MeadHello,  trying to get my dual monitors set up correctly with xubuntu. My main display hooks up via VGA and the second I'm trying to configure is a HDMI.  In "displays" when I position the screens as they are on my desk, the taskbar and icons seem to always end up on the secondary display instead of the primary.01:26
guivercMead, have you seleted 'primary display' on the monitor you want.  myself, I just setup my monitors as I have them, hit primary on my wanted monitor, then moved the panels as I wanted them (adding new, removing unwanted etc)01:44
MeadI have selected primary display, but the secondary display to the left of my primary keeps getting the taskbar and desktop icons moved to it.01:55
guivercdo you keep the same setup Mead ?   (and which Ubuntu version)02:00
guiverckeep the same setup, meaning do you move monitors around (laptop like use)02:00
Meadwell, my lab setup is sorta complicated, the monitor I am extending to is shared with three different systems.  So I switch between inputs to often.  Xubuntu needs to have the other display as primary with the taskbar and desktop icons.02:05
guivercunderstood; i too share monitors; but i've learnt what config works for me.  i don't know enought to help with your suggestion, but can comment that maybe adding extra panels (having one [hidden] on each monitor) may be a work around till you find someone capable of helping more?  if you don't like what you add, you can easily remove later...02:12
guiverc(sorry for my lack of clarity)02:15
Meadextra panels?02:15
guivercright click on a panel, panel prefs then a window opens, you can + to add a panel, - to remove or change.... :)02:16
Mead... what do you mean by panel?02:18
krytarikWhat you call "taskbar"02:19
guivercwhen you hit + (add panel near top of panel panel pref), and empty panel is opened...  move to where you want, then add what you need... panel means what you called taskbar I think02:19
Meadah, got it02:19
Meadany way to clone a panel?02:21
guiverci just re-create; it takes little time anyway & usually it cleans a few items I don't really need :)02:22
Meadwell, when you were just using the default without any customizations yes it does take some time.02:24
nomenonopen /.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml   copy paste02:25
guivercthanks nomenon :)02:25
nomenonthere clearly labeled sections panel 0 or whatever02:26
Meadok pretend I'm a nub trying to learn through experince,  opening up that /.config/whatever I do that with a text editor of some sort?02:28
nomenonnano in cli02:29
Meadok, and the /.conf  is that not a hidden directory?02:30
nomenonthat said i do not work here >:D02:30
nomenonits where your applications keep there config files02:30
Meadis that the full path? or is /.conf in another directory?02:32
nomenonits in /user/youruser/02:33
nomenonrather /home/youruser02:33
Meadyou should work here, you are doing a great job helping me02:36
nomenonI would make a copy of anything you touch in there before you save an edited version02:38
Meadok, so I don't see a file named xfce-perchannel-xml02:39
guivercxfce-perchannle-xml is the final directory; xfce4-panel.xml in that directory is panels (as I followed nomenon)02:40
nomenonI am a bit jumbled sometimes :>02:43
Meadhey don't apologise, I'm the dos/windows guy trying to "do" linux02:43
nomenonit is much nicer02:44
nomenonone way or another you can bend it to your will >:D02:44
nomenonvirtualbox is amazing for testing or playing02:44
MeadI'm gonna be nice and not tell you what I think about linux after cutting my teeth with DOS in the 1980.02:47
guivercMead, linux is the modern day unix; which pre-dates dos, or its cp/m forebears.. xml itself dates back to ~1973 as I recall02:49
MeadUnix is still a thing.02:50
guivercyep - you're using a unix-like system (you have to pay $s to call yourself unix; apple OSX is unix-like too but paid $s so they can call it unix!); BSD really is unix. (my opinion anyway)02:50
nomenonguiverc,  Mac OS X is based on BSD UNIX, which is open source. Apple releases its open source fork of BSD as the Darwin operating system. The XNU kernel that Apple uses is its variant of the Mach kernel, which is an implementation of UNIX.03:02
guivercthanks nomenon - apple (& msft) use bsd heaps due to licensing  (& not the unix)03:04
Meadmicrosoft's unix distro was the most widely used before they sold it off to focus on NT03:55
diogenes_i mean hi09:06
KrockHello everyone. I'm having the issue that suspend only works every 2nd time. This applies to the "Shut down, Restart, Suspend" dialogue and the power management settings in the same way13:14
KrockMy questions is: how would I get more information from my system about such an issue?13:14
KrockSystem: 18.04, Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.15.0-23-generic, CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q6700 @ 4x 2.667GHz13:15
KrockAfter the failed suspend mode, the display has a 800x600 resolution (or lower) at the signup screen.13:21
diogenes_Krock, nvidia proprietary driver?13:22
diogenes_try with nouveau13:23
diogenes_nvidia afaik doesn't have early kms13:23
Krockkms = ?13:23
diogenes_i mean the driver doesn't load early during the boot process but only after login13:25
diogenes_nouveau should work better13:25
Krockit loads before login when the system is shut down and started from new13:25
Krocktrying nouveau. may disconnect.13:26
diogenes_maybe try disabling secure boot and fast start if they're available13:27
diogenes_also yes, nouveau try13:27
Krockdiogenes_: 640x480 px now. It doesn't detect the GPU: :D13:36
diogenes_what you did?13:36
Krockswitched to the nouveau driver in the system settings13:37
diogenes_what is the output of: sudo lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A313:37
Krock01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation G80GL [Quadro FX 4600] [10de:019e] (rev a2)13:38
KrockKernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau13:38
diogenes_is there kernel driver in use?13:39
diogenes_i see, not that great news, afaik nvidia quadro series doesn't have the best support with nouveau13:40
KrockI tried it the last time about six months ago when the proprietary driver broke - and it worked quite well apart frmo performance issues13:41
diogenes_but is it at least sleeping fine now?13:41
diogenes_with nouveau?13:41
diogenes_but i think even nouveau is not working fine now13:43
KrockOkay. After long testing I can only tell that nouveau has the same issue plus: after the 2nd suspend the graphics card fan just kept spinning, no response from anything else13:58
Krock"same issue" = failed suspend13:58
KrockI guess I'll just accept this annoying bit and keep double-suspending then13:59
diogenes_what about other distro to try or at least try live session from a bootable usb14:03
Krockwill try later on, thanks for the support.14:16
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