raidghostTrying to install Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS on my computer09:49
raidghostEverything seems to go smoooth until install is finnish and been fixing grub and says its time to reboot.09:49
raidghostWhat shows up when booting up after install is finnish is:09:49
raidghostGNU GRUB Version 2.0209:49
raidghostMinimal BASH-like line editing is supported.09:50
raidghostFor the first word, TAB lists possible command completions.09:50
raidghostAnywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions09:51
raidghostRunning system on 2x500GB SSD in raid 1 (where the /boot/efi partition) is not part of the raid.10:01
raidghostFat 32 partition set to 200mb10:02
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Guest84Guys anyone know how could I build myself ip to country and city database to be not dependeent from external services?15:30
tomreynGuest84: is this an ubuntu server support question? if so, please restate, since i'm not sure what you mean.15:50
Guest84tomreyn I hope I could ask here..15:51
tomreynit's not clear what you are asking, though, not to me anyways.15:51
blackflowGuest84: there's geoip15:56
blackflow!info geoip-database15:56
ubottugeoip-database (source: geoip-database): IP lookup command line tools that use the GeoIP library (country database). In component main, is standard. Version 20180315-1 (bionic), package size 2041 kB, installed size 6834 kB15:57
blackflowGuest84: but I wouldn't advise you to do that. IPv4 subnets are exchanged, sold, and pretty much without geolocation until assigned to a server15:58
tomreyndoh, i didnt read the question properly, sorry.15:58
Guest84blackflow this package its depenedent from external database provider15:58
Guest84I was wondering if I could biuld it myself and if yes how15:59
blackflowGuest84: they all are. you build it by looking up geoip data and storing it locally. but that will get stale soon because, like I said, they change a lot15:59
tomreynthe ip -> country assignment for ipv4 + ipv6 you could probably get from the regional internet registries, https://www.apnic.net/about-apnic/whois_search/about/what-is-in-whois/which-whois/ - but down to city scale would require cooperating with ISPs.16:08
Guest84tomreyn thanks, this is what I meant16:09
tomreynGuest84: it's a huge effort, though, and (as said before) data will get stale quickly, so you'd need to have a continuous update process.16:10
blackflowbut whois is an external database........16:11
tomreynthere's a reason why there's effectively only one or two commercial providers of such data world-wide.16:11
Guest84looks like all has only web service funcionality without possibility to download database16:15
Guest84blackflow i was thinking about third party providers16:17
Guest84anyway thanks for help guys16:26
Guest84have a good day16:26
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