teardown/1901623:14
ubptgbot<amolith> @mateosalta, Looking at step 4, it does look like they're different  … https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Nexus+5+Teardown/1901623:14
ubptgbot<amolith> @mateosalta, 😂23:15
ubptgbot<mateosalta> oh, lol23:15
ubptgbot<mateosalta> ;)23:15
ubptgbot<amolith> Great minds think alike 😉23:15

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