cmaloneyApparently the new "megaplex of fuckery" that is going into Royal Oak has caused Andiamo's to close up12:03
cmaloneyThat's the building that took out the parking lot behind Andiamo's over by the library12:04
jrwrenhuh, i'm surprised. Andiamo's always did good business when I used to frequent that area15:11
jrwrenis the Rochester one still open?15:11
cmaloneyAndiamo's lost 100% of the parking near it15:21
cmaloneyand the valet can't get between the restaurant and the farmer's lot because of that stupid construction there15:22
cmaloneyand considering the clientele of Andiamo's trends toward older folks it means there's no way for them to get to the restaurant without a whole lot of walking15:22
jrwren1 block?15:36
cmaloneyit's worse than that15:36
cmaloneyThink of the entire parking lot from 11 mile to 5th street15:37
cmaloneynow imagine that completely gone15:37
cmaloneythen, imagine there's no way to get from the farmer's lot to main street unless you cross at 11 mile and walk on the north side15:37
cmaloneyor walk down to the south side of 5th15:38
jrwrenwtf? that is all construction?15:44
jrwrenthat is a huge project. what is it?15:44
cmaloneyit's a large office building15:45
jrwrencool location for an office :)15:45
cmaloneyyeah, I'm sure it'll be awesome, when there's not much around it other than the office bulding15:45
cmaloneyIIRC it's going to have the new City Hall in there.15:46
cmaloneyand then they'll shuffle around some of the other buildings downtown15:46
cmaloneybut frankly it's going to be a clusterbleep15:46
jrwrenis washington street all messed up too?15:47
cmaloneythe signs around the construction have such imaginitive titles as "wealth management, inc." and "Technology Inc."15:47
cmaloneyand the developer has a history of not finishing projects and leaving the city with the bill15:47
cmaloneybut whatever. Leeches gotta leech15:47
jrwrenwow! and the city approved it?15:47
cmaloneywashington is OK for now15:48
cmaloneyOh yes!15:48
cmaloneyThe city thinks this is awesome15:48
cmaloneydespite Mr. B's and the businesses bitching up a storm15:48
cmaloneyand a lawsuit that was dismissed15:48
cmaloneythey think it's brilliant15:48
cmaloneything is they're banking on a bubble15:51
cmaloneyand I fear it's going to kill the character of the city15:51
cmaloneyI don't want to be my grandmother saying they needed to put a K-Mart downtown instead of OCC15:51
cmaloneybut I think they're overbuilding, overpromising, and under-delivering15:52

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