lotuspsychjegood morning to all01:30
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Early bird gets the worm .. what worm are you chasing ?01:33
lotuspsychjemosquito again01:33
Bashing-omOH, case of what chases you :P01:34
lotuspsychjethink im gonna make a trap soon01:34
lotuspsychjesame beast chasing me day after day01:34
lotuspsychjewas reading about a bottle & cane sugar01:35
tomreynjust rub yourself with hiney, best trap!01:35
lotuspsychjelol tomreyn01:35
Bashing-omAll the kin folk take turns .. giving you the run-a-round .01:35
lotuspsychjetomreyn: you sure i wouldnt be a honeypot for wasps then aswell lol01:36
tomreyngee dependencies01:36
tomreyncan get complex quickly01:36
Bashing-omtomreyn: Nother use for a flow chart .. huh ?01:39
lotuspsychjethose african mosquito's are even worst, they sit on a tree till you sleep, then stab tru thick clothes01:39
tomreynBashing-om: umm, no thanks, no flow charts for me, i'm on holidays. and without mosquitos.01:40
tomreynwell, mostly, just the cute ones.01:41
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: We got Arkansas Ridge runner variety of mosquitos ... -- they can stand flat footed and drink from a quart fruit jar .01:41
lotuspsychjei can stand much...but those bloody..01:42
tomreyncall buffy01:42
tomreynso this person got an amd computer this time since last time they messed up when they had an intel. ,akes sense.01:45
lotuspsychjeaha few updates ubuntu base, gdm..i wonder if its about my bug01:47
tomreynwhat's your bug?01:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1780986 in gdm3 (Ubuntu) "Boot stuck at ubuntu logo gnome display manager" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:48
lotuspsychjehappened a second time now01:48
tomreynyou got an update there 12 minutes ago01:50
lotuspsychjeill test in few hours01:51
lotuspsychjetomreyn: its weird, did not happened multiple boots, then re-occured suddenly01:51
lotuspsychjeperhaps i will await till it happens again, and try #4 if it does01:52
tomreynhmm, 18.04 is still pretty bug ridden i'd say01:53
lotuspsychjei really hope .1 gonna straight out alot01:54
lotuspsychjeor the xenial upgraders will have the shock of their lifes01:54
lotuspsychjeisnt there like a current list of bugfixes somewhere yet?01:55
lotuspsychjeor only at release?01:55
tomreyni dont think a big box of patches will land in .1 all at once at release time.01:56
tomreynwell patches are already going into 18.04.001:56
lotuspsychjedidnt see too much updates comming yet01:56
tomreyni.e. if you ar eon 18.04, those patches which will be available in .1 you probably alread yhave01:57
tomreyni.e. if it's still pretty broken now, it probably will be in .1, too ;)01:57
tomreynthere's not a lot fo time left01:57
lotuspsychjeyou have a few days of for support tomreyn lol?01:58
lotuspsychjeBashing-om doesnt believe me storm is comming :p01:58
lotuspsychjei know alotttt of xenial users out there01:58
tomreyni might even upgrade to 18.04 form 16.04, too, now, since i got got my own share of issues here, now.01:58
lotuspsychjeand also the ubuntu-gnome guys, i forgot about01:59
tomreyni guess a lot fo people already followed the "how you can upgrade early to 18.04 (and get yourself into a big mess)' articles.01:59
lotuspsychjethe hardcore gang perhaps02:00
tomreynbut then the major ity probbaly didnt, right02:00
lotuspsychjeim curious :p02:01
lotuspsychjexenial runs out in 2021 right02:01
lotuspsychjeso they have some time to fix things, if things go real bad02:02
lotuspsychjei hear they have some room for new gnome devs now02:02
lotuspsychjethey gonna need it lol02:02
lotuspsychjetomreyn: #ubuntu-news got rss feeds now, did you notice?02:04
lotuspsychjefeel free to hop in02:04
tomreynsome room? like this? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1a/Kriseninterventionsraum.jpeg02:04
tomreynoh wait, thats googl02:04
tomreynno, i didnt even know there is this channel02:05
lotuspsychjetomreyn: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2018/07/09/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-535/02:06
lotuspsychjeuwn is revived02:06
lotuspsychjetnx 2 the news crew02:06
tomreynapparently bashing -om spends much time on this. this can be nice to have.02:10
lotuspsychjesome cool news facts02:10
tomreynweekly is a bit too much for me, i'd prefer it less often and just the few really important things, like new major bugs reported.02:10
lotuspsychjeits a lot of work indeed02:12
lotuspsychjetomreyn: https://www.gnome.org/foundation/careers/02:15
oerhekshttps://news.ycombinator.com/ helps a lot02:16
tomreyneven more to read ;)02:17
tomreynlotuspsychje: so you're saying these positions are paid by canonical?02:17
lotuspsychjetomreyn: not sure anymore where i found the original article02:19
tomreynno need to look it up ;)02:19
tomreynthat'd be nice if so02:19
Bashing-omtomreyn: I can hunt it up .. seems Gnome how has funds for 4 paid management positions :) Open call !02:23
tomreynBashing-om: lotuspsychje posted the link above02:24
tomreyni mean the one where gnome seeks staff02:25
tomreynoh, you say *management*02:25
tomreynsorry, missed that02:25
tomreynand: no, thanks ;)02:25
lotuspsychjelist for canonical is bit bigger wow https://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies02:26
lotuspsychjeah found it duh https://www.gnome.org/news/2018/07/gnome-foundation-opens-recruitment-for-further-expansion/02:28
tomreyn"anonymous donor"02:28
lotuspsychjeerm, my bank number is:...02:29
tomreynwell this could also have been redhat02:29
lotuspsychjeor some john doe user02:30
lotuspsychjeoerheks you wanna tell us something?02:30
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: the original: https://www.gnome.org/news/2018/07/gnome-foundation-opens-recruitment-for-further-expansion/  .02:31
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: just found it too :p02:32
lotuspsychjebut tnx anyway02:32
tomreynthat's "up to" 125k USD per person, per year.02:34
oerhekscan i bring my own dog?02:35
tomreynsure, as long as you "eat your own dog food"02:35
lotuspsychjethey have a little yard available02:36
tomreynsome of those are actualy home based02:36
lotuspsychjesome good stuff here https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-the-latest-amd-radeon-drivers-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux02:59
tomreynoibaf + padoka are nice if you want the latest.03:06
lotuspsychjehey guiverc_d03:12
guiverc_dhowdy lotuspsychje :)03:15
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lordievaderGood morning06:14
ducassegood morning06:26
EriC^^hey all08:47
MysticReveriehi eric08:54
MysticReveriehows it going08:54
EriC^^hi MysticReverie , good thanks you?08:55
MysticReverieNot bad thanks..  bit tired lol08:56
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lotuspsychjemorning guys09:17
lotuspsychjehey blackflow09:41
* lotuspsychje slides a cuppa coffee to blackflow 09:41
blackflowooh, danke. I've got a large cup of my morning frappucino 'ere tho'09:42
MysticReverieim going to have a virtual box in ubuntu, windows 10,  for useing softwarew that im familiar with.  But i will not have it ocnnecting ot he internet at all.  sounds a good way to avcoid the snooping but still use the software09:49
MysticReverieconnecting to the *09:49
lotuspsychjewich software?09:49
MysticReveriecorel painshop pro09:49
MysticReveriei like ot use it for HDR photo splitting09:49
MysticReveriether eare other softwares available, but i find paintshopoeasy gui09:50
lotuspsychjegimp? krita?09:50
MysticReverieeasy gui, with good results09:50
blackflowomg corel paint shop still exists?09:50
MysticReverieim unfamiliar,and not even sure if they deal well with single RAW photo t osplit it into three for HDR processing09:50
MysticReveriei tried darktable, but the interface is a but complax for my mind lol09:50
lotuspsychjephoto editing= complex09:51
oerheksit is huge indeed09:51
MysticReveriepainshop is grea tfor good results and simple gui imo09:51
lotuspsychjeor else use pinta lol09:51
MysticReveriewell yea, but its not with painshop lol09:51
MysticReverieeven i can do hdr processing, and thats saying something09:51
blackflowcorel paintshop was awesome, last version I used was part of Corel Suite 8 or something like that. It had powerful scripting capabilities, I even made a game in it.09:52
MysticReveriewow lol..  i have no idea about that.  i just love its easy to use system with really good results.  that fits me perfectly lol09:52
blackflowMysticReverie: I discovered it (the scripting feature) when I had to process tens of thousands of images in the same way.09:53
MysticReverieblackflow, im not evensure what cripting is really, sorry09:53
MysticReveriestrange name tho 'paintshop'  yet it is a photo editor09:54
blackflowMysticReverie: it has a basic-like language where you can program it to do stuff09:54
blackflowBASIC -like09:54
MysticReverieliek commodore 64?  lol09:54
blackflowmore like visual basic09:55
MysticReverie10 ?"Ok"09:55
MysticReverie20 goto 1009:56
MysticReveriethats about my limit09:56
blackflowsans the line numbers, but something like that09:56
blackflowanyway, all of its functions were exposed through the API so it was very powerful for batch processing09:56
MysticReveriefor this virutal box,  how much ram should i allocate?10:00
MysticReverieif ok to ask here10:00
MysticReveriei have 8 gb ram on this laptop10:00
blackflowat least 4G10:02
MysticReverieok ,thanks10:03
MysticReveriei guess over 4g may make ubuntu lag tho10:03
MysticReverie4 sounds good10:04
MysticReveriealso, after i install windows in the virtual system, can i delete the iso , or i need to leave it on system to work?10:04
lotuspsychjegood afternoon BluesKaj11:34
BluesKajHi folks11:34
BluesKajHi lotuspsychje11:35
lotuspsychjehey lordievader11:43
lordievaderHey lotuspsychje11:43
lordievaderHow are you doing?11:43
lotuspsychjeall fine here, chill on irc a bit11:44
BluesKajlordievader, 🖒11:58
lordievaderHmm, I'm missing that character.12:01
BluesKajlotuspsychje, I can't find yours either12:10
BluesKajthe other thumbs up12:11
lotuspsychjehexchat/window/overview characters12:12
BluesKajlooking in misc symbols and pictographs on this character set12:12
BluesKaji don't use hexchat12:13
BluesKajI tried it for a while and it was ok , but I guess I tend to be loyal to kde apps :-)12:22
blackflowfreenode should really step into 21st century and offer shadow banning.12:25
leftyfbblackflow: they were just asking how to configure the DNS server in bionic basically. "<zprd> I need it to resolve local addresses, and use the local dns server, ie use the hosts onw as the xenial does"14:09
blackflowleftyfb: the confusing part is "local" where. container or host.14:10
leftyfbnot really14:10
leftyfblocal as in the DNS server in his local network14:10
blackflowdid they say that?14:10
leftyfb"<zprd> I need it to resolve local addresses, and use the local dns server, ie use the hosts onw as the xenial does"14:10
blackflowthey should really be specific about the meaning of "local".14:11
blackflowfor example, there could be a farm of containers with a specific subnet on a bridge on that host, being the "local" network14:12
daftykinsmight just mean hostnames -> IPs14:12
blackflowwhich is totally not unusual setup. and a host-based DNS resolver is servicing them for container names on that bridge vlan14:12
blackflowbut that is completely different from "local" being the public IP subnet outside of the phsyical machine, aka the LAN14:13
leftyfbyou're overthinking it :)14:14
blackflowleftyfb: maybe :)14:15
blackflowthat distinction (of what "local" really is), is important in my line of work, so I guess it's just deformation professionelle14:16
blackflow(esp. when setting up NAT and firewall rules, which IPs can query which for what)14:18
blackflowsee, all these sub-conditions "I must this or that".... means we still don't understand their use case :)14:24
leftyfbno, same issue, only he wants it automated14:30
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EriC^^evening all20:47
Bashing-omhey EriC^^ --- our world os saved :P20:50
EriC^^hey Bashing-om :P20:51
Bashing-omEriC^^: Thus far no EFI boot issues ,, a new nicro-code update fix them ?20:53
Bashing-omEriC^^: 2 ...Just a thought .20:56
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