cmaloneyGood morning, fellow travelers12:47
cmaloneyhow's the morning so far?12:47
rick_h_I should not have stayed up so late12:49
cmaloneyPlaying Skyrim?12:49
rick_h_a little bit12:50
rick_h_but honestly just hung out and didn't go to bed12:50
rick_h_that whole "quiet time" at night sucks you in12:50
cmaloneyI know days like that well12:50
rick_h_the boy is in bed, the dogs worn out and napping12:50
cmaloneyespecially when it gets cool out12:50
rick_h_just don't want to end the peace and spoil it with sleep12:51
cmaloneyhow's the pupper situation?12:51
rick_h_picked up an RC car yesterday and spent some time researching upgrades/mods to do to it :)12:51
rick_h_she's good. Vet checked out yesterday and getting glowing reviews from everyone12:51
rick_h_just work, and chaos, and work12:51
cmaloneyre: RC car - batteries or gas?12:52
rick_h_battery car, got my first lipo battery for it12:52
rick_h_yea, pretty fun12:53
rick_h_I reallyh want to get one of these rock crawler things12:53
cmaloneyPLanning on bringing that for the vacation?12:53
rick_h_Yea, definitely think this is a camping toy to bring12:53
rick_h_see if I can get the boy into wrenching/mod'ing the thing12:54
cmaloneyso, when's the model airplanes? :)12:54
cmaloneythat's usually the natural progression. ;)12:54
rick_h_airplanes scare me. I don't like driving what I can't see12:54
rick_h_the drone is hard enough and it has a camera on it and hovers and gps mapping/etc12:55
cmaloneySilly Rick, it's not about flying them12:55
cmaloneyI think JoDee's dad only flew a handful of the ones that he built12:55
cmaloneyBut yeah, learning how RC cars work is pretty sweet. And yeah, the modding stuff is fascinating12:58
cmaloneyI had one of those cheap RC cars from Radio Shack and still had a lot of fun with it12:58
cmaloneyuntil the antenna broke on the transmitter and I couldn't manage to get it to work right ever again12:58
cmaloneyPhotos from PyOhio 2017 are up: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikepirnat/sets/7215769315773477013:19
brouschThe back of my head made it into several pictures!14:05
rick_h_I like this one https://flic.kr/p/26igqg914:17
cmaloneyI like that one too14:29
cmaloneyhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/mikepirnat/29484723998/in/photostream/ < this one is where I tell everyone there's no Santa Claus14:29
cmaloneyhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/mikepirnat/28485434767/in/photostream/ <- THis is where I drop the beat14:30
greg-galso tired this morning. I accidentaly had non-decaf yesterday (forgot to say decaf on my iced latte). Was up until about 3am. :/14:30
cmaloneyI like this one as well: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikepirnat/28484404027/14:31
brouschSo fancy!14:31
widox_ morning14:33
greg-grick_h_: I got this for Rowan this xmas. It's awesome and fun: https://www.horizonhobby.com/ruckus-1-18-4wd-monster-truck--black-red-rtr-ecx01000t114:33
widox_wow, rick_h_ dressing up!14:33
=== widox_ is now known as widox
rick_h_working on my marketing :P14:34
rick_h_"the fish was thiiiiis biiiiiig"14:34
greg-grick_h_: and my dad got him this plane, which is even more awesome because it can correct itself mid-flight if you push a button, and the controller has 3 levels, beginner/inter/advanced which has increasing degrees of freedom (aka: beginner won't let you stall out): https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/airplanes/learn-to-fly-on-my-own/trainer/sport-cub-s-rtf-with-safe-reg%3B-technology-hbz440014:34
rick_h_greg-g: oooooh14:35
cmaloneygreg-g: nice14:35
greg-gboth great intro to the hobby choices, if I may say so myself :)14:36
greg-g(my dad has something like 4 RC planes)14:36
cmaloneyI think they're like cats14:37
rick_h_we picked up this thing yesterday https://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/58024slash14:37
cmaloney(as a crazy cat lady at the cat practice explained it)14:37
cmaloneyit goes something like 1, 2, all14:37
greg-gcmaloney: :) :)14:39
greg-grick_h_: let me know when you've taken it mostly apart (drivetrain and all) the first time, and if you get it back together OK :P I did some in-hobby-shop wrenching with the boy for our first repair, walking up to the counter with the truck a couple times "uhhh, I'm confused by this" :)14:42
rick_h_greg-g: yea, I was looking last night at the low CG body you can get and seems fun to take it kinda-apart to get it updated14:42
greg-gnot having all the right tools from the outset was a mistake (mostly tiny size wrench and alan wrench)14:43
brouschNow you'll need a 3d printer to design and make your own parts14:43
rick_h_yea, I saw the little kits and laughed "I have all the tools!" and then saw some YT video mentioning a 1.5mm hex and went...oh hmmmm14:46
greg-gbrousch: once I have a freaking hobby/tool corner in some building that's the... third? thing I'm getting (after a real upright toolbox and a good work table)14:46
* greg-g dreams of midwest house/basement/backyard/garage sizes14:47
greg-gstupid most expensive place in the world14:47
brouschThe problem becomes balancing your 3d printing hobby with the hobby you are using it for14:47
rick_h_greg-g: hah, it's still not big enough!14:47
rick_h_I need my shed out back...mini-pole barn14:47
greg-gHave I told you lately that the bay area is stupid? :P I'm so wishing for a crash soon (sorry for any fallout! ;) )14:47
rick_h_hah, I just finally have equity!14:48
rick_h_don't take it away from me14:48
rick_h_it's funding my bathroom remodel14:48
greg-goh, in other fun news: I may have convinced my wife that we need an f-250/some 3/4 ton truck to do our travel plans (20ish foot trailer plus slide in truck camper as a mobile office). The numbers were pretty tight, payload wise, with a halfton truck14:49
brouschAnd my roof repairs!14:49
rick_h_greg-g: +10014:49
rick_h_greg-g: too many folks squeeze a half ton into that work vs doing it with some buffer14:49
* greg-g has a spreadsheet, of course14:49
rick_h_greg-g: did you look at vans?14:50
rick_h_greg-g: I am seeing a lot of folks with smaller trailers going the van route to have more cargo space enclosed/etc and seems to be a sweet setup14:50
cmaloneyWe had a van when my parents did camping. it was quite nice14:51
cmaloneybut we were also limited on the trailer size we could have because of where it was stored (side of my parents house isn't that long  / wide)14:52
greg-gyeah, considering that as well, but those are $$$ and not quickly converterable to having a work area (table+chair/bench that I can sit at with my kinesis and laptop, mostly) unless you throw more money at it. We can find an old f-250 for around $5k. The cost difference will more than pay for the gas consumption difference :)14:52
rick_h_yea, and since small trailers are horrible for storage space it seems great to have room for the bins for tools/water stuff/etc14:52
rick_h_greg-g: gotcha, yea all depends on requirements/what you can get for sure14:53
cmaloneyjust be careful with trucks. SOme of them have had rather tough lives pulling stumps and what-not14:53
rick_h_hey, I've only pulled one stump out with mine :P14:53
cmaloneyI'm surprised it didn't put out robotic arms and just dig it out14:54
cmaloneyseems like it would be an option on that model14:54
rick_h_hey, I've got an old paid off truck now14:54
rick_h_none of this fancy "adaptive cruise control" or "self parking assist" crap :P14:54
rick_h_though I do want to see what it would take to get a new head unit that does android auto on it14:55
rick_h_I still haven't gotten my 2018 map update to install...and it's july14:55
rick_h_greg-g: that plane looks so cool15:07
rick_h_maybe I do need a rock crawler and a plane...and maybe a helicoptor15:07
* rick_h_ wonders if I can get the wife to agree to add addition to the house for an RC garage15:07
greg-g:) :) :)15:08
greg-grick_h_: it's a cool ass trainer15:08
rick_h_yea, that video is cool with the different modes/etc on it15:08
rick_h_I'm just cheering it on "do a barrel roll!"15:09
cmaloneyrick_h_: What happened to the white beast?15:33
* cmaloney is really behind in his knowledge of rick_h_15:33
cmaloneyApparently Guido is stepping down as BDFL17:17
rick_h_yea, that's kind of big17:19
rick_h_will be curious how that moves forward17:19
brouschSo he died?17:22
rick_h_no, he just got tired17:22
brouschBut for life!17:22
waldo323BDFL doesn't say whose life, could mean life span of time as BD I guess?19:18
jrwrenpython has good stewards.20:42
cmaloneyYeah, this shouldn't be worrying21:16
cmaloneymore worrisome is that Guido is burning out21:16
jrwreni think he's been that way for a while.21:50
jrwrenextending 2.7 support for 5 additional years was the first sign of giving up.21:51

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