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jrssit's been a while so I'll try again.. :)01:28
jrss need help troubleshooting an issue. not sure what it is.01:28
jrsso, the problem is, seems like my entire screen "box" has shifted down a bit. The panel is a bit cut off. The date, for example, is half numbers.01:28
jrssn addition, I lost desktop transition animations.01:28
jrss top of that (might be not related),  games I try to run full screen from steam (for linux) do not render. The game launches in the background, I see it in the panel, it takes RAM and the mouse curosr changes, but no video input at all01:28
jrssanyone has an idea?01:28
Kali_Yugajust reinstalled with 18.04. I got terrible input lag when presing backspace in kde. in the terminal and my web browser. I just installed proprietary driver but idk if that has anything to do with it09:27
Kali_YugaI can't press any key twice to fast or it won't appear09:31
Kali_YugaI'm on my intel card but I stil have the same issue. I can't press a key twice to fast09:35
zxq9What driver did you install?09:42
zxq9Too bad jrss took off -- sounds like his monitor offset was kajiggered.09:43
zxq9Kali_Yuga: Did you install a graphics driver?09:43
Kali_Yugayes input lag bad09:43
Kali_Yugacan't live with it09:43
Kali_Yugaonly when I press a key twice. I need to wait for some reason which makes everything seem unresponsive09:44
Kali_YugaI looked into the keyboard settings no option there fixes my problem09:45
zxq9How does it work with the distro's driver?09:47
Kali_YugaI'm on my intel card right now. I got this nvidia prime stuff. but I stil got the same problem?09:48
zxq9Kali_Yuga: It isn't just you. It appears that 396 basically sucks.09:48
Kali_YugaOn 16.04 I was using 396 and had no issues09:48
zxq9With 18.04 something goes badly wrong.09:49
zxq9Hm, 390 was bad for that guy ^^ on 18.04 as well09:49
Kali_YugaSo should I go with 390?09:49
Kali_Yugakinda dumb since it was working in 16.04. I reinstalled because I had other issues09:51
zxq9There are a lot of weird stories I'm uncovering searching for nvidia drivers, actually (I'm on AMD, so didn't know about this)09:53
zxq9It appears there are some really bad combinations of window managers and nvidia drivers.09:53
zxq9Or maybe settings for those drivers. A bit unclear -- many variables in play and there isn't a single case where anyone seems to have narrowed this down properly.09:54
Kali_YugaIt's only the input lag that's been bothering me. The nvidia driver is working09:54
zxq9Input and movement lag are symptoms associated with the nvidia driver, though.09:55
zxq9No idea why.09:55
Kali_YugaWell I can't deal with this. then I'm reinstalling 16.04 again >.<09:57
Kali_YugaKDE doesn't play nice with nvidia driver's i've noticed that too aparently it got worse over the years because I was able to manage. but I'm too used to it and too lazy to find something new.10:00
zxq9Yeah, it used to be that nVidia had better support on Linux and AMD was lacking, but that has almost completely reversed now. :-/10:01
zxq9Sucks to be caught on the other side of it.10:01
zxq9Is Noveau not good enough for whatever you're doing?10:02
zxq9(I have no idea how well noveau works these days)10:02
zxq9Well, "no idea" except that my customer's laptops do just fine with it, but they don't use laptops for the serious CAD stuff.10:02
zxq9Very sorry to hear.10:03
yllican you help me10:51
BluesKajHiyas all10:55
yllihi blueskaj10:56
ylliis good program relay chat10:57
yllii liked10:57
BluesKajyes ylli, IRC is very good10:59
yllihow old are you blueskaj11:00
BluesKajylli, IRC has some unspoken etiquette, like not asking users ages11:03
yllii dont know11:03
yllinow i open the relay chat11:03
BluesKajthis is not a general chat , it's Kubuntu support11:04
BluesKaj!chat | ylli11:04
ubottuylli: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:04
yllithank you #ubuntu11:05
BluesKajthe same goes for all Linux OS support chats11:05
ylli i have plasma 511:06
BluesKajubottu,is abot11:06
BluesKaja bot11:06
BluesKajnot a person11:06
ylliin the ubuntu can i download  whatsapp11:06
BluesKajlook in the software center search11:09
BluesKaj!software center11:10
ylliyes i find11:10
yllino problem11:10
ylli_i liked this program12:05
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jubo2I'm having KDE partition manager doing some hanging. Is it in order or should I consider some other partition manager?16:03
BluesKajjubo2, yeah, try gparted instead, kparted can be buggy on some kubuntus16:10
jubo2Thanks for help BluesKaj16:16
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Rhubarbobohello world19:09
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jubo2Any news on when 18.04.1 will be out19:25
jubo2It comes in August usually, no?19:25
BluesKajsupposedly some time this month, jubo219:26
IrcsomeBot2<acheronuk> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule19:26
IrcsomeBot2<acheronuk> July 26th Ubuntu 18.04.119:27
jubo2Great. Thanks acheronuk19:27
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