d1n0saurhello all00:00
Lady_AlyI know the Intel graphics card can handle what I'm asking it do.  Because when I had Win 8.1 (before the Internal HDD crashed), I had no real problems (maybe just some lagging)00:01
spacesLady_Aly USB is not that fast as well, and I think you have a 5400rpm disk there ?00:01
Lady_Alyok, I was thinking that the external was involved with the issue.00:02
pedrocrguiverc_d: submitted here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gst-plugins-bad1.0/+bug/178058100:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1780581 in gst-plugins-bad1.0 (Ubuntu) "h264parse is missing after install" [Undecided,New]00:02
Lady_Alyand that was actually going to bring to another question I have00:03
spacesLady_Aly couldbe. I run multiple VM's from some shitty 1TB external USB disk but for the OS itself, I thought it was not that nice00:03
Lady_AlyI have recently acquired a "new" internal 500GB HDD.  But before I go ahead a format it and install linux on it.  I was hoping to find a way to get into the OS on it to re-install windows and have a dual boot00:05
Lady_AlyI got it from a friend that dismantles PC's for the precious metals.  So they don't know the original owner, and therefore can't unlock the pc00:07
Lady_AlyOr should I just forget about the Dual boot with windows?00:07
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guiverc_d:) @ pedrocr00:16
pedrocrguiverc_d: it's annoying as I was in the middle of development00:17
pedrocroh well00:17
pedrocrplaying with h264 cameras will have to wait00:18
MeadRunning Xubuntu,  I'm having a few issue running a second monitor. Anyone familure with xubuntu and xfce?00:31
Sven_vBI connected a pair of CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controllers (GND<->GND, TX->RX, RX<-TX) and their USB sides into my notebook with Ubuntu trusty) and they can talk to each other via "socat -d -d GOPEN:/dev/ttyUSB0 STDIO" (and similar for ttyUSB1). the ttyUSB0 socat seems to have local echo, while the ttyUSB1 socat doesn't, so the echo probably doesn't occur inside socat itself. what else could do that?00:35
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Sven_vBfurthermore, both socats can see "echo a0 >/dev/ttyUSB0" but only the socat for USB0 can see "echo a1 >/dev/ttyUSB1"00:38
Sven_vBback again (lost uplink), hope I didn't miss your answers00:50
Sven_vBI also repeated the experiment with the GND line disconnected, same results. dis- and re-connected both USB adapters, still same. is there sth. reconnected them in reverse order, verified they swap their device filenames, same results; so it's probably not about the adapters being different in hardware.00:50
MeadSven_vB: sounds like a question for #electronics00:50
Sven_vBMead, you sure? the echo is always on ttyUSB0, no matter which of both devices that means.00:52
loner269hi all01:00
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flyingtoasterhello, loner26901:09
postmodernfinished a FDE install of ubuntu server 18.04 LTS via the alternative installer, but the built initramfs is missing cryptsetup. Is this a known issue?01:10
* Sven_vB found the solution: stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 sane raw -echo01:11
guivercMead, what are your issues with 2nd screen?01:17
postmodernworked around the problem by chrooting back in and running `update-initramfs -u -k all`01:19
akhaianI'm running 18.04 on a Dell XPS 13. I've noticed that if I click and drag up on the lock screen (as if to reveal the password entry dialogue) the lock screen will crash, unlocking the computer. I haven't found other reports of this problem. Does anyone know if this is a known issue or is it worth reporting?01:35
mtdms_how to upgrade ubuntu?02:02
mtdms_apt-get update?02:02
mtdms_how to update sorry02:03
madmangunsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradde02:07
mtdms_madmangun: thanks02:10
mtdms_thats it? only with one command?402:10
madmangunthat will update and upgrade in 1 command line02:12
madmangunyour welcome02:13
madmanguni mispelled upgrade02:15
madmangunremove 1 of the d's :)02:15
lostfilei see02:17
lostfileBaal: hello02:32
Baaalto see that some one is still alive <302:32
Baaalis there any blachat channel ?02:33
Baaalblackhat ?02:33
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"02:33
lostfilei think theres a hacker channel here02:34
Baaalim not a hacker02:34
oerheksthis is ubuntu support, not the yellow pages02:34
lostfileoh lol02:34
hggdhplease keep ontopic02:34
lostfileyou mean black hat linux02:34
Baaalmy apologise Sir02:34
BaaalSi segnior !02:35
Baaaland ppl related to the topic :)02:35
lostfilei had a brain fart sorry02:35
hggdhlostfile: please keep on topic02:36
lostfilei will02:36
lostfileim working on a ubuntu gopher server but i cant self host it right now02:37
lostfilei will a little later02:37
Baaali tried to join #kali02:38
Baaalbut i need invitation02:38
lostfilei wonder if i can run bucktooth in docker02:38
hggdhBaaal: keep on topic, or foind a chat channel02:38
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"02:39
lostfileBaal: you trying to do some thing httpd related02:41
lostfileBaal: or some thing with the alis02:42
lostfileoh i see what your doing02:43
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TheSovon ubuntu 18.04 for some reason my snaps dont unmount after i quit them, they stack up and then my snaps stop working03:24
TheSovany way I can fix that03:24
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* XxX4LON3XxX hello03:39
lotuspsychjeCOH: can we help you?04:08
almarI like Ubuntu. how can I optimize it? thank you.04:08
almaroh, never mind04:08
lotuspsychjealmar: yes you can04:10
almarlotuspsychje, really?04:10
lotuspsychjealmar: install preload, tweak starting up services, clean system with bleachbit04:10
lotuspsychjealmar: run lightweight programs04:10
almarthe laptop i use is quite powerful04:11
lotuspsychje!info preload | almar04:11
ubottualmar: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2build1 (bionic), package size 33 kB, installed size 102 kB04:11
almar33 kb04:12
almari probably have 33 kb free04:12
almarok i installed it04:12
almaris my ubuntu now 33 times faster?04:13
lotuspsychjealmar: please keep the jokes out this channel04:13
almari'm not joking04:13
almari didn't expect to be automatically connected to this channel, however04:13
almarbut i've been using ubuntu for a long while04:14
almari used mint briefly, but switched back over04:14
lotuspsychjealmar: please only ubuntu support questions here04:14
almarnever had to optimize anything04:14
lotuspsychje!chat | almar04:14
ubottualmar: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:14
almarit's just very powerful04:14
almarhmm, why use ubottu for nickserv?04:14
TheTrobzhello dude04:49
rhq34i have utils.divide in my vi editor.05:27
rhq34instead of that i have to just use divide05:27
rhq34how can i use sed for this?05:27
newbiiHelp please!! I have a big problem with my bionic beaver installed about a week ago. All was fine, but now it does not want to start. when I press the start button the screen become black and after some time i see the messages. it stops at the step "Started GNOME display manager" and does not move any more. Please help me if you can.---05:50
guivercnewbii, if you switch to terminal (ctrl+alt+f4 or your favorite fn key), can you login?05:54
newbiiguiverc: login prompt appears05:55
guivercyep - login, then `df -hi` ; does it appear normal?05:55
newbiibut when I login it immediattely comes back to the previous screen "started Gnome"05:56
guiverci realize you may not use terminal; just that you get to login & have some disk space free..   login from terminal sends you back to 'started gnome?'05:56
newbiiyes - I succeeded to type df -hi - it gives some list and then changes again to the "started gnome"05:57
newbiii cane try to read this list05:58
guiverc`df -hi` = disk free (show in -human format, with -inodes) -- but you shouldn't throw you back to started gnome - or is that a message that just drew on your screen, if you type `df` again does the command work?05:59
newbiictrl-alt-f4 gives the screen with terminal login; then typing df i recover the list, then it throws back to the "gnome started"06:00
newbiiby the way /dev/sda1 seems to load - it is 88% now06:01
newbiithen there is a long list of /snap/gnome06:01
guivercso you are being taken away from tty4 (the window you jump to with ctrl+alt+f4)??06:02
newbiiand very quickly06:03
guiverc(yeah I realize df gives lots of output - the only bit i was interested in was `df -h |grep home` or your home directory... it's unlikely to be the issue anyway...06:03
newbii1 sec - i can try "home" if it allows06:04
newbiiit gives nothing06:05
guivercokay given you can't read `dmesg` & like output from the terminal if you jump away, to try rebooting and hitting <E> (edit) on the grub menu when you see "Ubuntu", then add the text " nomodeset " to the linux line, then press <f10> to accept & run it... see if that helps...06:05
newbiiguiverc: I do not have grub, at least grub message do not appear when I boot06:06
guivercnewbii, do you remember if you did anything before this issue (not just last thing you did, but anything done during that session/login)?06:07
guivercjust realized you said "home .. gives nothing" - do you have a separate partition for your /home?06:09
newbiiwell there was smth yesterday that could be the cause. The screensaver was appearing too often (that was cutting the music playing) - I tried to put the large delay06:09
newbiithan it said thet it was not working properly and I should stopp gmone controlling it and allow Xorg to control it06:10
newbiiI am sorry that i do nort remember it, maybe it was just the opposite06:10
newbiiI did it and it worked fine06:10
newbiiscreensaver did not bother me any more06:10
guivercnewbii, you don't often see full results until you reboot  (as many things run from 'cache' & thus work as deletes aren't noticed till restart)...  if you did it from terminal (commands), your `history` will provide clues  (of the commands you issued, eg. loading an editor 'vim' & file you edited, but not what you changed..)06:12
guivercI don't know enough about xorg/gnome to help sorry, but if I was you, I'd try and view your `history` to see what you did, compare with what you were supposed to do (if you followed instructions) and look for something you did wrong, or how to backout changes you made...06:13
newbiiguiverc: I have a question: if I boot from the installation disc, but with the option "live", not "install" should I be able to work with the machine? (and maybe read the dmesg?06:13
guivercyep; but `dmesg` will show you the messages from the running (live) session, not your 'installed on hdd' ubuntu...  the files exist though; so you can navigate to the directories (once mounted) & view logs that way06:18
guivercreading systemd logs (eg. journalctl) will be horrid; as they're binary & I'd not know how, but you can `view` or `cat` any text log file on your system06:19
TheTrobzno someone here?06:20
TheTrobzeh anjing06:20
TheTrobzgua nanya06:20
TheTrobzjadi nge gas kan tuh06:20
guiverclanguage please TheTrobz ; and please don't spam06:21
TheTrobzmakanya jawab06:21
TheTrobzmorning too06:21
TheTrobzi need help, please06:21
qwebirc51879let me get my fresh coffee, then I have a beginner question ;-)06:21
EriC^^!ask | TheTrobz06:22
ubottuTheTrobz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:22
TheTrobzi will chat u06:22
newbiiguiverc: you mean that if I do the "live" session06:23
newbiiI will no be able to read the error messages from the previos sessions?06:23
guivercsorry newbii yep.  the 'live' session is how I'd look & find out what you did, and try & change it  (given your termninal session was unusable)... but I'm not skilled enough to help sorry06:24
EriC^^newbii: you mount the ubuntu installation and look at /var/log/kern.log06:24
EriC^^newbii: what's the problem you're having?06:25
newbiieric - here is what I said some minutes earlier:Help please!! I have a big problem with my bionic beaver installed about a week ago. All was fine, but now it does not want to start. when I press the start button the screen become black and after some time i see the messages. it stops at the step "Started GNOME display manager" and does not move any more. Please help me if you can.----06:26
TheTrobzyes, u can chat me now06:26
EriC^^newbii: did you try using nomodeset?06:27
EriC^^newbii: or an older kernel perhaps?06:27
TheTrobzre install hahahaha06:28
TheTrobzthat's good try06:28
guivercEriC^^, newbii said earlier "well there was smth yesterday that could be the cause. The screensaver was appearing too often ... - I tried to put the large delay than it said thet it was not working properly and I should stopp gmone controlling it and allow Xorg to control it  I am sorry that i do nort remember it"06:29
TheTrobzmaybe,its just a matter of time06:31
ducasseTheTrobz: do you have a support question? if you just want to chat, please do that in #ubuntu-offtopic06:31
guivercTheTrobz, please take it elsewhere, this is a Ubuntu Support channel, and not a chat or spam channel...06:31
newbiiguiverc: 1 sec, booting from dvd06:33
TheTrobzi can help u06:33
TheTrobzi ever felt06:34
EriC^^guiverc: aha06:34
TheTrobzEriC^^: i challange u,dude06:35
Mangowhere am i ? -_-06:37
newbiiso now I am at the ubuntu screen "live"06:38
ducasseMango: this is the ubuntu support channel, type /topic for more information06:43
newbiiguiverc: I am now in "live" but it does not see immediately the harddisc06:43
guivercnewbii, best if you ask generally (others know more than me).  I said you'd have to `mount` it, `lsblk` should help you recognize it; not I don't use gnome & thus aren't sure how to do it via gui).  I'd be tempted to `fsck` (file system check) it before mounting; very likely unnecessary06:48
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newbiiyes mounted, and trying to see what happened06:54
ConsoleFxI just did an software upgrade via Ubuntu wizards which asked me to perform the library/base package upgrades etc.07:07
ConsoleFxLooks like post-upgrade it doesn't show me my desktop icons.07:08
ConsoleFxAny idea what can be causing this and how can I fix this?07:08
ConsoleFxPlus one more thing, I am trying to change my desktop wallpapers and it never changes! :(07:09
newbiiguiverc: just to tell where I am. I mounted the hard disc from "live" everything seems alive. Trying to get the error messages. Any idea how to do it?07:09
BlackDalekhow do I install Ubuntu on an early 2nd gen Mac Mini (Macmini1,1)? I found this, but there is no installation instructions on the page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mac_mini07:16
SpookanWhy on earth change the OS!?07:17
BlackDalekcan it be done or can't it?07:21
BlackDalekIF I try to boot the mac mini with a Ubuntu 32-bit 16.04.4 install DVD, it just says "Failed to load ldlinux.c32"07:22
Ben64use the 64bit/mac version07:24
guiverc_tnewbii, your commands will be in ~/.bash_history (where ~ is your home directory; not your 'live' home, but /home/$USER)...  logs are found in /var/log07:26
BlackDalekBen64, this mac isn't 64-bit. It has 1.5 GHz Intel Core Solo07:26
ducasseBlackDalek: does that machine have a 32-bit efi?07:26
Ben64throw it away then07:27
BlackDalekducasse, I don't know. All I know is the info here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_Mini#cite_note-Upgrade-41 and on the mac's system info profiler...07:28
BlackDalekignore the #cite-note part07:28
newbiiguiverc-t : I am reading syslog (unable to read journal)07:30
guiverc_tnewbii, (I'm having network issues sorry) but my xorg log is in ~/.local/share/xorg/  (where ~ is your hdd home dir again)07:30
ducassebecause if it does, the ubuntu images do not support that afaik. you would need to make your own usb stick or something.07:30
newbiithe last message is successfully activated service "org/gnome.screensaver"07:30
ducasseBlackDalek: forgot to highlight you in my last message, sorry07:31
BlackDalekducasse... I am trying to find the USB installer instructions/download now...07:32
ducasseBlackDalek: you use the same iso as for dvd, but you would need to place a 32-bit grub loader in the efi part07:34
newbiiguiverc: my xorg.log files date from yesterdy only nothing from today07:34
ducasseBlackDalek: there are a few howtos online, iirc07:34
BlackDalekducasse, yes.. I'm going through one now...07:35
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BlackDalekwhat the? Why on earth do I need to install some third party Etcher program to make a bootable USB for mac? I don't remember needing to do this before?07:46
ducasseBlackDalek: you can use any tool that will do a raw image write to a usb stick, i'd guess etcher is just their recommendation07:47
guiverc_tsorry newbii, i'm unable to help much, but as previously stated I'd look at what you did, the instructions you attempted to follow to see if you went wrong, or see if you can backout changes (via hdds ~/.bash_history; you didn't make .bak's of modified files did you?); though even a `find -mtime` maybe be useful to find what files you modified (if you limit where it looks) ... i'm busy in real life & don't know xorg07:54
newbiiguiverc: thank you for your help anyway07:55
ducassenewbii: what exactly is your problem? i didn't see your original question.07:57
newbiiducasse: here is the initiel question: Help please!! I have a big problem with my bionic beaver installed about a week ago. All was fine, but now it does not want to start. when I press the start button the screen become black and after some time i see the messages. it stops at the step "Started GNOME display manager" and does not move any more. Please help me if you can.--07:58
ducassenewbii: are there any errors in the x log?08:00
travis_I want to upgrade but when I used the highest version of ubuntu it seem like my computer was shuting down all the time why is this and how can I upgrade to the latiest version of ubuntu without any issue08:00
newbiiducasse - my last entry of xlog dates from yesterday.08:00
newbiiI now succeeded to get the terminal (was not easy thanks to people who helped08:01
newbiitryng to start xfce session it says make sure X server is not already running08:01
ducassenewbii: what kind of gpu do you have?08:01
newbiiwhat is gpu please?08:02
ducassenewbii: graphics hardware08:02
ducassenvidia, amd or intel?08:02
newbiiI killed the x server and suddenly all came back08:05
newbiivery strange08:05
ducassewhat came back?08:05
newbii1 sec - checking again08:06
newbiiwell the macgine started to behave as usual08:06
newbiibut I rebooted and I have the same problem now08:07
newbiinow it displays messages related to Snappy daemon08:07
newbiiit goes on and on with boot08:08
eltiopacoteExcusme, I want ask about Raspberry PI, Is this a good room for that??08:08
ducasseeltiopacote: does it run ubuntu?08:09
eltiopacoteYes. Ubuntu Mate 16.0408:11
ducasseeltiopacote: then go ahead and ask08:12
eltiopacoteI want update the system. But the Update System give me this error's message:08:13
eltiopacoteThe upgrade needs a total of 48,2 M free space on disk '/boot'. Please free at least an additional 4.063 k of disk space on '/boot'. You can remove old kernels using 'sudo apt autoremove', and you could also set COMPRESS=xz in /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf to reduce the size of your initramfs.08:13
newbiiducasse: so now the situation is as follows:  whe i press the start button it works longtime than displays the terminal. I can not launch xfce4 session ( althoug it is installed) then I kill Xserver, by sudo kill [number]08:15
eltiopacoteThe System is running in MicroSD of 32GB. But the boot's system has got 66MB only.08:15
newbiithen it recovers the usuall screen of login management. however no possibility to get the xfce08:15
ducasse!kernelcleanup | eltiopacote08:15
ubottueltiopacote: For information about removing old kernels to free up space on /boot, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RemoveOldKernels08:15
newbiiit gives the usual gnome flashback thatt I was susing before - so I am somehow saved but every login takes about 5 minutes08:16
ducassenewbii: i've got no other suggestions, sorry08:17
newbiiOK thanks anyway08:17
ducassenewbii: you can try 'sudo systemctl stop gdm' and 'startx xfce-session' to see if that will start it manually08:20
hans_when i ssh login, i get the message => There are 2 zombie processes08:23
newbiidecasse: I have now access tojournal, so if you know where to seek necessary info about crash, tell me08:23
hans_but i can't actually find them08:23
hans_according to htop, there isn't any zombie processes08:23
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shubrenu#ubuntu is08:48
shubrenushubham cwc08:49
shubrenushubha pibcnsmcsnc08:49
santoshWhat is PageUp/PageDown equivalent in zsh? Coming from bash.09:04
BlackDalekhow do I create a mac-bootable USB drive on Ubuntu? I'm running out of options to create the USB on the Mac, so I want to try create it on the Ubuntu PC instead. I've tried Unetbootin for mac (fails to recognize any kind of USB drive). Tried Etcher (won't install on old Mac). Can't boot the mac from a DVD. What's left?09:10
gigirockBlackDalek: hard way 'cause to create a mac bootable you need a mac09:11
gigirockBlackDalek: best way is to emulate mac in vmware09:12
BlackDalekI almost got Unetbootin working but I can't for the life of me figure out why it won't recognize any USB drive09:14
BlackDalekI've formatted and reformatted the USB drive over and over again and Unetbootin refuses to recognize it.09:15
gigirockBlackDalek: sure , 'cause the mac boot is not free09:16
BlackDalekgigirock, what's not free? and how does that affect UNetbootin not recognizing a USB formatted to Fat32?09:17
EriC^^BlackDalek: dd the iso over09:19
BlackDalekEriC^^, dd?09:23
gigirockEriC^^: yes but u need a mac iso....... the BlackDalek talk about old mac09:24
EriC^^BlackDalek: yeah, dd is a tool ubuntu already has, it writes the iso to the hard disk on a low level, the partition table and partitions and everything, it's all you really need to make a bootable usb from one of ubuntu's isos09:25
EriC^^BlackDalek: if you want to give it a try, do "sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync" where /dev/sdX is your usb's device name09:27
EriC^^BlackDalek: what happens when you try booting the usb you made with unetbootin?09:29
BlackDalekEriC^^, I can't make a USB with Unetbootin because Unetbootin refuses to recognize any USB drive I format on either the mac or on Ubuntu09:33
EriC^^BlackDalek: does the usb show up in gparted?09:35
EriC^^BlackDalek: or in the output of "sudo parted -ls" ?09:35
BlackDalekEriC^^, for some reason now I can no longer launch ANY app in ubuntu. I don't know what happened. I have to restart this computer09:39
BlackDalekEriC^^, ok.. apparently there was a bunch of "device could not be mounted" windows under the open apps which needed to be closed. That's why I couldn't click anything...09:41
BlackDalekEriC^^, the USB shows up in Ubuntu gparted as it should.09:45
EriC^^BlackDalek: ok what's the name it shows up under "sudo parted -ls" ? /dev/sd.. ?09:45
EriC^^could you pastebin the result of "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999" please?09:46
BlackDalekEriC^^, I typed that command and it just outputs a website URL for http://termbin.com/bvvb whatever that is09:48
BlackDalekI see.. termbin is a pastebin09:48
BlackDalekEriC^^, it's the Sandisk one at the bottom09:49
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EriC^^BlackDalek: ok, do you know where the iso is located?09:53
EriC^^i mean, where's the iso located? Downloads dir?09:53
BlackDalekEriC^^, yes. BTW.. I tried the dd command to write the ISO to the USB drive. Mac couldn't boot from it, so that failed.09:54
EriC^^BlackDalek: hmm, does the mac use EFI?09:54
BlackDalekEriC^^, the ISO is located on both the mac and on this computer in my Downloads folder09:54
BlackDalekEriC^^, I don't know what it uses or how to find out if it uses EFI.09:55
EriC^^BlackDalek: what happened when you tried booting from the usb? and does unetbooting have an option that explicitly states the usb will be mac friendly?09:56
EriC^^i ask because using dd it should create a BIOS compatible usb and UEFI as well, i'm not sure if pre-EFI mac's need a special method for booting09:57
BlackDalekEriC^^, on Unetbootin I get the exact same result as shown in the images of the 3rd reply here - https://github.com/unetbootin/unetbootin/issues/8609:58
EriC^^BlackDalek: what mac model is it?09:59
BlackDalekEriC^^, macmini1,1 OS 10.5.809:59
EriC^^BlackDalek: oh, it uses a 32bit uefi, you'll have to modify the usb to have 32bit uefi files, this write up seems good http://coderazzi.net/linux/macmini2006/macmini.htm10:01
BlackDalekEriC^^, if I install xorriso and follow the guide on that page, will that create a usable install DVD?10:05
mrsteinThe 18.04 live CD seems to change the HW clock. Is that a known issue?  I see bug 1703479, but no activity on it.10:07
ubottubug 1703479 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 17.04 & Kubuntu 17.04 LiveCD writes to bios/hardware clock; thereby messing up my installed Windows 10 Pro laptop time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/170347910:07
EriC^^BlackDalek: yes it should10:11
BlackDalekEriC^^, I've executed the xorriso commands on the ISO, burning to a new DVD-R now...10:12
ixiionquestion: do you think wayland will become the default for ubuntu 18.10 and onward or still xorg?10:15
BlackDalekEriC^^, that failed too. I'm back to square one. It fails to boot with "Failed to load ldlinux.c32" error10:26
FireSnakehi, what risks are if i do `do-release-upgrade -d` from 16.04lts to 18.04lts?10:26
FireSnakeversus waiting until end of august when it will be officially supported10:26
BlackDalekSo does this mean it's now impossible to install Ubuntu on a 2006 Mac Mini?10:27
BlackDalekEriC^^, the Ubuntu ISO I used was a "Desktop 32bit" version not a "Server 32bit" version - should that have made any difference to the ISO I created with xorriso?10:30
nongbinhello ?10:30
BlackDalekHow do I install Ubuntu onto a Mac mini model macmini1,1?10:41
HaMsTeRsI still couldn't install Office 2013 nor 2016 on my Ubuntu 18.06 box.  I tried many many many many many many methods, none works!10:43
adhamhello everyone10:49
adhamdo anyone know the alternative of "/usr/sbin/ipconfig set tap0 dhcp" in ubuntu 18.04 server?10:49
adhamdo anyone know the alternative of "/usr/sbin/ipconfig set tap0 dhcp" in ubuntu 18.04?10:50
coconutBlackDalek: Have you tried converting the iso to img first?10:52
BlackDalekcoconut, no. What difference would that make?10:52
coconutThat would make it bootable on a mac10:53
coconutBlackDalek: check this https://askubuntu.com/questions/28495/how-do-i-get-my-mac-to-boot-from-an-ubuntu-usb-key10:54
BlackDalekcoconut, but img or iso is just the container for the disk image which gets burned to a disk. How is there any difference once the image is burned to the disk?10:54
coconutIt will be different partition table wise.10:55
coconutapple systems don't listen to disk made out of iso's, just is.10:55
BlackDalekcoconut, the error I am getting is "Failed to load ldlinux.c32" when I try to boot the mac from it.10:59
coconutBlackDalek: that i do not know, sorry,10:59
adhamdo anyone know the alternative of "/usr/sbin/ipconfig set tap0 dhcp" in ubuntu 18.04?11:04
coconutBlackDalek: i googled a little, and some got this same error fixed by formatting the disk to FAT16 first.11:06
coconutWhich is the format anyway when you cp the img to usb thumb.11:07
spacesnice 16.04 upgrade 18.04 and mariadb stopped fiunctioning, it did tho11:10
BlackDalekcoconut, how do I format the USB thumb to FAT16?11:11
adhamdo anyone know the alternative of "/usr/sbin/ipconfig set tap0 dhcp" in ubuntu 18.04?11:13
blackflowspaces: iirc the package name and version changed. perhaps uninstall and reinstall proper new bionic's package?11:13
blackflow!info mariadb-server-10.111:14
ubottumariadb-server-10.1 (source: mariadb-10.1): MariaDB database server binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:10.1.29-6 (bionic), package size 4959 kB, installed size 71525 kB11:14
blackflow!info mariadb-server11:14
ubottumariadb-server (source: mariadb-10.1): MariaDB database server (metapackage depending on the latest version). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:10.1.29-6 (bionic), package size 12 kB, installed size 63 kB11:14
spacesblackflow need to check11:15
coconutBlackDalek: you can, but you don't have to afaik. 1.) make a backup of disk when needed. 2.) delete all file on disk 3.) list the device path 4.) cp the img to right /dev/diskX location. (!! working with /dev/diskX can be *very* dangerous!! Check whether you have the right path until you have lost 10 pounds or you loose your data on your hard disk...)11:15
coconutBlackDalek: with disk i mean the usb thumb11:16
blackflowadham: ipconfig? or ifconfig? you should be using `ip` from `iproute2` package (default installed), ifconfig is long deprecated. and you set dhcp using dhclient11:17
BlackDalekcoconut, first, how do I change the ISO to an IMG file?11:18
coconutBlackDalek: you can check the right location of your usb thumb from "$ diskutil list" and then make a guaranteed check with "$ diskutil list /dev/diskX" to be absolute sure.11:19
adhamblackflow: Yes, I tried using "/sbin/ip link set tap0 dhcp" but it fails11:19
spacesblackflow huh ? I can install mariaDb and the old data will be saved, huh ? it asked me for a password when doing the upgrade for root and it worked :S11:19
coconutBlackDalek: follow the link i gave you.11:20
blackflowspaces: afaik (re)installing such  packages doesn't remove data dirs or (changed) configs.11:20
adhamError: either "dev" is duplicate, or "dhcp" is a garbage.11:20
adhamSun Jul  8 21:20:18 2018 us=930699 WARNING: Failed running command (--up/--down): external program exited with error status: 25511:20
adhamSun Jul  8 21:20:18 2018 us=930840 Exiting due to fatal error11:20
adhamI'm not sure how to adjust it to work properly11:20
spacesblackflow no but why does it tell it wants to move the data ?11:21
blackflowadham: use dhclient, not ip, to activate dhcp.11:21
adhamcould you please help/advise blackflow11:21
adhamcan you please give me the full sentence?11:21
blackflowadham: dhclient tap011:21
coconutBlackDalek: work from the entry with 14 given points.11:21
blackflowadham: though I'm assuming you're doing this just temporarily to test things? you should otherwise set permanent configs with netplan11:22
coconutBlackDalek: with title "How to create a bootable USB stick on OS X/macOS"11:22
blackflowspaces: that I don't know, sorry. it's just that with upgrade some packages have changed names and must be explicitly reinstalled for proper operation. also check if there's anything in new mariadb that's not backwards compatible config-wise11:22
adhamblackflow: i have openvpn config file accompanied with dhcp-client-request.sh that has that line11:23
BlackDalekcoconut, I can't find any utility named hdiutil to install in the Ubuntu repositories.11:23
adhamI just alternated it with dhclient tap0 but it hangs on dhcp-client-request.sh tap0 1500 1592   init11:23
blackflowspaces: with postgresql updates (I use postgresql) I prefer to competely drop and restore the db via SQL due to internal data changes.11:23
coconutBlackDalek: no this page has all instructions from mac.11:24
BlackDalekcoconut, oh yeah.. sorry, my bad11:24
blackflowadham: sorry I don't know about your specific configuration. I'm just saying ifconfig is long deprecated, you should use ip, and dhclient <iface> to activate dhcp on it, and otherwise use netplan for permanent configuration, with appropriate backend (NM or networkd)11:24
coconutBlackDalek" at 4.) you can also not do that and let the cp of img choose the file system. and at  9.) you can just use cp commmand instead of dd.11:25
adhamagreed, I'm trying to find at least the alternative of the old sentence11:26
adhamthat config is mainly for older versions of ubuntu11:26
adhamhow can this "/usr/sbin/ipconfig set tap0 dhcp" be alternated in ubuntu 18.04?11:26
coconutbut... backup you data(on usb) first! Note that all partitions will get destroyed, so don't think a second partition is a safe way to let dat intact on the usb thumb.11:27
BlackDalekcoconut, I have no valuable data on the USB drive that requires backup. The internal hard disk of the Mac itself should not be touched, right?11:29
blackflowadham: I just told you. :)  also, is this server? desktop? do you have other network configuration systems interfering? networkmanager perhaps?11:30
coconutNo, do *not* make a mistake here... *really* end verify your /dev/disklocationhere !!11:30
blackflowand also it's not ipconfig, but ifconfig. if you have ipconfig in your scripts, that's either a typo or some software I have no idea what it does, but aint' ifconfig.11:30
coconutyou can do that with "diskutil list" and "diskutil info /dev/devlocationofyourspottedlocationindiskutilinfo"11:31
spacesblackflow strange, it moved the data to a backup folder and moving it back to /var/lib/mysql cannot start mariadb11:31
blackflowspaces: is there an error log you could consult, why it doesn't start?11:32
coconutsorry, typo: No, do *not* make a mistake here... *really* check and verify your /dev/disklocationhere !!11:32
adhamblackflow, desktop11:32
blackflowadham: okay. so, I recommend you start from the beginning, what's the end goal you want to achieve (forget current implementation). let's avoid the XY problem.11:33
spacesblackflow nothing detailed in journal11:33
adhamblackflow: I have openvpn config file with .sh file that has that command line, I am trying to connect to vpn11:34
coconutBlackDalek: and like i said you don't have to format first, you can just cp the img.dmg file to the right /dev without an app or without dd.11:34
blackflowadham: and instead of running some custom scripts, did you trying setting up your vpn with NetworkManager?11:34
adhamI tried no luck11:36
blackflowadham: what do you mean by "no luck".11:37
blackflow!details | adham11:37
ubottuadham: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.11:37
coconutBlackDalek: which is than: & sudo cp ./ubuntu-filename.iso.img.dmg /dev/diskX.  (with X the *right* number taken from diskutil)11:37
adhamone moment blackflow, I am testing a script11:37
adhamit fails with an error, I'll send the details once the current test is finished11:37
adhambecause I do not have the error details on me now11:38
coconutBlackDalek: and the cp command can take a while, so just let it run...11:38
abdulhakeemSetting up Samba Share on Ubuntu Server. In Samba smb.conf, is it possible to set up shares for more than one directory? Following this article (https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html.en)11:38
abdulhakeemlike can I have more than one [share] block?11:38
blackflowadham: just keep in mind you can't use scripts for older versions of ubuntu, on new versions of ubuntu, especially if they're written for `ifconfig` which is long deprecated.11:39
BlackDalekcoconut, syntax error "unexpected & token" - was your & a typo?11:40
blackflowspaces: do you have an sql-based backup of your DB? it's possible the fileformat changed with newer mariadb and it can no longer use the same data files.11:40
coconutBlackDalek: $ means from you user account11:41
spacesblackflow I have butr I like to use this set11:41
coconutso skip that from it11:41
adhamblackflow, that's why i'm here11:42
blackflowspaces: well, not sure I can help you more than this, wihtout a specific error message. I don't use maria/mysql (I'm a postgresql fanboi).11:42
adhamthis is the only script with that very only linux command line that needs to be updated11:42
spacesblackflow heh nice, I don't like pgsql it's HA solutions :)11:42
adhamI got a suggestion to use  ip link set tap0 up; dhclient tap0 from #networking channel11:43
blackflowspaces: the past has been icky, but with host standby in 9.1 things have massively changed, you should give it a try. with postgres 10 there's now logical replication even!11:43
blackflowadham: that sounds correct (which is what I already told you, to use dhclient <iface>)11:43
BlackDalekcoconut, I don't think this macmini has a sudo password.... I don't enter any when I log in :(11:43
spacesblackflow yeah 9.1+ is much better!11:43
blackflowadham: but again, if I were you I'd try it via NetworkManager, instead of old, custom scripts that are likely not needed at all.11:44
adhamit's frozen dhcp-client-request.sh tap0 1500 1592   init11:44
blackflowspaces: also, *hot standby  (I typo'd). replication is now very simple with no need for external tools.11:44
adhamI stopped hte test11:44
adhamwhen you mention networkmanager11:44
adhamyou mean the default that comes with ubuntu 18.04?11:45
blackflowadham: yes, the GUI thingy11:45
blackflowNetworkManager has VPN capabilities11:45
adhamcan I send you the config file and then you can help me with the selection from the GUI?11:45
blackflowadham: can you use a public pastebin? Just mask out IPs, usernames, passwords11:46
coconutBlackDalek: so "sudo cp ./ubuntu-filename.iso.img.dmg /dev/diskX" also without $. (for ./ you first have to cd to the right path where the ubuntu.iso.img.dmg is located)11:46
adhamwhen I try, I see invalid IP4 config received! in syslog11:46
BlackDalekcoconut, nothing happens.. I think because there is no sudo password. I need to set up an admin password then return.11:48
coconutBlackDalek: afaik any mac has an sudo password, even when you auto login.11:48
adhamblackflow: https://pastebin.com/cW3JbVZh11:49
coconutBlackDalek: that is like i said, it takes a while before cp is done doing it's task.11:49
spacesblackflow issue found, it downgraded11:49
coconutyou will return to the normal prompt after completion.11:49
BlackDalekcoconut, I don't think it is doing any task... there is no output and I am returned to the command prompt11:49
coconutthen it probably succeeded. :)11:50
BlackDalekcoconut, the command prompt appears instantly with no action taking place11:50
blackflowadham: again that ipconfig. did this ever work?11:51
adhamI pasted the original11:51
blackflowadham: that never worked.11:51
adhamthat line that has ipconfig, at my side, this is changed to "ip link set tap0 up; dhclient tap0", "dhclient tap0", "/sbin/ip link set tap0 dhcp"11:52
adhamof course it never worked because that original line is deprecated and for older versions of ubuntu11:52
blackflowadham: that line makes no sense. ip has no dhcp11:52
coconutBlackDalek: test it, usb3 thumbs are fast. (i was talking about the speed of usb thumbs(i should not have done this though))11:53
blackflowadham: btw, did you try importing that file through VPN setup via NetworkManager (but without line 16)?11:53
adhamnot without the line11:53
adhamI'll remove the line and test11:54
adhamone moment pls11:54
blackflowadham: also, files in lines 9-11 exist?11:54
coconut*usb 2.0 speed11:54
adhamall of htem exist and confirmed11:54
blackflowadham: I don't know what those paths are relative to, maybe use full paths.11:54
adhamat my side, they have hte full path11:54
adhamI just stripped the path before sending it out to you11:54
blackflowah k11:54
BlackDalekcoconut, not that fast. I checked - there is nothing on the USB drive. I've now reset the mac's intial setup and am entering a new admin password...11:56
BluesKajHey folks11:56
coconutBlackDalek: there should nothing to be read from the thumb, that's normal.11:57
BlackDalekcoconut, normal? It still shows empty 8gb free USB thumb drive?11:58
BlackDalekcoconut, but at least I have an admin password now11:58
adhamblackflow: here is the log https://pastebin.com/ayw96Ugc11:59
coconutBlackDalek: just try to boot from it with alt and see if the disk is created like you intended.11:59
adhamI stripped the informations part and only pasted the logs with errors and failures11:59
BlackDalekcoconut, ok... hold on. I'll try boot from this apparently empty USB drive12:00
coconutBlackDalek: if it's a usb 3 thumb, all data will probably on it.12:00
coconutBlackDalek: yes it sounds weird but you dont see any sata from finder, that's normal for a live usb.12:01
BlackDalekcoconut, nothing happened. only bootable drive that shows as connected in the internal hard disk12:02
nickleonhow to use keybord shortcut to grab move in blender on ubuntu os12:02
adhamblackflow: any ideas?12:02
jk^hi all, i'm on lubuntu 16.04.4. How to set password at startup? In "Users and groups" it is setted on "Ask password on startup" but it doesn't ask me anything https://drive.google.com/file/d/12p9LrUwzPLdO9ewTFN5SDB4PhUGINM3v/view?usp=sharing12:02
BlackDalekcoconut, going back to "cp"iing the dmg to the USB in terminal, this time with a sudo password12:03
blackflowadham: well since that previous script never worked (there's no ipconfig on linux, only ifconfig), are you even sure that vpn connection is properly configured, or available at the remote side? "invalid IP4 config received". that's a hint.12:04
adhamthe previous script: I had help from someone in networking and managed to get me to update it to match with the new "ip" in ubuntu's new version12:05
adhamunfortionately I lost the os including the backup, this is a new ubuntu setup12:05
adhamI know that this line can really be fixed up12:05
adhamI just don't remember/know how exactly12:05
adhamI downloaded the config for android and it works for android, ios and Windows12:06
adhamonly ubuntu is the issue12:06
blackflowandroind, ios and windows are nowhere near linux ecosystem like Ubuntu's.12:07
xubuntu1804I want to check this is right thing to do, to create a firefox-private desktop shortcut. xubuntu-18.04 Firefox-61.012:07
adhamyes agreed12:07
xubuntu18041. I copied ~/Desktop/exo-web-browser.desktop to ~/Desktop/exo-web-browser-2.desktop12:07
adhambut if I changed the os to an older version of ubuntu, I know that it would wokr12:07
xubuntu18042. rename exo-web-browser-2.desktop to Web-P12:07
xubuntu18043. edit launcher --> Command , From Command: exo-open --launch WebBrowser %u TO Command: exo-open --launch WebBrowser -private-window12:08
blackflowadham: perhaps you can try using `openvpn` command directly on the command line, see if you get a valid connection that way.12:08
xubuntu18044. doudle click icon and select 'Mark Executable'12:08
abdulhakeemI have an external HDD (/dev/sdb1) that is mounted to /srv/samba/ext, however when it's mounted like this it forces the owner and group to root:root. How can I make it nobody:nogroup instead? Sudo chown seems to have no effect12:08
blackflowadham: though using it through NM should be prefered as that sets up addressing, routing, dns...12:08
blackflow(and you need all that for proper vpn)12:08
xubuntu1804Cun you see any problems with this ??12:08
xubuntu1804Opps! Can you see12:09
adhamSun Jul  8 22:08:30 2018 us=591917 /sbin/ip route add via
adhamError: Nexthop has invalid gateway.12:09
adhamSun Jul  8 22:08:30 2018 us=593352 ERROR: Linux route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 212:09
adhamSun Jul  8 22:08:30 2018 us=593405 /sbin/ip route add via
adhamError: Nexthop has invalid gateway.12:09
adhamSun Jul  8 22:08:30 2018 us=594899 ERROR: Linux route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 212:10
blackflowxubuntu1804: first of all, .desktop files are not executables. second, what exactly do you want to achieve? create another .desktop launcher with specific Firefox launch options?12:10
blackflowadham: /1  ??12:11
xubuntu1804<blackflow> this works, to create an on desktop shortcut icon, I want to know if this method has any problems12:13
blackflowadham: and also, ? what! :)12:13
adhamI don't know blackflow, can you pls help me12:14
adhamam I missing something?12:15
blackflowadham: where do those commands come from, they're completely nonsensical.12:16
xubuntu1804 <blackflow> ' create another .desktop launcher with specific Firefox launch options? ' <-- Yes, Private-Browsing with Tracking-Protection12:16
adhamwhich command?12:16
blackflowxubuntu1804: I'd just copy the firefox shortcut from /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop   to   ~/.local/share/applications/firefox-private.desktop     and adjust that file as you want. Also make sure you change the Name= entry in it, say to "Firefox private" or whatever, so you can differentiate it from the default firefox launcher, in the menu12:17
blackflowadham: ip route add    and the one12:18
BlackDalekcoconut, now the cp command isn't working. Generates error "cp: /dev/disk1: Resource busy"12:19
coconutplease ctrl+ c this sooooooone12:19
adhamblackflow, where do I add?12:19
adhamcan you pls send me the full commands, so I follow your instructions exaclty12:19
blackflowadham: no. that was answer to your "which command?" question. I asked where did those commands come from.12:20
coconutThis is bad BlackDalek, i told you to check check check the correct /dev/disk for this!12:20
coconutI really hope you haven't writting your hard disk i a bad state by this. :(12:22
BlackDalekcoconut, that IS the correct /dev/disk#12:22
adhamI do not know12:22
blackflowadham: unfortunately I can't guide you to a correct openvpn configuration. I merely suggested you try NetworkManager's VPN config instead of porting some custom scripts (also broken ones) from elsewhere.12:22
adhamthx blackflow12:22
adhamappreciate the help12:22
BlackDalekcoconut, diskutil list verifies that the 8Gb volume is at /dev/disk112:22
coconutBlackDalek: with a nr.1 there AND a resource busy output?12:23
jellyhi, does do-release-upgrade fron xenial to bionic work without -d or not yet?12:23
adhamjust to clarify, this is all I have for the config https://pastebin.com/cW3JbVZh / there is no place I see ip route add...12:23
adhambut thanks blackflow12:23
BlackDalekcoconut, yes.12:23
blackflowjelly: afaik not yet -- 18.04.1 has to come out first, Jul 26th if I'm not mistaken12:25
BlackDalekcoconut, also... when I remove the USB drive and do diskutil list, the /dev/disk1 vanishes.. it only comes back when the USB is plugged back in12:25
BlackDalekcoconut, so it's definitely the correct /dev/disk1 location12:25
xubuntu1804<blackflow> <-- Thank you12:26
coconutBlackDalek: afaik an usb thumb is always a higher number than 1... but if it isn't we are still good.12:26
BlackDalekcoconut, I just ejected the USB, unplugged. PLugged the USB back in. Verified the /dev number (sitll at 1). retried the cp command - got same error12:27
coconutBlackDalek: can you check diskutil info /dev/disk1 for me to be sure?12:27
coconutand pastebin that?12:27
blackflowadham: I don't follow you. I was asking about ip route add from THIS post of yours:       "14:09 < adham> Sun Jul  8 22:08:30 2018 us=591917 /sbin/ip route add via"12:28
BlackDalekcoconut, I don't know how to pastebin from the mac's terminal12:28
blackflowadham: you posted that, and I asked where did that come from.  /1 is invalid, also makes no sense (it's a routable IP, not an RFC 1918one -- did you mean  which would also not make any sense to route like that)12:28
coconutBlackDalek: can you copy and paste into web browser then?12:28
BlackDalekcoconut, sure.. if I can get a seriously out of date Safari to work (it can't access any https website)12:29
blackflowadham: and as for your original script, if you want to try it with openvpn directly, there's no ipconfig command. that wouldn't work even on older ubuntu. ifconfig would.   with `ip` you can do    `ip link set tun0 up`     and on the next line     `dhclient tun0`12:30
coconutBlackDalek: here one without https http://paste.debian.net12:31
coconuttea, brb12:31
BlackDalekcoconut, it's ok.. apparently it lets me access https sites now (must have been a side effect of not having any admin password set?)12:32
adhamthat could be from openvpn12:32
adhami tried your suggested config12:33
adhamand I got Cannot find device "tun0"12:33
blackflowadham: I meant tap0,   sorry12:34
BlackDalekcoconut, the paste you asked for is at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NHXsymFJXd/ (if I re-typed from the other screen correctly)12:35
adhamno, that's alright12:35
adhamtesting now12:35
=== ucc__ is now known as Rumen
RumenHi there, any expert in Nvidia cards/drivers?12:36
coconutBlackDalek: no not the list command, but with info.12:36
blackflow!ask | Rumen12:36
ubottuRumen: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:36
jellyalright, thanks blackflow12:37
zeroraxI set my CPU to 5ghz, and I set the clock settings to 5000mhz using cpufreq-set and governer to performance, but I still can't get it to go above the stock turbo multiplier, I'm stuck at 4.7ghz when my firmware and windows report 5ghz12:37
zeroraxwhat can I do?12:37
zerorax8700k i712:37
blackflowzerorax: that's not really relevant for Ubuntu, perhaps try in more adequate channel, you'll have better results there.12:38
zeroraxWhich channel should I try? No one in ##hardware could help12:39
zeroraxI was hoping it was something I could change from within Ubuntu12:39
BlackDalekcoconut, oh ok... new paste ends with /NTs5SPX2pP/12:39
blackflowdunno if there's any overclockers channel12:39
zeroraxthere's 1 now:P12:39
zeroraxI never had this problem with any other cpu12:39
zeroraxand I don't have this problem on Gentoo12:39
blackflowyou frequently raise CPUs to 5 GHz?12:39
zeroraxI leave it at 5ghz12:40
zeroraxif I'm compiling and not loading the GPU i push it to 5.612:40
RumenThanks a lot man!   I have the following problem: I changed the card from NVS300 to GT730. After the change Ubuntu cganged the driver from 340 to 390 and crashed. I readed the forums and uninstalled 340. Now basically works, but ... 3D works only in some applications in other not! Blender works, but Google Maps - Street view freeze the whole computer! At the same time any video in YouTuve or small clip in VLC freeze the picture for 1 second on every 5 seconds.12:40
BlackDalekcoconut, clickable :) https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NTs5SPX2pP/12:40
blackflowzerorax: see if ther's a governor conflict, cpufreq vs pstates or something12:40
zeroraxAhh, I could try ondemand governer instead of performance12:40
BlackDalekcoconut, any clues in there this time?12:41
zeroraxdarn, the ubuntu kernel doesn't come with ondemand compiled in apparently12:41
blackflowzerorax: however, I do wonder what kind of cooling setup you have there :)12:41
adhamblackflow, I think the log is still pretty the same12:41
zeroraxI use 280mm x62 AIO liquid coolers12:42
blackflowzerorax: it does, on Bionic at least: CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_ONDEMAND=y12:42
blackflowadham: it sounds as if the remote side has problems with that. you sure the keys are correct and all?  see if this helps (client side): https://linuxconfig.org/simple-openvpn-connection-setup-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux12:43
coconutBlackDalek: this seems you thumb drive, so ok.12:43
coconutBlackDalek: have you got this disk mounted?12:43
coconutbecause that shouldn't be12:44
BlackDalekcoconut, there is a drive icon for it on the desktop so I assume it is mounted12:44
BlackDalekcoconut, I need to eject it?12:44
coconutno, umount it. (from finder is fine)12:44
coconutand then try again.12:45
RumenWhen chage the driver to Xorg there is no problem with the VLC and Youtube, but no appication works in 3D - freeze the whole computer - any of the applications.12:45
blackflowRumen: I've had issues with 390 in Bionic, with my GTX960, had to use the 396 from the graphics PPA:  https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa12:45
BlackDalekcoconut, ok.. that seems to be were the trouble was. The cp command is doing something this time. Hurrah!12:46
blackflowRumen: but also make sure first you purged all nvidia drives completely, and installed the default 390 with the new package in Bionic (that's Bionic, right?)    nvidia-driver-39012:46
blackflowRumen: Is that Bionic? new installation or upgrade?12:47
RumenYes it is BIONIC12:47
Rumenwith the nvidia-39012:47
Rumeninstalled from the Software and updates application12:47
blackflowyah that's the transitional package. you ugraded from an older ubuntu, right?12:47
Rumen--> other drivers12:47
RumenYes, right12:48
Rumen340 crashed veru ugly12:48
adhamwhat if I'm on 192.168.1.x network already12:48
blackflowRumen: okay so uninstall them all nvidia, anything nvidia* , reboot so nouveau takes over, make sure there are no nvidia packages installed, and install nvidia-driver-390 from teh command line, reboot.12:48
adhamand the vpn is on 192.168.1.x12:48
adhamhow can I bypass tihs?12:48
HychThere's a certain video file (.mp4, .avi..etc) that I'd like to download through a direct link. However, I don't want to download the entire file but only that part of the video which goes from 05:20 to 07:00 for example. Is this possible?12:48
BlackDalekcoconut, it's very slow... hasn't returned me to a command prompt agian yet :(12:49
blackflowRumen: if you still have issues, consider the graphics PPA with the above link. I'm using it, with nvidia-driver-396, for my GTX96012:49
blackflowadham: your VPN should be using a different subnet then12:49
blackflowtypically they use
RumenThat's what I did it. Putged all nvidia and rebooted in X, after that installed nvidia 390, it installed automatically 340, I uninstalled 340 and after run, but with all the issues I said above12:50
RumenI will 39612:50
blackflowHych: if the sever supports it, you could use http ranges. see this: https://ec.haxx.se/http-ranges.html   (make sure you  > somefile   as curl will otherwise dump to stdout)12:51
Rumenshould I remove again all nvidia drivers or no?12:51
coconutBlackDalek: that's because it's probably no usb 3 device yet. (looking at your 7.5GiB size info in diskutil)12:51
blackflowRumen: just in case I'd first purge them all, reboot (nouveau should take over), then install, reboot.12:51
adhamI understand what you mean but I guess when I had help previously and got it work12:51
RumenOK thanks a lot will try now.12:52
adhamI was by that time on the same subnet network as the VPN which was causing more issues12:52
blackflowRumen: because nvidia is DKMS and it compiles on installation, it's best to make sure it does so with no other nvidia packges around12:52
Rumenapt purge nvidia* ???12:52
blackflowadham: you can't have a VPN NIC on the same subnet as another NIC (eg. eth0), because of routing12:53
blackflowRumen: dpkg -l | grep nvidia      see which is installed,  then apt purge   them specifically12:53
BlackDalekcoconut, it's still going.... how long should I wait for a USB 2.0 drive to cp before I should start to get suspicious that it might have stalled?12:54
Hychblackflow: seems like that may work. but is it possible to know which range ends at which byte? e.g: how can i know 02:00-02:30 would be from byte 557 to 800?12:55
coconutBlackDalek: i think before half hour.12:55
BlackDalekcoconut, been supposedly copying for almost 5 minutes now12:55
RumenAll ??? https://ibb.co/gXw1Z812:55
RumenIncluding kernel and lib's?12:56
=== anakin is now known as Guest20902
coconutyes that's ok BlackDalek12:56
blackflowHych: you probably can't do that, because of dynamic (variable) bitrate12:56
BlackDalekcoconut, I tried swearing at it, but it isn't making it go any faster.12:56
blackflowRumen: nvidia-driver-390,   and it'll remove all the deps   (you might need to   apt autoremove additionally, not sure)12:57
Rumenaha ok12:57
BlackDalekcoconut, coming up on 10 minutes now with no signs of stopping. Would using the dd command have been any faster than using cp?12:59
iodevIn ubuntu 20.04 please remove Netplan!13:00
BlackDalekcoconut, ok... it just stopped with an error13:00
blackflowiodev: apt remove netplan.io     and you're set.13:00
blackflowiodev: you're not forced to use it, you can use networkd, or NM directly.13:00
Rumenapt purge said "nvidia-driver-390 is not installed"13:01
BlackDalekcoconut, after just over 10 minutes, it spat out "could not copy extended attributes to /dev/disk1: Operation not permitted"13:01
blackflowRumen: but that dpkg -l  showed    ii    for it, no?13:01
BlackDalekcoconut, took damn thing long enough just to tell me it can't copy it.13:02
RumenYes it shows it is there, but when I gave command sudo apt purge nvidia-driver-390   got "it is not installed"13:02
iodevblackflow: I need hurricane electric tunnel, that's my reason :-)13:02
iodevblackflow: at least for servers, it's not appropiate, I removed nplan, but netplan.io will remove ubuntu-minimal13:03
blackflowiodev: no problem. in fact, you don't even have to remove netplan package, just remove any config from /etc/netplan/*   and it won't interfere.13:03
coconutBlackDalek: don't know which is faster, but cp is definately more normal to use.13:03
iodevit works now, either get 6to4 working with netplan or don't shove it down my troath microsoft style13:04
blackflowiodev: right, now you can use networkd directly.   in fact afaik you can still re-install ifupdown if you want it, but I'd rather let it go and minimize all the layering...13:04
hayswhat file system would you all recommend for ubuntu for specifically a 6x10TB RAID 10 array13:04
iodevblackflow: I did that, but it's a discomfort13:04
blackflowhays: I personally would, yes :)13:04
haysim a little worried about memory requirements13:04
blackflowiodev: sorry I don't follow, memory req for what?13:05
haysalso worried that zfs is a toy for linux still, although i see its included as a supported option in ubuntu13:05
haysblackflow: memory requirements for zfs are typically recommended 1GB per TB13:05
blackflowoh wait wait, I confuzzled you nicks bombarding me at the same time :)   that was for hays, iodev sorry ;)13:05
blackflowhays: okay, so you can use ZFS with as minimum as 64MB. it _thrives_ on RAM, but doens't otherwise lock it, unless you dedupe or other stupid stuff.13:06
haysso that is 30TB, 32GB would be minimum13:06
haysmotherboard is currently limited to 32GB13:06
adhamthx blackflow13:06
haysmaybe that's a reason to get 6x8TB drives13:06
adhamI'll go home and continue trying from there13:06
blackflowhays: yes, that'd be my conclusion too. but eh, at that scale (30TB) I wouldn't consider anything ELSE than a self-healing, data-checksummed, CoW filesystem like ZFS. I wouldn't trust btrfs, but it's an alternative if you don't like zfs.13:06
blackflowadham: yw13:07
hayswell i like zfs . i use it now on freebsd, but i am finding freebsd difficult to administer. mostly because i don't have time to learn another system13:07
blackflowhays: at that scale you're pretty much guaranteed to have one or more bitrot corruptions per year13:07
haysyeah i wish btrfs was getting better faster13:08
haysdoesn't seem ready13:08
haysi think my choices are xfs or zfs13:08
blackflowhays: ZFS on Linux (ZoL) is quite good. a bit messy if you root on ZFS, but doable and quite supported in Ubuntu (except by the installer)13:08
haysi don't need to do root on zfs13:08
blackflowhays: just say no to anything that's not data checksummed at this scale. I wouldn't trust hardware raid either.13:08
RumenI will do it via sinaptyc13:09
haysi could try to upgrade the mobo, but its expensive. new memory, new cpu, etc13:09
BlackDalekcoconut, any thoughts on why the cp failed to copy to the USB?13:10
blackflowhays: well, again ZFS thrives on RAM and that recommendation (1GB per TB) is just a recommendation, not something set in stone13:10
coconutBlackDalek: that's weird it should not say that. You said you also have an option to try and do this cp command from a linux computer? (the normal iso file then, and no diskutil but sudo fdisk -l (and again do *not* make a mistake)). Seeing i have to go out now...13:10
blackflowhays: and if you don't use dedupe, then the recommendation comes from the fact that, as a data-checksumming filesystem, it's rather slow, so it prefers having stuff in ARC13:10
blackflowhays: but then it depends on your specific use case, eg. if you have ARC thrashing like there's no tomorrow because your file access is totally randomyl spread out to 30TB, then it doesn't matter13:11
blackflowhays: what matters most, is to cram as much as hot data (MFU cache) into RAM as possible.13:11
coconutblackflow: i am not saying this well to you, it still should be the img.dmg file.13:11
=== blackflow is now known as blockflaw
BlackDalekcoconut, ok13:13
coconutseeing mac only works with that. (try to have the dmg file on a linux pc and try again)13:13
haysblockflaw: do you know if there is a way to boot from a traditional file system root and then transition to zfs? my other two disks are ssds, and i'd love to keep them off root if possible13:13
coconut(and check the dev location with fdisk(do not just use a fdisk command you like ok?)) i go...13:14
BlackDalektoo many names starting with black :)13:14
haysmaybe that's a bad idea. I've found that if IO gets high, you don't want the system getting starved out of root13:14
BlackDalekcoconut, bye13:14
blockflawhays: not sure I understand your question13:14
haysyeah nevermind. maybe I should get a third SSD13:15
hayssomething small13:15
blockflawhays: you can ionice the processes if that happens13:15
haysin freebsd, I had root on SSDs that also had ZIL cache and it caused big problems13:16
blockflawhays: you have write-intense load?13:17
haysat times yes13:17
blockflawalso note that FreeBSD prefers writes (gives them higher priority), at least it was in the past, so on FreeBSD such loads might starve interactivity, yes.13:17
blockflawthere's currently some threads in the mailing list about the scheduler redesign due to it being.... inadquate.13:18
haysit was bad--brought down services, and it the worst case actually caused the service doing to copy to disconnect13:18
raidghostWhy is it needed to use boot repair after installing ubuntu 18.04 LTS UEFI ?13:18
raidghostDoes NOT make any Sense13:19
hayshmm so the only question is whether i should upgrade the mobo13:20
haysand make this thing a little more beastly13:20
blockflawhays: what's your current MFU?13:20
blockflawhays: but yeah, ZFS will love all the RAMs you throw at it ;)13:21
hayscurrent setup is quite smaller13:21
haysARC: 16G Total, 2483M MFU, 12G MRU, 124K Anon, 275M Header, 957M Othe13:21
blockflawhays: we've migrated all the FreeBSD/ZFS machines to Ubuntu/ZFS (and some gentoo ones for testing), so far so good13:21
haysblockflaw: raidz1?13:22
whitebeastso im still running 16.04 on my laptop, for one reason or another the computer died while in an upgrade through the terminal, and now i cant update,upgrade, or download  /var/lib/apt/lists/lock -open (11: resorce temp unavailable13:22
blockflawhays: mirror and raidz213:22
whitebeastany ideas on where i start?13:22
hayscurious how the zfs import/export went13:22
haysright now i have raidz1 with 4 drives at 2TB each13:22
blockflawhays: with bionic it went well, as before that, ZOL 0.6.x had issues and bugs due to feature sets13:22
haysi kinda want better write performance so i was thinking raid1013:23
blockflawhays: striped mirror, yeah that's not bad either13:24
blockflawyou lose the "any two disks" redundancy, but eh.13:24
haysbut load is VERY bursty, was also thinking of getting another ssd for root and taking the two ssds I have now and making them a HUGE dedicated ZIL13:24
blockflawhays: not sure you need big ZILs. unless you have _really_ massive write bandwidth to deal with (but you probably don't, as that would require massive networking throughput first)13:25
haysthe use case is copying huge data sets from the local network13:26
blockflawhays: ZIL is just temporary page-out before it's syphoned to HDDs. I doubt more than few GBs would offer any improvement13:26
haysbut its something that just happens occasionally13:26
haysso like if my wife has 10GB of video she's edited getting the array to swallow that fast is always a good thing13:26
blockflawbut how big of the network pipe you have there?13:27
haysjust gigabit13:27
haysmaybe a bit less over wifi13:27
blockflawquite likely less over wifi :)13:28
hayswell i get pretty good throughput, but not quite gigabit13:29
hays802.11ac doesn't do bad13:29
blockflawoh ac, yeah, that's big then13:29
blockflawanway... at 1Gbps that's what, ~120MB/s of sequential write?13:29
blockflawa striped mirror of SATA spinning rusts should gulp that easily.13:30
haysyeah. curious i just found an article of somone who got nearly the same performance from a raidz213:30
blockflawhays: strategically placed to appropriate controllers for maximum parallelization is the key13:31
haysI have one 8 port sas controller13:32
blockflawwith a striped mirror, that'd be 60MB/s per stripe, a breeze with 4 independent sata controlers13:32
blockflawand look at that, 8 port SAS will eat that for breakfast.13:32
haysLSI 2308 SAS213:32
haysi think the drives are going to be SATA though13:33
blockflawSATA3 FTW13:33
haysyeah..  motherboard limitations13:34
hayscomes back to whether i want to dump $1000 or so into a motherboard13:34
hayswas hoping to get two refresh cycles out of it13:34
blockflawhays: "wife video editing" sounds important enough to protec with some nice hadware backed ZFS :)13:35
blockflawtypos notwithstanding.13:35
haysi don't think sas2 will be a bottleneck13:35
blockflawhays: I'm in ubuntu-discuss if you wanna continue this, I think we're way beyond #ubuntu support with that topic ;)13:35
blockflawhays: it won't. I can do 150MB/s seq easily, with a striped mirror of quad WD Re's, SATA2 methinks13:37
blockflaw(moving to #ubuntu-discuss)13:37
=== blockflaw is now known as blackflow
BlackDalekDoes anyone here know how to get Ubuntu onto a mac mini (old version macmini1,1) ?13:43
=== erwinnovo is now known as easyOnMe
BlackDalekI'm starting to think that installing ubuntu on an early Mac Mini is totally impossible :(13:48
=== ucc is now known as Rumen
Rumenblockflaw unfortunatelly 396 didn't help. Maybe I did somehitng wrong, but after installed the driver and reboot the sysatem was in 640/480 and couldn't change it. Now back to 390 and works as before ... again some applications freeze the computer and video freeze for a second every 5 seconds13:53
BlackDalekI am trying to install Ubuntu onto a mac mini (early 2006 model). Can anyone help?13:53
tomreynBlackDalek: this? or even older? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mac_mini13:55
BlackDalektomreyn, it's a Macmini1,1 (even older) there is no instructions for the 1,1 on that link13:55
tomreynso 12 years old, most likely only 32-bit then13:56
=== p1xel is now known as stareyes
BlackDalektomreyn, that is correct. It has a 32-bit 1.5 GHz Intel Core Solo in it13:57
tomreynthis wont get meltdown fixes.13:59
tomreynmaybe it's old enough not to need any, though.14:00
BlackDalektomreyn, what is a meltdown fix?14:00
tomreynBlackDalek: a workaround to a relevant design bug in intel CPUs making almost all cpus they did in the past 10 years insecure. i'm surprised you didnt read about it.14:02
=== wade_ is now known as Guest62542
tomreynBlackDalek: so my *guess* is that you could use any 32-bit installer, but 32-bit is no longer supported.14:08
=== semeion is now known as mnemonic
mtdmshi, i have a doubt about repositories, im trying to install php5 with apt, but ubuntu just show me php7, version 7, i want version 5, how repositories work? i already try to take off the # in source.list, the repositories are only ubuntu give me or i can add any type of software repositories i want?14:09
mtdmshow repositories works in ubuntu14:09
tomreynand if you used the 32-bit installer, you'd need to ensure you remove the uefi shim before booting into the installed OS, so it will use legacy booting14:09
tomreynBlackDalek: ^14:09
mtdmsmaybe i mean official and not official14:11
mtdmswhat are not official? they are the repositories are not in ubuntu? from another sources?14:11
mtdmsout the distro?14:11
tomreynmtdms: usually, every ubuntu version provides a specific version of some application. sometimes there are multiple versions available in parallel, but not for php. so if you wanted php5 you would need to use an ubuntu version that is old enough to still support it.14:12
BlackDalektomreyn, I tried stripping the uefi using the xorriso method described here http://coderazzi.net/linux/macmini2006/macmini.htm but that failed to get results. The boot process gave a "Failed to load ldlinux.c32" error message14:12
mtdmsok, thanks14:12
tomreynmtdms: but there is only ubuntu 14.04 'trusty' to still provide php5, and this is going to be end of life mid next year.14:13
tomreynmtdms: as you already discussed, there is another option, namely the use of a PPA which enables you to run older PHP versions on newer ubuntu releases.14:13
tomreyn!ppa | mtdms14:14
ubottumtdms: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge14:14
mtdmsanother question, how arepositories work? there are repositories only ubnutu gives me? or there are repositories out ubuntu from any type of software? i dont know if i mean not oficcial14:14
mtdmsi didnt know about that14:14
mtdmsso there are any kinf of software in repositories? not only ubuntu gives me14:14
tomreynmtdms: this one is commonly used for the purpose of running multiple php versions next to another or for running older php on newer ubuntu releases or the other way around: https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php14:15
mtdmsim learning something new, i didnt know about it, so i can add any type of repositories?14:16
tomreynjust keep in mind that PPAs are not supported by canonical (who make ubuntu) and not really supported here either.14:17
mtdmsits named ppa?14:17
tomreynsee what ubottu told you, mtdms14:17
mtdmslet me check, one min14:17
tomreynBlackDalek: okay, i was just guessing there. i guess this is really old hardware, beyond useful nowadays.14:18
tomreynit will also draw a lot of power14:19
qzhong0605Is there any method to build an vpn tunnel from a pfx file?14:21
mtdmsthanks a lot14:22
mtdmsi was looking for that14:22
BlackDalekok... so I guess it really is impossible to make a 2006 Mac Mini install Ubuntu, despite multiple sites claiming it IS possible? The results of 15 hours research seem to prove it's not possible :/14:22
qzhong0605/filter add joinquit * irc_join,irc_part,irc_quit *14:23
tomreynqzhong0605: not without further information. the pfx file will be a PKCS12 (also known as .p12) which can be used a sclient certificate for authentication to the VPN.14:26
tomreynbut you'll also need information on which VPN protocol is to be used, where to connect to etc.14:26
qzhong0605Ok. Thanks14:27
mtdmsmmm i thought there were more software for windows than linux, because i thought the oficial repositories were all of them, so there are plenty of linux software?14:27
tomreynBlackDalek: i'm not saing it's impossible (though i dont know how), i'm just saying it's probably not worth is and if you make it you'll end up with a system that is slow and still draws much power, and is so non-standard that it may need customizations whenever you update the kernel.14:28
tomreynmtdms: there is plenty of software for linux. but most of the software you'll want to use is available in the official repositories indeed.14:30
tomreynthere are also snaps to add to these repositories.14:30
binary_hamsterhello, Today i am trying to run a sudo apt-get command and i am asked for my password. I enter it (the one i set) and got this: Sorry,Try Again. I did, and it kept saying Sorry, Try Again.. Can anyone help?14:30
tomreynmtdms: so you can also install these https://snapcraft.io/store14:31
tomreynstarting ubuntu 16.04 that is14:31
BlackDalekhehe.. I found an ancient Ubuntu 8.04 installer CD. That boots on this old mac ;)14:32
binaryhermitprobably  not a good idea to install it and use the internet14:33
binaryhermitsince it either hasn't gotten a security update since either 2011 or 201314:33
mtdmsare they like an apps?14:33
mtdmslinux software right14:34
* binaryhermit isn't 100% sure when Ubuntu went from 3 years of support for LTS releases to 5 years of support for LTS releases14:34
binaryhermitthat's a LTS since it's (even>6).0414:34
similianWebhello is there a way to add a vlan to my primary ensXXX without creating aliases?14:35
BlackDalekThis mac won't be used for internet access, but still, it will be pretty much useless because 8.04 won't run the software I want to run on it.14:35
binaryhermitor 6.0614:35
binaryhermitI'd only install it for nostalgia's sake, if even that14:35
tomreynBlackDalek: clean it up nicely, and donate it to your clostest computer museum. ;-)14:36
NoxturnixHello World14:36
BlackDalekIf I did install it, and wipe the mac mini's hard disk, I still would not be able to install 16.04 over the top of it, right? It would still be a useless brick?14:36
tomreynmaybe it makes a good door stopper14:38
mtdmswhen i install the repositories ppa after time how can i remove them? where i can find them? for example source.list14:39
tomreynsimilianWeb: i dont think so. why would you need it to not be an alias?14:40
mtdmshow i can manage the ppa like in source.list?14:41
similianWebtomreyn as in my setup it would be used as an additional optional ip14:41
similianWebsofar I read that alias for additional id is obsoleted14:42
similianWebadditional ip14:42
similianWebwhen i ad an additional ip i just add some lines along ip add add xyz dev .... to my interface and i am fine14:43
similianWebyet with vlan i guess i have to create an alias - what could impact my application and firewalls now ...14:43
similianWebi fear14:43
tomreyn!ppapurge | mtdms to remove a PPA14:44
ubottumtdms to remove a PPA: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html14:44
mtdmsthanks a lot14:45
tomreynsimilianWeb: you can have separate (renamed) interfaces for vlans, but they'll still need to be linked to a main interface.14:46
similianWebalso where do i set the vlan id in the /etc/network interfaces? is it by naming the alias ens999.10 is that vlan id 10 ?14:46
tomreynsimilianWeb: which ubuntu release are you asking about?14:48
tomreynthere is no such release14:49
similianWebsorry give me a second14:49
tomreyn"lsb_release -ds" will tell you what you have14:50
similianWebUbuntu 16.04.4 LTS 64 Bit14:51
tomreynsimilianWeb: then this is the how-to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/vlan14:51
similianWebi did not know anyone was using anything other than this ome14:51
myrathi guys can anyone help with netplan14:51
tomreyn!details | myrat14:52
ubottumyrat: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.14:52
similianWebtomreyn thats one of the guides i followed14:52
similianWeband i wondered if the vlan id is set in the interface config or by vconf ( i was hoping thats optional =14:52
BluesKajmyrat, so what's your issue with netplan?14:53
tomreynsimilianWeb: you'll need both the alias interface and the vlan package14:54
hans_"This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU."14:55
hans_does 18.04 have a 32bit version?14:56
tomreynhans_: i dont think so.14:57
hans_according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes , the desktop version doesn't have a 32bit (which seem to imply that the server edition does, but it doesn't say so explicitly), quote: Other highlights since 16.04 LTS14:58
hans_:  32-bit installer images are no longer provided for Ubuntu Desktop.14:58
tomreynthere's still a 32-bit mini.iso http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/14:59
tomreynbut that's not "for the desktop", that's a minimal installation iso which requires a working internet connection. you can customize the installation created there to become a desktop installation.14:59
hans_i don't want a desktop installation however, i just want to set up an ancient computer from the basement as a server :)15:00
hans_with a 32bit cpu15:00
tomreynwell, you can, with this, it just isn't supported, and the package archives for it may get dropped at any time, or may no longer get updated.15:01
similianWebtomreyn thanks for the info - i discovered the /proc/net/vlan so its vlan is quite different - i will read into it thanks for the directions15:01
gt8ost4ldoes anybody here have experience with brackets?15:02
hans_kk, just to be clear, 18.04 does not officially support x86 32bit cpus, correct?15:02
tomreynsimilianWeb: welcome, good luck. if the renamed / alias interface creates a serious issue for your application or firewall, you should really consider fixing or replacing those. alternatively, you could get a managed switch which can terminate the vlan for the port this computer is connected on.15:03
hans_but 16.04 LTS does15:03
tomreynhans_: right, 18.04 does not support 32-bit. 16.04 still did/does.15:05
gt8ost4ltomreyn:have you ever used brackets?15:07
tomreyngt8ost4l: what kind of brackets?15:11
gt8ost4ltomreyn:the editor brackeets.io15:13
tomreynno. but this isnt your actual question, right?15:13
gt8ost4lyup scroll up lol.15:14
tomreyngt8ost4l: you probably want to ask somethign about how to use it.15:14
myselfmeaning, there's an X/Y problem happening here...15:14
myrathey you there15:16
=== ucc__ is now known as Rumen
gt8ost4ltomreyn:tomreyn can i just show you a picture of it?15:16
tomreyngt8ost4l: how does this relate to ubuntu support?15:17
gt8ost4ltomreyn:i tried there channel but its a ghost town!15:17
gt8ost4lnobody wants to help me15:17
gt8ost4li waited a least 40 minutes15:17
tomreyngt8ost4l: well, maybe this wants to send you a hidden message?15:18
BluesKajmyrat, who me?15:22
myratBlueskaj wossap15:23
=== Shiva188 is now known as Shiva187
BluesKajmyrat, you have a netplan issue?15:23
myratBluesKaj yeah15:24
BluesKajI'm not gonna ask again15:24
tomreyngt8ost4l: if the question you never asked was "how can i install adobe brackets on ubuntu", then there answer would be "it is not a supported package, but there are unsupported packages in this PPA https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/brackets - type !ppa here if you dont know what a PPA is"15:25
BluesKajour mind readers are on vacation so you guys who aren't describing your issues are outta luck15:30
similianWeball of them?15:30
BluesKajyup :-)15:31
hggdhnow, back to topic, please15:31
=== mpmc is now known as Contraption
* BluesKaj waits for a topic15:36
=== Contraption is now known as mpmc
fatMatt  R15:46
tomreynfatMatt: do you, or does you cat, have an ubuntu support question?15:46
dan01Sometimes when I watch movies on VLC, the images freezes and the system stops responding to anything at all. But I can still hear the video playing. I don't have a dedicated GPU, only Intel UHD 62016:12
thinkjoin #sexe16:12
tomreynnah dont16:13
tomreyndan01: which ubuntu version?16:13
tomreynlsb_release -ds16:13
tomreynand which kernel version? cat /proc/version16:14
jack1Just testing something16:16
spacesis there a good and really freee solution (even a keepass file on google drive would work) for central password management ?16:23
tomreynspaces: "good" can be quite subjective, i like keyringer, but also keepassxc and passwordsafe.16:28
tomreynkeyringer has some git 'integration' for (de)central password management, the others would require you to sync it yourself somehow (such as using a cloud sync)16:31
jnewti have no sound.  in control center -> hardware -> sound preferences -> hardware there are no devices to configure in the selection box.   the output section shows Dummy Output Stereo.  steps to fix it?16:37
jack1just testing something (again)16:43
qzhong0605how to get the topology of PCI devices ?16:43
BluesKajjnewt, run cat /proc/asound/modules to see what audio driver, if any'16:45
DaekdroomHello. I've had my data HDD fail with a error 7. I've bought a replacement, but I'd like to image the old hard drive to salvage my data. However, Ubuntu refuses to boot with the old HDD due to i/o errors. Is there any GRUB boot options I can use to ignore those errors?16:47
jnewtBluesKaj, i have 0 snd_hda_intel and 1 snd_hda_intel16:48
compdocDaekdroom, boot clonezilla and clone it to a file16:49
Daekdroomcompdoc, I intended to use ddrescue. Is clonezilla different?16:49
DaekdroomWell, as long as it boots and works, it doesn't matter...16:50
DaekdroomThank you.16:50
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compdocits a bootable linux cd, so the OS is known good and stable, and it has options to ignore certain errors and just keep going. you can clone to a file or to another drive tempoaraly to retreve files16:51
compdocDaekdroom  ^16:52
DaekdroomThat's exactly what I need, indeed.16:52
LuMintis LjL an OP here?16:52
=== lynn_ is now known as gryphon
BluesKajjnewt, ok open als mixer in the terminal and make sure your audio ctls are up to at least 80% and there are no ctls with MM (mute). Use the M ket unmute if needed. Alsomake sure the automute is disabled located somewhere on the far right16:57
jnewtBluesKaj: sorry didn't se your response.  i just reinstalled alsa-base and pulseaudio after deleting the ~/.config/pulse directory contents and running alsa force-reload i have sound now.17:04
BluesKajjnewt,  removing pulse is understandable, but why did you remove alsa-base ?17:06
spacestomreyn thanks!17:10
spacestomreyn new install was easy peasy yesterday17:10
ppx___I cant set up a DSL connection in 18.04 mate, is there a solution?17:13
compdocusing network manager?17:13
ppx___yes even nmtui17:13
ppx___are they gonna fix it after time?17:14
=== Dreaman is now known as Blade
=== lynn_ is now known as gryphon
fossxplorerHow can i install lxc3, using apt? Apt-cache show lxc lists multiplle, lxc 3 amont them17:39
fossxplorerBut using apt install lxc, i get lxc v217:39
fossxplorerI'm on ARM64 though, but i guess it shouldn't matter in this context17:40
MattBleachthis is just a test17:41
T4P4Ntest for irc client?17:42
MattBleachThis is on windows rt17:42
T4P4NMattBleach: '__'17:42
T4P4NMattBleach: Which client you are using?17:43
MattBleachice chat 9.04a17:43
MattBleachany way i can run ubuntu on windows rt17:45
=== T4P4N is now known as noob
jerome-I have ubuntu installed (without UI), and for some reason, if I don't put "auto enp2s0" and "iface enp2s0 inet dhcp" in /etc/network/interfaces, I have no network17:56
jerome-Is there a reason why I would need to specify network device?17:56
jerome-I have another ubuntu computer with the UI, and any network card is enabled by default17:58
Meadso I'm sorta disapointed in xubuntu and xfce's multi-monitor abilities.  Is there another flavor of ubuntu with a light weight gui?17:59
jluclubuntu is probably lighter17:59
jlucwith lxde18:00
Meadare you familure with using lxde?18:02
confluencyWhat is the problem with XFCE's handling of multiple monitors?18:05
Meadit doesn't let you extend to the left, just to the right.18:06
confluencyHave you tried using xrandr?18:06
confluencyIt's a commandline utility for configuring screens. It should work in any environment. You can arrange them arbitrarily.18:07
Meadthe problem is in xfce it puts the panel and icons in the left most screen, which isn't good since the left screen isn't alway used by the xubuntu system.18:09
confluencyCan you not configure which head the elements are on?18:10
confluencyFWIW, I use Fluxbox, and I can configure where each UI element goes. It's a very minimalist environment, though.18:10
Meadno, add the screen and everything moves to the left regardless which display is "primary"\18:10
jnewti have ubuntu, i believe it was originally the ubuntu-mate flavor.   prior to upgrading to 18.04, i was running cinnamon desktop, and also got cinnamon when rdp from windows to my ubuntu computer.   now, i boot locally and get mate, and when i rdp, i get xfce.   where are the settings for which de to use stored?18:13
ducasseMead: use the '--primary' option with xrandr to select the primary screen18:14
jnewtif i just remove mate and xfce, will it default to what is left (cinnamon)?18:15
ghostnik11hi i have an asus t100taf and it has 16.04 ubuntu on it, is there anything lighter than the unity desktop? b/c i feel like sometimes it lags when my little 2 in 1 tablet has to do multiple task. it has an intel atom cpu, is cinnamon lighter than unity?18:17
AuroraAvenueHow do I install from source?18:18
jefluiAuroraAvenue, What do you want install?18:20
AuroraAvenuejeflui, Audo Recorder - I am on Solus.18:20
AuroraAvenuebut theres little activity there.18:20
ducasseAuroraAvenue: only ubuntu is supported here, i suggest you keep trying there (or try ##linux)18:26
bollmanncan you speak german?18:31
bollmannjoin please Linux18:34
mdemoAnybody know why libssl1.0.0 requires a reboot to be updated?18:37
bollmanncan you speak german?18:38
stormchas2000no sorry i can not speak German, even though i was born there. I moved to the US when i was 218:39
seven-elevenif I add "auth    [success=1 default=ignore]  pam_winbind.so debug" to /etc/pam.d/common-auth, should I see in syslog the domain login attempt via winbind? i don't see it, thats why i worry pam isn't even trying18:42
=== qzhong0605 is now known as Guest12524
mdemoFound this which may answer my Q: https://medium.com/@nobuto_m/knowing-what-services-need-restart-with-needrestart-37419f44ed4618:45
hay207Hi, how to open gstreamer-properties in 18.04 ?, got command not found18:48
ioriahay207, gnome-media it'S A precise/trusty package18:53
woosterdoes live-build work with ubuntu? or just debian?18:56
woosterim getting E: Release signed by unknown key (key id 40976EAF437D05B5) if i try to do anything with lb19:00
woosterha haha19:07
infinituxI installed kxstudio repositories and love the apps that are in them, but I'm finding they have a lot of conflicts or missing prerequisites. I'd like to have them all work fluidly on my ubuntustudio 18.04 system19:07
=== bhalithan1 is now known as bhalithan
hay207Hi, i notice alsa bit depth in alsaplayer keeps changing to and from 160,112, 128, 192, 256, is that normal?19:35
oerhekssure, vriable bitrate19:36
oerheksc/ variable bitrate19:36
oerheksit is an option, for mpeg/mp3.19:37
oerhekssome codecs have that build in and activated.19:38
gde33is system monitor an ubuntu thing or just a bundled application?19:50
gde33I was imagining it would be cool if it had things like fan speed and tempratures19:51
gde33using psensor atm19:51
gde33bit buggy but it works19:52
gene_may i get a registration code?20:04
gene_my name is gene20:04
gene_how do i get registration code20:04
gene_can i get a registration code20:05
drmessanoIt’s 1111111-1111120:05
gene_i am gene, can i get a registration code20:05
leftyfb!register | gene_20:06
ubottugene_: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.20:06
ghostnik11hey if i just want to install cinnamon desktop but not the programs that are associated with it, can i do that? or must i install of the programs that come with it, in order to have it?20:06
gene_looking for regisitration code20:07
leftyfb!register | gene_20:07
leftyfbgene_: please see the link that was given to you and stop asking20:07
leftyfbgene_: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.20:07
gene_may i get registration code20:08
ghostnik11in synaptic it says i have to install all these other programs that are associated with cinnamon but i just want to install the desktop environment where i have just the desktop and can keep my current programs20:08
leftyfbgene_: stop asking, go to #freenode20:09
=== rdaneelolivaw__ is now known as RDaneelOlivaw
hans_i need to copy a harddrive over a LAN from the ubuntu installer, i guess having the target run nc -l 9999 > disk.img  and the source run nc < /dev/sda      should work?20:11
unknown__In Ubuntu 18.04, is there a way to get drive shortcuts back on the dock?20:16
=== mouses is now known as mous
=== unknown__ is now known as GillaGal
david__Hello All, Is the server.iso the best way to get a just a cli environment? And is wireless easy to configure if one does not have eth0? thanks.20:17
david__i currently run openbsd but want to learn linux as well.20:18
hans_david__, imo, the "mini.iso" is the best way, but the "Ubuntu Server Installer" will also give you a cli20:21
hans_david__, imo, this is the best way to get a cli: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso20:21
david__hans > i am unaware of mini.iso, thanks20:22
david__thank you hans. will look into it now20:22
hans_david__, btw, if you're gonna use the server installer, use the "alternative installer", not the main installer (for 18.04 they replaced the normal installer with a new, modern, and prematurely released installer by default, and call the good old installer for the "alternative installer")20:24
david__hans, that good to know. thanks again my friend.20:24
hans_(also, the mini.iso use the good old installer)20:25
david__hey hans, does the mini.iso have wireless support? wpa_supplicant or something similar?20:26
david__my eth0 is broken20:26
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=== Guest89059 is now known as Aeden
=== Aeden is now known as _Aeden_
GillaGalIn Ubuntu 18.04, is there a way to get drive shortcuts back on the dock?20:26
lotuspsychje!info docky | GillaGal20:27
ubottuGillaGal: docky (source: docky): Elegant, powerful, clean dock. In component universe, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 609 kB, installed size 3329 kB20:27
=== lynn_ is now known as gryphon
hans_david__, i don't know, but i *think* the full installer has a lot more drivers (probably including wifi drivers) than the mini.iso - here is the full alternative server installer: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04/release/ubuntu-18.04-server-amd64.iso20:30
david__hans, will look into both options. Thanks again20:31
hans_(which is basically the full version of the mini.iso )20:32
_Aeden_I would like to know if it's possible to install the following theme on Lubuntu please (and how :D) :20:33
david__hans, why do you keep dropping out?20:38
hans__why is "dd if=/dev/sda bs=10M | nc" running at ~6MB/s,  while "nc < /dev/sda" runs at ~5.1MB/s ?20:39
hans__david__, switched from wifi to cable20:40
hans__and before that, well, i just got a shitty connection, am on a small island in the middle of nowhere with shitty network infrastructure20:40
david__hell, being on a small island has to be better than this big island they call usa20:41
david__do use "screen" or "tmux" so you can re-attach?20:42
qwebirc99950I need help20:42
bapatmux. screen is dead.20:43
GillaGallotuspsychje, No way to do it with the new default dock huh?20:43
bapadavid__: what's the probrem you're having, friend?20:43
qwebirc99950I installed gnome on Ubuntu 16.04 and after rebooting, Ubuntu gets stuck on d login page20:43
david__no problem Big baba, lol. everything is good.20:43
lotuspsychjeGillaGal: not sure its possible on the current dock, perhaps take a look at dconf-editor20:44
david__damn, that was funny in my head, lol20:44
=== DrWatson_ is now known as DrWatson
david__i use tmux but was unaware screen is dead20:44
hans__david__, i use screen over tmux, but i use mosh20:45
hans__screen is not dead. i talked with 1 of the screen main maintainers a few days ago, about a bug, in screen20:45
david__i have so much to learn....thank goodness20:45
qwebirc99950I’ve been able to edit grub commands by adding nomodeset20:46
bapahans__: I consider Screen dead because the source code is unreadable to me :P20:46
hans__bapa, if your problem is C, then i guess you consider the linux kernel dead as well?20:47
qwebirc99950I’ve also been able to start terminal but I keep getting stuck while trying to login20:47
hans__or do you just mean the codebase is shitty?20:47
bapaIt has nothing to do with the language. Plus there's nothing wrong with C. The code for Screen is just messy and hard to hold in your head.20:47
qwebirc99950Whenever I enter my login details I get an “incorrect login” response.20:48
qwebirc99950What can I do?20:48
hans__qwebirc99950, are you trying to login as root?20:48
bapaqwebirc99950: Did you upgrade Ubuntu recently?20:48
bapaAnd have you been able to login in the past?20:48
hans__since forever, root login has been disabled by default in ssh. since 18.04 (or somewhere AFTER 16.04 but <= 18.04), root login was disabled by default in the main terminal20:49
hans__and honestly.. in 18.04, i don't know how to enable root login on main terminal20:49
hans__(on a headless ubuntu)20:50
hans__anyone does?20:50
bapahans__: I'm not on Ubuntu right now, but my guess might be a file in /etc/pam.d might possibly have a plugin that denies auth as root.20:50
david__hey hans and bapa, i know nothing about linux but could qwebirc open a virutal terminal and bypass graphical login then enter his credentials?20:51
hans__bapa, any idea which? https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/eOHNhb1tz6WnTHdHCeaU~g/raw?password=JwC5tHR9nceiSWBuhE8s20:53
greatgatsbyhans__, what password are you providing for root (not asking you to post the actual password here).  You set a root password with passwd or some other utility?20:54
hans__i set a password in the ubuntu installer, realized it didn't work on root login, then set a password with sudo passwd, still can't login20:54
GillaGalIs there a way to have windows use the entire screen (over the top activity bar) in 18.04?20:55
greatgatsbyok, neither of those are for the root user.20:55
greatgatsbyactually, one sec...20:56
=== mkv is now known as m4v
greatgatsbysorry, I stand corrected, sudo passwd does indeed set the password for root20:58
hans__greatgatsby, well, i didn't really use "sudo passwd" anyway, i used "sudo su", followed by "passwd"20:59
greatgatsbyI've always explicitly does 'sudo passwd root' in the past, but don't bother now.  Any reason logging in as a normal user and then 'sudo -i' to become root isn't sufficient20:59
hans__greatgatsby, o20:59
hans__greatgatsby, i always used "sudo -s" in the past, but then ubuntu f**ked it all up, and made -s  mess with the home directory... which debian doesn't do...  so i switched to "sudo su" (which doesn't do anything funny with the home directory)21:00
hans__(iirc, on ubuntu, `sudo -s` will give you a root terminal, but change root's home directory to whichever user ran sudo... z.z and afaik, only ubuntu does this)21:01
david__hans, does booting into single user mode allow you to change root password?21:03
oerheksGillaGal, F1121:03
=== arthur1 is now known as ArthurM
david__or am i grasping21:03
greatgatsbymaybe 'sudo -i' is what you want?  "The command is run with an environment similar to the one a user would receive at log in"21:03
oerhekshans, sudo -i is the ubuntu way21:03
greatgatsby'sudo -i' from any directory will land me in /root21:04
hans__yeah i guess, but "sudo su" works fine too21:05
hans__(and is portable)21:05
GillaGaloerheks, lol no no. The actual maximize window.21:05
oerhekshere F11 maximize the current/focused window21:07
oerheksnot sure what you understand by windows..21:07
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest74206
Guest74206can anyone help me with ubuntu dd terminal commands as i keep using dd to get a bin image to my usb but keeps saying no such file or directory21:08
hans__Guest74206, sure, but you'd probably be more likely to get help at ##linux (well, right now, i'll probably be able and willing to help you, but statistically speaking)21:09
Guest74206shall i move over to linux or are you available21:10
hans__i don't really care, anyone else does?21:10
hans__bleh, just shoot21:11
Guest74206im using the dd if=filename /dev/sdb1 command but keeps saying no such file or directory21:11
GillaGaloerheks, Ummmm... no. You're confusing the full screen option in a browser with the full screen (max) desktop window which by default in 18.04 sits below the activity bar..21:12
hggdhGuest74206: dd if=filename of=/dev/whatever21:12
hans__Guest74206, can you please run /nic whatever21:12
hans__/nick whatever21:12
Guest74206no still saying no file or directory21:14
hans__(ps, in addition to adding of=   , you might get better speed if you also add bs=10M  , like dd if=filename of=/dev/whatever bs=10M          )21:14
Guest74206whats the command just replace sdb1 with whatever21:14
hans__please run /nick whatever    in your irc client21:14
hans__when i try to autocomplete Guest, i get this in response https://i.imgur.com/LOkwQ8W.png21:15
Guest74206did it work21:16
hans__nope, your nickname did not change :(21:16
hans__anyway, namei -l /dev/sdb121:16
hans__namei -l /dev/sdb1 | pastebinit21:16
Guest74206hans did you get it21:21
hans__yeah, sdb1 does not exist21:21
hans__sd1 does not exist21:21
Guest74206how do you find out what it is21:22
hans__is the problem that you've just been writing sd1 instead of sda1 ?21:22
hans__err, sdb121:22
hans__now i'm doing it too21:22
hans__anyway, what is your dd command?21:22
Guest74206"sudo dd if=cloudready-free-66.4.25-64-bit.bin of=/dev/sdb1 bs=4M"21:23
hans__ok, run namei -l /dev/sdb1 | pastebinit21:23
_Aeden_The taskbar of lubuntu is so ugly and not customizable21:23
hans__btw, pastebinit is a real command, returning an url21:24
hans__(unless you need to run `apt install pastebinit`  first)21:24
hans___Aeden_, i'd imagine it has a "themes" manager somewhere21:24
hans__(idk tho, i run Xubuntu when i need lightweight+pretty,  i only run Lubuntu when i need super-lightweight and don't care)21:25
Guest74206confirm when youv read https://pastebin.com/AM0EwR3a21:25
hans__stat cloudready-free-66.4.25-64-bit.bin | pastebinit21:25
Guest74206whats that ?21:26
hans__dunno, that's the file you're trying to write to sdb121:26
Guest74206yeah but what do you want me to do21:26
hggdhGuest74206: in general, when you are chatting with a specific user, it is a very good idea to add the user's nick in the sentence. Like ḧasn__ confirm when blah blah"21:26
oerheksGillaGal, you can define a shortkey to that, standard there is none in systemsettings . keyboard21:27
_Aeden_hans__, the theme manager "openbox" just change the windows' borders, not the taskbar21:27
hans__hggdh, in my defense, https://i.imgur.com/YzGIKR4.png21:27
hggdhhans__: I understand your IRC client does not help much :-)21:27
hans__Guest74206, you may have a permissions issue, i'm trying to find it21:28
Guest74206whats the command to list usb devices in terminal?21:28
hggdhGuest74206: if you want to see all USB devices, lsusb21:29
hans__<Guest74206> much like namei -l , stat would print ownership and permissions of the file21:29
_Aeden_So because of noboby use Lubuntu, I'll install a dock to remove this uncustomizable taskbar21:29
hans___Aeden_, isn't there a #lubuntu chanel, full of people who use Lubuntu?21:30
Guest74206<hggdh> how about the device name ie. dev/sdb21:30
_Aeden_hans__, maybe, I take a look hoping that there is a way to fix this ugly taskbar21:31
hggdhGuest74206: I do not know how your system is built (which disk is what), so I cannot comment. But I do hope you understand that 'dd' will *replace* whatever is at the target device with the image of the input file21:31
hans__btw, speaking of Lubuntu, i don't really like the lxqt thingy... their 1 job is to be "even more lightweight than XFCE", cus they sure ain't any prettier, so... will they still be lighter than XFCE, even when ported to QT?21:31
Guest74206what about if i give someone from here remote acsess so they can do it for me21:32
hggdhGuest74206: don't. I repeat, DO NOT *EVER* give an unknown someone access to your computer.21:33
Guest74206i dont really have any valauble info on here will that matter21:33
hans__Guest74206, might as well PM me, i'm bored and have free time, just.. know the security implications (i won't do anything malicious, but i have no of proving that, and you'll have no good way of proving that i didn't)21:33
_Aeden_hans__, I like the old version of gnome with class desktop, and I also like flat dark theme21:34
Guest74206ok sure i will21:34
Guest74206how do i pm you21:34
hans__/pm hans__ test    ? i guess21:34
hans__try writing /pm hans__ test21:35
=== semeion is now known as mnemonic
hggdhGuest74206: /query hans__ will open a private chat with hans__21:35
Guest74206says no such nickname channel21:36
hans__hmm, try hans_henrik21:36
=== hans__ is now known as Hans_Henrik
Hans_Henriktry now21:37
Hans_Henrik/query Hans_Henrik21:37
Guest74206i have done it21:38
Guest74206says no such nickname21:38
Hans_Henrikmaybe it's the underscores?21:38
=== Hans_Henrik is now known as hanshenrik
hanshenriktry  now, no underscores21:38
oerhekskeep on changing !21:39
hanshenrikah, now it worked, got ur message. (guess something with your keyboard setup is messed up. maybe you generate a weird unicode underscore or something?)21:39
hanshenrikoerheks, well, it worked, he was able to message me after i removed the underscores from my name21:41
Guest74206how do i change from a guest21:41
hanshenrik/nick not_a_guest21:41
hanshenrikerr, /nick NotAGuest21:42
hggdhhanshenrik: Guest74206 please keep on in the private chat, not here21:42
jnewtlightdm is broken.   i can log in via command line, startx cinnamon (or probably whatever other de).  and it's good.  but if i log in via lightdm it scrambles my screen and then kicks me back to the command line.21:48
RetardedOnionhello. i am trying to run a ubuntu 14 chroot under arch via debootstrap. when installing the chroot i get problems with installing kbd.  i cant fix it via apt install -f because /bin/loadkeys.dpkg-new doesnt exist. is this the right channel to ask for support? my command to install the choot was debootstrap  --no-check-gpg  xenial /var/chroot/ubuntu http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu21:54
tomreynjnewt: which ubuntu version is this? what does /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log say about it? which graphic card do you have there?21:54
jnewt18.04, nvidia quadro m2000, /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log doesn't exist21:56
tomreynRetardedOnion: 'xenial' is the codename for ubuntu 16.04, there is no "ubuntu 14". what are the 'problems with installing kdb'? why don't you check gpg signatures?21:57
RetardedOniontomreyn: sorry. i dont care if it is 14 or 16. i tried both with the same results. i didnt check results because i thought id have to import the signatures into my main system21:59
tomreynjnewt: i'm afraid i can't help then22:01
jnewtbecause of the missing log file?22:01
tomreynRetardedOnion: ok, but there is neither "ubuntu 14" nor "ubuntu 16". based on the deboostrap command you posted you tried to install ubuntu 16.04 (LTS).22:02
tomreynRetardedOnion:i think gpg is downloaded as part of the debootstrap installation, but am not really sure about it.22:03
RetardedOniontomreyn: that is fine. i am going with 16.04 lts.  did install without the gpg ignore flag. same issue.22:03
tomreynRetardedOnion: seeing your error messages would maybe help us help you.22:04
tomreynor the entire output, if its not too much22:04
tomreyn!paste | RetardedOnion22:04
ubottuRetardedOnion: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:04
RetardedOnionone sec22:04
tomreynjnewt: no, i just lack experience with nvidia prima22:05
oerheksjnewt, i read in ##linux: jnewt> i've still got the lightdm greeter at boot.   remove that too?22:05
oerhekswhat are you doing?22:05
jnewtupgrade to 18.04 broke nearly everything oerheks.   working my way back instead of just blowing everything out and starting over.22:05
jnewtit's definitely helping me to understand how stuff is working22:06
jnewtbut then i get stuck and the error messages aren't always helpful22:06
oerheksif you removed those 3 desktops, i would reinstall ubuntu-desktop, as terminal command or whole disk. adding a desktop is fun, removing one is amazing22:07
oerheksgdm/ddm/lightdm ..22:08
RetardedOniontomreyn: command 2>&1 | curl -F c=@- https://ptpb.pw is just a bit easier.  https://ptpb.pw/Kjyi and this is the log  https://ptpb.pw/9Rqo22:08
jnewtoerheks, i can startx cinnamon without issue.  i just can't get the greater / login / logout working22:08
oerheksthat could be fixed, sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target # or back to tty login: sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target22:09
jnewtok, i have a lightdm log now.   one CRITICAL: session_real_run: assertion 'session->priv->argv != NULL' failed22:10
jnewti think you need to be the guy who wrote the code to understand what to do about that.22:11
stormchas2000i am thinking the same thing, I would remove and retry. and see if it comes back up22:12
jnewti removed it once and reinstalled, and did the dpkg-reconfigure lightdm and still same.  it recognizes a bad password vs a good one now, but doesn't know how to kick me into the de i guess22:14
tomreynRetardedOnion: where did you get debootstrap?22:14
RetardedOniontomreyn: https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/debootstrap.git22:15
tomreynRetardedOnion: okay i guess it doesn't get much newer than this. the ubuntu ones might have patches,though, but i guess those would not explain failures with just two or three packages.22:16
tomreynRetardedOnion: you could still give it a try, if you have enough bandwidth22:17
RetardedOniontomreyn:  where do i get the source files? is there a git? the ubuntu website isnt really suited for me i guess22:18
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hanshenrikwhat is the "Basic Ubuntu Server" package from the mini.iso installer?22:20
tomreynRetardedOnion: those are the ones for 18.04 'bionic' https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/bionic-updates/debootstrap22:21
hanshenriknvm, found it22:21
hanshenrikok, i take that back, i don't know22:23
hanshenrika google search suggest i can get the answer by writing "tasksel --task-packages server"  , but it just responds with "server^"22:24
tomreynRetardedOnion: looking at the changelog, i don't think using ubuntu's deboostrap will make much of a difference.22:25
RetardedOniontomreyn: i dont know why makedev is on arch or why this would be in a makefile anyways. so i cannot even build it here22:26
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RetardedOnioni would be building it in a chroot though. ha.22:27
jnewtthat's where i think the error is logged.  that is my ~/.xsession-errors files22:27
tomreynhanshenrik: you can 'apt install ubuntu-server' once your installation is complete22:27
gt8ost4lbashing-om: what editor do you use to program?22:29
arooniquestion: how come i see available updates in ubuntus software center; but when i run sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; via the command line ; nothing updates?  18.04 if it matters22:30
BlackDalekdoes anyone know how to get ubuntu 16.04 installed on an old 2006 mac mini? Install CD won't boot.22:32
RetardedOnionBlackDalek: those things have 32bit efi. i know it is possible to install a gnu/linux on there. will have a quick look for a guide22:34
DaekdroomIs a 2006 Mac even an Intel machine? Or are those still PowerPC?22:34
DaekdroomHe has to get the right architecture ISO.22:34
RetardedOnioncore duo22:35
DaekdroomBut indeed 32 bit EFI then22:35
RetardedOnionthe cpu is 32 bit as well, am i right?22:36
RetardedOnionBlackDalek: get a 32bit install iso, find yourself a bootia32.efi and drop it into the esp of the iso, then burn it.22:38
BlackDalekRetardedOnion, yes, it uses 32-bit EFI. the CPU is a 1.5G Intel Core Solo22:45
RetardedOnionBlackDalek: i know. just as i said:  get a 32bit install iso, find yourself a bootia32.efi and drop it into the esp of the iso, then burn it.22:46
BlackDalekRetardedOnion, where do I find this bootia32.efi and what is "the esp" of the iso?22:47
RetardedOnionBlackDalek: i know recent grub versions can install grub via --target=i386-efi. so maybe find yourself a different computer where you can create this file via  sudo grub-install --target=i386-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=GRUBi --recheck and copy it into the iso. the esp is in /boot/efi on basically every system ever, but i dont know about ubuntu in this regard. so maybe someone else can correct me22:50
oerheksor maybe fun, 64 bit on that mac mini 2006.. xorriso http://coderazzi.net/linux/macmini2006/macmini.htm22:56
oerheksyou might be able to install a 64 bit desktop + 64 bit chrome too22:56
oerheks= youtube22:57
RetardedOnionoerheks: not without emulation. 32bit efi =/= 32bit cpu22:57
oerheksoh, not a 64 bit intel ..?22:57
RetardedOnionoerheks: core solo/duo are 32 bit.22:57
RetardedOnionyou can boot a 64 bit system with a 32 bit efi22:57
oerheksyes, that is why i shared22:58
oerheksso that would be mac min 2..22:58
RetardedOnionthe cpu is 32 bit only22:58
Meadyour still using a 32bit cpu?23:03
RetardedOnionits a single core as well.23:03
oerheksno, t2400 is duo23:04
RetardedOnionsometimes 32 bit is needed. they are way faster in some cases than 64 bit. i doubt he is one guy that needs it because he is asking for ubuntu support. i expect someone like that to at least do lfs.23:05
Meaddang, you can probably drive around on trash day and find a better computer23:05
RetardedOnionoerheks: he said 20 minutes ago: RetardedOnion, yes, it uses 32-bit EFI. the CPU is a 1.5G Intel Core Solo23:05
oerheksmac mini with solo core.. that is new to me.23:06
MeadNM that is a laptop chip, those tend to get broken or handed down to children instead of retired in working condition.23:07
oerheksuse the casing for a rasp-pi :-D23:08
RetardedOnionoerheks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_Mini#2nd_generation:_Intel-based_Mac_mini23:08
RetardedOnionhttps://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Installing-Mac-mini-Model-A1176-Core-2-Duo-Processor/1178/1 says that you can install t7xx cpus. so a t7700 for 5-6 dollars or something would be a great choice BlackDalek23:11
gt8ost4lBashing-om, what editor do you use?23:16
arooniquestion: how come i see available updates in ubuntus software center; but when i run sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; via the command line ; nothing updates?  18.04 if it matters23:18
RetardedOnionarooni: can you install snaps via the software center? i dont think snaps can be updated via apt23:19
arooniRetardedOnion: ah so what i was seeing were snaps?23:19
RetardedOnionarooni: i dont know. i dont actually use ubuntu. its just a guess23:19
arooniRetardedOnion: a good guess; too bad i updated everything; next time ill try snap refresh23:19
RetardedOnionarooni: if you have a bit of an idea about gnu you can have a read here http://kmkeen.com/maintainers-matter/index.html23:21
RetardedOnionoh and about vlc: Stealing MPlayer's libraries and statically compiling them has never been so much fun! i think i now have brought up enough reasons to be banned from this channel?23:27
hans_running `sudo apt install amdgpu-pro` ends with > /var/lib/dkms/amdgpu/18.20-606296/build/amd/amdkfd/kfd_doorbell.c:226:3: error: implicit declaration of function ‘writeq’; did you mean ‘writel’? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]23:28
oerheksdidn't know there was a deb package, amdgpu-pro23:42
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Meadok... stange situation here... I want to run my lubuntu install from a SD card,  bios won't let me do it.  I have an old (slow) and small (2gigs) thumb drive I'd like to install a boot loader to.  I just tried PLOP but it doesn't seem to support SD cards out of the box, suggestions for a bootloader I can install from (gasp) windows to the USB stick on a different machine than it's intended23:54

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