anastasiamacwallyworld_: looking at cosmic deploy/bootstrap, it is kind of hard without cosmic images... i think i'll park until they are available... all i can do at this stage is just blindly add 'cosmic' as a string to our OS collection...00:32
anastasiamacwallyworld_: "blindly" because i cannot really test that it works ;)00:33
anastasiamaca review anyone? https://github.com/juju/os/pull/300:56
los_(as an outsider: I would suppose its mosdef time since 18.04 is really really out...right?)01:00
wallyworldanastasiamac: lgtm01:09
veeberswallyworld, kelvin: Sorry for dumb questions; How do I see the k8s container created when deploying the caas charm. Juju status shows 'Creating mysql container' for ages01:36
kelvinveebers, kubectl get po -n model01:36
wallyworldveebers: from where did you get the myql charm? did you have it locally?01:36
wallyworldif you have got the latest copy from my repo you'll need to setup storage01:37
veeberswallyworld: Aye, I have it locally, I built from a cloned branch (with changes, now changing the built one and dploying)01:37
wallyworldor hack the metadata.yaml to remove the storage bit01:37
wallyworldjusyt check the built copy has no storage in metadata.yaml01:37
wallyworldthat will do for now01:37
veebersI pulled it yesterday or so, no mention of storage in metadata01:37
veeberserr, storage01:37
wallyworldin that case there's something else amiss01:38
veebersget po only shows juju-operator-mysql01:38
wallyworldso you'll need to check the operator logs and juju debug-log01:38
veeberswallyworld: Err, probably something I've introduced, I'll add more logging and up the logging factor01:38
wallyworldif there's just the operator it means that juju has not been told how to make the pods01:39
wallyworldie the charm has not sent the pod spec yaml to juju via the pod-spec-set hook command01:39
veeberswallyworld: ack, I suspect I've added something that breaks that. Not sure why no logging coming in yet01:39
wallyworldyou won't see operator logs in juju01:39
veeberssorry, controller logs01:40
wallyworldnothing to log until the charm runs01:40
wallyworldand that happens in the operator not the controller01:40
veeberswallyworld: yeah, IK suspect juju misbehaving: https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/sTwBPpRWMF/01:42
wallyworldveebers: there's nothing amiss with that log. is that all there is?01:43
wallyworldthere should be a log of the pod spec yaml01:44
veeberswallyworld: It's that repeated over and over, I see this though (at the end there) juju-log Invoking reactive handler: ../../application-mysql/charm/hooks/relations/mysql/provides.py:25:_handle_broken:server01:44
wallyworldthat's nothing01:45
veebersah o01:45
veebersugh, why can't I remember how to set logging to DEBUG for the controller, it's a model config or so right?01:46
wallyworldjuju model-config logging-config="<root>=DEBUG;"01:47
veebersawesome, thanks01:47
* veebers adds another model and starts again :-0)01:48
veeberswallyworld: (I hate to pester, I know you have heaps on): Trying a deploy, describe pods has this error: Error: cannot find volume "juju-operator-mysql-config-volume" to mount into container "juju-operator"02:13
veebersstate is Terminiated02:13
wallyworldveebers: otp to kelvin, give me a sec02:14
wallyworldveebers: it goes to terminated griefly and then back to creating02:38
veeberswallyworld: I pulled microk8s down and re-installed and added a modek with a differnt name (hence diff namespace) and that's working. I caught an issue that should have been caught via unit tests, so continuing02:39
wallyworldveebers: great02:39
wallyworldthumper: head for lunch, but wouild love a review of https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/8919 if you get a chance02:47
thumperwallyworld: still finishing up with eric's one03:08
veeberskelvin: how long does it take to deploy that k8s cluster bundle on lxd locally (roughly)03:45
kelvinveebers, 20-40mins03:45
veeberskelvin: ok thanks, wondering if that would be more stable than microk8s at the mo, I keep mucking it up :-\03:46
kelvinveebers, do it on ur host machine directly, no vm03:46
veeberskelvin: ack, yeah I would deploy to local host. Then I would scp the kubectl bin, and config over right? (as per the ci test)03:47
kelvinveebers, i did't test microk8s for complex charms yet.03:47
kelvinveebers, yes03:47
veeberssweet, cheers kelvin03:48
veebersI think the microl8s issue is an apparmor thing (it being beta and all) and I just want to tear everything down to start from scratch etc.03:49
kelvinveebers, np04:11
xavpaiceanyone about and able to take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1781322? I'm about to throw a workaround in, and only affects us when we remove a subordinate, but it's just broken a model for me04:11
mupBug #1781322: Upgrade to 2.4.0 caused tools symlinks to be in a subordinate charm dir <canonical-bootstack> <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1781322>04:11
anastasiamaca dependency update for juju side, PTAL   https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/892105:10
wallyworldanastasiamac: lgtm05:21
anastasiamactyvm \o/05:23
veeberswallyworld: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/8922 please don't giggle at the branch miss-naming :-\05:39
anastasiamacm not sure wallyworld can giggle05:39
veebershah :-)05:39
wallyworldlol, i mistype the same thing all the time05:40
veebershey, I said no giggling05:40
wallyworldfrankban: hey, you around?06:05
frankbanwallyworld: hey07:00
wallyworldfrankban: question - i want to do a one line patch to the GUI to add kubernetes series support. but trying the follow the hacking howto and make guio, i get an error. error: Error: file to import not found or unreadable: normalize.css/normalize07:02
wallyworldi think all i need to do is add a line to urls.js?07:02
frankbanwallyworld: I think so yes, but weird error...07:02
wallyworldmaybe you could whip up a quick PR for it so i don't need to figure out how to get things compiling?07:02
frankbanwallyworld: sure07:03
frankbanwallyworld: so the name of the series is "kubernetes", correct?07:03
wallyworldfrankban: the unit renders but the js console has an error07:03
frankbanwallyworld: ok is there a k8s charm in prod cs?07:04
wallyworldon staging charm store i think07:04
frankbanor staging07:04
wallyworldveebers has one uploaded. i just deploy locally07:04
wallyworldfrankban: since i can't compile it, is there a tarball or something you can send me and i can test?07:06
wallyworldi think there's a way to deploy a local gui from a tarball?07:06
frankbanwallyworld: yes, i'll send it to you07:07
wallyworldyay you rock07:07
wallyworldand a line to tell me what to type07:07
frankbanwallyworld: then you can do "juju upgrade-gui /path/to/gui.bz2" on your controller07:08
wallyworldawesome, easy07:08
frankbanwallyworld: the branch is https://github.com/juju/jaaslibjs/pull/107:33
frankbanwallyworld: I don't have perms to merge it, but will try to figure out something, or I'll have to wait for americans07:34
kelvinwallyworld, can i get ur a minute?07:37
jamkelvin: I would guess he's gone off for now. anything I can help you with?07:56
kelvinjam, got a question about allwatcher. i am not very sure how does it work. i saw juju gui uses 2 websockets. one of them for allwatchers.07:59
jamkelvin: so the intent of the allwatcher is that whenever something changes in a model, it sends a message to on the allwatcher so that things like the gui can react to it08:00
kelvinjam, it seems the payload returned from unit change for example is not always consistent, in my case, the Tools does not always present, but i can see .tools presents in all doc in mongo08:01
kelvinjam, can i get ur a few minutes on HO? :-)08:03
manadartstickupkid: Small one for review when you've time: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/892608:04
wallyworldfrankban: great tyvm. do you need to build a tarball or if i try will i get an error again?08:09
frankbanwallyworld: I need to release that on npm, I'll have to wait for jeff as I don't have perms, so yes sorry we'lll have to wait08:10
wallyworldkelvin: no worries08:10
wallyworldfrankban: oop, meant you. no worries, thanks for doing pr08:13
wallyworldkelvin: you all sorted out now?08:13
kelvinwallyworld, i just re boostrapped ctl again to test it.08:14
kelvinwallyworld, do u mind to have a quick chat?08:14
wallyworldkelvin: am in standup HO08:15
jamwallyworld: want me there as well? or yo ugot it?08:16
wallyworldjam:  just started talking, ty for offering, will let you know08:17
wallyworldjam: all sorted. i helped identify the root cause of the watcher issue. the fix is quite simple as it turns out08:42
jamwallyworld: great!08:42
manadartWhat's a good charm to test Cosmic machines/units with?08:45
wallyworldkelvin: we talked about backingUnit, same would apply for backingMachine I expect08:45
kelvinwallyworld, yup, sure. thanks08:46
kelvinthanks, jam as well08:46
stickupkidmanadart: LGTM08:46
anastasiamacmanadart: i was using usbuntu with "--series cosmic --force"08:48
anastasiamacubuntu even08:48
jammanadart: afaik, we don't have any charms today that support cosmic, but you could force/edit something like ubuntu-lite to include cosmic08:48
manadartanastasiamac jam: I've got Cosmic machines and containers deployed fine using image-stream and container-image-stream respectively.08:50
anastasiamacmanadart: having said that, i saw that rick_h_ has a personal cosimc charm :) maybe because rick_h_ is an astronaut ?08:50
jammanadart: with anastasiamac's patch ?08:50
anastasiamacmanadart: on 2.4? or 2.5-bX?08:50
manadartjam anastasiamac: 2.4 HEAD.08:51
anastasiamacmanadart: could u plz then also update bug 1781301 as it looks like we support it08:51
mupBug #1781301: Juju needs to support cosmic <juju:In Progress by anastasia-macmood> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1781301>08:51
anastasiamacmanadart: yes! this is awesome news as my patch did land on 2.4 and soon to be on 2.508:52
anastasiamacthnx for verifying :)08:52
manadartanastasiamac: NP.08:52
manadartstickupkid: Ta.08:52
anastasiamacmanadart: actually m updatignt he bug now... nm :)08:52
manadartanastasiamac: Ack.08:52
anastasiamacmanadart: jam: really appreciate u taken over both th symlink bug and verification of cosmic deploys! great team work :D08:55
stickupkidanastasiamac: i believe you're right with your theory about the jujuConnSuite...09:01
jammanadart: stickupkid: I'm seeing a bunch of conflicts merging 2.4 into develop around lxd code09:02
jamstickupkid: is one of them supposed to supersede? (I'm guessing the 2.4 code is the 'best' code, but I'm guessing)09:02
stickupkidanastasiamac: there are changes in the commit diffs that change how the session is created for tests09:02
stickupkidjam: manadart: ouch, hmmm - yeah, for most cases09:03
manadartjam: There will be one that I know of - usage of IsInstalledLocally and IsRunningLocally. The utils module was deleted from both, but 2.4 supersedes develop in using it from container/lxd.09:08
manadartNot sure about other conflicts.09:08
jamstickupkid: looks like there are some things that are only in 2.5 like "ServerSpec" vs "RemoteSpec"09:08
jamand defaultProfileWithNIC vs defaultProfile09:08
anastasiamacstickupkid: i'd imagine difference in session creations would indeed b top suspect...09:09
stickupkidjam: ServerSpec, RemoteSpec is being removed and manadart should know about the latter09:09
jamstickupkid: is ServerSpec being replaced by RemoteServer ?09:11
jamyou need *one* of those09:11
manadartjam: Stays as ServerSpec in develop.09:11
stickupkidthe other way around, ServerSpec is replacing RemoteServer09:11
jamproviderSuite.createProvider is a test suite09:11
jamstickupkid: manadart: kk. I did look to switch to ServerSpec, so that's good.09:12
manadartjam: 2.4 is behind for LXD generally. After the release freeze, enough was back-ported to support constraints. Clustering enhancements are all going into develop.09:14
manadartI'd like to sync them, because it is so much cleaner without tools/lxdclient. But that's a conversation...09:14
jammanadart: lots of conflicts in the test suite, unfortunately09:16
jammaybe not so many. just a couple tests that end up interleaved somehow09:17
manadartjam: If the conflicts are all in LXD land, want me to give it a lash?09:17
jammanadart: I'll push something up in a sec, I'm close to done09:18
manadartjam: Ack.09:18
stickupkidanastasiamac: so I believe this is the commit https://github.com/juju/juju/commit/e95762d1c094c3a6b41e9ab98f1068b0aaea240e09:18
veebersstickupkid: huh, I notice that's a commit of mine, you suspect the extra session usage there is causing grief?09:21
stickupkidveebers: yeah, no idea why yet09:21
stickupkidveebers: i've not touched anything to do with mongo in juju yet, so I'm have a poke atm09:22
veebersstickupkid: I wonder if the cleanup isn't ironclad or something along those lines, there is a session created outside of the setupTest for instance09:22
stickupkidveebers: yeah - exactly09:23
veebersstickupkid: well, if it's something obvious and silly I owe you a beer in Brussels :_P09:24
stickupkidveebers: haha09:24
stickupkidso the test that repeatedly fails is CAASModelDeployCharmStoreSuite.SetupTest and suite composes the new changes of that commit.09:48
jammanadart: stickupkid: can you look at https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/8927 and see if everything makes sense? the test suite passes in container/lxd and provider/lxd on my machine09:50
* jam away for lunch09:50
veebersstickupkid: I wonder if it's a mongo/session thing or if it's a proper bug and a worker or something is borked due to the new controller config?09:54
stickupkidveebers: i wonder if i skip the test and see if the problem goes away?09:55
stickupkidveebers: then we can at least know that the test is buggy09:55
veebersstickupkid: true. It passes sometimes though, right? (it must have for it to get landed, and I ran the suite a couple of times etc.)09:56
stickupkidveebers: yeah, but it seems to be getting worse - it never fails locally, note - that it's not your test that fails, but someone composing that test suite that you changed09:57
veebersstickupkid: interesting, I wonder if the testTeardown is doing something in an order that borks things. But I'm just stabbing in the dark :-) I'll leave you too it as you have eyes on the code ^_^10:00
stickupkidjam: LGTM10:07
stickupkidSo I'm skipping the test that "seems" to be causing the CI issue, but, unfortunately it's intermittent - so only time will see10:51
anastasiamacstickupkid: thank u for looking at tests. fingers crossed that skipping will make a difference \o/ at the very least, it'll finger-point which ones need to be addressed :)11:12
stickupkidanastasiamac: np - yeah, let's hope11:14
anastasiamacstickupkid: and really appreciated the comments on the bug :) i'll add the skipping PRs for future tracking too11:15
stickupkidanastasiamac: welcome11:17
anastasiamacstickupkid: i've added further comments as I believe that the issue is caused by having s.State.Model() calls11:28
anastasiamacstickupkid: but cannot look into it further (must eod)...11:29
stickupkidanastasiamac: awesome! well it built and merged without failure, that's the first time in a week or so11:29
stickupkidanastasiamac: i'll have a quick look, but i'm not sure what I'm really looking at though :)11:30
stickupkidanastasiamac: thanks for the help, enjoy the rest of your day11:30
anastasiamacstickupkid: gr8 about landing11:31
anastasiamacstickupkid: "looking" would probably involve the why-is-State.Model()-causing issue and can-the-test-survive/be-rewritten-without-State.Model()-call11:32
anastasiamacstickupkid: but yeah, i'll go away for now before my head explodes \o/ ttyl11:32
stickupkidanastasiamac: \o/11:32
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hfpHey, I can't get juju going. This is what I'm getting on ubuntu 17.10: https://dpaste.de/hgRs14:03
hfpis it about the lxd profile default having an ipv6 or is it something else?14:03
hfpThis is my default profile: https://dpaste.de/MQ9s, it's as default as they go14:04
manadarthfp: Looks like IPv6. The profile is OK AFAICT. Try "lxc network set lxdbr0 ipv6.address none".14:14
manadartWork checking with "lxc network show lxdbr0". Ensure ipv4.address is something and ipv4.nat is true.14:16
jami need to EOD, but if someone could give a look at https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/8928 I would appreciate it.14:57
rick_h_manadart: any chance you can give ^ a look before your EOD? /me checks clocks14:59
* manadart pulls his punch card back out of the slot.15:00
manadartrick_h_: Looking.15:01
rick_h_manadart: if you're EOD let it go and please grab it in the AM15:01
manadartrick_h_: It's fine. I got it.15:02
manadartrick_h_ jam: Approved it. One comment.15:12
rick_h_ty manadart !15:13
rick_h_have a good night15:13
los_Can I get a pointer to a reference Reactive Pattern charm that has no dependencies?15:44
hfpmanadart: lxbdr0 has an IPv4 and an IPv6. Juju doesn't do IPv6?15:44
manadarthfp: LXD integration will ultimately support IPv6, but at the moment we eschew it.16:07
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zeestratHey rick_h_, you know of a way to cross post stuff on discourse? Would love to get some input from the maas folks on https://discourse.jujucharms.com/t/ideal-use-cases-for-maas-and-pods-vs-lxd-esp-with-clustering-with-juju/68/316:30
=== cockmaster changed the topic of #juju to: Hey, I think you guys might enjoy my new blog post https://bryanostergaard.com/blog/2018/07/09/donald-trump-and-the-darkies/
=== manadart changed the topic of #juju to: https://jujucharms.com https://discourse.jujucharms.com
rick_h_zeestrat: hmm, not really. Just have to ask them to chat. What are you looking for them to fill in?17:59
rick_h_zeestrat: the maas vs pods vs cluster plans? I mean really their plans are just to make stuff work so folks can get machines provisioned from their DC as easy as possible17:59
zeestratrick_h_: right, but as someone that's  been using both for a while I'm still missing a more simple and unified approach to deploy both maas and juju controllers. I've also seen a couple of folks around here and #maas that have been confused or struggled with figuring out how to deploy juju controllers without using manual kvm or umpteen physical machines. A common question is why they can't use lxd containers as juju18:13
zeestratcontrollers on their physical maas controllers.18:13
zeestratWas interested in hearing in their plans as it looks like their moving towards snap and lxd containers as preferred deployment methods18:15
rick_h_zeestrat: understand. My point is that the maas folks aren't worrying about how to load juju controllers on there.18:15
rick_h_unfortunately there's not an easy fix yet for the chicken and egg of "I need a cloud, I need to run stuff on my cloud" by having the cloud be both control plane and target for workloads for that cloud18:16
* rick_h_ rereads that and wonders if he needs more coffee18:16
rick_h_zeestrat: we'll see. at the moment I'm looking at the lxd cluster stuff going "cool the controllers can be on the same plane of hardware as the workloads" so it helps with the "I need three machines in MAAS just for Juju HA"18:17
rick_h_much more like an openstack setup tbh18:17
rick_h_but it's still means you need to setup the lxd cluster which is a manual thing atm18:17
zeestratHah, and I need some more beer! I gotcha, but at least the path towards being able to enlist and commission lxd clusters/containers in maas needs some work from the maas sife18:18
rick_h_it'd be darn cool if you could ask maas for a machine to come up in a cluster18:19
zeestratThe more easy and fun it is to get started with juju on maas the better.18:19
rick_h_and that expanding that cluster was just asking maas for another machine18:19
rick_h_but that's not on roadmap atm18:19
rick_h_just in the "cool ideas" phase18:20
zeestratOK, so the ideal use case of bootstrapping juju controllers on maas will be physical machine or manual kvm's for the time being?18:23
rick_h_zeestrat: yea, there's some toys that might open up more possibility but not there yet.18:26
hfpmanadart: Noted, thanks18:51
wallyworldveebers: did my comments on the PR make sense?20:58
veeberswallyworld: I haven't seen them yet, I'll ping if I have questions20:58
* veebers wonders how he missed that email come through20:58
wallyworldveebers: sorry, should have pinged but it was very late her and you would have been AFK20:59
veeberswallyworld: no worries, I normally see the review email come in and respond. I must have skimmed over it in the morning cleanup21:00
veeberswallyworld: just sorting out a vsphere query from thumper, then will continue debugging the resource-get issue I'm seeing (relevant to this PR) and attack those comments (they all make sense)21:02
wallyworldgr8, ty21:02
thumperbabbageclunk: ping21:45
babbageclunkthumper: hey21:45
thumperbabbageclunk: noticing your email, wanna chat?21:45
babbageclunkyes please!21:46
thumperjump in 1:121:46
magicaltroutrandom question for a charmer, that will likely make them sad. Is there a sane way to execute a command on another service from within another charms hook22:25
magicaltroutfor example, I need to stick a new unix user into another charm and ideally i could do with a way to do this without adding stuff to the existing relations22:26
thumpermagicaltrout: I don't think so22:43
thumpermagicaltrout: it is almost like you want one unit to be able to run an action on another unit?22:43
veebersNow why would none of the debugging logging that I've sprinkled around not show up at all :-|23:41
babbageclunkveebers: is it going to a controller log and you're looking in the default model?23:41
veebersbabbageclunk: no I've def got debug-log -m controller there, I wonder if it's not getting paste the cmd context part23:42
veebersbut surely that should show up in the hook logs for the operator pod23:42
babbageclunkhmm, not sure about k8s stuff but that might be in the model log, not the controller one23:43
veebersyeah, for that I should be able to see it with something like "microk8s.kubectl -n aaaa log -f juju-operator-mysql"23:45
veebers(do you like my naming scheme? aaaa, bbbb, I think there is a zyx as well as a xyz)23:46

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