didrocksgood morning06:23
dufluMorning didrocks06:31
didrockshey duflu06:43
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers!07:49
dufluMorning oSoMoN07:49
didrockssalut oSoMoN, hey willcooke07:57
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dufluHi willcooke08:14
dufluFine then08:54
willcookeafternoon duflu08:57
andyrockgoodmorning all09:52
oSoMoNgood morning andyrock09:54
dufluHi andyrock09:59
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andyrockam I the only one having trouble with gitlab.gnome.org today?13:45
seb128hey andyrock, what sort of issues? I just tried to browse the open bugs for g-c-c and that loads fine13:51
andyrockI can't open a MR13:51
willcookehey seb128!  Day off fail?13:54
seb128andyrock, ask maybe on #gnome-hackers?13:54
seb128willcooke, kid is sleeping and I'm watching wimbledon, I just decided to check the status of the SRU uploads I did yesterday and clean some emails, maybe I can swap one or two hour in exchange to go play some tennis next week :)13:55
seb128well, I mean if I'm top of my todolist that free some time for exercice, so it's not like I wasted vac hours :)13:56
willcookegood plan"13:56
seb128how are things going here today? I guess it's a quiet day with friday and some people having a day off  post GUADEC13:57
andyrockseb128: is gnome-intial-setup already using git also for debian changes?14:05
kenvandinehey seb12814:05
seb128andyrock, don't ask me, I emailed Robert about it yesterday, that vcs with a big patch that keeps being rebased doesn't make any sense to me14:06
seb128like we don't even have a vcs history of our changes14:06
seb128how wth is that14:06
seb128kenvandine, hey, how are you? had a good trip back?14:06
kenvandinelong :)14:06
kenvandinevery tired today14:06
kenvandinebut hanging in there14:06
seb128you should take some rest and not be on IRC14:06
seb128andyrock, I think we should change g-i-s to use a standard git layout14:07
kenvandineneed to prepare for the next trip this weekend :)14:07
seb128I don't even understand why Robert did that14:07
andyrockseb128: yeasterday I merged your change wihout rebasing14:07
kenvandinehe tried explaining that at one point14:07
kenvandineand i didn't understand14:07
didrockshey seb128! :)14:07
seb128he said that it was too complicated rebasing basically14:07
kenvandinebut that doesn't really make sense14:07
seb128hey didrocks, how are you? didn't you say you wouldn't be around today?14:07
andyrockthe problem now is that I want to work on that thing we were discussing yeasterday14:08
andyrockbut I'm not sure which branch should I use as a base14:08
kenvandinemaybe it's not easy, but it's also a pain for anyone else14:08
seb128andyrock, just use trunk and we distro patch diff and let Robert sort out the Vcs14:08
didrocksseb128: the doctor isn't available today, so I couldn't fetch my receipt. Will get it Wednesday thus14:08
seb128didrocks, ah ok :/14:08
seb128andyrock, I would work on top of https://gitlab.gnome.org/Community/Ubuntu/gnome-initial-setup/tree/ubuntu-welcome or just make a debdiff14:09
seb128we need Robert to fix the vcs, nobody seems able to work with what he did14:09
andyrockseb128: but that's not bionic14:09
didrocksmeson doc is so hard to read…14:10
seb128andyrock, https://gitlab.gnome.org/Community/Ubuntu/gnome-initial-setup/tree/ubuntu-welcome-bionic is bionic?14:11
andyrockah ok14:11
andyrockmakes sense14:12
andyrockseb128: regarding https://gitlab.gnome.org/Community/Ubuntu/gnome-initial-setup/merge_requests/6/diffs?commit_id=117891aa84ab5b7079c72e1a04a3b43d6c0edb7314:16
gitlab-botUbuntu issue (Merge request) 6 in gnome-initial-setup "livepatch: show an dialog in case of error" (comments: 7) [Closed]14:16
andyrockthe problem was that we cannot SRU because of the new strings?14:16
seb128andyrock, changes "39",  new UI, new strings ... it just looked like too much change to SRU the week before .1 to me14:18
seb128too risky and no time for translations14:19
andyrocknah it's not 39 changes14:19
andyrockit shows 39 changes because of the weird rebase system14:20
andyrockthe dialog will show just in case of error and the same strings are used in software properties14:21
seb128k, so that might be fine14:22
andyrockthe only problem is this string: _("You're all set: Livepatch is now being enabled.")14:22
seb128get a patch for bionic and I look at it on monday14:22
seb128that's a new one?14:22
seb128we have no time for translations and langpack updates now14:22
andyrockwe can remove this string14:22
seb128so maybe it's best to jsut land it as a SRU post .114:22
seb128when is it displayed?14:23
andyrockin the main UI14:23
andyrockright now we get _("You're all set: Livepatch is now on.")14:23
andyrockbut the true benefit of this fix is that we're sure that we close gnome-initial-setup once livepatch has answered us back14:24
andyrockso I can propose a branch with the same fix but using the same string14:24
seb128yeah, that would be better14:24
andyrockstring is just a minor change14:24
seb128we can SRU a string change if we believe that's worth it14:25
seb128but that needs coordination with translators14:25
andyrockI'll add a comment14:25
seb128so post .114:25
andyrockseb128: https://gitlab.gnome.org/Community/Ubuntu/gnome-initial-setup/merge_requests/814:58
gitlab-botUbuntu issue (Merge request) 8 in gnome-initial-setup "livepatch: show an dialog in case of error" (comments: 0) [Opened]14:58
seb128andyrock, thx14:58
andyrockI cherry-picked one and added a commit on top of it14:59
andyrockthis way it's going to be easier to review and to revert the fix later on14:59
willcookeg'night all.  seb128 forgot to ask, can you run the meeting etc on Tuesday.  Assume I won't be around much next week16:44
willcookeI'll keep you posted on how it goes16:45
willcooketa ta16:45
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oSoMoNweek-end, have a good one!18:03

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