ilyaigpetrovAfter recent ALT+F2 stopped working. What can be the cause?15:24
ilyaigpetrov*recent update15:24
ilyaigpetrovShouldn't `lxsession-default launcher` open a launcher window? I don't see any.15:26
diogenes_ilyaigpetrov, try with a new user15:30
ilyaigpetrovdiogenes_: you mean maybe my configs are corrupted.. ok, I'll try.15:34
diogenes_everywhere is corruption around )15:35
ilyaigpetrovAlso If I press start -> logout, no window appears. So I think it's a bug with showing windows maybe15:35
ilyaigpetrovno-lxde windows work fine15:36
ilyaigpetrovhow to switch user without "start->logout" dialog?15:37
ilyaigpetrovlxsession-logout works15:37
diogenes_double press ctrl+alt+backspace15:37
ilyaigpetrovno, nothing15:38
ilyaigpetrovI tried for another user -- all shortcuts work for him, logout dialog is shown15:40
ilyaigpetrovnow, I guess, I have to reset lubuntu configs to defaults15:41
diogenes_ilyaigpetrov, looks like that15:41
osmelgreeting from caribbean!!!23:53

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