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hggdhoerheks: I think they are testing how far they can go02:45
oerheksyes, we know the drill02:47
lotuspsychjegood morning to all02:51
oerhekshi lotus02:52
oerheksinteresting list https://blog.ubuntu.com/2018/07/03/fresh-snaps-from-june-201802:55
guivercyeah I thought so too, snap installed the quake-sha.. & was wondering why people used to play it for ages... 10+ mins later I was still playing it :)   (& howdy lotuspsychje)02:57
hggdhlotuspsychje: morning02:57
hggdhand... good night to all02:58
oerhekssnap install tmnationsforever corsixth flare-rpg sdlpop pencilsheep shattered-pixel-dungeon02:58
oerheksnn hggdh02:58
lotuspsychjehey oerheks guiverc hggdh03:06
tomreynoerheks: thanks for your review there.04:42
tomreynsoon, infozip will be at 10 years without a stable release ;)04:43
guiverctomreyn - no, that's a very stable release :)04:51
tomreynas stable as the old full backup you took 10 years ago, since when you created incrementals04:52
ducassegood morning06:22
guiverchowdy ducasse :)06:23
ducassehi guiverc :) how are you doing?06:23
guivercgreat thanks ducasse, you?06:24
ducasseok here, thanks - having a cold coke and a cigarette to wake up :)06:25
guiverccold coke.... i haven't done that in decades (though it was pepsi for me)... large hot milo (malt drink) does it for me :)06:27
ducasseit's a periodic thing here, in a little while it will be something else06:30
Bashing-omThe something else for me right now is bed - vice irc . GN all \o06:32
guivercnight Bashing-om06:32
Bashing-omguiverc: We have more fun tomorrow :P06:34
guiverc:)    [  or should that be :(  ]06:34
BluesKajHey folks11:56
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haysright now i have a server mobo, with ecc memory, maxed at 32gb and an onboard 8 port SAS2 controller13:36
haysa pretty good setup--i think memory is the only concern13:37
haysi was looking at the seagates re8 liner13:37
blockflawright, so that should work more than well with a striped mirror or even raidz213:38
hayswith raidz2 i could get up to 50TB of space13:38
haysthat might push me into needing more memory13:39
blockflawnah, don't take that 1GB per TB so strictly13:39
blockflawit all boils down to what's the load profile you want to optimize for13:39
haysdoes zfs let you convert a raidz1 into raidz213:40
haysor maybe build a raidz2 as degraded13:40
blockflawafaik no13:40
haysi kinda want to use one of the drives to migrate my data13:40
blockflawthat's the problem with ZFS, no way to upgrade/downgrade/change a vdev once defined13:40
blockflawbut afaik you _can_ start with a degraded array and add missing drives later13:41
hayswell hot spares are not the worst idea13:41
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blackflowhot spares are nice, you don't have to rush to the server with a replacement.13:43
blackflowand you know when a disk dies, there's that panic that another one is about to go belly up soon13:43
blackflowwhich, incidentally, and against all odds, happened to me once. a 2-way mirror, one disk died, got replaced and while it was resilvering, the other died too.13:44
haysyeah ive had a close call within weeks once13:44
blackflowsince then I said nowai, raidz2 or nothing.13:44
hayshitachi deskstars13:44
blackflowdeathstars?  :)13:45
haysi ordered the ultrastar replacement, put it in and within a few days another one bit the dust13:45
haysyeah, that wasn't the best choice in drive13:45
haysalthough the others have been running for a long time now13:45
blackflowHGST are fine drives these days. if Backblaze stats are to be trusted.13:46
haysi found a procedure to make a degraded array, but looks like you need to make a file the size of one of the disks, which is kind of a non-starter13:46
blackflowhays: on freebsd? you can use the gnop13:47
haysno this will be linux13:47
blackflowon linux... not sure what to use for a sparse file13:47
blackflowoh `truncate`13:47
haysyeah im reading about it13:48
blackflowtrick being to remove it from the array right after zpool created it13:48
blackflowzpool offline and zpool detach if I'm not mistaken13:48
hayshah yes13:48
blackflowright I guess no need to detach, offlining should suffice before 'replace'13:49
haysman lga1150 i dunno i guess it was limited to 32gb.. there's nothing ecc out there in motherboards that goes pst that13:58
hayswow, not even non-ecc14:01
blackflowhays: what do you mean?  https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/X99E_WS/specifications/14:32
blackflowand iX systems is selling 1TB RAM thingies, I'd have to look up the specs on that14:33
haysyeah im talking socket 115014:33
haysif i wanted to try to find a modo that woul take same ram/cpu14:33
haysbut im going to give it a shot14:34
hays10 tb and i think ill try raidz214:34
tomreyn"help!111 i have an issue here!!! but i wont tell you what it is!!!"15:26
BluesKajyeah, seems so15:26
tomreynwe got two of them now ;)15:27
BluesKajI guess we're mind readers15:28
tomreyni'd respond to that, but you can just read my mind15:28
lotuspsychjegood evening to all19:33
hggdhoerheks: sometimes it is simply not worth the time to correct someone21:19
oerheksyes, but sometimes it is worth it :-D21:25
oerheksi am in dubio21:25
oerheksupgrading to 18.04 with 4 desktops, after that removing 3...22:13
daftykinsa user is?22:19
oerheksyes, messing up the system in ##linux, getting help in #u .. without details ofcourse, no, we like guessing22:22

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