studio-user293hi... Installing Ubuntu Studio at this moment.03:15
studio-user293Done! I'll re-boot my machine.03:16
skinuxWHy does clock disappear after setting it?13:44
OvenWerkswhich clock setting how?14:05
OvenWerksSorry that was two questions14:05
OvenWerkswhich clock has gone and how did you set it?14:06
OvenWerks I am thinking I have never set my clock.14:06
OvenWerksSo long as the system is connected to network on install, and the time zone is correct, my clock is correct.14:07
skinuxThe panel clock14:18
skinuxI set it in properties14:18
skinuxWell, the clock settings dialog technically14:18
OvenWerksI must have a different clock ...14:18
skinuxOh, I keep getting error that NTP needs installed and configured. I installed it, used colmmand-line to configure it.14:18
skinuxI am using default14:19
OvenWerksI _thought_ I was too.14:19
skinuxHow do I find out which one I'm using?14:19
OvenWerksAnyway, if you use the settings manager and set u0p the panel, you should be able to add the clock back to it.14:20
OvenWerksthere is a tab called Items14:20
skinuxOKay. I now have a clock14:21
OvenWerksand a button with a + in it. About the 3rd or 4th down is a clock.14:21
OvenWerksI guess you found it.14:22
skinuxOh great now all teh other indicators are in the middle of the panel14:23
OvenWerksThat is probably the clock you had before as it does have a time setting in it.14:23
skinuxHow do I revert panel settings?14:23
OvenWerksthe pannel set up has arrow buttons.14:23
OvenWerksgo to the item you want to move14:24
OvenWerksthen use the arrow buttons to move them up or down.14:24
OvenWerksMy list from top to bottom (won't be the same as yours probably)14:25
OvenWerksis:menu, window buttons, separator, notification area, indicator, weather, separator,clock, separator,workspace switcher,separator, action buttons, cpu freq monitor.14:26
OvenWerksI think if you click on the first separator after window buttons and look at it's properties, it should have "expand" checked.14:27
skinuxI figured out what I did. I had to add another panel14:28
skinuxIt's the part with power settings, sound, mail, and battery status that I want to move14:28
OvenWerksThat should be the indicator plugin.14:29
OvenWerksused to be called ssystray14:30
skinuxWell arrow keys don't put it back14:31
OvenWerksIs there a separator before it?14:31
skinuxFound it! I had to expand the seperator14:33
OvenWerksis that separator set to expand?14:33
OvenWerksIt is one of those things I have to relearn every time I install.14:40
skinuxIt's not very intuitive14:41
OvenWerkspanels are something to set once and forget.14:41
OvenWerksno it's not.14:41
skinuxThanks for the help14:42
OvenWerksbut from a prgaming point of view, there are not a lot of ways to do that.14:42
skinuxThat would have taken me a few retirements to figure out14:42
OvenWerksyou are welcome14:42
skinuxI use Ubuntu Studio, yet I don't use any creative tools. lol14:43
skinuxI installed it so I could edit/create audio, but haven't learned any of hte software14:43

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