Spassok, today I have the issue with the NumLock enabled again, I ran "laptop-detect ;echo $?" and I've got "0" in response07:21
Spassand I think I know why, yesterday I was testing it on on the battery, and it was all fine07:22
Spasstoday my AC adapter is plugged in07:22
Spassmaybe that is the issue here07:24
Spassand I have my mouse plugged in today, maybe that's important too07:25
Unit193A return code of 0 means it is a laptop/netbook/mobile.07:25
Spasshmm, in that case that numlockx behaviour is random07:26
Spassno idea why suddenly today it was enabled on my login screen, yesterday I was rebooting like 4 times and it was ok07:27
Unit193I presume you have modified nothing in /etc/default/numlockx?07:27
Spassnothing, I left it is it was, auto07:28
Spassbrb, will reboot again07:29
Spassdid some tests, many reboots, and - my mouse is the culprit07:41
Unit193...Your mouse?07:42
Spasswhen it's plugged in on boot I have NumLock enabled07:42
Spasswhen I unplug it and reboot, it's all ok07:42
Unit193I thought I saw some sort of mouse code in there somewhere.07:43
Spassit's a mouse from my desktop, maybe my Dell knows... ;)07:43
Spasssmart machine07:43
Spassanyway, yeah, that's why it was working yesterday and before07:43
Spassstill, if it detects that I'm on a laptop correctly, why NL is on? my mouse shouldn't be a factor here07:45
Spassa bug maybe?07:45
Spassshould I test with other mouse?07:48
flocculantiirc - if AC it numlock's on19:56
flocculantochosi: default panel when you first start up - and have no windows or anything open looks rather bizarre - we have a visible seperator right next to whiskermenu20:01
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::platform:: Remove ureadahead from standard seed @ http://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/+git/platform/commit/?id=f4daec09614e6c622dbd80da6358b49cd1d232ee (by Julian Andres Klode)20:10
ochosiflocculant: yeah, the separator is a matter of configuration though20:12
ochosiit used to be practically invisible in gtk2, which was not really a good thing tbh20:12
ochosiso i fixed it in the code20:12
ochosibut you can make the separator go away by deactivating the "show handle" setting in the window list20:13
ochosiif you still want some invisible space in between, you can add an invisible separator20:13
ochosimaybe something to discuss with bluesabre for the default panel layout20:13
flocculantochosi: ack - I'm just talking about our default here - any seperators I've got only exist in my head :)20:23
flocculantjust think it looks a tad bizarre when empty :)20:24
ochosippl will get used to it ;)20:24
ochosialso, i could tone it down more in greybird20:24
ochosibut imo it's supposed to be visible20:24
ochosiat least if enabled20:25
ochosiotherwise what's the point20:25
flocculantftr - I'm totally for us making them more visible than the old gtk2 style20:25
flocculantand yea would agree your last point too20:25
ochosikk good20:25
* flocculant wanders off again 20:26
flocculantback a bit more over the next few days - then invisible for a week 20:27
flocculantweek after I'm back we have 18.04.1 and then 16.04.5 in concurrent weeks20:28
Spassflocculant, in my case AC didn't matter, just the mouse plugged in or not20:47
krytarikSpass: https://sources.debian.org/src/numlockx/1.2-7.1/debian/55numlockx/#L30 - run the command in backticks there to see if your mouse identifies itself as a keyboard instead.  Also, what is it exactly?21:45
Spasskrytarik, ok 1 sec, need to boot my laptop, my mouse is Logitech G700, right now I run it wired with no batteries21:49
bluesabreochosi, flocculant, cool with dropping the handle and adding an invisible separator21:53
Spass_krytarik, is that enough to tell something? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xtbN9yWV6q/22:04
krytarikSpass_: And what is the output of "evtest"?22:08
Spass_krytarik, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WMCfpn4jyp/22:12
Spass_you know what? I think I know what can cause that... that mouse has built in button profiles and my current profile has some of the buttons assigned to some media keys22:13
Spass_like XF86AudioLowerVolume and XF86AudioMute22:14
Spass_so maybe my system thinks it's some kind of mouse / keyboard hybrid22:15
Spass_yeah... that could be it, I need to test it more tomorrow, in that case I'd probably need to live with it forever, no way any dev will try to fix that corner case issue22:17
Spass_or my profile doesn't even matter here, just look at those "supported events" :) https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5ySCPGcnQR/22:21
krytarik"udevadm info --query=all --name=input/event7" - for completeness.  And I would think 'ID_INPUT_KEYBOARD' is independent from whether or not any of those extra buttons are actually assigned to any keys.22:22
Spass_yup, =1 :/ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SJf3YFsF3Q/22:25
krytarikAnd of course, you can always set it manually in '/etc/default/numlockx' then.22:26
Spass_yeah, no other way around it, numlockx dev "probably" isn't interested in excluding every weird mouse model in the code22:27
Spass_thank you very much krytarik for helping me investigate that issue22:28
krytarikSure. :)22:29
Spass_NUMLOCK=off, will reboot and see22:30
Spassyup, works as intended, no more issue and I've learned new things \o22:34
Spass\o/ (that's what I wanted)22:34

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