spiceyhello , i have a question related to my vps, for which i choose for  ubuntu server 14.04.  i run 4  wordpress websites, for one i want to install a ham radio logbook plugin. I want to use a terminal based logbook, but i dont know where to put it: on my vps, or on my desktop pc? you can only add records to the logbook using the terminal. then the log file can be uploaded to the related wp plugin, so that the01:18
spiceylogbook eventually will show on my website.01:18
spiceydo i need to use my vps?01:20
sarnoldprobably you could run the software locally and copy just the data over to the vps01:21
spiceywhat i thought but then i run into stuff like no mysql installed01:22
spiceydoes that mean i need to create mysql database for my desktop pc?01:23
spicey    Perl, including Switch, DBI and DBD::MySQL01:24
spicey    MySQL server (3.23.23 or higher) and client01:24
spiceythese are the requirements for the software01:24
sarnoldmysql 3.23... just how long ago was this last updated?01:25
spiceyi have no idea01:25
sarnoldI'd be hesitant to stick it on the public internet01:25
spiceyok that's clear01:25
spiceyit won't be on a site google can find01:25
spiceywell at least that's whaty i hope01:26
spiceyyou know what ill send your remarks to the ham who created this maybe he has an explanation01:26
sarnoldit's shodan you have to worry about :)01:26
spiceyi dont know shodan01:27
spiceyim just a beginner01:27
spiceyit says 'or higher'01:27
spiceyso higher won't hurt01:27
spiceyhigher never hurt :p01:27
spicey3.23 or higher01:28
sarnoldwell here's some windows screenshots showing how to install mysql 3.23 on windows, maybe that will suggest the vintage software .. :) http://carme.cs.trinity.edu/thicks/Tutorials/MySQL-Install-Community-Server-3.23/MySQL-Install-3.23.html01:28
sarnoldcute. http:\\www.mysql.com...01:28
spiceyso ugly put that away01:29
* spicey burns the page01:29
spiceyis that mysql on windows... how weird01:30
spiceyit makes me wanna puke01:31
* spicey feels nauseous now01:31
spiceyCLog is developed and tested on CentOS 7, with the included Switch, Perl, perl-DBI, perl-DBD-MySQL and MySQL. However, it should run on most UNIX/linux platforms. In some occasions you may have to change the perl path on the first line of the 'clog' file.01:33
spiceywtf i have to "change the perl path"01:34
sarnoldspicey: oh good01:34
sarnoldyeah if the author runs it on something as recent as centos 7 then it's way less terrifying than I was envisioning ten minutes ago01:35
spiceyah okay haha01:35
sarnoldthe copyright on that page is from 2003.. and we have rather higher security expectations these days than we did back then01:35
spiceyso there is hope?01:36
spiceyok that's good01:37
spiceymaybe i best send the ham who created the thing a mail01:37
zhill29_Disclaimer: I'm not currently diagnosing this. Just wondering if anyone has run into it. Was trying to setup zfs on an ubuntu server install (16.04-3) in raidz with 5 disks. Kept getting 2 disks saying they were busy, one at a time.03:20
zhill29_Was always /dev/sdg or /dev/sdf for some reason, never the other 303:20
lordievaderGood morning06:14
XandrovGood evening. I'm having an issue getting a raid to re-mount after a power outage. Mount is saying it's unable to read the superblock. I was able to fix this before by stopping/restarting the raid with mdadm but that isn't working this time. Is anyone able to offer any suggestions? Please and thanks :)07:51
lordievaderXandrov: This might help you https://linuxexpresso.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/repair-a-broken-ext4-superblock-in-ubuntu/08:30
rbasakahasenack: imported. They won't auto-update until I next upload to edge and restart he importer.08:41
rbasak(actually to beta)08:41
ujjainhow do enable SSH on Ubuntu in Docker... systemctl start ssh -> system has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate.10:00
blackflowujjain: docker is designed for single (master) process applications as PID 1, not really a VM-like env you can ssh into.10:04
ujjainYeah I understand, but I am just trying to example a jenkins pipeline with ansible etc.10:05
blackflowthen you'll have to run a process manager as pid 1, which can start sshd and whatever else, contrary to what it's designed to do.10:05
ujjainand I have no ability to create VM's, so figured to use a container. Normally we would manage VM's with it.10:05
blackflowwhy no ability to create VMs?10:05
blackflowthere's also vagrant if you need to abstract VM creation for testing purposes10:06
ujjainbecause it would have to be done manually... more difficult during training.10:06
ujjainYeah, but not everybody has vagrant installed here10:06
ujjaineverybody does have docker... so me creating a dockerfile would be quickest10:06
blackflowit's just anotehr tool like docker is10:06
blackflowy'all are using it wrong tho10:06
ujjainbut it's for a 1 hour training10:06
ujjainnot for production use.10:06
blackflowthen like I said, the docker would need to start a process manager as pid 1, with which you can start other services in that container. or just run sshd directly if that's the only thing you need?10:07
blackflowujjain: which btw is not really ubuntu specific, and you'll find fare more help with it in #docker.10:07
blackflow*far more10:07
ujjainservice ssh start is already working, but systemctl isn't ...10:07
ujjainit's an ubuntu image though.10:07
blackflowthe problem is not ubuntu specific.10:08
ujjainhow would I even autostart apache in an Ubuntu container? that'd be the same issue.10:09
ujjainapt-get install apache2, service apache2 start does work10:09
ujjainbut no autostart10:09
blackflow"ubuntu container"? that's vague. which container tech? LXC, LXD, docker?10:10
blackflowujjain: note also that systemd itself can containerize services that are locally installed, including using a chroot, or even with nspawn.10:12
ujjainCMD    ["/usr/sbin/sshd", "-D"] looks to be a fine solution10:13
ahasenackrbasak: thanks12:23
ahasenackrbasak: just curious, they won't auto-update because they need to be added to the white list, and that means a commit and snap update, is that it?12:24
rbasakahasenack: right. I've done the commit, but the pipeline to get it to the auto importer machine as asnap12:25
rbasakas a snap involves manual steps12:25
ahasenackrbasak: would you have some moments today to look at my outstanding MPs?12:26
ahasenackmaybe the sssd one first, since it's a fix for a ftbfs12:27
rbasakahasenack: +1. Shall I push the upload tag?12:41
ahasenackrbasak: yes please12:41
ahasenackrbasak: I can dput12:41
rbasakahasenack: pushed12:42
rbasakahasenack: did you already ask me to push the upload tag for https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/libapache2-mod-perl2/+git/libapache2-mod-perl2/+merge/348780?12:47
ahasenackrbasak: I think I pinged after your EOD12:48
ahasenackand realizing that, added a comment to the mp12:48
ahasenackis lp timing out for somebody else?13:10
blackflowahasenack: WorksForMe(tm)13:11
rbasakahasenack: +1 for clamav. Shall I push that upload tag too?13:24
ahasenackrbasak: yes please13:25
ahasenackrbasak: let me check if I can upload, just a moment13:25
ahasenackrbasak: I can, so just the tag please13:26
rbasakahasenack: tag pushed, thanks13:26
coreycbjamespage: i think conflicts might be too strict. murano-dashboard needs both python(3)-heat-dashboard installed as BDs to run unit tests.13:27
coreycbworking around that with a heat-dashboard-common package13:34
ahasenackrbasak: I shouldn't mark https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/libapache2-mod-perl2/+git/libapache2-mod-perl2/+merge/348780 as merged until it lands in proposed, right? It's an SRU13:55
rbasakahasenack: I agree. It's a mess whatever we do though since I have to push the upload tag.13:56
ahasenackassuming the answer is "yes", any ideas to get it off the list at https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-server/+activereviews ?13:56
rbasakWe could mark it as Approved perhaps?13:56
ahasenackworks for me, could you please do that?13:56
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kaleidoscopehey guys19:58
kaleidoscopei need some help committing dns servers to resolv.conf via /etc/networking/interfaces19:58
kaleidoscopehttps://ptpb.pw/rrVf ;; i have this static conf in the interfaces file and the 'dns-nameservers' does not output to resolv.conf19:59
tewardkaleidoscope: what version?20:00
tewardand what *is* in /etc/resolv.conf currently?20:00
kaleidoscopeteward: ubuntu 18.04 and currently resolv is using the systemd-resolve stub address (, though that does work (pinging google outputs temp. resolv error)20:02
tewardkaleidoscope: /etc/network/interfaces isn't used by default, netplan is.  are you sure you're configuring your networking in the right location?20:03
kaleidoscopeteward: i believe so, i at least have static networking working as per my configuration20:05
kaleidoscopeteward: if that's the case, i will move on to netplan as well20:05
kaleidoscopeah i see20:08
kaleidoscopeit seems ubuntu does not use ifupdown anymore20:08
tewardkaleidoscope: no, Netplan has taken its place20:09
tewardwe use systemd for things now20:09
tewardso ifupdown has no more usefulness by default20:09
kaleidoscopegotcha, then i'll use netplan and hopefully that will resolve my dns issue. also, it's safe to disable the 'networking' interface, yes? then enable 'systemd-networkd' because netplan uses it as a renderer20:10
tewardI don't know what you mean by the "networking" interface in this context20:17
kaleidoscopeteward: ah sorry, i meant the 'networking' service, the one that utilizes ifupdown for connections20:17
tewardkaleidoscope: not sure if it's safe or not, sorry I don't have all the info available20:42
kaleidoscopeteward: it's okay, i went ahead and disabled 'networking.service' netplan is working perfectly with the same configuration.20:46
tewardglad to hear it20:47
kaleidoscopebut i now am running into another problem. it seems netplan is ignoring sysctl and assigning ipv6 to my NIC.20:47
kaleidoscopei can run sysctl -p to disable it, but i assumed this was done at boottime20:47
kaleidoscopeis there any method to disable ipv6 via netplan? i run a vpn that only supports ipv4 and ipv6 opens a leak20:48
kaleidoscopesysctl.conf includes the following : https://ptpb.pw/ScDi : and is respected only when manually running sysctl -p20:49
tewardyou sure it's a publicly addressable v6?  it might just be a link-local address, and I don't think there's a way around that *currently*20:49
tewardbut don't quote me, I just disable all outgoing v6 via ip6tables (ip6tables -A OUTPUT -j DROP)20:50
teward(it's probably not the safest way to do that thonugh)20:50
kaleidoscopeteward: i did some testing and yes, it can retrieve webpages via 'curl -6'. i believe link-local address starts with "fe80" and my main ipv6 addresses has my ISP's prefix. but thank you for the tip20:59
tewardkaleidoscope: i'd just turn off v6 dhcp, and leave it as a link-local address then20:59
tewardi think there's a way to do that but I don't remember it, I have it on my computer but not here (I'm on my phone here right now)21:00
kaleidoscopeteward: see, that's what i saw as well, but does that only work for dhcpv6? i only use radvd for my gateway21:00
cyphermoxkaleidoscope: accept-ra: no21:01
kaleidoscopecyphermox: awesome, that works perfectly, thank you21:04
cyphermoxkaleidoscope: np21:05
kaleidoscopenetplan is working and dns is working again (using resolved stub)21:10
kaleidoscopethank you teward for your help :)21:10
cyphermoxkaleidoscope: great21:16
cyphermoxkaleidoscope: if you have questions don't hesitate on #netplan too21:16
kaleidoscopecyphermox: ah, didn't know there was a netplan channel! thank you for that, i'll ask questions there if i run into networking problems again21:17
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