neeeeeemhow many people's alive here?00:02
tomreyn> 000:04
oerheksmaybe ..00:04
neeeeeemhow come all the big servers are dead00:05
oerhekshow would that be an ubuntu issue?00:05
neeeeeemit isn't00:05
Sean_McGthey're reeling after England's loss to Croatia00:05
Sean_McGbut I digress..00:05
mtdmsi cant install swift :( in my ubuntu00:10
mtdmsi wanna program for iphone00:11
neeeeeemwhat have you tried00:11
neeeeeemwhy an iphone?00:11
neeeeeemwhy not android?00:11
neeeeeemyou'd need propretary apple software to even upload your code either way00:11
neeeeeempretty sure apple uses objectc00:11
oerheksthere is #swift-lang here on #freenode00:12
CyborgSmurfi have 2 PCs that are exactly the same and with the same peripherals one goes to the native res of 1920x1080 and the other uses the res of 1024x768 ... why??00:29
oerheksCyborgSmurf, unlogical, except the monitor might have adjusted settings, reset them with its own menu00:33
oerhekselse RMA00:33
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CyborgSmurfis acpi or acpi_off an option that is always safe?00:42
oerheksit could explain that behaviour00:46
oerheksif you want to overrule the basic detected settings, acpi=off is oke00:47
oerheksbut it can prevent fans from blowing too..00:48
Bashing-omCyborgSmurf: You will find http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html instructional - if a laptop .00:54
sonicwindthat's one helluva link, Bashing-om. Bookmarked for future reference.01:04
oerheksindeed, should be an chapter in the ubuntu manual01:04
Bashing-omsonicwind: The one who wrote it ... knows his stuff :)01:05
sonicwindno kidding01:05
Bashing-omsonicwind: Another work reading up on is Rod Smith .01:06
sonicwindI tested that one command in it to see what results I got on this system. It came back with 5 prior versions of Windows.01:06
Bashing-omsonicwind: And from that ^ you know the drill :P try em and see which does the better .01:07
oerheksi have a sealed copy of 95 ..01:07
sonicwindso far as I know, everything works on mine01:07
sonicwindis that your site, Bashing-om ??01:11
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spiceyhello , i have a question related to my vps, for which runs ubuntu server 14.0401:12
spiceyi run for wordpress websites, for one i want to install a ham radio logbook pluging. I want to use a terminal based logbook, but i dont know where to put it: on my vps, or on my desktop pc?01:14
spiceyfour wordpress  sites i meant01:14
spiceyyou can only add records to the logbook using the terminal01:15
spiceythen the log file can be uploaded to the related wp plugin, so that the logbook eventually will show on my website01:16
Bashing-omsonicwind: Uh Uhhh ! TJ- .. I am not :P01:19
spiceyis there someone out there to help this Young Lady out :p01:21
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mrproperOn Ubuntu Server, what is the package name which provides virt-install?01:25
sonicwindBashing-om, he's got a nice page started on the boot process as well - http://iam.tj/prototype/guides/boot/01:25
Bashing-omsonicwind: Yepper :) One of these days he will have us with access to his server ..oh what joy.01:28
tekisui● systemd-modules-load.service loaded failed failed    Load Kernel Modules01:35
tekisuihow can i fix this ?01:35
tomreyntekisui: what's you ubuntu release, what's your kernel version, installed how?01:37
tekisuilubuntu 16.0401:38
tekisuii thought it was a fault on the ssd disk01:39
tekisuitried to disable it in the bios01:40
tekisuiis something with boot system ?01:42
lotuspsychjetekisui: we will need more details of whats happening mate01:43
tekisuiUEFI Mode or legacy ??01:43
lotuspsychjetekisui: can you pastebin us some info of what you experience?01:43
tekisuihmm ok01:43
lotuspsychjetekisui: lubuntu up to date to .4? whats happening at wich point?01:43
tekisuijust start up screen gives error01:44
tekisuithe system seems to be working fine01:44
lotuspsychjetekisui: then what happens?01:44
tekisuiwell it works in a way01:44
tekisuibut last time on lenovo laptop01:44
tekisuiwith intel system i messed up01:44
tekisuiand broke the graphic card01:44
tekisuiso this time got amd pc01:44
lotuspsychjetekisui: please dont mix 2 storys in 1 problem01:45
tekisuiis just an error message seems serious01:45
tekisuiwill look a bit more into it myself01:45
tekisuithanks :)01:45
tomreyn!paste | tekisui01:45
ubottutekisui: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:45
HaMsTeRsDoes anyone know any word processing better than WPS, Libre, and OpenOffice?  I tried all of them, all of them couldn't format my documents right.01:48
tekisuiperhaps :)01:48
HaMsTeRscan't work on excel and ppt01:50
hdbiiHey there -- Anyone know if Alpine Email Client has it's own IRC channel?01:51
lotuspsychje!alis | hdbii01:52
ubottuhdbii: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"01:52
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"01:53
waterCreaturehi, i am following mongodb installation guide and dont quite understand what to do for this step. >> Copy these binaries into a directory listed in your PATH variable such as /usr/local/bin,02:04
tomreynwaterCreature: is there a reason you're not using the existing packages?02:05
waterCreaturethere is no specific reason02:06
waterCreatureif i encounter such tgz file again02:07
tomreynthen i'd always prefer packages.02:07
waterCreaturei would know what to do next time.02:07
tomreynin case you seek newer releases than the ones in ubuntu (which do receive security patches, and a version stable), you could also use the upstream (mongodb.com) APT repository discussed at https://docs.mongodb.com/master/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-ubuntu/02:08
tomreyn(but they may not provide version stability.)02:09
lotuspsychjefew mongo snaps out there too02:09
guiver_dwaterCreature: fyi:  the instruction was telling you to `echo $PATH` & use a directory listed in that envionment variable such as /usr/local/bin/  -- but using supported packages are safer (stability wise, and have security updates backported to them as others have said)02:11
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pugthelouiei need help02:17
zhill29What up02:17
pugthelouiei need help with my Xorg installation02:17
pugthelouiei recently broke it (don't ask how, i don't even know)02:17
pugthelouieand what happened02:17
pugthelouieis every time i start02:17
pugthelouieit will load up02:17
pugthelouiego to a black screen02:17
pugthelouieand then quit out and say "Successfully exited (0"02:18
pugthelouieand then quit out and say "Successfully exited (0)"***02:18
lotuspsychjepugthelouie: startx is not the way to go anymore02:22
pugthelouiehow do you start gdm02:22
pugthelouiealso i'm using ubuntu gnome02:22
lotuspsychjepugthelouie: ubuntu version? details? whats happening at wich point02:22
pugthelouiei'm using Ubuntu Gnome 16 LTS02:22
pugthelouieand let me find the log02:22
pugthelouiei'll hatebin it02:22
pugthelouiesorry this might take a sec02:22
pugthelouiei'm on windows trying to edit a partition that isnt ntfs :(02:22
zhill29Maybe try this? https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115031902:22
pugthelouiei've tried that zhill2902:22
tomreynthis sounds dangerous -> <pugthelouie> i'm on windows trying to edit a partition that isnt ntfs :(02:23
pugthelouiei can't do it with anything else02:23
tomreynyou can ;)02:23
pugthelouiei'll continue this tmr02:23
pugthelouieit's 12:0002:23
pugthelouieand i need sleeeeeep02:23
zhill29Request help with problem 2 minutes before bed. Makes sense.02:24
Stormmoreso I am trying to install Ubuntu a new laptop. Install works on fine with the laptop screen but on first boot the laptop screen goes black after the grub loader02:34
lotuspsychjeStormmore: wich ubuntu version please?02:34
Stormmoreexternal display works; cannot get to virtual TTYs02:34
lotuspsychjeStormmore: and wich graphics card chipset?02:35
Stormmorenvidia 106002:35
lotuspsychjeah try nomodeset Stormmore02:35
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | Stormmore02:36
ubottuStormmore: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:36
Stormmoreyeah I tried that :-/02:36
Stormmoresorry I was still typing some of the steps I have tried02:36
lotuspsychjeStormmore: is this single boot ubuntu or dualboot?02:37
StormmoreI have also tried nouveau.nomodeset=1 too; multiple attempts at loadinng nvidia-390 and 39602:38
Stormmorelotuspsychje, keeping the problem as simple as possible :) straight up Ubuntu for this bad boy02:38
lotuspsychjeStormmore: i guess you also cant F1 at boot, to see text right?02:38
Stormmorelotuspsychje, correct02:38
Stormmoreafter the grub loader nothing but the back light is on02:39
lotuspsychjeStormmore: a recent iso also? wich kernel is booting?02:39
oerheks1060 is pretty new, i think you need the driver ppa with newer 39602:39
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic02:40
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB02:40
Stormmorethis week, I am actually trying to get to the point I can test 4.18rc402:40
lotuspsychjeStormmore: try what oerheks suggested first02:40
StormmoreI have :-/ with my nvidia drivers I always like the latest :-)02:41
Stormmoreonly went to 390 since 396 wasn't working02:41
lotuspsychjeStormmore: tryed another kernel to boot?02:41
Stormmoreoh recovery boot work until I tell it to resume02:42
Stormmorethe kernel in the ISO is .20 not .2302:42
StormmoreI am going to do a quick wipe and try without letting the installer updating to .23 because I vaguely remember the first boot working and then stop after I do an apt upgrade02:43
lotuspsychjeStormmore: try updating your system in the recoverymode02:43
Stormmorebut that said I have installed 4.18rc4 once and was seeing the problem with it too02:43
lotuspsychjeStormmore: try also sudo apt purge nvidia* from recovery, sometimes that works falling back to nouveau to get in02:44
StormmoreI see this problem before I even install the nvidia driver02:44
lotuspsychjeStormmore: yeah depends wich driver ubuntu chosen02:45
lotuspsychjeStormmore: did you enable updates during setup?02:45
tomreynthis may be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/1705369 if you fancy reading bug reports02:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1705369 in gdm3 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 17.10/18.04 boots to black screen when using Nvidia drivers (on a desktop with an Intel GPU)" [High,Confirmed]02:45
abdulhakeem_are the mirrors down?02:45
lotuspsychjeabdulhakeem_: details please?02:46
abdulhakeem_can't install a package, can't reach archive.ubuntu.com02:46
abdulhakeem_hmm well I can reach it in a browser02:46
abdulhakeem_must be my server02:46
lotuspsychjeabdulhakeem_: works on my side..02:46
abdulhakeem_yeah I think it's me02:46
abdulhakeem_I'm overloading my poor 100mbps network02:47
lotuspsychjeabdulhakeem_: please only ubuntu questions here02:47
abdulhakeem_it was02:47
abdulhakeem_then I determined it wasn't an ubuntu problem02:47
oerhekshow would a poor network be an ubuntu issue?02:48
Stormmoreit is the nouveau initially02:48
abdulhakeemit's not an ubuntu issue02:48
abdulhakeemat first I thought it was02:48
abdulhakeemthen I determined it wasn't02:48
Bashing-omStormmore: Not sure what is going on presently ,,. but seeing a rash of 1st boot - black screen. Many report that installing with no internet connectuion .. and then updating afterward works .02:48
abdulhakeemthen everyone lived happily ever after02:48
sungsoo -- quick q re preseed configs -- i'm trying to build one and it works pretty well so far for an automated install, however, the installer hops out of automated mode and asks me what to name the user even tho 'd-i passwd/user-fullname' is configured correctly02:48
Stormmoretomreyn, that actually gives me sommething new to look / try. Wayland :-/02:49
tomreynStormmore: with the greatest pleasure! ;-)02:49
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: nvidia 1060, black screen after grub, cant get in with all drivers test02:50
lotuspsychjesung: can this help? https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/example-preseed.txt02:53
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Seen a lot of threads on fresh installs on the forum where the re-boot goes to a black screen . many report that not updateing ( no internet connection) and the install succeeds .02:54
lotuspsychjeStormmore: one to try ^02:54
Stormmorealready on it ;-) wanted to start with a clean install after all the different attempts I have made so far02:55
Bashing-omStormmore: Also make sure that secure boot and fast boot are disabled .02:55
waterCreaturemay I ask questions related to REHL here? :'02:55
Stormmoretotally and I disabled TPM too02:55
lotuspsychjewaterCreature: only ubuntu support mate02:56
StormmorewaterCreature, try #centos since they are more compatible with RHEL than Ubuntu every will be02:57
Stormmoreinstall done :)02:58
Bashing-omStormmore: Hook up internet, update .. and then advise status please :)02:59
Stormmoreso before I do that... I am not seeing the grub menu or anything per login other than back light flashing a couple of times.03:00
Bashing-omStormmore: If a single boot install . by default the grub menu is not presented .03:01
StormmoreBashing-om, that makes sense but I should see the splash03:02
Bashing-omStormmore: Yeah -- should see the splash screen ,,maybe give it some more time ?03:04
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StormmoreBashing-om, I have reboot a few times and no splash screen03:07
lotuspsychjeStormmore: wich kernel is this now?03:07
lotuspsychjeStormmore: you didnt update?03:08
Stormmoreoh and setting nomodeset makes it only do 800x600 :-/03:08
Stormmorenot yet03:08
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic03:08
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB03:08
StormmoreI am going to just update the kernel and it's dependencies first03:09
zhill29_Would this be the wrong place to ask about using ZFS in ubuntu?03:09
lotuspsychjeStormmore: keep your system up to date at all times, not only kernel03:09
lotuspsychje!zfs | zhill29_03:10
ubottuzhill29_: For information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS03:10
Stormmorenormally I do but I already know that something updated is causing me loose my screen03:10
StormmoreI need to narrow down the suspects03:10
zhill29_lotusbsychje That is the guide I used to try to set up. It worked in a test VM I tried but on my ubuntu server install I keep getting either /dev/sdg1 or /dev/sdf1 busy error.03:11
lotuspsychjezhill29_: try the #ubuntu-server channel03:11
zhill29_will do, thanks03:12
Stormmorewow that last build I saw the splash for a split sec, dang this system boots fast~03:13
lotuspsychjeStormmore: getting in now?03:14
Stormmoreonly once after I remove the nomodeset for now so I got a decent res03:14
lotuspsychjepavon: welcome, how can we help you?03:15
pavoni searching any spanish opensource project03:17
lotuspsychjepavon: the ubuntu channels, only provide ubuntu related support03:17
lotuspsychjepavon: perhaps a question for ##linux ?03:18
pavonwhere is the channels03:18
lotuspsychjepavon: we have spanish ubuntu channel, to ask ubuntu questions03:18
pavonwhat is the "#" for the spanish channel03:19
lotuspsychjepavon: but your question is not really ubuntu related..03:20
pavoni dont now where ask, that is the problem. Ok i go to the #linux. Thanks03:21
Stormmoreso as I suspected just updating the kernel caused the problem03:25
Dreamanmy problem is network03:27
Dreaman5 restart to work03:27
skinuxWhy the hell does clock indicator keep disappearing? It started when I changed format to non-UTC03:29
Stormmorefor giggles I installed the 390 from the normal repos and boy it looks pretty on my 4k but nothing on my laptop display still :-/03:35
eraserpencilI'm on an x86 computer, but my repos :q03:56
oerheksbut my repos ..03:58
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StormmoreI am seriously pondering breaking open the initrds for both the working and non-working kernel, this is suppose to be a mainline test machine04:08
TiZHello there. I've been having problems with my kernel upgrades. I have the nvidia driver installed and it's a UEFI system that has secure boot. 16.04 would always bother me to turn off secure boot but the modules were signed with the MOK, so I never had a problem with it. The kernel upgrades always freeze up. pstree on dpkg shows update-secureboot-policy and whiptail stalled. It seems like whiptail is trying to show me something but is f04:10
TiZI have an Ask Ubuntu question open for this issue with only one answer that didn't correct the issue: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1052000/all-kernel-upgrades-hang-on-update-secureboot-policy-enroll-key/04:11
TiZIt kind of seems like what it comes down to is that whiptail is broken in some way, at least when run through dpkg. When I invoke whiptail just in my regular shell, it works though.04:17
killatayMy laptap webcam is not showing up in cheese of skype. When I do dmesg it shows "2.666127] usb 3-3: Product: Lenovo EasyCamera04:20
killatay" any ideas?04:20
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eraserpencilI am on an x86 computer, but when I do sudo apt-update, I get https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GSvpM7KFgX/. However, if i "cd /etc/apt" and ran "grep -rni arm", I get back no results. Would there be another place where apt searches for sources like in a .config or .cache or .apt in /var or /home or /usr?04:23
Stormmoreok an update, used boot-repair and now I am running 4.17.5 kernel and the laptop screen is on but at 640x480. purging the default nvidia driver and installing 39604:32
oerhekseraserpencil, so you put an amd64 bit install in a i386 machine, and wonder what happens?04:32
Jackass420So I came here.04:33
Jackass420Anybody wanna help an archvist?04:33
eraserpenciloerheks, im lost04:33
Jackass420I'm looking for rare distros04:33
debouncerBuild your own distro and called it rareOS04:35
Jackass420Well that was embarrassing.\04:36
Jackass420So doesn't anybody here know?04:36
knightwiseJackass420: what do you mean by rare ?04:36
Jackass420I was kinda looking for an all in one website before I tried looking for individual ISO files.04:37
oerheksif you feel ignored, that could be true04:37
knightwiseJackass420: Distrowatch ?04:37
knightwisehey oerheks , morning04:37
eraserpencilJackass420: https://www.distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=links#new04:37
Jackass420For instance a chinese version of DouDou might have been released. I want it.04:37
knightwiseyou're up early04:37
Stormmoreok and now I have X on my external monitor but can access vTTYs!04:37
knightwiseJackass420: you have strange tastes04:37
oerheksdistro talk in ##linux please this is technical ubuntu support, thanks04:38
Jackass420I'm looking for some rare distros that aren't maintained anymore. Okay04:38
eraserpencilsorry, oerheks, could you elaborate?04:38
oerhekseraserpencil,  you have both sources, 32 and 64 bit, so i wonder what you are doing.04:39
T3ssHi all, this should be simple, but I can't figure it out. I've created an ext4 partition on /dev/sdb1, I've added /dev/sdb1    /awg    ext4    defaults    0    0 to my fstab. I've sudo mkdir'd /awg - but when I type sudo mount /awg it says the mount point is busy. #lsof /awg reports nothing has it locked.04:39
oerheksT3ss, normally one would mount partitions in /mnt/  or in free /media/04:41
T3ssoerheks: true, but even changing the details to /mnt/awg and creating that mount point gave the same.04:42
oerheksis that sdb1 clean? you could see with a fsck04:42
eraserpenciloerheks, i dont think I have 32 bit running. I do have arm64 and amd64 bit running though. What happened is I used my computer to flash an Nvidia board through an Nvidia installer. What I guess happened is that the installer added the arm64 sources to how apt would search for repos.04:43
T3ssIt says it's already mounted or the mount point is busy.04:43
T3ssoerheks: fsck says it can't continue because it's mounted. But umount /dev/sdb1 says it isn't mounted04:43
eraserpencilI'm now looking at how to remove those arm64 links to the path apt searches. I've looked at /etc/apt, but couldnt find any references04:44
oerheksi think that tool used dpkg --add-architecture arm64  .. see with  dpkg --print-foreign-architectures04:46
oerheksnot sure howto remove that... reinstall i guess04:46
warisonremove what?04:47
oerheksor maybe that ROS ppa did this, cross compiler04:50
warisonas i was saying04:56
warisoni fuck back05:01
warisonso easy05:01
warisonghost ship government genocide05:01
warisonFlint Michigan government disbanded the town due to mind virus05:02
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warisonwhy won't you fbi leave me be?05:02
DalekSecwarison: Hello.  This is not the channel for that.  This is the Ubuntu support channel.05:02
warisonyou all do more damage than repair05:02
warisoncia told me to talk here05:02
warisonfuck you05:02
DalekSecwarison: I somehow doubt that, but please stop.05:03
warisonwhen the gaslighting stops05:03
oerheks!ops | warison05:03
ubottuwarison: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax05:03
oerheksyou had your chance in ##linux, not here05:03
T3ssoerheks: I found out that device-mapper had the partition in its grasp. So I had to dmsetup remove <name>. Then mount said the fs was wrong, so I reformatted and we're good now. Thanks05:06
oerheksT3ss, oh good find.05:07
warisonyou guys never intended me to reunite with my friends. you want me homeless then dead05:12
Zi0nElhey Buntu SUPPORT, Gots Yah A Question If Any of You Might Be Able To help resolve it And Contribute To Makeing a Mo Coherent Linux At The Self Sane Tine05:13
Zi0nElBe Right Back05:14
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Zi0nElWe GoTta Do Sonthing To Assign pts Blocks!, Viz zionel pts/0-pts/2 subz pts/3-- etc AS xANPLE on host with These Two Exemplary accounts05:18
Zi0nElCause Otherwise You Overwriting Oneanothers bash hist05:18
Zi0nElnd conflicting sessions05:18
Zi0nElterminal distinguishes users and pts/* is05:18
Zi0nEl                irrelevant05:18
Zi0nElbut ONCE user su root The terminal Stop Distinguish user05:18
Zi0nEl As ROOT and just dumps root sessions tog05:19
Zi0nEl under pts channel and not underuser05:19
Zi0nElso The idea Would Be to Give an Variable Configurable in Bash\ssh\sshd That Would Designate pts// To n user05:21
Zi0nElthus every root session is assigned to per user via your pts assignment! you Got it Right Here05:23
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Zi0nElif i Logout ir loose a Connection and another login Then that pts is open and the next login that does sudo su-su root will begin to overwrite m Bzash History And That is Problematic Besides pts/0 is Really Quite leet on Server05:26
Zi0nElwell atleast Ani Think So05:27
Zi0nElif Anybody Has a SolutionFor That Problen Pleasse. Email At i@devnullcoin.com AndAni Give yah an @devnullcoin Email AddrssDont Stay on .Freenode ever05:36
WoodsoupI am dual booting windows10 nd ubuntu.  whats the best, and safest program to use to spruce up the boot menu a bit>05:38
=== Woodsoup is now known as MysticReverie
Zi0nElir You Could @zio tab devnullcoin.com 6667 #9x05:47
Stormmorebest I can say is I learned more about 18.04, and there is always tomorrow06:17
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silv3r_m00nhi there06:51
silv3r_m00ni just upgraded to ubuntu 18.04 and i see that everything has smooth scrolling. how can i disable that and get the 3 line scroll ?06:52
silv3r_m00nanybody there ?06:58
ducassethere are people here, but it's still kind of early for some of us06:59
silv3r_m00ni see. no problem07:00
waterCreaturehow do i find a file by name?07:00
waterCreatureI did find . -name "nameol*"07:00
waterCreaturebut no result...07:00
silv3r_m00nwaterCreature: probably recursive flag07:00
ducasse'find' is recursive by default07:01
Mr_PanwaterCreature,    find /  -name namefile*07:01
ducasseor try 'locate'. if the file is in the database it's much quicker.07:02
waterCreaturefind: ‘/proc/19547’: No such file or directory07:02
Mr_PanwaterCreature, with  sudo ...07:02
cypectorwatercreature locate works as well07:02
cypectoryou dont need sudo07:03
waterCreaturesame result07:03
cypectorwith locate?07:03
waterCreaturelocate gives no result also07:03
cypectoryou are typing 'locate <fileName>07:04
cypectoryou are typing 'locate <fileName>'07:04
waterCreaturelocate "nameol*"07:04
ducassetry with locate -i filename07:05
waterCreaturedo i need to know the full filename?07:06
cypectoryour not using quotes are you07:06
cypectornot with locate07:06
ducassewaterCreature: drop the '*'07:08
waterCreaturesame result07:08
cypectoroh and when you use the find command you dont need -name07:09
cypectoryou have "find . -name nameol" you need "find nameol" if you cant find it there use "locate nameol" you should get a result07:12
waterCreaturei got a lot of results using find . nameol07:13
ducasseor use find -iname to make the search case insensitive07:14
cypectorthats why i said use locate it will tell you anywhere it might be and case doesnt matter07:16
ducasselocate is case sensitive unless you use -i07:18
cypectoranyone get airmoggedon working on ubuntu "i may have spelled that wrong"07:19
cypectori have been trying and the dependencies dont all work I am chasing my tail i install what is needed but not everything seems to be working07:21
cypector<ducasse> either way not needed in this case you are right though07:23
cypectorwaterCreature did everything work?07:29
waterCreaturenothing worked...07:29
cypectorwhat are you trying to do exactly07:30
waterCreatureinstall informix server07:30
waterCreaturethis is my third time installing it coz I think I may have missed some username password specification step07:31
cypectoron a VM or physical machine?07:31
waterCreatureon VM07:32
waterCreatureI can just delete the Vm and recreate.... but still07:33
cypectorsome os dont work so well on a hypervisor you know07:33
cypectorkali for example07:33
waterCreatureafter I delete the /opt/informix folder manually07:34
waterCreatureit seems to work, "okay"07:34
cypectorinformix...what is it for? i havent used it before07:35
waterCreatureit's a database.07:36
waterCreaturei feel like quitting this job because of the architecture of this project07:36
waterCreatureand the people07:36
cypectorthis is for an employer? what is it you do07:38
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waterCreaturereceived a DCC chat07:41
waterCreaturewhat is that?07:41
ducassewaterCreature: i got one too, just ignore it07:42
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taladrisHi. Anyone able to help me? I'm having an issue getting a raid to re-mount after a power outage.07:43
taladris"mount: /mnt/md0: can't read superblock on /dev/md0."07:43
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uebera||With netplan (on Ubuntu 18.04), are "nameservers:" settings ignored when using dhcp4/dhcp6? Shouldn't the "search:", "addresses:" entries put into /etc/resolv.conf? (Note: "renderer" is networkd, I've deactivated/masked NetworkManager.service)08:14
anliapt-cache policy git shows that I run 1:2.17.0-1ubuntu1, is that a version that is modified for ubuntu?08:32
anliOr certified by ubuntu?08:32
anliThe version table for git shows that the webserver returned status 50008:33
ducasseanli: no, it does not - the 500 is the priority of the package from that repository08:36
anliah, ok08:40
anliIf I have a script of apt commands that forces packages each to a certain version, will that script stop to work after a while? Like the packages are removed when old or something.08:41
ducasseyou shouldn't depend on a particular version of a package remaining in the repo, no (unless if you maintain that repo yourself). as new versions are added the older are removed.08:44
anliIs there an archive repo that holds older versions?08:45
anliarchive.org maybe :)08:45
anliI try to address the problem of software needing exact versions to build08:46
anliOr the fact that a command can have got bugs from a certain version and on08:46
anliThe strategy today is to always have the newest version of software and libraries, which fails constantly08:47
Rainyavielanli: Hello08:47
sa_I've an ubuntu box, suddenly ssh with hostname fails with "ssh: Could not resolve hostname <hname> Name or service not known", any clue?08:48
Rainyavielanli: I am reading what you are saying and see if I can offer input08:48
anliHelli Rainyaviel!08:48
qwebirc80778Hi. When I try to 'make prepare' in '/lib/modules/<kernel>/build', make throws 'No rules to make target ../syscall_32.tbl' Help!08:48
anli(happy that I was not writing hell)08:48
Rainyavielanli: You must have asked questions before and didn't get an answer it would be tough to read back what was your original question08:49
Rainyavielanli: I am asking you to ask the question again ?08:51
Shabbysheiksa_: have you added the box in question to the /etc/hosts file of your pc?08:52
sa_Shabbysheik: I've not modified /etc/hosts file, just checked with ls -l command "-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 220 Nov 15  2017 /etc/hosts"08:54
Shabbysheiksa_: then you just need to add your ubuntu box to your hosts file and you are all set08:55
RainyavielYou should never randomly edit that file sa_08:55
Shabbysheikwhy not?08:56
Shabbysheikthat file is where you define your hosts08:56
RainyavielHe can't access by IP?08:56
RainyavielOr is this too make sure there is a friendlier name to access locally?08:57
Shabbysheikim sure he can, but he wants to use names, that is where you define them08:57
sa_I can ssh with ip, but only it is failing with hostname(earlier it used to work)08:58
RainyavielYou can edit .ssh/config08:58
Rainyavielsa_: Do you need to know the syntax for .ssh/config?09:00
sa_Rainyaviel: yes please09:00
Rainyavielsa_: man ssh_config09:01
ErnstI have a problem with my screens. I was earlier at my work so I installed steam. One of them 3D games good stuk. If I login as a guest the three screens in 0° is there no problem. If i change one of them, that screen goes weird. I am using 16.04 64, AMD screen (default Ubuntu driver). I there anyone here to help me? How can I solve this?09:02
RainyavielErnst: I don't understand your question, and I got confused after I installed steam09:04
ErnstRainyaviel, Steam games.09:09
MysticReverieHi. Is there an option to make my windows 10 in vitual box constantly stay offline. never connect under any cirumstance?09:11
deemMysticReverie: Remove the ethernet adapter09:12
anliRainyaviel: The question was if there is a repo that holds historical versions09:12
anli(or archive is maybe the correct term)09:13
Shabbysheikanli: if it is older ubuntu pacakges you want then search launchpad.net/ubuntu09:14
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ducasseanli: the 'main' repo contains the version of the package that release was originally released with09:16
anliSo its not an apt source then?09:18
RainyavielIt's more about what server holds it09:18
anliyes, but if it is an apt source, you can specify which version you want to run by just running an apt command09:19
Rainyavielanli: Have you actually visited launchpad.net/ubuntu09:20
RainyavielAnd it hasn't accomplish what you looking for?09:20
anliIf it is a historical apt source, then it is the solution to my question :)09:21
RainyavielI don't think I ever come across one distro, me being distro jumping, that actually hold code from back when09:21
RainyavielSo for the source, you need apt source for programming purpose?09:22
anliI would prefer to just have a certain version of commands and libraries so I have a known state before building09:22
Shabbysheikanli: so wget the package you want from launchpad and then dpkg to install, you are getting very hung up on this apt thing09:23
anliThe thing is that I want to run a script that is resetting the system to that state09:23
MysticReveriedeem,  but how about the wifi also?09:23
anliAlso, if I already have the correct version, that script should not download anything09:23
MysticReverieare they easy to remove?09:23
ShabbysheikMysticReverie: if you remove the virtual interfaces like deem said then it will not be able to connect09:25
deemMysticReverie: virtualbox does not care about how your host connects to the internet. Just remove all internet capable devices from your vm and you're good to go09:27
MysticReverieok, i will try thanks09:28
guivercanli: apt is built around using the latest packages; but if you want to build for a specific versions - why not package as a snap?  (libs etc are stored in the same ~squashfs & get used instead of systems...09:28
RainyavielYou know, guiverc, I am glad you spoke09:29
anliOn the contrary, you can specify the version of a package using apt09:29
RainyavielHow other people who need help09:29
RainyavielI think this guy is waste of time09:29
anlithats rude, that comment is a waste of bandwidth09:30
guivercyeah, you can add rules to require specific version (which create dep.issues that stop upgrades...) but it's not [in my opinion] why the dep rules were made09:31
pragomeram I seeing it right, that gthumb cannot tag photos with colors (like green, red, blue, yellow, aso) ?09:31
RainyavielSeems to me that you got a plenty of answers to use your brain, I understand where things can be confusing, but it doesn't seem you actually make an effort yourself09:31
anliI am confused about you answering without having an answer :)09:32
ducasseRainyaviel: ok, keep comments like that to yourself, please09:32
anliMaybe my comment is like that as well09:32
anliIt could not been said in a polite way, I think09:32
Rainyavielanli: 04:46 < anli> I try to address the problem of software needing exact versions to build09:32
Rainyaviel04:49 < Rainyaviel> anli: You must have asked questions before and didn't get an answer it would be tough to read back what was your original question09:33
sa_Deb packages can be pulled from repository URL’s mentioned in SourcesList. For e.g. I created a ‘hello’ dkms deb package and I see already there other ‘hello’ package exist in launchpad. Contents-wise both are different, but the package name is same. Is there any way to specify specifically pull from a particular repository URL while installing the package using “sudo apt-get install”?09:33
anliI know, it is hard to convey an idea in one sentence. What I want in more detail is to be able to build a certain piece of software with exact the same setup as another person that successfully built that software09:33
ErnstRainyaviel: I understand I will rewrite my question. I am using 3 screen  standing them 90° (1080x1920) next to eachonder.09:34
ErnstSince I install Stream games software my screens in 90° will not let me login. If i login as a guest in 1920x1080 is there no problem. What happend that caused this problem and how can I solve it. So, I need those 3 screens working in 90°.09:34
Rainyaviel05:12 < anli> Rainyaviel: The question was if there is a repo that holds historical versions09:34
anliThat is still a good question, I can scroll up myself09:35
oerheksRainyaviel,  so .. ""it would be tough to read back what was your original question" .. really?09:35
Rainyaviel05:21 < Rainyaviel> I don't think I ever come across one distro, me being distro jumping, that actually hold code from back when09:35
oerheksplease don copy paste, we all can read back09:35
Rainyavieloerheks: If you actually reading, what's the meaning by 05:32 < ducasse> Rainyaviel: ok, keep comments like that to yourself, please09:37
oerheksexactly what you think it means, be helpfull.09:39
lotuspsychje!behelpful | Rainyaviel09:39
ubottuRainyaviel: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.09:39
Rainyaviel05:31 < Rainyaviel> Seems to me that you got a plenty of answers to use your brain, I understand where things can be confusing, but it doesn't seem you actually make an effort yourself09:40
ducasseRainyaviel: this is not productive, please stop now09:40
RainyavielHow is not, so I can understand?09:40
lotuspsychjeRainyaviel: dont copy paste, as suggested09:41
RainyavielSo copy and paste a record to ensure disturbs operators of the room09:41
oerheksNo, you complained that you missed the question, now you turn it around, ..really, you are annoying.09:43
ducasseRainyaviel: you are offtopic, stick to support issues. and if you can't help, be quiet.09:43
oerheksnow we stop this discussion and get back to support, no more warnings.09:44
RainyavielSo, I am annoying, I should be banned from the room09:48
lotuspsychjeRainyaviel: you can always ask one at #ubuntu-ops if you like09:49
anliMaybe you only need to be polite09:49
Rainyavielanli: never09:50
Rainyaviellotuspsychje: What proof do you have?\09:51
lotuspsychje!ops | Rainyaviel does not understand09:51
ubottuRainyaviel does not understand: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax09:51
RainyavielI personally don't want take things personal and focus on people who actually need help09:51
Rainyaviellotuspsychje: 05:48 < Rainyaviel> So, I am annoying, I should be banned from the room09:52
anliYou are still doing it.09:56
tianxwho are you?09:56
lotuspsychjetianx: can we help you?09:56
tianxwhat's this09:58
lotuspsychje!support | tianx09:58
ubottutianx: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com09:58
MysticReverieI have 8gb ram, what would be the recommended ram allocation for windows 10 in virtual box?10:01
anliIs synaptic still software in use by most users?10:02
lotuspsychjeanli: we dont really take polls here, but yes many users use synaptic10:03
anliTake polls is the same as recommending people to not use old methods?10:03
ppfbut was it ever 'most' ?10:06
anliI am only trying to find out if I am running outdated software ffs10:06
amharrisI'm not sure how frequently the 'supported' list comes out for pre-built systems, but the list for Intel NUCs is fairly minimal.  I've been reading into Vega M driver support with 4.18, etc., but does anyone have an indication of when the Hades Canyon NUCs will be properly supported?10:06
lotuspsychjeC3aa: can we help you?10:09
C3aa I wanted to join #machinelearning, my client stuck and sent g :D10:10
lotuspsychjeC3aa: #ubuntu is for ubuntu support10:12
MysticReveriedamn, windows 10 needs 20gb in virtual box to even install.  crazy.10:12
MysticReveriei only have about 23 gb space lol10:12
lotuspsychjeMysticReverie: please language, also dont use this channel for storytelling10:13
MysticReveriesorry, i was maybe hinting for suggestions also10:13
C3aadual boot :p10:13
lotuspsychjeMysticReverie: there is a virtualbox channel if you want10:13
MysticReverieyes please10:14
lotuspsychjeamharris: if you find a !bug please help yourself and the community and file it10:16
lotuspsychjeamharris: a recent article came out, intel nucs are goodly supported on ubuntu now..so if you find a bug afterall let the community know10:17
amharrislotuspsychje: I don't have the hardware on hand.  A friend whom I've been slowly getting into OSS and software development is keen to get one and switch from Windows entirely, but the Hades/Vega chipset is so fresh on the market that support is scarce; so he's waiting until it's supported before getting one.10:21
lotuspsychjeamharris: latest hardware might need latest kernels/ubuntu versions, keep an eye in !mainline #ubuntu+1 and !bug10:23
amharrislotuspsychje: Will do, thanks.  and there's this, of course: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=dffdef67370d0a445884a18c0bc7b2025608539810:23
brymanyone familiar with postfix?10:28
amharrisbrym: I'm no expert, and it's been a long time since I last used it, but what's up?10:29
brymrunning it on a vm through roundcube, and rc won't get past the virtual gateway10:30
brymi've allowed the vm on ufw, but it keeps throwing authentication errors10:30
amharrisbrym: It's a shame I don't have access to have a look at the config at work, as it's Ubuntu, Postfix, and Roundcube as the setup.10:30
amharrisI'll have a think.10:31
brymmuch appreciated10:31
Rainyavielbrym: I am bit but it's been awhile10:31
RainyavielI got two servers running postfix10:32
RainyavielBut, when I say awhile, I mean rougly a year10:32
brymthe errors are mostly on the roundcube side if i'm honest. the installer itself. i tested sendmail earlier from terminal, and it works fine. rc says smtp doesn't accept authentication.10:33
blackflowbrym: wait, postfix is running in the VM?10:33
blackflowand so is RoundCube?10:33
RainyavielI use roundcube10:33
brymall through the vm10:33
blackflowso roundcube has to be configured for smtp at aka localhost?10:34
brymme too, but until now, always through cpanel10:34
RainyavielI c10:34
Rainyavielblackflow: What is the MTA?10:35
brymblackflow: yes, and i've checked both config files, and they both contain the hostname and localhost10:35
brymmail transfer agent10:35
amharrisbrym: What are the authentication errors you're seeing, to be clear?10:35
blackflowbrym: okay so I don't understand the error. what exactly is the error?10:36
Rainyavielblackflow: Pastebin10:37
lotuspsychje!postfix | brym see also10:37
ubottubrym see also: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer10:37
brymamharris: for smtp - authentication error. smtp doesn't support authentication. for imap: login failed from the virtual gateway. couldn't connect to localhost:14310:37
Rainyavielblackflow: I will help you10:37
lotuspsychjeRainyaviel: stop that please10:38
blackflowbrym: so did you actually configure postfix for sasl?10:38
Rainyavielblackflow: What is important is your setup10:38
ikoniaRainyaviel: blackflow is not looking for help10:38
blackflowikonia: ?10:38
blackflowoh... I got them on ignore.... lol what are they saying.10:38
lotuspsychjeikonia: he was copy pasting everyone earlier10:39
ikoniablackflow: offering help over and over, just making it clear to shut the noise down10:39
ikonialotuspsychje: yes, I'm aware10:39
Rainyavielikonia: I wanted to help blackflow and you ask him to ignore me ikonia10:39
RainyavielThat is, I would never see10:39
ikoniaRainyaviel: he isn't looking for help, and he ignored you for your behaviour earlier, drop the topic10:39
RainyavielHe is using postfix10:40
ikoniacorrect he does use postfix10:40
brymblackflow: not specifically. i let apt install it, and stepped through a few items here: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-postfix-on-ubuntu-16-0410:40
brymblackflow: followed up to step 5, since i intended to use roundcube as opposed to s-nail10:40
blackflowbrym: that tutorial doesn't seem to set up SASL (via Dovecot) and you need it. lemme see if RC can work without sasl10:40
RainyavielI understand what is happening10:41
RainyavielYou guys shut me up, so crowds that ikonia knows can help10:41
RainyavielI got it10:41
blackflowbrym: see if setting smtp_user and smtp_password to NULL will then not try authentication.10:41
blackflowbrym: also, this might be more suitable in #ubuntu-server (I'm there)10:42
brymblackflow: hmm... good shout. i didn't consider that. for both negating authentication and #ubuntu-server :p10:42
blackflowbrym: yeah, default config uses %u and %p from RC login credentials10:43
brymblackflow: excellent, smtp works now. than you! however, imap still has the same error. whether i include the domain name or not with user10:47
blackflowbrym: that requires setting up Dovecot with proper userdb and passdb10:48
brymyeah, i tried apt for that last night, but it didn't find anything. i'll dig further for that. it's worth noting i did try mapping postfix to the vm's user account. but that threw an error too, so i commented it out for now.10:49
brymas part of the digital ocean steps10:49
brymwhen i ran postfix check, it told me the entry was unused10:50
blackflowbrym: postfix is for SMTP, not IMAP, and you don't need auth for local usage (via localhost or with local sendmail binary)10:50
brymblackflow: ah, yeah that makes sense10:50
blackflowbrym: but you do have to set it up to allow mynetworks (defining only localhost) and deny all else, OR... make it NOT accessible via public IP (actually, do AND, not OR, for better security)10:51
blackflowbrym: #postfix is very helpful if you get stuck, and there's also #dovecot.10:51
brymblackflow: on AND not OR, yep, that's how I write most of my basic conditionals in JS. making sure all requirements are met.10:53
sa___Whenever I start Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, the boot process gets stuck at "Stopping System V runlevel compatibility", what could be the reasons?10:54
blackflowbrym: yah, but what I meant was, configure it both to listen only on, and to allow only to send mail (for permit_mynetworks)10:56
oerhekssa___, looking at that error, is this a VM or bare metal?10:57
brymblackflow: got it. thanks again for your help/pointers10:57
blackflowbrym: yw10:57
amharrisbrym: Ah, sorry, crushed by deadlines here.  Good to hear it's sorted. :-)10:58
brymamharris: no worries man. likewise here. it's not all the way sorted yet. but it's getting there :)10:59
sa___oerheks: No, it's not VM. Ubuntu running on x86 processor11:00
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ask-ygU5AP56question, regarding system tray and Unity11:11
ask-ygU5AP56Unity 7, Ubuntu 18.0411:11
ask-ygU5AP56some apps (vokoscreen, qt, battle.net, wine) show system tray icons in the tray, some (Nicotine, pygtk)11:11
ask-ygU5AP56how to make the ones that don't, do?11:12
ppfask-ygU5AP56: talk to their developers11:13
ask-ygU5AP56ppf, I think the app I refer to is not developed; it worked fine in 16.0411:13
ask-ygU5AP56ppf, so what's the issue, and how else can it be resolved, other than talking to the app developers?11:13
ask-ygU5AP56it did work in older version of Ubuntu11:13
ppfask-ygU5AP56: well, if the program is dead and doesn't support the unity notification are then there's not much you can do11:14
ask-ygU5AP56ppf, yeah but unity notification, is that something special, or does it work via some generic bus?11:14
ppfyou can dig up the source and fix it yourself if you are such inclined11:14
ask-ygU5AP56ppf, like mentioned, app like vokoscreen works fine11:14
ask-ygU5AP56ppf, sure, if it's an easy fix; it's a python app anyway11:14
ask-ygU5AP56ppf, vokoscreen hardly is a native Ubuntu app; neither is Battle.Net ran through wine11:15
ask-ygU5AP56both show icons fine.11:15
ask-ygU5AP56so, what do they have, that the nicotine app is missing?11:15
ppfthey probably implement it correctly then11:15
ppfwhich the others don't11:15
ask-ygU5AP56what changed in Ubuntu Unity tray between 16.04 and 18.04 that made nicotine stop working, and the others continue?11:16
ask-ygU5AP56so what is it then, the implemented bit11:16
ask-ygU5AP56what's missing?11:16
ppfi don't know the applications, so i don't know that answer11:16
ask-ygU5AP56well, it's a generic tray like you mentioned11:16
ask-ygU5AP56it's an ubuntu tray question more so11:16
tomreynunity is not supported on 18.04 here. we don't know, talk to the developers of the apps you are treying to get to work, and to the people wwho continue to maintain unity.11:17
tomreyngood luck!11:17
effortDeeim on 16.04 any need for me to upgrade?11:17
ask-ygU5AP56tomreyn, where to talk about unity ?11:17
ppfeffortDee: no11:17
tomreynask-ygU5AP56: i don't know, you can use alis to search IRC or use your web browser to search the web11:17
tomreyn!alis | ask-ygU5AP5611:18
ubottuask-ygU5AP56: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"11:18
silv3r_m00nhi, i am running kubuntu, and gtk apps like gedit have no window border on kde desktop11:19
silv3r_m00nhow to fix this ?11:19
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independentikonia: I suppose to be banned11:23
effortDeethanks ppf11:23
effortDeei see people mentioning 17, 18 etc11:23
effortDeebut i am so happy on ubuntu11:23
effortDeeits amazing11:23
independentikonia: ^^ your friends11:24
independentWas that a kick11:31
independentikonia: ban11:31
BluesKajHi folks11:34
independentikonia: I am speaking, and I am annoying you11:46
lotuspsychjeindependent: don't you have something else to do, then make a bad light on yourself?11:46
Fuchslotuspsychje: no, as he did that for years by now11:47
Fuchslotuspsychje: just ignore11:47
independentI have no problem being banned11:47
independentikonia: I am speaking, ban me11:48
lotuspsychjecyberalex4life: welcome, how can we help you11:48
cyberalex4lifeGuys I am having a lot of logout issues logging out on Ubuntu 18.04 with nvidia 920M11:49
cyberalex4lifelotuspsychje, sorry about my message. So when I logout the system just freezes11:49
lotuspsychjecyberalex4life: can you press F1 to see the text logout? or does it freeze before?11:50
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cyberalex4lifelotuspsychje, there's nothing I can do but forcefully shut down my laptop11:51
independentcyberalex4life: What is your DE11:51
lotuspsychjecyberalex4life: have you tryed a sudo halt -p ? would this work?11:51
cyberalex4lifeindependent, lotuspsychje I am using gnome-session on default ubuntu flavor11:52
independentSo Gnome11:52
cyberalex4lifeindependent, yes11:52
lotuspsychjecyberalex4life: wich nvidia driver are you on?11:52
independentI can't help you with gnome 311:52
cyberalex4lifelotuspsychje, I am on 396, but now I am on intel11:53
independentFor linux11:53
lotuspsychjecyberalex4life: tryed switching drivers yet?11:53
independentI can help you11:53
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:54
cyberalex4lifelotuspsychje, Oh yes, I did, generally they work fine, however since 17.10 logging in takes a lot of time and is filled with errors11:54
independentcyberalex4life: What version of Ubuntu do you have?11:55
cyberalex4lifeindependent, 18.0411:55
independentindependent: Have you use Ubuntu before 18.04?11:55
independentcyberalex4life: I mean you11:55
independentcyberalex4life: have you any version of Ubuntu befor 18.04 before?11:56
cyberalex4lifeindependent, lotuspsychje I've started with ubuntu about 6 years ago and used it dayly for 2 years. After that I switched to manjaro, fedora and opensuse,11:57
lotuspsychje!ops | independent trolling11:57
ubottuindependent trolling: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax11:57
cyberalex4lifeindependent, lotuspsychje came back to Ubuntu with 17.1011:58
cyberalex4lifeand mostly for prime switching11:58
maddisonhey I'm having a problem with my boot-up.  After having to use shred on an external HDD to get rid of a LUKS partition, not the HDD with my OS.  I rebooted my computer and got the following message --  ** Gave up waiting for root file system device.  Common problems - Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline) - Check rootdelay= (did the system wait long enough?) - Missing Modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev)   Alert! /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root does not exist.  Dro12:00
maddisonpping to a shell!  **12:00
compdocmaddison, is it trying to mount is fastab?12:01
maddisonnow if I select advanced options from the GRUB and select an old kernal.  Everything boots as it should12:01
independentcyberalex4life: So, you started from 17.04 and then install 18.xx12:02
maddisonI don't know.  I know that I setup LUKS on installation.  But everything was working fine a couple of days ago.12:02
independentcyberalex4life: What I like to know, did ever work12:03
maddisonhow would I tell if it is trying to mount fstab12:03
independentlotuspsychje: Mother fucker, !ops12:03
independent!ops | I should be banned12:03
ubottuI should be banned: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax12:03
cyberalex4lifeindependent, I've been, I think, on all Ubuntu versions since 12.0412:04
compdocmaddison, might try to run sudo update-grub, see if you get error messages12:04
cyberalex4lifedoes anyone know how to fix or debug Ubuntu 18.04 (Gnome Session) freezing on logout?12:05
maddisoncompdoc, I just run that command.  Doesn't look like there's any errors, but I'll post the output12:09
maddisonGenerating grub configuration file ...12:10
maddisonFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-23-generic12:10
maddisonFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-4.15.0-23-generic12:10
maddisonFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-20-generic12:10
maddisonFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-4.15.0-20-generic12:10
maddisonAdding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration12:10
lotuspsychjemaddison: use a hastebin plz12:10
ioriacyberalex4life, you mean shutdown or simply a logout   ?12:10
maddisonsorry everyone for not using a paste bin12:14
cyberalex4lifeioria, I mean simple logout, just can't re-login because nothing works except for pressing power button to force shutdown12:14
ioriacyberalex4life,  logout, press 'Cancel' anfd login again12:15
maddisoncompdoc, after running that command.  Should I try a reboot to see if it has solved the problem?12:22
compdocmaddison, did it display any errors or info?12:26
maddisoncompdoc, it didn't display any errors but the last line it did state "Adding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration"12:29
compdocmaddison, well, yes, try rebooting12:29
maddisonok...  Thank you for your help (if I'm not back on soon)12:30
UFChey guys I have a ubuntu vm and the mouse will not work at all but keyboard works fine, vmware esxi 5.5.0 and ubuntu 14.0412:31
UFCI installed ubuntu server and then installed the gui after12:31
UFCkeyboard works no issues but I have no mouse at all :(12:31
oerheksno mouse in TTY ?12:32
oerheksoh, i see, what gui did you install?12:32
compdocUFC, I used to do that with all my servers, no mouse issues12:34
UFCsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop12:34
UFCso unity I guess12:34
oerheksi suspect a vmware issue12:34
UFCI am a linux noob :(12:34
UFCinstalling xrdp on it now12:34
UFCto see if i can just rdp in it with mouse support12:35
compdocx2go is much better12:35
UFCdoes it support ms rdp?12:35
compdocno, but theres a windows client12:35
UFCI wanna use MS RDP instead12:35
compdocwhat it does support is the clipboard12:35
UFCso I can access from anywhere easily12:35
compdoccopy/paste is very important to me12:36
UFCat startup it says psserial mouse something12:36
UFCcompdoc that is actually pretty important too12:36
UFCis the windows client tiny at least?12:36
compdocyeah, not very large12:36
baakohi guys how do i get my ip address12:36
UFCalright ill look into that12:36
baakojust want to know what it is12:37
compdocI used to use xrdp12:37
oerheksbaako,  what is my ip dot com12:37
oerheksor simular like that, tons of those ip show sites12:37
BluesKajI use this, it works well and is very accurate https://www.ip-tracker.org/12:39
compdocbaako, you want your computers private ip address, or the public address?12:40
tomreynUFC: this should tell whether you have a mouse connected: grep -C5 mouse /proc/bus/input/devices12:42
UFCcompdoc when i rdp into it now its just like a black/grey pattern screen...12:43
BluesKajguess he found it12:43
compdocUFC, you have to set the file xstartup, I think it was. been a while12:43
UFCsay wha? lol12:44
baakothanks compdoc12:45
compdochmm, been a while, like I said12:46
UFCtomreyn https://imgur.com/a/xg8YfV112:46
UFCand here is what I see when I RDP into it https://imgur.com/a/Aax9Gy312:46
tomreynlooks like you have two mice, and a non properly configured rdp server.12:49
UFChalp lol12:51
UFCmouse works through xrdp12:54
UFCbut its ugly and not unity desktop :(12:54
compdoccant use unity or the new gnome desktop for xrdp12:55
d1rewolfhi guys. I've had two events over the past 24 hours when, after resuming by opening my laptop lid, root is mount ro. I worry I may not be suspending correctly, although I'm using the defaults for logind on Ubuntu 18.04. any ideas what might be causing this or what I should look for?12:56
compdocalthough, I havent actually tried the new gnome desktop with xrpd12:56
compdocUFC ^12:57
UFChow can i connect to a windows share then from xfce ?12:57
compdochas to be a '2D' desktop12:57
maddisonHi compdoc,  I'm back.  And it did not work12:59
UFCthe terminal emulator doesnt even work in xrdp13:01
maddisonessentially the problem comes up if (from the advanced options in the GRUB) I use the first option "Ubuntu, with Linux 4.15.0-23" normal or recovery13:01
UFCi have no terminal>13:01
compdocmaddison, you had an encrypted drive that you erased?13:03
maddisonbut if I use the 3rd option "Ubuntu, with Linux 4.15.0-20".  The computer boots normally sending me almost immediately to the verification screen to unlock the HDD and then to the user log in13:03
maddisonyes, an external HDD that I was using for my OS.  Because my internal HDD crashed.13:04
compdocdo you still bot it?13:04
BluesKajUFC, alt+F2 type console13:04
compdocwheres the OS now?13:04
maddisonBut I've replaced the internal with another one. And loaded a clean linux onto it.13:05
d1rewolfactually, it just remounted as ro. "Buffer I/O error on dev dm-1, logical block 57704448, lost sync page write". could this be a bad disk?13:05
d1rewolfI'd be surprised..it's a relatively new ssd13:06
pax_rhoswhat's the difference between a gzipped stream and a gzipped file with the same stream?13:06
maddisonI was able to boot from the external up until 2 days ago, when I used the shred command on it.  To turn it back into a mass storage drive13:06
compdocBluesKaj, what do you want maddison to try?13:07
maddisonand I waited for almost a week of booting from the internal HDD before I shredded the external13:07
memphistod1rewolf: bad disk13:09
maddisonAnd for that week, any time I booted I didn't have to use the advance options in the GRUB.  I could just enter or wait for the GRUB counter13:09
pax_rhos`/resolv.conf` warns not to edit it manually, then how to set up some DNS like properly?13:10
tomreynpax_rhos: what's your ubuntu release?13:11
tomreynlsb_release -ds13:11
maddisonBut after shredding the external, I'm getting the initramfs prompt and have to use the adv options to access the -20 kernal(??)13:11
pax_rhostomreyn: 18.04 LTS13:12
blackflowpax_rhos: set up DNS= and/or FallbackDNS= in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf,  restart the systemd-resolved.service13:14
tomreynpax_rhos: The /etc/resolve.conf file is now managed by systemd-resolved, and configuration of the resolver should be done in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf.13:14
pax_rhosthank you both13:15
pax_rhosI hope the issue with `Could not resolve host` on random streams will go13:15
pax_rhosit will leave me with only 1 issue: constant crashes of skype, chromium tabs and PhpStorm13:16
pax_rhosdowngrading the kernel didn't help: with previous kernel only 1 of my 2 monitors works and it gets shitty resolution that can't be increased13:16
nostroraHi! someone know how install docker 17.03 in Ubuntu 18.04 ?13:17
pax_rhosnostrora: follow official docker docu13:17
brygphilomenaCE or EE?13:17
nostrorapax_rhos: there is no 17.03 package in ubuntu 18.0413:17
nostrorabrygphilomena: CE13:17
blackflow!info docker13:18
ubottudocker (source: docker): System tray for KDE3/GNOME2 docklet applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-1build1 (bionic), package size 13 kB, installed size 43 kB13:18
deemIt's docker.io in ubuntu repos13:18
blackflow!info docker.io13:18
ubottudocker.io (source: docker.io): Linux container runtime. In component universe, is optional. Version 17.12.1-0ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 22768 kB, installed size 94881 kB13:18
blackflowah.... the .io herpderm naming13:18
nostrorano 17.03 in bionic13:19
nostrorathe big problem is i can install docker 17.03 but then i have some problems with DNS13:19
nostroraDocker bug with ubuntu 18.04 DNS ?13:19
oerheksnostrora, more a question for #docker-network13:21
brygphilomenaI dont see previous builds anywhere on dockers site13:22
pax_rhosthey are probably not supported13:22
brygphilomenaprobably not13:22
pax_rhosI see they support older versions only for EE13:23
=== gpap_ is now known as gpap
maddisonSo by doing to shred to the one drive...  did I mess up the one kernal and is that whats causing the problem?13:25
pax_rhosnostrora: https://medium.com/@gauravsj9/how-to-install-specific-docker-version-on-linux-machine-d0ec2d409513:25
nostrorapax_rhos: do you think using xenial docker repo in bionic is good ?13:25
pax_rhosI don't know13:26
lotuspsychjethere's a docker snap too13:26
pax_rhosI am suffering on Bionic Beaver13:26
deemwhy would you want to use an older docker version?13:27
mrproperYesterday I installed Ubuntu server 18.04 and setup KVM on it. Things were working fine until at some point, and I'm not sure what caused it, the system stopped resolving DNS. I was messing around with iptables at the time to setup port forwarding into my KVM guests so that may have been what broke it. But do you happen to know of any documentation which explains how to troubleshoot this or provide ideas?13:28
nostroradeem: because kubernetes/rancher requirements is Docker 17.0313:28
mrproperI don't have my system around right now so admittedly, I'm limited on what I can do at this moment.13:28
leftyfbmrproper: flush iptables13:29
leftyfbmrproper: that's how you start to troubleshoot13:29
mrproperleftyfb, Makes sense. Thank you!13:29
deemnostrora: they are talking about k8s 1.8 which require docker 17.03, but 1.11 is the current k8s release13:31
deemnostrora: Also rancher specifies Docker v1.12.6, 1.13.1, 17.03.2 as _minimum_ requirements13:33
deemon their github repo page13:33
skinux  Why does Ubuntu clock keep disappearing everytime I set it?13:33
skinuxIt was showing UTC, I tried changing that and now it never shows after I set it.13:35
=== lynxis_ is now known as lynxis
BluesKajskinux, is it on the desktop or in the system tray?13:55
BluesKajpanel rather13:55
zprdhi all13:56
jimmaddison, thought you might be here... what did you find out?13:58
zprdI run a xenial and bionic lxc containers, xenial, play snice and uses correctly the hosts configured dns server, while bionic is a bad boy and uses
zprdany chance to get the xenial behavior on bionic?13:59
jimuses as what?13:59
zprdas nameserver13:59
zprdmetinoed in /etc/resolv.conf13:59
jimdoes that ubuntu have a dns server running?14:00
zprdthe container?14:00
jimwell the bionic one14:00
zprdit's a verbatim container14:00
blackflowzprd: what's in your container's /etc/resolv.conf?14:01
zprd cat /etc/resolv.conf14:01
leftyfbzprd: bionic uses netplan now for network configuration.14:01
zprd# run "systemd-resolve --status" to see details about the actual nameservers.14:01
blackflowzprd: that's in the container?14:01
jimdoes your container have net? can it ping its gateway by its numeric IP?14:01
blackflowyes what, to me or jim :)14:02
zprdit has network14:02
zprdping is ok14:02
leftyfbzprd: Ubuntu 18.04 uses systemd-resolved for DNS14:02
jimzprd, ok, try: ping yahoo.com14:02
leftyfbzprd: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/what-s-new-in-ubuntu-18-0414:02
leftyfbzprd: look up "Default DNS Resolver"14:02
zprdping is ok14:03
jimeven by name?14:03
leftyfbjim: They're asking aobut where to configure DNS. Not about general network issues or pinging14:03
zprdI need it to resolve local addresses, and use the local dns server, ie use the hosts onw as the xenial does14:03
leftyfbzprd: use /etc/systemd/resolved.conf14:03
jimI'm trying to establish where the problem is, and if he does have net, that makes it easier, because we know he can install packages, and we know he can contact termbin.com (if you have nc installed, you can pastebin the output of an arbitrary command, for example ls -CF if you run it like this: ls -CF | nc termbin.com 9999)14:04
leftyfbjim: we've already established where the problem is in his first question14:05
zprdjim: even by name14:05
zprdping works fine14:05
blackflowtoo much confusing advice given here, and we don't even have the actual problem properly defined it seems. if ping works by name, then what's the problem wiht the dns.14:05
zprdso at this point I conclude that after creating a container of bionic, I should configure manually /etc/systemd/resolved.conf14:05
blackflow(assuming you tested from within the container)14:06
leftyfbhe's looking where to configure DNS on a bionic client14:06
leftyfbzprd: bingo14:06
blackflowwhat does "configure DNS" mean here. it's a bit vague.14:06
jimok zprd, can you run: cat /etc/network/interfaces | nc termbin.com 999914:06
blackflowset up nameservers?14:06
zprdblackflow: container does not pick local dns server, as configure by the lxc host14:06
blackflowzprd: what local dns server. you have bind/unbound/something-else running in the container?14:07
maddisonjim, hi...   are you talking about the freezing problem I was having14:07
zprdjim: I have no such file in this container14:07
jimmaddison, hi, yeah14:07
leftyfbzprd: does configuring your local DNS server in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf solve your issue?14:08
jimzprd, that's interesting... what mechanism is being used to set up your net14:08
leftyfbjim: containers by default are NAT'd14:08
jimleftyfb, does that happen outside the container?14:09
maddisonyeah, I think I've resolved that issue.  I think it was being caused by running the OS off the external HDD.  Because I haven't really had the problem since installing linux on the new internal hdd14:09
leftyfbjim: it's configured outside the container, yes. But he is not asking for help with that at all. He only wanted to know where to configure your local DNS server in bionic. I told him. The problem should be resolved at this point.14:09
jimmaddison, ok, so you went through a full install on the other hd?14:09
maddisonBut I'm now having another problem, which I think has to do with the main kernal14:10
jimmaddison, what's the problem you're having?14:11
maddisonafter a few days of making sure the internal was working.  I decided to erase the external, using the shred command, to turn it back into the mass storage drive I intended it to be14:11
jimleftyfb, well the resolvconf package adds syntax to the interfaces file, which he doesn't have in the container14:12
leftyfbjim: except bionic doesn't use resolvconf, not does it utilize the interfaces file by default14:12
leftyfbjim: bionic uses netplan for networking management and systemd-resolved for DNS by default14:13
zprdjim: well, configuration using lxbr0, nothing fancy14:13
jimok, then my question from before applies: by what mechanism is the network set up? in the container, is there a whole distribution installation, including kernel and grub?14:14
maddisonwhen I boot the pc normally, instead of being prompted to unlock my hdd.  I'm being sent to initramfs and I getting a message that essentially says that the /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root does not exisst14:14
zprdleftyfb: I am not familiar with systemd-resolved, Ill try setting it up but the ideal would be a template option, on lxc-create14:14
jimok, hadn't heard of netplan before14:14
leftyfbjim: netplan. As for whether or not the container is NAT'd or bridged, that's in the hosts lxc/d config14:14
zprdme neather14:14
blackflowjim: containers are OS level virtualization, kernels and grub have no meaning in them14:15
jimblackflow, so a container's software uses the host's kernel?14:15
leftyfbzprd: would you prefer to just have the container bridged an not NAT'd? That way if you set it to DHCP, it gets all the same networking configs as bare metal machines on your network?14:15
leftyfbjim: correct14:15
zprdno, nated is ok, name resolution though is important14:16
jimand, is there a separate netplan for host and contained os?14:16
maddisonbut if I use the advanced option in the grub and select another kernel, everything boots as it should14:16
blackflowjim: "containers" are just namespaces in PIDs, user IDs, filesystem view, ...14:17
rud0lfhmm some "apt install" ask for confirmation, some not14:17
rud0lfwhat's the criteria? archive size?14:17
jimblackflow, understood... I'm still curious whether the contained os gets "its own" netplan, or whether the networking for both the host and the container are setup by the host's netplan?14:18
blackflowjim: netplan is just configuration abstraction, and runs as a systemd generator (a bit wrongly but eh). it doesn't per se do any networking API14:19
leftyfbjim: it does. It's a normal ubuntu OS that uses a shared kernel14:19
zprdwoh, is there a way to set a dns server using systemd-resolve?14:20
zprdI mean command line14:20
leftyfbzprd: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Domain_name_resolution#Systemd-resolved14:20
zprdI on that page14:20
jimleftyfb, so the first of the two alternatives?14:21
leftyfbjim: correct14:21
blackflowzprd: are you asking "is there a way to specify teh resolver to use for systemd-resolved"? if so, yes, /etc/systemd/resolved.conf, DNS and FallbackDNS directives. otherwise systemd-resolver is NOT a DNS server. it's just a caching forwarder, it requires a proper resolver elsewhere.14:22
leftyfbzprd: as I told you before, edit the /etc/systemd-resolved.conf and add your DNS server's ip after DNS= just like that link shows you14:22
jimso host gets a netplan, contained guest gets a (different) netplan, that likely uses the host's networking14:22
jimwhen did netplan first happen? is it a part of something larger?14:22
zprdleftyfb: I did that , and it is not working14:22
blackflowjim: with 17.1014:23
leftyfbzprd: reboot14:23
leftyfbzprd: or restart the systemd-resolved service14:23
leftyfbit's a container, rebooting is literally seconds14:23
jimwhat's the codename on 17.10?14:24
zprdmust be ok for interactive test, but I need somthing automatic14:24
zprdanyways, even after reboot, it fails to resolve local address14:24
zprdalright that was the domain name, of this lan, which is '.local'14:26
zprdstill have to look into easier solution14:26
zprd:D no not bluera14:26
blackflowah see, .local is reserved for mDNS and behaves a bit differently, I think resolved is even refusing to resolve those?14:27
zprdI lmow14:27
jimzprd, what do you have to do to get resolving working after reboot?14:27
zprdno reboot, service restart14:28
blackflowIs it time now to finally recommend what I usually do, drop systemd-resolved, set up unbound and a proper, recursive caching resolver that's also authoritative, in your lan, what has no opinions about .local being reserved?  :)14:28
zprdnot a clean solution for dymaically created containers14:28
blackflowif you have a resolver in your network, just specify it in a static /etc/resolv.conf, disable systemd-resolved.service compeltely and be done with it.14:29
leftyfbzprd: so did it work?14:29
zprdyes, configureing resolved works14:29
leftyfbzprd: so the automated way would be with a script, like a shell script. Or something like ansible. Or just don't do NAT :)14:30
zprdI'd rather avoid this kind of special configuration, with a bunch of if [ bionic]14:31
zprdI use a lxc for integration tests14:31
zprdwith a set of distros and versions14:32
blackflowit's _one_ sed call per /etc/systemd/resolved.conf, per installation. how hard can that be.14:32
jimmaddison, we're in ##linux-beginners if you'd like to speak to us... there are questions there pending for you14:32
leftyfbzprd: ansible has hooks for lxc/lxd14:32
leftyfbzprd: btw, you should be using lxd from snap. It's the latest and best.14:32
zprdlxd? no not yet14:32
zprdthis should be run on debian and ubuntu hosts14:33
Guest83I have a strange issue14:33
leftyfbzprd: snap and lxd are available in the official debian repos14:33
Guest83I put in fstab the UUID of the partition i want to boot on14:33
Guest83but the system boot on another partition14:33
Guest83on another hard drive14:34
Guest83even I choose the right parition in GRUB14:34
zprdleftyfb: why lxd?14:34
blackflowzprd: because it automates a lot of things and makes container management easier.  LXC is a lot of manual work, in comparison.14:35
leftyfbblackflow: damn you, I was typing that but more long-winded :)14:35
leftyfbzprd: things like snapshots and live migration14:36
blackflownative ZFS support even!14:36
leftyfbyeah, to the point they REALLY want you to use ZFS14:37
zprdokay, not ready for that yet, I;d rather use offical packages on deiban hosts14:37
blackflowZFS all the things.14:37
leftyfbzprd: again, snapd and lxd are official packages in debian14:37
zprdI heard, still habits of apt, for better updatees and ugprades14:38
zprdthat sticks in my work14:39
leftyfbzprd: snapd packages are upgraded automatically, but ok14:39
zprdleftyfb: wht do you mean by automatically?14:40
leftyfbzprd: snap packages automatically update14:41
=== RtMF is now known as Rainbow|___
zprdleftyfb: so do you wht version you run at a precise moment?14:42
zprdleftyfb: the day after maybe another version is running?14:42
zprd(suppose lxd)14:42
leftyfbzprd: if a new version is released to the snap store, yes14:43
zprdoh not really wanted behavior, but I guess it is configurable14:43
leftyfbI'm running lxd version 3.2 at the moment14:43
blackflowhmm, that's not something I'd prefer actually... any way to disable automatic snap updates? can't seem to find one, and it appears the devs don't want to give us that choice..... all of a sudden I totally dislike snaps.14:43
leftyfbblackflow: I'm not sure that there is14:44
blackflowthat's very bad.14:44
zprdyeah ok, not for lxd production then14:44
zprdgood for testing beta versions14:44
leftyfbzprd: it's not an lxd issue. It's snapd14:44
zprdyes, I misworded14:45
Guest83When I select one parition from grub14:46
Guest83It boots another14:46
Guest83I dont know hy14:46
qwebirc46555hello guys can somebody help me/14:47
leftyfb!ask | qwebirc4655514:48
ubottuqwebirc46555: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:48
lotuspsychje!grub | Guest8314:48
ubottuGuest83: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:48
Guest83My grub is working14:49
Guest83I dont have windows14:49
leftyfbGuest83: are you 100% sure you're getting the correct UUID?14:49
qwebirc46555i just installed Xubuntu on an old laptop and i need a way to keeep fn key on in order to type properly14:49
Guest83I copied my partition  with ubuntu from dev/sdb5 to dev/sda2 and now i want to keep only sda2 but when I choose sda2 from grub my PC boots on sdb514:50
=== Dreaman is now known as Blade
Guest83yes the UUID is good in fstab14:51
Guest83and strangely the sda2 /sys/ is empty14:51
leftyfbGuest83: pastebin: sudo lsblk -f14:52
leftyfbGuest83: and your fstab14:52
qwebirc46555i just installed Xubuntu on an old laptop and i need a way to keeep fn key on in order to type properly14:52
leftyfb!repeat | qwebirc4655514:53
ubottuqwebirc46555: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/14:53
leftyfbqwebirc46555: My understanding is that is a feature of your laptop. Maybe you could do some trickery with key bindings but I'm not sure.14:53
Guest83leftyfb http://termbin.com/vjla   http://termbin.com/kuqc14:54
qwebirc46555i need to keep fn key preessed in order to type correctly14:54
oerheksqwebirc46555, sounds like a hardware issue to me14:55
huolijun who has been watching the football world cup?14:55
qwebirc46555what could i do/14:56
oerhekshuolijun, wrong channel14:56
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leftyfbGuest83: looks like you have UEFI. I'm thinking the issue lies there.14:57
huolijunsorry my fault.i just want you guys calculate the possibility that england wins the final14:57
ikoniawrong channel still14:57
leftyfbhuolijun: Offtopic14:57
oerhekshuolijun,  stop that, this is ubuntu support, you want #ubuntu-offtopic14:57
vavkamilI have ubuntu server 14.04 that won't boot, it will freeze after starting mysql [ok]14:58
qwebirc46555guys i need a way to change my undetected resolution cause screen is so close14:58
Guest83leftyfb how can I see if the EFI is the matter? and when I checked sys on sda2 the folder is empty. Isn't it a little bit strange ?14:58
leftyfbvavkamil: you have an invalid /etc/rc.local15:00
vavkamilleftyfb, thank you I missed that15:01
vavkamilwas debugging mysql and teamspeak so far15:01
WieGehtsGuest83 how did you move you root filesystem if i may ask? have you tried booting from the grub command line pointing to the new root/15:01
leftyfbthe error in the screenshot tells you the problem15:01
Guest83WIeGehts. using GParted I copied the partition from sdb to sda15:02
Guest83I havent tried grub command line15:02
WieGehtstry booting from the command line with the root set to your new /15:04
qwebirc46555how can i change my resolution? i only have 1 option availiable and its wrong15:04
Guest83WieGehts but I'm a little bit worried. The sys folder in sda is empty15:04
Guest83I dont know how to boot from command line grub15:04
WieGehtsguest83 you know something here personally i would use rsync when moving partitions15:05
Guest83I could try this but I dont know how to rsyn a whole partition with an OS15:06
WieGehtsGuest83 never mind that, /sys is supposed to be empty i think if that root filesystem is not currently running if i am not mistaken so is /dev and /run. anyway reboot your system and when grub menu pops up press esc and i might be able to walk you through from there15:12
Guest83ok lets try15:13
Guest83WieGehts I'm on the grub command line15:15
Guest83grub version 2.0215:15
WieGehtsokay first things first, lets try to identify where your kernel is, type ls and then tab and tell me what you see15:17
Guest83ls lsacpi lscoreboot lsefi lsefimmap lsefisystab lsfonts lsmmap lsmod lspci lssal WieGehts15:18
WieGehtssorry ls and hit enter.15:19
Guest83hd0 hd0,msdos1 hd1 hd1,gpt1 hd2 hd,msdos5 hd2,msdos1 cd015:20
WieGehtsokay so to be clear you want to boot from you new partition which is sda2 am i right?15:21
Guest83the system was installed on sdb515:21
Guest83and now I want to put the OS on the little drive and the data on the bigger one15:22
Guest83so sda2 is the copied partition from sdb515:22
Guest83and now I want to have sda2 working and then delete sdb515:22
WieGehtsokay i see. type this ls (hd1,gpt2)/ and then enter15:25
Guest83Partition hd1 gpt2 : Type de système de fichiers ext* - Etiquette "Ubuntu-OS" Derniere modification jeudi 12/07/2018 15.04.57 UUID 20aa9462 26ec 49c9 8a71 6c52f832e9e7 - La partition commence à 52525 Kio - Taille totale 249533440 Kio15:30
Guest83that is sda215:30
WieGehtsis that the result you get when you type what i said you should?15:31
Guest83Oh sorry gosh15:32
Guest83I dont see the /15:32
Guest83lost+found/ boot/ swapile etc/ media/ var/ bin/ home/ lib/ lib64/ mnt/ opt/ proc/ root/ run/ sbin/ snap/ srv/ sys/ tmp/ usr/ initrd.img initrd.img.old vmlinuz cdrom/15:33
WieGehtsokay. now type this linux (hd1,gpt2)/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda215:36
Guest83WieGehts done15:37
pugthelouiehello! i need help15:37
pugthelouiei recently super-screwed my Xorg server15:37
pugthelouieand accidentally messed it up15:37
pugthelouieso i reinstalled Xorg15:37
pugthelouieand set the config file correctly15:37
pugthelouiebut now Ubuntu GNOME just hangs when i run "startx"15:38
ikoniayou never run startx15:38
ikonia(unless you know what to do with it)15:38
WieGehtsokay. now type this initrd (hd1,gpt2)/initrd.img  then enter. then type boot then enter.15:39
Guest83WieGehts something happen15:39
Guest83i guess im booting15:40
Guest83OH YEAH15:40
Guest83Im on dev/sda215:40
Guest83I have created a test folder15:40
Guest83on the desktop to identify it15:40
Guest83WieGehts I'm on dev/sda2 on the desktop15:41
WieGehtsokay so what this confirms is that, when you changed the root. you didnt update your grub configuration15:41
Guest83I never changed the root15:42
Guest83after copying the parition i have only launch update-grub15:42
Guest83WHat am I suppose to do now?15:42
Guest83WieGehts big thanks already. I can see the copied partition is working15:43
WieGehtsokay. but you did say you boot into the old partition right?15:45
WieGehtswhat does your grub menu look like by the way?15:45
Guest83WieGehts when the computer start yes. Even if i Choose Ubuntu 18 on dev/sda2 from grub menu15:45
WieGehtsyes what options are there. how do they appear?15:46
Guest83Ubuntu ; Advanced Options for Ubuntu, Ubuntu 18.04 (on /dev/sda2) Advanced options for Ubuntu 18.04 (on /dev/sda2) WieGehts15:46
Guest83I could reboot to verify it15:48
WixyHi. After running "sysctl -w fs.file-max=100000" I still see the limit of file descriptors is 4096, according to "ulimit -Hn". What am I missing?15:49
WieGehtsokay. do you still have that old drive attached to your system and does it still have that root filesystem?15:49
WieGehtsinfact reboot and when you are at the grub menu, move to select the first entry you and press e15:50
Guest83in Folders explorer i dont see the sdb2 partition15:51
Guest83ok lets go reboot15:51
Guest83now I know how boot on sda2 manually15:51
=== lesshaste is now known as Guest11000
Guest83WieGehts Ubuntu - Advanced options for Ubuntu - FreeDOS (/dev/sda1/) - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (/dev/sda2/) - Advanced options for Ubuntu 18/04 LTS (/dev/sda2) - System Setup15:53
=== fab_ is now known as Guest49944
Guest83I pressed e on the first entry WieGehts15:54
WieGehtsguest83 i said to press e on the first entry did you do that15:54
Guest83I see setparams 'Ubuntu' WieGehts15:54
WieGehtsokay. make sure not to type in any letters by mistake. look for where it says linux etc and see if that command looks anything like the options you typed to boot your system earlier?15:55
WieGehtswhat are the differences if you can spot them15:56
Guest83WieGehts I see 3 times the same UUID15:56
Guest83It's the sdb5 one15:57
Guest83set root ='hd1,mdos5'15:57
Guest83--hint-bios = hd1,msdos515:57
Guest83dos5 XXXXX (there the UUID of de/sdb515:58
Guest83--set=root XXXX (UUID sbd5)15:58
Guest83linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-23-generic root=UUID=XXXXX (again sdb5 UUID))15:59
WieGehtsokay. so that confirms something here when you updated you grub configuration like you said, since you ran that command in the sda5 root environment it directly made the correct assignment of setting things as it did. what it means now is you need to boot into the sda2 environment like you did before and run grub to set things the way you supposedl16:00
WieGehtsy want them to. does that make sense? but there is a catch16:00
Guest83initrd /boot/initrd.img-4.15.0-23-generic16:00
WieGehtsguest83 okay thats enough info16:00
Guest83So I boot sda2 and login normally into the desktop and then open the terminal?16:01
=== nat_ is now known as Natkeeran
Guest83WieGehts I used sudo update-grub when I was on sdb516:02
WieGehtsdo you understand what i said here about there being a catch? what i mean by that is like another user identified earlier to you is that  that efi partition and as confirmed by the information you just gave me. you need to put that efi partition into consideration when now updating grub on sda2 or things will get messed really bad. do you understan16:03
Guest83I understand16:05
WieGehtsokay so using what i already showed you earlier boot into sda216:05
=== xoke_ is now known as xoke
Guest83I'm on sda216:06
Guest83And I'm very carefully for not messing all the things with EFI16:07
Guest83I'm reading carefully what you write16:07
WieGehtsokay. so here is a disclaimer im not going to walk you through on this one because what we are doing here may fuck up your setup and i dont want that. im am going to give you a briefing and the rest i advice for you to read up more online. understand? okay so here goes. is the /boot/efi partition  mounted as of now?16:09
Guest83WieGehts I can access to /boot/efi yes16:11
Guest83with sudo16:11
SirNapkin1334so, I'm not at my computer, but I have a problem with booting ubuntu from a USB.16:11
SirNapkin1334by that I mean I can't test stuff that you recommend right now16:11
SirNapkin1334basically, I want to make a persistent USB16:11
compdocwhat happens?16:12
WieGehtsokay what are its contents? and also tell me the contents of /boot , /boot/grub16:12
SirNapkin1334however, when making one with LiveLinux Creator, ubuntu is incredibly laggy16:12
SirNapkin1334with a non-persistent USB, ubuntu is very speedy and I do enjoy it16:12
SirNapkin1334but with persistence, it's very slow, and programs don't work16:12
sylarioProbably the write speed of the USB stick16:13
SirNapkin1334it's a new one, and it's very good16:13
SirNapkin1334what's the recommended minimum write speed?16:14
Guest83boot grub16:14
SirNapkin1334for a persistent usb16:14
Guest83boot efi16:15
Guest83boot 1st then boot grub then boot efi16:16
SirNapkin1334sylario ^16:16
sylarioIdk, a modern HDD is probably around 200MB/s16:17
Guest83(cant it try to run update-grub2 from the current sda2 ? May it fix the solution ?)16:17
WieGehtsguest83 okay. contents of /boot/efi/EFI16:18
SirNapkin1334okay, i'll try to check out my USB's speeds16:18
Guest83http://termbin.com/53af WieGehts16:19
SirNapkin1334how big are the average edits Ubuntu will be making for the persistence?16:22
Guest83WieGehts done16:25
dchotasHey everyone, for some reason my ubuntu stopped detecting my headphone jack, I plug my headphones in and sound comes from the laptop speaker. I've tried 'alsactl restore' 'sudo alsa force-reload' and checking alsamixer but my "headphone" entry has no volume slider and is at '00'.16:25
lance_Hello room16:26
lance_So, nobody's here, yet all the names?16:27
lance_oh hi agrippa16:27
agrippazwhat's shakin?16:27
WieGehtsguest83 okay so the here is deal. that update-grub2 is just a front end for this command grub-install. now you could run that yes, but personally what you need to understand is grub-install needs certain images to run and in this particular case they maybe installed in /boot or /boot/eif (most probably the best here) so the command i would run is t16:27
WieGehtshis grub-install --efi-directory=/boot/efi. how ever just to be safe boot ubuntu as sda5 right enter this command on terminal grub-mkrescue -o grub.iso and put that iso on a removable. thats a backup incase things go south. now you might then reenter sda2 and run your update command and if that fails. try mine grub-install etc. but like i said with16:27
WieGehts knowlegde go online and read afew and then do what i told you to be safe and then hit me up when you done with the outcome. goodluck16:27
lance_I don't have any problems, I just have never used this program before. Really takes me back. Reminds me of 199816:27
agrippazlance_, heh yeah. me too16:28
lance_I was a young man then. Now, not so much.16:28
WieGehtsgrub-install --efi-directory=/boot/efi /dev/sda in yourcase(EDIT) guest8316:28
lance_^^^^ this is why I don't dual boot16:28
lance_So, agrippa, when did you start messing around with Linux?16:30
lance_oh wow.16:30
agrippazI'm on here trying to get OpenVPN help on another channel16:31
lance_I was introduced to it in 2008. I bought a cheap netbook from walmart on it and it had a fedora distro on it.16:31
lance_get or give?16:31
Guest83WieGehts grub-install --efi-directory=/boot/efi /dev/sda2 sda2 instead of sda?16:32
lance_ok. I'll leave you to get to it16:32
Guest83WieGehts the iso file could be on any USB key with other file or need empty usb key?16:33
WieGehtsguest83 no. grub-install --efi-directory=/boot/efi /dev/sda. but do run the update-grub2 first. its up to you really. also make sure you made the rescue iso like i told you in sda5 environment. you might just read a few articles online to be sure whats safer update etc or grub-install on ubuntu16:34
=== freepbx145 is now known as scheder
WieGehtsguest83 yes retrieve it as it is on any media be it a partition or pen drive etc so you burn it if you ever need it.16:35
WieGehtsto reiterate i have no clue how update-grub2 works. again check online whats better in your case16:36
Guest83WieGehts Ok ty. just for try I put e on Ubuntu dev:sda2 on Grub menu16:38
Guest831 of the 3 UUID is set to sdb2 : linux/boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-23-generic root=UUID= XXXX ( that DAMNED sdb2 UUID)16:39
Guest83the  2 other UUID are the good ones16:39
Guest83I will try what you tell me tomorrow16:39
SirNapkin1334my USB's write speed is 10-0.5MB/s16:40
SirNapkin1334ack! emoji!16:40
SirNapkin1334or maybe that's just my client16:40
WieGehtsguest83 okay its all up to you16:40
Guest83WieGehts I will try to find an admin sys tomorrow16:41
Guest83and explain what we have found together16:41
Guest83Thanks a lot16:41
Guest83Now I know how to boot on my partition16:42
Guest83WieGehts  what if i boot on sda2 as you say then destroy sdb5 partition and update grub2?16:42
WieGehtsfinal note here. in the future do not do efi partitions especially when you are not going to need to dual boot win along linux. just go MBR/bios compatibility if you can and keep everything on one partition unless you absolutely need to do otherwise. also just read this article here https://www.happyassassin.net/2014/01/25/uefi-boot-how-does-that-a16:46
arooniis there a shortcut to *only* display the sidebar menu on gnome ? ubuntu 18.04?  i know theres one for the 'activities' view16:47
Guest83WieGehts ty but i think the EFI was here with the pc at the beginning16:48
spotter_is their an equivalent to dpkg-query (i.e. dumping package metadata) that allows you to show aptitude's "installed to fill dependency" metadata?17:06
spotter_i.e. to be autoremoved if nothing installed depends on it anymore17:06
dviperHello all, Does anyone know the best way to ensure that all DNS traffic go to local host? Would this require iptables entry?17:15
linuxboxi updated my gdm3.css file to use a new lock screen wallpaper but now I can't login at all or make new edits to this file - anyone know of a way to recovery?17:22
linuxboxi dropped into root maintenance to see if there's anything i can do17:23
leftyfblinuxbox: if you're in root recovery, then you should go undo what you did to break it17:27
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
linuxboxleftyb: yeah you'd think, unfortunately like i said even as root the OS is complaning that gdm3 is a protected OS file so it won't let me edit it17:38
linuxboxnot sure why it should matter if I'm in the OS or the terminal doing it, but apparently it does - other people have complained about the same thing, not being able to replace the file with a good one when ubuntu won't boot17:39
iorialinuxbox, not booting or just not loading the desktop ?17:39
linuxboxioria, stuck at booting really, i never get a terminal to type in…just kinda hangs17:40
iorialinuxbox, you mean you cannot open a console with ctrl+alt+fx after it got stuck ?17:41
leftyfblinuxbox: you mean your filesystem is read-only?17:41
iorialinuxbox, you know that in Recovery you need to remount rw , right ?17:42
linuxboxnopers didn't know that, it's recovery mode lol17:43
iorialinuxbox, btw, sudo update-alternatives --auto gdm3.css   should replace the good one afaik17:43
linuxboxoh cool, yeh that'd work17:43
linuxboxgonna try it now17:44
leftyfblinuxbox: only after you remount as rw/17:44
iorialinuxbox, mount -o remount,rw /17:44
linuxboxit's a shame i wasn't able to use a custom one, but whatever17:45
linuxboxk done, booting now to try it17:47
linuxboxhrm seems to be stuck at dispatcher daemon for systemd-networkd17:50
linuxboxyeah that'd odd, the screen just keeps flashing with the last boot log message stating started daemon for systemd-networkd17:52
iorialinuxbox, let me understand, you edit directly  gdm3.css  ?17:53
iorialinuxbox, revert the changes, then (remember to remount rw,as above)17:54
linuxboxioria: i don't recall what the original wallpaper that was used in usr/share/backgrounds for this portion of the .css file18:00
linuxboxwould you mind looking to see what yours says it's located by searching for #lockdialog18:00
iorianot using gnome, sorry maybe this will help : http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2017/10/change-login-screen-background-ubuntu-17-10/18:02
linuxboxyeh he's showing noise.texture.png, but i don't think that's it18:02
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guest_low fps system wide in ubuntu 18.0418:48
WixyHi all18:50
WixyI've tried to increase the number of file descriptors limit but it's not working for my user18:51
Wixy"ulimit -Hn" would still show 409618:51
Wixy"sysctl fs.file-max" shows 13107218:51
qwebirc82271hola alguien habla español18:52
ikonia!es | qwebirc8227118:52
Pici!es | qwebirc8227118:52
ubottuqwebirc82271: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:52
caffeinethePOPis anyone here?18:56
UserUScaffeinethePOP: yeah18:56
caffeinethePOPI need some help, I am a new user18:56
UserUSWhat’s up?18:56
caffeinethePOPI don't know how to ccreate the "/usr/share/applications/awesome.desktop18:57
caffeinethePOPhow do I create something like that?18:57
UserUScaffeinethePOP: you just want to create the folder or the document in the folder?18:58
cristian_ccaffeinethePOP: I suppose, gnome shell is your desktop18:59
caffeinethePOPI think so.. yeah basically I installed awesome wm, and it wouldn't be there in the login options, so.. they asked me to do this18:59
caffeinethePOPyes it is @cristian_c18:59
caffeinethePOPemm, well, I googled it, and some of the answers included that19:00
caffeinethePOPso-they would be the ppl who answered the question19:01
kus_Hi, I used to run redmine which is a ruby project on Ubuntu server artful. When I upgraded to bionic, it seems that rake and bundle still think they need to be on ruby 2.3 but ruby 2.3 no longer exists. What should I do?19:01
kus_ruby --version gives me ruby 2.5.1p57 (2018-03-29 revision 63029) [x86_64-linux-gnu]19:01
rosco_yWhat's a good way to install mysql?19:03
kus_on a development machine?19:04
rosco_ykus_: ty, yes19:05
rosco_yI'm concidering using a package manager, or a download from Oracle19:06
kus_I would strongly recommend devilbox if you're doing development19:06
rosco_yoh, postgres.  I was concidering postgres, but I'm already familiar with mysql.19:07
kus_devilbox is just a docker-compose thing19:07
kus_you can have both mysql and postgresql19:07
rosco_ykus_: that is intertersting.  what is a docker-compose thing?19:08
CarlFKrosco_y: package manager19:08
rosco_ywow.  I'll look into that.  Thanks!19:08
kus_rosco_y, you wouldn't do this on a server though. only for local development so you can get going quickly19:09
kus_especially if you use PHP19:09
CarlFKpackages get security updates and stuff.  all the other options mean more to maintain later19:09
CarlFK...more work...19:09
kus_CarlFK, I installed redmine using package and upgrading the distro from artful to bionic broke it19:10
rosco_yCarlFK: ty.  I think I'd be fine if I could just install mysql server and set up the admin and a user password.19:10
rosco_yI'm just stand-alone, I don't need much.19:10
kus_rosco_y, yeah you can definitely do sudo apt install mysql-server mysql-client19:11
rosco_yI'm generating puzzles, and I want to store them19:11
rosco_ythanks kus_, my requirements are very minamal.  I just want to define my tables and use them--as I said, I like mysql :)19:11
kus_although you should probably do sudo apt install mariadb-server mariadb-client19:11
rosco_yI don't need to learn new things (there's enough work in keeping up with what I "know")19:12
guest_low fps system wide in ubuntu 18.0419:14
Bashing-omguest_: graphics ? .. pastebin for the channel ' sudo lshw -C display ' .19:17
guest_Bashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/n6PcjfwYpP/  201 frames in 5.0 seconds = 40.024 FPS19:18
Bashing-omguest_: Drivers are loaded .. end of my experience with Intel/ATI cards. Do not know what to advise .19:24
gogetaBashing-om, for intel you on need the out of box drivers19:25
guest_gogeta: means default drivers present in ubuntu 18?19:25
gogetaguest_ yes19:25
guest_gogeta: i am using them , but still getting only 40 fps in glxgears19:26
gogetaguest_ intel cards are not known for there power19:27
guest_gogeta: even 480p video lags19:27
gogetaguest_, do you know what genration card19:28
rosco_yThanks kus_, CarlFK--I appreciate your Help!19:28
guest_i5 6gth gen19:28
guest_gogeta: 12gb ram19:29
kus_my pleasure19:30
gogetaguest_, from what i can see yea the 520 is pretty terrable in ubuntu19:31
gogetaguest_, from what i can see gnome itsself is eating up your gpu19:33
gogetaguest_, there is a workaround it seems gnome is not enabling your hardware driver19:36
gogetaguest_, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nux/+bug/1767468 the 6th post has a workaround19:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1768610 in xorg (Ubuntu Bionic) "duplicate for #1767468 leftover conffile forces GNOME is software rendering" [Undecided,In progress]19:36
guest_gogeta: thanks19:36
gogetaguest_, just remove that file19:38
guest_gogeta: can you please tell cmd19:38
gogetagogeta, sudo rm filename19:38
anliWhat do I reinstall to fix git-remote-https: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcurl.so.4: version `CURL_OPENSSL_3' not found (required by git-remote-https) ?19:39
Bashing-omguest_: What release are you running ? As older releases do need some help with the skylake chip set .19:39
gogetaguest_, sudo rm filename then restart gnome it should behave normaly then19:39
guest_i am using ubuntu 18.0419:40
gogetaguest_, you upgraded to 18.04 i asssume19:40
* anli did that19:40
Bashing-omguest_: skylake issues are fixed in 18.04 . was a thought .19:40
guest_fresh install19:41
gogetaBashing-om, they are but thers a left overfile19:41
gogetaBashing-om, causing a issue19:41
Bashing-omgogeta: :) I look over your shoulder - see what I can learn .19:42
gogetaguest_, the command will be sudo rm /etc/X11/Xsession.d/50_check_unity_support19:42
guest_cannot remove '/etc/X11/Xsession.d/50_check_unity_support': No such file or directory19:42
gogetaguest_, then you dont have the leftover file19:43
gogetaguest_, it could just be a issue of gnome using to much of you gpu19:43
gogetaBashing-om, he said he cant even get 480p video out of a 520 intel chip19:44
guest_gogeta: thanks , i will install another DM19:44
gogetaguest_, echo $LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE    do you get a 1 or 019:46
gogetaguest_, well then it is using your gpu19:48
guest_gogeta: blank means 0 ?19:48
gogetaguest_, yea that means its not in fallback its just using that mutch of your system19:48
guest_gogeta: it is a gnome problem19:49
Wixyhey, after login with login manager my pam_limits are not applied, however if I do ssh to localhost it works. what can I do?19:49
gogetaguest_, its just gnome does not play nice with low end systems i suggest mate19:49
gogetaguest_, or xfce19:49
guest_gogeta: my system is not low end19:49
kaleidoscopehey guys, i need some help configuring dns servers for ubuntu server 18.0419:50
gogetaguest_, you gpu is unfortanly19:50
kaleidoscopei have everything listed under the interfaces file, but restarting networking service does not output anything to the resolv.conf19:50
WixyI'm probably missing something on /etc/pam.d/, I just don't know where19:50
guest_gogeta: on windows 10 , i can play 1080p video ,19:50
gogetaguest_, wth a lighter wm you should be able to as well19:51
kaleidoscopethis is my conf at the moment -> https://ptpb.pw/rrVf19:51
kaleidoscopethe only thing in resolv.conf is the systemd-resolv stub resolver address (
gogetaguest_, also youtube isnt a good test19:52
gogetaguest_, try a 1080p downlaoded 1080p video19:53
guest_gogeta:  yes it is a downloaded video19:53
gogetaguest_, what player19:53
gogetaguest_, try it in vlc or kodi19:54
kaleidoscopehow would i be able to resolve this issue19:54
gogetaguest_, i know those support hardware rendering19:54
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guest_even glxgears is running on 40fps, i can get 60+ on dual core 1st gen19:55
Guest79474Hi how can I know the process running on a certain directory please ?19:55
gogetaguest_, i am stumped on that the  systems says its no in fallback19:55
ceibalno hablo tu idioma19:55
gogetaguest_, so it is seeing and using your card19:56
hggdh1es | ceibal19:56
Guest79474I don't understand19:56
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Bashing-omGuest79474: I curious - what menas are you using to switch between the Intel and ATI graphic's sets ?19:58
guest_Bashing-om: No19:58
gogetaguest_, some say use kerner 4.15 some say rip out gnome so thers no set path on how to fix it19:58
sylvain255Bashing-om I don't understand19:58
guest_nothing , by default intel is active19:59
sylvain255you wanted to talk to guest_ !19:59
gogetaguest_, wait you have a anti card?19:59
sylvain255noone for my question ?20:00
guest_gogeta: yes , amd r5 m43020:00
Bashing-omsylvain255: sorry .. was a slip on my not paying attention to my tab complete :(20:00
gogetaand facepalm20:00
sylvain255ok doesn't matter20:00
gogetaguest_, enable to ati driver son20:00
guest_gogeta: no drivers20:01
gogetaguest_, go to your hardware tab20:01
guest_gogeta: i dont have any driver in additional tab20:02
Bashing-omguest_: Mo, drivers are loaded per the lshw output .. as to how one enables the ATI card .. beyond my experience .20:02
gogetaguest_, https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-the-latest-amd-radeon-drivers-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux20:02
gogetaBashing-om, no wonder is preforance sucked he was in pure 2d mode20:03
Bashing-omgogeta: Yup - need now to see what it takes to bring the ATI card on-lline .20:04
gogetaBashing-om, i should be always on20:05
sylvain255Hi how can I know the process accessing a certain directory please ?20:05
gogetaBashing-om, once he has the driver he shuld be able to switch20:06
gogetaBashing-om, normaly in his bios20:06
lordcirth_workWhat is the best way to enable (secure) remote desktop to a Ubuntu 18.04 machine, given that I currently have ssh access?20:06
lordcirth_workNeeds to work for Windows clients too20:06
gogetaguest_, you should be able to turn on your ati card in your bios20:07
gogetaBashing-om, i think i get the problem20:09
TuxBlackEdoHey ive been messing with this thing for an hour now before coming here. Does anyone know how to set persistant net names in ubuntu 18.04? /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules seems to be missing20:09
gogetaBashing-om, the old fglrx had switching20:09
gogetaBashing-om, amd.powerplay=1 that turns the card on from grub20:13
Bashing-omgogeta: I say again . I Have no experience with Intel/ATI. Used to be with open source drivers there was the tool "switcheroo" to change the graphic's set . maybe 'prime' now-a-days ??20:15
TuxBlackEdoman i should get a windows box, i can't believe its so hard to set persistant network names in ubuntu 18.04... it used to be so easy with /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules20:18
hggdhTuxBlackEdo: it is not Ubuntu, it is Linux/SystemD20:19
Bashing-omgogeta: Wish he had of hung around. " If you are using Ubuntu GNOME 17.04+, switcheroo-control is installed by default. If it works correctly, it's supposed to force your less powerful GPU to be used for your regular session, but you can right-click on apps to "Launch using Dedicated Graphics Card."20:19
Sven_vBI'm trying to override my default proxy setting for SSH, to connect to my live USB session directly. so in my ssh config I put a section "Host ubuntu.local" with a line "ProxyCommand none", because the man page said " Setting the command to “none” disables this option entirely.", however, when I try to ssh into the live session machine, I get a proxy error HTTP/503, because my proxy doesn't allow forwarding to the local LAN.20:21
Sven_vBany ideas?20:21
gogetaBashing-om, it used to be part of the amd driver itself but fglrx is dead now20:21
gogetaBashing-om, the open source drive still has no good sloutions20:22
Sven_vBactually 503 sounds more like the proxy doesn't do avahi, but that shouldn't even matter.20:22
Bashing-omgogeta: Seems switcheroo is still alive and well : https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+source/switcheroo-control .20:26
gogetaBashing-om, nice im shure he will return20:28
Bashing-omgogeta: Maybe he comes back ,, we see .. And confirmation of the tool's use: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/amd64/switcheroo-control .20:29
TuxBlackEdohow does one set up persistent network names ubuntu 18.04?20:33
TuxBlackEdowhy are my network interfaces named "rename2" "rename3" "enp129s0f0" "eno1" "rename6" "enp129s0f1" (in that order)20:35
Bashing-om!netplan | TuxBlackEdo20:35
ubottuTuxBlackEdo: Netplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/20:35
TuxBlackEdothat works20:37
Bashing-omTuxBlackEdo: :) the days of /etc/network/interfaces is long past :(20:38
hfpHow can I control power settings like whether the laptop goes to sleep when plugged into AC? I use i3 so I don't have the settings menu like you do in Unity/Gnome20:42
rosco_yhow do I find where aptitude installs a particular app? (I want to launch it from a bash script)20:42
rosco_yhfp: I think that question depends on your ps20:42
rosco_ymine has a daemon with a comman-line interface.20:43
rosco_ysounds kind of gnarly, but it's actually quite straight-forward20:44
MJ94Hello. I put Ubuntu 18.04 on a flash drive for a friend. We would like to wipe Windows on her HP Pavillion G7; however, when we boot from the USB, it looks like the screen is turned counter-clockwise to the left and the mouse does not move in the expected direction. Do you know why?20:45
rosco_yMJ94: you might have to tweak your "Display" settings20:46
MJ94rosco_y: where would I do that?20:47
rosco_yThere is an app the "startup" menu under "Settings" called "Display"  click on that.  It might be a pain if everything is upside down, but I think it will solve your troubles.20:48
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tomreynMJ94: you can also rotate the screen from a terminal, using 'xrandr'21:01
MJ94tomreyn: when we go in the display settings, there is no option to change the orientation21:02
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MJ94there's "display" and "resolution"21:02
tomreynMJ94: i didnt say there was. let me check on a VM21:03
MJ94tomreyn: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/look-resolution.html.en21:04
MJ94Open the Activities overview and start typing Displays. Click on Displays to open the panel. If you have multiple displays and they are not mirrored, you can have different settings on each display. Select a display in the preview area. Select the resolution and rotation. --  there is no mention of "rotation." oh, sorry tomreyn it was rosco, not you21:04
tomreynMJ94: np. i am there now and i see "orientation"21:06
coolballokay the one that was using the proper native res of 1920x1080 has reverted to 1024x768 ... so I did a restore factory settings on the monitor to no avail21:06
tomreynMJ94: http://i.imgur.com/mGGIdIb.png21:06
tomreynMJ94: do you not have these options on yours?21:09
MJ94tomreyn: checking, just a few moments. i am helping her remotely21:09
tomreynoh, this can get tough with the people then21:10
MJ94tomreyn: heh, she clicked "try without installing" and it's good now21:10
MJ94tomreyn: we are trying to see if Ubuntu will recognize her trackpad. she got a new computer and HP is saying it's a windows issue...but Ubuntu doesn't recognize it either so far21:14
tomreynMJ94: i'm not really good at fixing trackpad issues.21:23
tomreynin my (limited) experience they either work or dont.21:23
MJ94tomreyn: thanks for all your other help!21:24
tomreynMJ94: it wasn't much, good luck.21:24
tallguyhello #ubuntu folks, i'd like to know how to speed up very slow typing of letters and characters21:49
coolballis it a wireless keyboard?21:51
coolballif so... new batteries probly21:51
tallguynope wired21:52
tomreynunless it's you doing slow input, then it's probably a hardware issue with the keyboard, such as bad / galf broken cable.21:53
tallguytyping is painfully slo and i miss many characters by typine at ant but very slow pace21:53
tomreyntry the same keyboard on another computer, or in BIOS, see if it's also slow there21:53
tallguyslow input tomreyn? is that a setting?21:54
tomreyntallguy: not that i know of21:54
tallguythank you, i have not switched out the KB21:54
tomreynyou asked about "how to speed up very slow typing of letters and characters" - this could also have meant you're looking for training material on how to learn typing faster. so i wasn't sure what you are referring to21:55
XcytreThere is a 'Slow Keys' setting in System Settings, Universal Access21:56
sonicwindyeah I was thinking accessibility options maybe21:56
Xcytrei had to google it21:56
sonicwindyep, think you hit on something... that's exactly what it does21:57
sonicwindjust looked in my settings21:57
sonicwindcheck your Universal Access settings, tallguy21:58
sonicwindits under "Typing" tab on 16.04 LTS21:58
sonicwindnot sure why someone would want that... what is that supposed to solve?21:59
tallguythanks sonicwind, it was 'slow keys' setting. all good now :)22:33
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mezodI've installed ghost, and when I run it it says it's running on localhost:2368, hhowever, if I run namp -p 2368 nothing shows up on the list, is this normal?22:41
tomreyntallguy: is it possible that you manually enabled this? otherwise, if it would have been enabled by just a keyboard combo or something, this would be good to keep in mind for the next person running into this.22:41
tomreynmezod: what is "ghost"?22:42
tomreynand what is "namp"?22:42
tomreynmaybe 'namp' is 'nmap'?22:43
tallguyi just recently got the PC tomreyn, it had ubuntu 16.04 LTS o/s installed so i'm finding it's issues as i familarize22:44
mezodtomreyn: yes sorry nmap, ghost is a blogging platform22:44
mezodI'm just trying to set it up with caddy instead of nginx and I keep getting this "Cannot GET /" so trying to make sure ghost is actually running on port 236822:45
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tomreynmezod: "lsof -i :2368" will tell you wheter, and if so, what, is listening on this port.22:57
tomreynfor getting help with non ubuntu software, refer to their respective support forums.22:57
mezodyeah, I was just trying to figure out the port thing that's why I came here, thanks, apparently nothing's running on that port22:58
coolballthere is definitely a correlation... if it uses the native res it also does t he installation dialog... if it uses 1024x768 it just thinks forever... do I maybe want to try ubuntu 16 instal of 18?23:00
qwebirc40249I just installed ubuntu 18.0423:01
qwebirc40249But my speakers are not listed in the sound options23:01
qwebirc40249only headphones are lised as built in, and they are not even connected23:02
qwebirc40249how can i fix this issue?23:02
tomreyn!audio | qwebirc4024923:11
ubottuqwebirc40249: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.23:11
tomreyni hope this actually exists on 18.04... this hint was weitten for an earlier version23:11
tomreynbut the general sound architecture should still be the same. so give that troubleshooting guide a try.23:12
feuliis "sudo -s" different than "su" ?23:20
sonicwindtomreyn, apparently Slow Keys will get enabled if you hold down the Shift key for more than 8 seconds. Hold it down again for 8+ seconds to disable it. So I read anyways. Good to know. Will also tag tallguy on this.23:21
coolballthere is definitely a correlation... if it uses the native res it also does the installation dialog... if it uses 1024x768 it just thinks forever... do I maybe want to try ubuntu 16 instal of 18?23:21
coolballI only got it to use 1080 and install properly one time23:23
tomreynthanks sonicw1nd23:26
sonicwindglad I found out about that, as occasionally I do hold the shift key down for awhile.23:27
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