sean__this torrent client is pretty great00:01
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DranikProgrammerHi. I've noticed a very strange behavior. KDE is running way slower than usual, I notice slow window rendering. Advanced task switchers like "Cover Switch" doesn't work. Window Presenter for Screen Edges doesn't work either. Every thing feels very unstable. Any options?10:57
DranikProgrammerIt worked well before, until it hang whilst I used the Task Switcher and I had to reboot the PC10:57
Tm_TDranikProgrammer: doublecheck which renderer you use10:59
DranikProgrammerI tried OGL 3 once, but it did not work well, so I stick with OGL 211:02
DranikProgrammerWow... I switched to OGL3 and everything works good11:02
DranikProgrammerthough I thought I had OGL2 the whole time11:03
DranikProgrammerThanks ;) If im gonna notice some issues I'll come back11:04
batteronizerHi, whenever I add an event to my Korganizer with my local timezone selected, after saving it changes the time shown to UTC, and shows the event at the displayed UTC time in my local timezone calendar.11:22
batteronizerAnd I'm UTC+5:30, but the UTC time it calculates is somehow always ahead of my local time. E.g. I'll add an event starting at 6 pm IST, Korganizer will change it to 9:30 UTC and show the event at 9:30 in my IST calendar.11:24
zxq9Do you have your local or UTC time set for system display?11:24
zxq9Or maybe your system clock is being set to local, and the UTC calculation is therefore off by mistake.11:24
zxq9I used to have weird things like that happen with Windows dual-installs.11:25
batteronizerzxq9: That is one thing I suspect. I too have a Windows dual install.11:25
zxq9IIRC, the hardware clock is expected to be set to UTC, and *nix systems always run an offset.11:25
zxq9Some versions of Windows expect a local time setting on the hardware, and that trips things up.11:25
zxq9I think with UEFI you can define it and Windows 7 or 10 should know the difference.11:26
batteronizerAh strange. Where usually do you set the system clock?11:26
batteronizerAh alright11:26
zxq9Most of the time it is already set in the UEFI/BIOS on the motherboard. I'd check that to confirm. It should have an option to select your timezone, and THEN be set to local time, meaning the underlying hardware clock should have UTC.11:27
zxq9If your motherboard says "UTC" as its timezone but has local time set, things get weird.11:27
batteronizerzxq9: Gotcha, battery could be another suspect then I suppose11:28
batteronizerAnyway I'll check in a while. Thanks.11:28
zxq9Possibly. Your Linux install should be calling to NTP servers to sync the correct time and do things like correcting for leap seconds.11:28
batteronizerzxq9: Yeah, it does show my local time very accurate11:29
zxq9Over time it should always drift toward being correct, but if the motherboard is interpreting it incorrectly because of a hardware setting then you'll always be off by some fixed (and usually surprising) amount.11:29
batteronizerYeah, normally my clock does show accurate local time it gets through NTP.11:30
zxq9Try this in a shell: `date --utc +%Y%m%d_%H%MZ`11:31
zxq9And then compare with `date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%Z`11:31
batteronizerzxq9: 20180712_1132Z11:32
zxq9Common bash timestamps for reference: https://zxq9.com/archives/79511:32
batteronizerzxq9: The outputs seem to be consistent11:33
BluesKajHi folks11:34
zxq9batteronizer: What does timedatectl show?11:35
zxq9Hi, BluesKaj11:35
BluesKajhi zxq911:35
batteronizerzxq9: https://pastebin.com/6xuuxwrf11:36
zxq9batteronizer: Try checking in the KDE settings application. There is a regionalization thing there. Inside it are timezone and display options that your Korganizer should be inheriting.11:42
zxq9Inside Korganizer -> settings there is a date&time option on the menu which seems to actually invoke the KDE settings screen.11:45
batteronizerzxq9: Yeah I tried that before but still checked again and discovered something weird. My timezone was set to "Calcutta". On a whim I searched for India and it showed up another timezone called Asia/Kolkatta.11:46
zxq9In addition, in Korganizer -> settings -> settings (or maybe "options" in English, not sure about language; the very bottom one on the menu) there are some time display options as well.11:46
batteronizer(Kolkatta btw is the new name for Calcutta)11:46
zxq9That's... interesting.11:46
batteronizerAnd now it shows the event at the right time location in my calendar.11:46
zxq9So maybe it couldn't find the spelling in the new TZ index in /etc/ ?11:47
batteronizerBut when I double click on the event to see details, it shows the correct local time, but shows the time zone to be UTC11:47
zxq9That's odd.11:47
batteronizer"couldn't find the spelling" no idea11:47
batteronizerYeah, works for now. But definitely a bug somewhere.11:47
zxq9Hm. That is frustrating.11:47
zxq9Does India only have one timezone, or several?11:48
zxq9It's a big place, but that doesn't always mean anything officially.11:48
batteronizerJust the one - UTC+5:3011:48
zxq9And of course it just has to be an off-by-30 TZ, right? Perfectly inconvenient for you.11:48
batteronizerHah yeah11:48
zxq9Governments. Well, whatever. The computer should figure out how to compensate without driving you nuts.11:49
batteronizerPeople from countries which don't have that half an hour in their timezones are always perplexed by that.11:49
batteronizerYeah, true hehe11:49
zxq9I imagine you can either 1- find someone who has had this issue and fixed it (amongst the zillions of Linux users in India) or 2- step through settings from the motherboard on up and incidentally fix it through careful checking.11:50
zxq9Both are annoying, though.11:50
batteronizerYup, I'll try option number two first. It's a confusing enough issue to explain, especially now that it is mostly fixed.11:50
zxq9Are you using any externally configured accounts, like syncing with Google calendar or whatever?11:50
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batteronizerYes, Google11:51
zxq9Hrm. Some mentions of google sync with odd timezone changes to input, but nothing quite like your problem yet...11:52
zxq9You are on KDE 5, right?11:53
batteronizerYup KDE511:53
batteronizerKubuntu 18.0411:53
BluesKajNewfoundland is on a half hour timezone...never understood that , why bother with 30mins just go with the whole 60. Much easier for everyone.11:54
zxq9batteronizer: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37398811:55
ubottuKDE bug 373988 in timezones "KOrganiser time zone locked to UTC and not possible to change." [Major,Confirmed]11:55
batteronizerAh cool11:56
zxq9I imagine that if you were not integrated with Google you wouldn't have any issue, but there is some import/export weirdness here.11:56
zxq9Hence it being somewhat of an edge case overall for Korganizer.11:57
zxq9Were I willing to mess with C++ any more these days...11:57
batteronizerWell, it bothers me less now because other people are affected too :-)11:59
zxq9Isn't that weird?11:59
batteronizerBluesKaj: I couldn't agree more11:59
zxq9I think there is/used-to-be an off-by-15 TZ11:59
batteronizerzxq9: It really is weird12:00
zxq9This site has a lot of fun stuff in its encylopedia: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/time-zones-interesting.html12:02
zxq9Though I mostly go there to check meeting times because I usually work remotely (Erlang development and geopolitical analysts mostly -- not on the same contracts, of course)12:03
zxq9Working domestically here is easy, because we only have one timezone. :-)12:03
batteronizerDST is another strange creation btw12:04
zxq9Nice, Nepal time. https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/npt12:04
batteronizerWhich tz are you in?12:04
zxq9That's why I remember it! I taught at the mountain warfare school there ages ago.12:04
zxq9Japan standard time, +912:05
batteronizerwhoa, cool :-)12:05
zxq9Actually, I attended an infantry counter-insurgency course in India (in the middle of nowhere, a place called Silchar) a long time ago too.12:05
zxq9Like 12 years ago.12:05
batteronizerWe of course know Silchar :-D12:06
batteronizerSadly, I myself have never been there or Nepal12:06
zxq9Haha. Getting there with internationally purchased air tickets is hard.12:06
zxq9Nepal was interesting. So is Afghanistan, for that matter. Fascinating part of the world. Not what anyone expects when they first arrive, no matter what they have read before.12:07
zxq9India is in the same category, for that matter. It is almost hard to call it "one country" as the culture (and terrain) is so different every different region.12:08
zxq9The US, too.12:08
batteronizerYup, I agree12:08
zxq9Anyway, I've grown to enjoy seeing regional differences and digging through local histories as I've gotten older.12:09
batteronizerI've only been to Korea outside India.12:09
zxq9That's a place with an interesting (but rough) history, isn't it. :-)12:09
batteronizerThey're mostly homogenous given the small size, but even their you see some diversity.12:09
batteronizer*even there12:09
batteronizerzxq9: haha yes12:09
zxq9Yeah, but it is the meaningful kind of diversity: diversity of view, experience, predisposition, etc. Not just the outward traits people obssess over today.12:09
batteronizerYes, exactly12:10
zxq9Like is it really "diverse" to have a green, a purple and a red who all have the exact same degree, subscribe to the same politics, and grew up in the same town?12:10
zxq9They all have the same answers to the same questions. That's boring, no matter what they look like or which restroom they use. Such petty obsessions.12:11
zxq9Anyway, that's a dangerous conversation these days, so I'll stop now.12:11
batteronizerhaha, well there is another thing you might have observed from travelling. Whichever country you go to, the common people have mostly the same small talk.12:12
zxq9And now I'm wondering if it is "obssession" or "obsession". Because English spelling makes my brain hurt.12:12
zxq9That is... hm. Somewhat true, actually.12:12
zxq9The only difficult being identifying "common" in a uniform way. But the general idea applies for sure.12:12
zxq9Ah, "obsession"...12:13
batteronizerWell, e.g. older folk will always complain about their kids moving away and the cultural changes in their country.12:13
zxq9Spot on12:14
zxq9And they aren't wrong, really.12:14
zxq9I mean, culture is the socially preserved echoes of whatever has worked and survived. Throwing that away on a whim seems a bit scary, considering how precarious life actually is.12:14
batteronizerYeah, change is generally stressful for everyone :-)12:15
BluesKajwell, in some cases it's a relief for us older folks when the kids become responsible and live where their work takes them12:24
* BluesKaj is old12:25
[Relic]what's the next LTS?16:57
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ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Bionic (Bionic Beaver 18.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.17:44
mparillo[Relic]: OK, so that was not very helpful. Generally every other year. So, 16.04; 18.04, then to continue the pattern would be 20.0417:45
IrcsomeBot2<Johnnyftlopes> Como as pessoas conseguem enviar mensagens através desse bot de IRC?17:46
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:47
[Relic]so I should put 18.04 on the other one before the 14.04 is over  :)17:58
[Relic]Thanks  :)17:58
menaceis there in kubuntu 18.04 a problem that plasma crashes after first boot after installation?18:53
menacei started and after a few clicks in the notification area, plasma crashed.18:55
Paddy_NIIs there a built-in screen recording facility in KDE?19:19
bane5000Hey guys... my widgets suddenly disappeared on my second monitor. The strange thing is that when I open the widget manager, they still display the 'check mark' as if they are still on the screen O_o21:49
diogenes_bane5000, and if you untick them and tick again?21:52
bane5000diogenes_: well what's weird is that i'm unable to do so. If i try to 'untick it' it just shows that I have two of those widgets instead of 121:52
jrssI need help troubleshooting an issue. not sure what it is.23:54
jrssSo, the problem is, seems like my entire screen "box" has shifted down a bit. The panel is a bit cut off. The date, for example, is half numbers.23:55
jrssIn addition, I lost desktop transition animations.23:55
jrssI don't get errors on startup. But I do have dual boot, and it started after the most recent dual boot.23:55
jrssOn top of that (might be not related),  games I try to run full screen from steam (for linux) do not render. The game launches in the background, I see it in the panel, it takes RAM and the mouse curosr changes, but no video input at all23:56
jrssany help wit that? advice?23:56

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