ubottuoerheks called the ops in #ubuntu (warison)05:03
Unit193...Yes,I was currently talking to him, thank you very much.05:04
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (Rainyaviel does not understand)09:51
oerhekshi, can someone please take voice of this rainyaviel in #u ?09:53
oerheksannoying dude that does not want to stop when asked09:53
RainyavielSo I am here?09:56
Tm_Tyes, there was few requests for you on how you are using the #ubuntu channel and also someone pointed out the further discussion shouldn't happen in the channel09:58
Tm_Tit would be nice to keep that channel free from such discussions09:59
RainyavielTm_T: That I will argue, do you have time period?10:01
RainyavielTm_T: How often?10:01
Tm_Ttime period for what?10:02
RainyavielOh, copy and paste10:02
Rainyavielyes I continue to do it regardless10:03
Rainyaviel05:41 < Rainyaviel> So copy and paste a record to ensure disturbs operators of the room10:04
RainyavielYou can read the next thing I said10:05
RainyavielMy purpose in the room to help, I have no interest unless I am challenged10:07
RainyavielI seen how #freenode culture and @mquin have show me that things are changing10:08
RainyavielAnyone challenge me, I will respond10:08
ikoniawhat are you talking about10:09
ikoniait's a simple premise, #ubuntu is a support channel, keep to that topic only10:10
RainyavielTo be clear, if you haven't read, my purpose in the room is to help, if I am challenged10:12
RainyavielWhat does that mean, if you support a culture where you get people what I just saw, I see why you not part of open source10:13
ikoniayou're just saying random things now10:14
ikoniano-one said anything about not being part of open source,10:14
ikoniaI can only assume you're trying to waste peoples time, so read the rules of the channel if you're comfortable with them, you're welcome to use the channel, if you're not, that's fine too, there are many other channels10:15
RainyavielI don't care what you say10:16
RainyavielI see, that we enemies10:17
Tm_Tthis is not a game, there's no "versus", we're trying to help you to help others10:18
Rainyavielikonia: I seen people like you my entire 8 years on #freenode, I've decided that you not going to like me in #ubuntu10:18
ikoniaRainyaviel: you're welcome in ubuntu if you follow the rules and keep within the guidelines10:33
ikoniaif you can't do that, you're right, we don't want you in ubuntu10:34
ikoniait's a really simple concept10:34
Rainyavielban me from this room10:42
ikoniathat is not the intention10:42
RainyavielI have already seen the person you are10:42
RainyavielBan me from this room10:42
RainyavielBan me from this room10:42
oerheksat least say please :-)10:42
ikoniayour behaviour is unacceptable, we can resolve this and you'll be welcome to use #ubuntu, or you can choose not to, in which case we'll end this discussion10:43
ikoniado you wish to discuss it and fix it with us, or do you wish to end the conversation10:43
Rainyavielikonia: I've seen what you just did10:43
ikoniado you wish to discuss it and fix it with us, or do you wish to end the conversation10:43
Rainyavielikonia: Ban me from this room10:43
ikoniaI'm going to take that as you wish to end the conversation then10:44
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (independent trolling)11:57
ubottuindependent called the ops in #ubuntu (I should be banned)12:03
ikoniathis is tedious12:05
ubottuwxl called the ops in #ubuntu-meeting ()17:02
ubottuThanks for letting us know you are here, someone will be along presently17:16
ubottuwxl called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()17:16
hggdhwxl: huh?17:17
wxlcheck #ubuntu-meeting17:17
wxlhggdh: ^^17:17
wxltl;dr kick byran_oestergaar from there17:18
hggdhthis is the price if you want a channel with topic open to anyoe17:18
wxlit should be open only to the bot, really17:19
hggdhwell, now try to convince the folks there :-)17:20
wxlwell isn't it more of a question for the irc council?17:21
hggdhnot really. Channels are sort of free to decide on that17:22
wxlbut there are no ops?17:22
hggdhall Ubuntu members, plus a few others17:23
hggdhleftyfb: anything we can do for you?17:24
wxlhggdh: i guess what i'm saying is, it's not clear who controls the channel17:43
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