^amhi there15:42
^amI have a very strange bug with my monitor refresh rate on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04... I set 2560x1440 120Hz and it's allright - monitor shows that 120Hz is active and system too... But in real Ubuntu renders only 60Hz... How can I solve this problem? Video intel hd 4600. On Windows this configuration working fine on 120Hz correctly - real 120 not faked like in ubuntu...  I also check https://www.testufo.com/ - and the test shows that real refresh rate is 60Hz no15:42
^amt 120Hz!15:42
am_hi there15:54
am_Enyone have a problems with hotkeys on ubuntu budgie 18.04?15:59
am_The hotkey shortucts is just stop working time by time16:00

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