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valentina_Hello All :D11:37
valentina_would anyone give me a hint please: I'm using pylxd in my charm: https://git.launchpad.net/charms-6wind/tree/charm-layers/6wind-common/lib/charm/openstack/utils.py.11:37
valentina_I want to add a constraint: that my charm installs and uses only pylxd>=2.2.7 from PyPy repository not python3-pylxd from official ubuntu's repos.11:37
valentina_I've found small notice about wheelhouse.txt file in official doc11:37
valentina_I'm hesitating, where I should put this constraint, shall I create wheelhouse.txt in 6wind-common layer directory: https://git.launchpad.net/charms-6wind/tree/charm-layers/6wind-common11:37
valentina_Or I should put it in charm's dir here:  https://git.launchpad.net/charms-6wind/tree/virtual-accelerator-compute11:37
valentina_The second question: actually there is no any wheelhouse.txt files in charms-6wind repo, but when I build the charm, the build folder is created and I can see wheelhouse.txt generated here. How it is generated by charm build and which template it takes, how it takes decision which python libraries it have to put to wheelhouse.txt as a needed dependencies ?11:40
valentina_Thanks for any help11:40
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