JimBuntutomreyn, --> "Hey, can anyone hold my hand though what will likely take many hours?"04:39
oerheksoerheks, now give the wiki to do that in tty, pronto04:41
JimBuntuI admit, I might be mean at time, but sometimes it seems the questions are beyond what should reasonably be asked04:43
oerheksno, we call that helpfull04:43
oerheksuh oh...04:44
JimBuntusomeone has taken the request and shoot, even illicited a response from guiverc. I no longer feel mean.04:45
tomreyngo aelsilmaredh go04:47
oerhekslets wait and see04:47
tomreynhe keep explaining the live cd approach, doesnt he04:51
JimBuntuWell, I give aelsilmaredh credit for trying, but given the person wants to do it in real-time, without a live-boot... I can't watch this.04:52
tomreynuh oh, windows user.04:52
JimBuntuliterally rofl04:52
JimBuntuTrain... I would like to introduce you to Mr. Wreck.04:54
JimBuntumy backup drive is empty... cause I like to backup... ?04:56
JimBuntuOk, I'm done being so immature. Back to the regularly scheduled show.04:57
tomreynthey're actually not the average windows user, though, got a good understanding of partitions vs. file systems.04:57
oerheksi just walked the dog .. amzing to return05:10
tomreyndid you expect not to?05:11
tomreynor do you mean the progress they're making?05:12
oerheksthe progress is amazing indeed, i wonder what will be next, reinstall or ..05:13
lordievaderGood morning05:13
oerheksheya lordievader05:14
lordievaderHey oerheks How are you doing?05:14
oerheksenjoying support :-)05:14
oerheksi am fine, thanks and how are you?05:15
lordievaderDoing good here05:15
lordievaderWaking up'05:15
MysticReverieHow to add a sign off message on hexchat?  i noticed some people seem to have one05:30
guivercMysticReverie: hexchat (client) allows me to set quit, leave & away messages (prefs -> chat general)05:34
MysticReveriesounds fun05:36
MysticReveriejesus that kden live ui is not good05:40
MysticReveriecant even open a video clip05:40
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:56
MysticReveriehi lotus05:57
lotuspsychjehey MysticReverie05:59
MysticReverieHows you05:59
lotuspsychjeall good here tnx06:00
lotuspsychjebout you?06:00
MysticReveriesame  thanks06:02
MysticReverietroubleshooting lol06:02
lotuspsychjeshooting what?06:04
MysticReveriekdenlive editor06:06
MysticReveriecant use the basics yet lol06:06
MysticReveriecant seem to get the vidoe preview biger, or the timeline area smaller.  a waste of real estate06:08
MysticReverieand when i try to 'cut' selected areas, nothing happens06:08
MysticReveriejust the usual stuff for me... bungling along06:09
MysticReveriethis si why i sometime sfind it hard not using windows.  the software on linux can be too difficult and less choice06:10
lotuspsychjeyou cant generalize that06:11
lotuspsychjetons of nice software on linux06:11
oerhekswho knows what huge task is going on, with that cut actions..06:11
MysticReveriejust my exeprience personally06:11
oerheksand depends on what format06:11
MysticReverieyea, but not the selection on windows, and what ive tried is ofte nhard to use for me personally06:11
oerheksi think you used a closed format, or prop one06:12
MysticReveriemaybe..  it snot looking very polished06:12
MysticReveriebut i did download form software center ?06:12
oerheks"not looking very polished"  oh a good theme would help?06:12
MysticReverieif its makes it easier to understan and rezise windows, definately06:13
MysticReverieiv ehad to install a viruta lmachine just for photo and video editing.06:14
MysticReveriebut if i cna figure out one or two linux alternatives, maybe i dont need it06:15
MysticReverietrying now06:15
lordievaderKdenlive does get a lot of praise of being one of the better video  editors under Linux.06:15
MysticReverieyea. it must be good. i cna see many good reviews06:16
MysticReveriei just need to get used to the interface,06:16
MysticReveriei liek basic stuff lol06:16
oerheksvideo edditing depends on good hardware, basicly06:16
MysticReveriei just want to cut/edit and save t omkv or mp4 format. nothing fancy06:16
oerheksoh those formats require a lot of recoding, first unpack, then edit, and then again packaging...06:17
lotuspsychje!info pitivi06:18
MysticReveriei dont under stand those scissors icon, surely for cutting?  but  i select a part with the scissors, right click and select cut and nothing happens06:18
ubot5pitivi (source: pitivi): non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99-3 (bionic), package size 3115 kB, installed size 8863 kB06:18
lotuspsychjenothing fancy ^06:18
MysticReveriethanks.  i will have a look06:19
ducassegood morning06:19
MysticReverieMorning Ducasse06:19
ducassehi MysticReverie06:21
MysticReveriei managed to get the kden to start rendering a file. i will check he output after.  maybe ok06:25
MysticReverieby the way, is it true that vide oencoding is bad for ssd's ?06:25
MysticReverieto muc hoverwriting or something?06:25
MysticReverieok, good06:25
lotuspsychjeas what oerheks said, better hardware= better editing experience06:25
lotuspsychjeand surely for the graphics card06:26
MysticReveriei think i maybe able to use photo editer and video editor in linux, but the learning curve is a bit steeper06:30
MysticReverieif i cna tho, i can delete my 20gb win10 vurtual box06:30
MysticReveriei need the space as i dont want to waste 20gb in my sd06:30
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic06:47
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB06:47
lotuspsychjewhats the deal with .24 now? i still see alot of users using it?06:50
lotuspsychjeoh its ubottu is behind06:51
tomreynalways behind :-/06:51
tomreyndidnt someone say something about a known bug with old intel gpu? i can't seem to find it on launchpad :-/06:59
tomreynnor on the logs here.06:59
lotuspsychjecant recall tomreyn07:00
tomreynthanks for trying. ;)07:01
lotuspsychjewhat wa sit about tomreyn07:01
tomreynfreezing at gdm startup07:03
lotuspsychjethat was my bug07:04
lotuspsychjebug #178098607:06
ubot5bug 1780986 in gdm3 (Ubuntu) "Boot stuck at ubuntu logo gnome display manager" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178098607:06
lotuspsychjehappened 2 times recently07:06
lotuspsychjemy card is x800 ati07:07
tomreynlooks different, thanks though07:15
tomreynvanvugt found it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/172735608:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1727356 in mutter (Ubuntu) "Login screen never appears on early generation Intel GPUs (Core2 and Atom etc)" [High,Triaged]08:46
tomreynaka duflu08:46
MysticReverieI got great results with kdenlive09:08
MysticReveriesame quality and file size as my program i was using before09:08
MysticReverieanother problem solved09:08
oerheksyeah, we have solutions, and we look for a problem09:28
oerheksops, lotuspsychje is making fun of me09:29
* lotuspsychje looks pretty innocent09:36
jinklotuspsychje: I highly doubt that.09:45
lotuspsychjelook who's talking09:46
lotuspsychjeim about to go get some frites09:46
jinkVlaamse Frieten!09:46
oerheksman, i am hungry09:47
oerheksyes, yes, lotuspsychje is innocent, and weird09:48
jinkI'll take your word for it.09:48
oerheksi would not do that, but oke09:49
oerheksyou know who else is weird too?09:49
* lotuspsychje looks around him09:50
tomreynbugzie! bugzie! bugzie!09:51
oerheksi don't know, just asking you guys09:51
lotuspsychjebon apetit!09:51
oerheksi have schnitsel & cabbage & potatoes for tonight09:53
lotuspsychjesounds nice oerheks09:53
lotuspsychjeoerheks: what time are we expected?10:01
* oerheks is looking for sponsors for my cargobike10:01
lotuspsychjeyou want a sticker with lotuscomputers on it lol?10:02
oerheksi asked the painter if he had any stickers, but he had none, nobody asks for that10:05
lotuspsychjebetter a nice shiny bike color10:05
oerheksi wouldn't mind, if it was small10:05
lotuspsychjeoh.. i gtg frites!10:05
lotuspsychjettyl fellas10:05
blackflowWarhammer 40k: Gladius, first turn based W40k, on Steam, native for Linux! HERE TAKE MY MONEY!10:11
oerheksnew macbook pro with silent keyboard ..10:14
oerheksme! me!10:15
blackflowoerheks: EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW macbook.10:23
oerheksi rather put my money in parts for my bike, though10:24
blackflowI did that too :)10:24
oerheksor new shoes :-D10:24
blackflowbut this month it's warhammer. next month new brake pads and chain for the MTB.10:25
oerheksmy list is about €140-160, excl fresh tires10:27
oerheksso that would be €200, when i am done.10:27
blackflowis that an MTB?10:27
oerheksno, this black one > https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmdxyqo3197gvp6/2018ride.jpg?dl=0   will be > https://www.dropbox.com/s/fx3ev8a63hfl3i5/2018-painted-bike-1.jpg?dl=010:29
oerheksactualliy, this is my old one, i sold it and bought 2 other ones in return, now i fix them with fresh powdercoat, 1 manually and 1 with electro motor10:31
oerheksand enough room to put something in it like this https://shop.sherlock.bike/product/sherlock-bike/10:34
oerheks120 mm x 25 mm10:35
blackflowoh interesting.10:37
oerheksnow with iOt, there are other solutions too10:39
oerheksbut this a pretty cheap solution, incl 2 year10:39
BluesKajHiyas all10:56
oerhekshello BluesKaj11:00
BluesKajHi oerheks11:00
oerheksbenevolente dictator stops ... https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-committers/2018-July/005664.html11:01
blackflowyeah, he grew sick of it all11:02
oerheksi tend to wait a minute before answering, they are fast finding it themselves11:10
* oerheks is bád11:10
tomreynin case Wicardo (the person without working wireless) returns, please !irclogs | Wicardo12:13
BluesKajdamn broadcom, my laptop has to use a non-default driver to work properly , otherwise the default driver keeps asking for my pw every few secs , and it won't register12:16
BluesKajerr wouldn't register til I clean reinstalled the entire OS, then the default kernel source driver finally worked12:19
BluesKajon bionic12:20
BluesKajthe devs obviously fixed the kernel source driver after my initial install12:24
blackfloweww Broadcom.12:24
blackflowif you can choose, go atheros wherever possible.12:24
BluesKajwell, I always had pretty good luck with bcm on my previous laptops12:25
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all13:44
lotuspsychjehey blackflow13:44
hggdhmornings, afternoons, and evenings, as the case may be, to all14:01
lotuspsychjehey there hggdh14:02
hggdhlotuspsychje: cheers14:03
lotuspsychjethis might be a timezone cross zone indeed14:05
oerhekshappy fri the 13th14:11
* lotuspsychje throws a black cat around14:12
oerhekswhat thy sends comes back at thy, times tree14:15
oerhekssmurf it14:16
lotuspsychjethats why i throwed it around, and not 'at' you14:16
oerheksdrabber is scared of cats14:17
oerhekscats love him in the neighbourhood14:17
oerheksmy neighbours have 2 cats, from their student-appartment, they never been outside, now they have a balcony... and drabber nextdoor14:18
lotuspsychjeuh oh :p14:18
oerheksthey usually sit between my flowers14:18
oerhekshippie cats14:18
oerheksand drabber is silly too14:19
lotuspsychjelets c14:19
* oerheks goes out for a walk14:19
lotuspsychjenice pic oerheks14:20
lotuspsychjehey there pragmaticenigma14:20
pragmaticenigmaoerheks: ... before you run away... do remember a question a few days ago about MOTD on login?14:20
pragmaticenigmahi lotus14:20
oerheksoh, motd spam  ?14:20
oerheksthat can easily be undone, it is in /etc/update-motd.d/50-motd-news14:21
oerheksjust -x14:21
pragmaticenigmaah, so with the loss of execution it's dead... don't need to move it or rename it?14:22
pragmaticenigmaonly thought is I would like to avoid system mail about a dead script14:22
oerheksi know, the controversion, like amazon, but people should not be that scared, and not just rely on ubuntu to get your system safe.14:23
pragmaticenigmaThe ads don't concern me... just don't care for them14:23
oerheksit is the unwanted phone home issue14:23
oerheksthat is what they call it14:24
* oerheks is off14:25
pragmaticenigmalaterz oerheks14:26
* pragmaticenigma goes and turns off nearly all the motd stuff :-)14:26
lotuspsychjehey there BluesKaj15:02
tomreynpragmaticenigma: in case you'll need it later: dmesg of TommyOne http://termbin.com/eik7  "BIOS 1.04C 04/27/2005"  - they're serious about not accepting obsolescence15:04
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje15:04
pragmaticenigmatomreyn: I have machines predating that :-)15:05
tomreynsorry to hear this15:05
pragmaticenigmatomreyn: though I was just surprised that we went from USB not supplying enough power to I'm going to modify the hardware to have dedicated power15:06
pragmaticenigmatomreyn: Those old machines are mostly for research and tinkering... If they die, they go bye-bye15:06
oerhekswhat would one expect from 10 years and older?15:09
oerheksit is a fire hazard dangerous hobby15:09
tomreynindeed they're apparently a tinkerer. but i'm not sure whether or not it's their main computer. would be sad if so.15:17
tomreyni mean https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=AMD+Athlon+3200%2B&id=5415:17
tomreynbut maybe i'm just too well paid ;)15:19
lotuspsychjemine still works like a charm15:19
lotuspsychjeyou guys have no idea what ppl still use in belgium15:19
tomreynanstrad / schneider cpc?15:20
pragmaticenigmaMy main rig I bought in 2015, so it's fresher than most15:20
lotuspsychjeno i mean they all got smartphones & tablets, but their pc's are old as ages15:22
tomreynwell if people dont consider pc's relevant anymore that's understandable. most use only mobile devices nowadays.15:25
oerheksif it is no duo core, i leave pc's on the corner of the street15:26
oerheksor HD i108015:26
oerhekswe are ugly rich15:26
oerhekskids get computers from the council if their parents are *poor*15:27
pragmaticenigmaIf all a person does is surf the web, watch you tube, and e-mail... what is the point of having a full on computer?15:34
tomreyndoes a modern web browser work on any of these old computers? :)15:39
pragmaticenigmaChrome works on a surprising amount of older hardware15:39
pragmaticenigmawould anyone here have a suggestion on something that I can use to edit and create GTK themes? (specifically for GTK2)15:40
pragmaticenigmatrying to edit the text is near impossible, since so much of it is keywords and I have a feeling that what I'm looking for isn't explicately defined15:41
BluesKajchrome works on my 10yr old HP just fine15:49
BluesKajactually most apps do15:50
hggdhBluesKaj: with a 10 year old OS?15:52
pragmaticenigmaSoftware ultimately doesn't care about the age of a machine... it's the user... software will run on just about anything... it may take a lot longer, but it will run15:53
pragmaticenigmameantime.. thinking it's time to retire deluge and find a different app15:54
BluesKajhggdh, , nope, I'm running Kubunru Bionic on it ..it has some upgrades like 8g Ram, a nvidia gpu, and a m-audio soundcard15:54
BluesKajthe m-audio card is 10yrs old though :-)15:55
BluesKajthanks for kicking that idiot hggdh15:56
BluesKajhe still didn't get it15:57
oerheksit is friday, weekend support, comb your chesthair ..15:57
BluesKajfri the 13th, my fav day and date15:58
hggdhitis Friday 13th, the universal day for idiots15:58
BluesKajoops be caredful hggdh , you're calling me an idiot15:58
oerheksit is a religion :-D15:58
* BluesKaj was born on Fri the 13th15:59
hggdhBluesKaj: no, I am not calling you an idiot :-)16:00
hggdhand I apologise if it sounded like that16:00
BluesKajhggdh, I was kidding16:01
pragmaticenigmaAs far as support... usually it's the I want something special, and I can't just use stuff the way it is16:01
hggdhstill, it was a good point16:01
* pragmaticenigma kind of what I'm doing with trying to figure out how to fix the progress bar in Deluge16:02
BluesKaji wasn't kidding about my birthdate tho16:03
pragmaticenigmai'm not kidding either16:04
oerheksi am half dead ( 50 )16:05
BluesKajheh, Ill be b75 on Aug 13th next16:05
leftyfbhggdh: please keep an eye on takeme. It's a troll16:06
BluesKaji'm 3/4 dead :-)16:06
hggdhleftyfb: k16:06
leftyfbthey're a pretty discrete troll. :)16:08
BluesKajtakeme is registered/unaffiliated16:08
hggdhsounds like, but I have to give them the chance16:08
hggdhbeing registered makes life easier when dealing with trolls16:09
shibumipragmaticenigma: so what do you mean with 'netplan' is a replacement?18:07
shibumireplacement for what?18:07
pragmaticenigmanetplan is replacing ifupdown... it is still an abstraction layer, but more modular. It also handles the changes to the underlaying networking modules NetworkManger and systemd-networkd18:08
pragmaticenigmaintending to standardize the commands leaving the sysadmin with less customization to handle differences between the two18:09
shibumiwell ok if you see it like this you are right. Although I see no need for netplan. There is systemd-networkd. systemd-networkd files are in ini format.. and they are usable without netplan and you can use them easily together with networkmanager18:10
shibumiI don't understand why ubuntu is doing that 'lonely wolf' move here again18:10
shibumiit's the same with upstart, mir and any other canonical project in the past..18:11
pragmaticenigmaI think the goal of netplan is you can switch between the two underlaying network managers without having to rebuild all your configurations18:11
pragmaticenigmaAnd I agree, it's hlaf baked at this point and really needs some work and polish18:11
shibumipragmaticenigma: full ack. it's maybe a good thought, but I don't need networkmanager on servers18:11
shibumiI mean one big advantage of all distributions going for systemd is that systemd makes the linux landscape uniform18:12
pragmaticenigmatrue... but you would be able to use the desktop to get things setup, move your yaml files over to the server and wouldn't have make any adjustements (at least thats the theory)18:12
shibumisure for desktops and laptops it makes totally sense :D18:13
shibumibut as I said for servers it's crap :D18:13
shibumibecause if you want to deploy a non uniform landscape out of debian, centos7, ubuntu, arch linux, fedora.. the only distribution that will fail is ubuntu because of netplan18:13
shibumiand that sucks18:13
pragmaticenigmaservers are usually highly specialized, so I agree... it's silly to put a layer on top18:13
pragmaticenigmaI thought fedora was going netplan as well18:14
shibumiyeah and nevertheless netplan is enabled on default on server images and connected to cloud-init18:14
shibumireally? never heard of it in connection to fedora18:14
pragmaticenigmaI don't know if it's on their road map for common install, but I thought I saw references to it18:16
pragmaticenigmaI do see a number of discussions about it being added18:16
shibumimhhh it would make sense for fedora desktops18:17
pragmaticenigmaguess it's a wait and see18:17
shibumibut for servers it just doesn't18:17
shibumi(i am not a fan of networkmanager either) I use pure IWD + systemd-networkd for my laptop on arch linux18:17
daftykinsamusingly my 18.04 VPS with digitalocean makes use of netplan and cloud-init for IP provisioning, first time i tried to delete the packages i left my VPS with no network xD18:17
pragmaticenigmaI haven't cared for network manager, as it makes assumptions about the topology, and attempts to override values sent to it via DHCP18:18
daftykinsi'd always been one for purging all the automagic crap and statically addressing my server VMs in /etc/network/interfaces :)18:19
shibumidaftykins: ugh Interfaces Files are so ugly :D18:21
shibumiDid you ever setup vxlan interfaces via that file?18:21
shibumiIt's such a mess18:21
daftykinswhy are you in here if you're a Linux ricer running arch?18:22
pragmaticenigmamaybe ready to jump ship after Arch had their stuff breached by the H@X0RZ18:23
leftyfbyou guys do realize he's the epitome of a troll right?18:24
pragmaticenigmaI don't judge others18:25
daftykinsactually i think all the points about netplan are very aligned with my own18:25
pragmaticenigmaalso, I run CentOS on a number of systems18:25
daftykinsi'm in no other channels if there's any evidence elsewhere, though18:26
leftyfbI was talking about in the main channel18:26
leftyfbgenii took care of him though18:26
BluesKajI ran stsatic IP for along time using th einterfaces file without NM, but since netplan it's been rlatively smooth sailing with NM along for the ride18:26
BluesKajscuse all the typos18:26
daftykinsgenii's the man :) i'm gonna go hang out with him in Toronto later this year18:28
pragmaticenigmaI have no preference, as long as I can find documentation to help figure out how to do what I want to do, I'm a happy camper... not so happy about Deluge and it's mystical interpretations of the GTK Theme directives18:29
shibumidaftykins: because of issues with ubuntu and netplan18:29
shibumidaftykins: at work I do only ubuntu and CentOS18:29
BluesKajreally daftykins, when are you visiting Toronto?18:29
daftykinsBluesKaj: yep! late September18:30
daftykinscome on down into the city :D18:30
BluesKajmaybe I will , it's a5hr drive for me, but my daughter and some of my grandchildren live there so it would be nice to meet you guys as well.18:33
daftykinsexcellent :D let me look up my booking18:34
daftykinsthere we go, Wednesday 26th p.m. to Friday 28th p.m. September18:34
daftykinsjust a short stop before popping down to the US18:35
BluesKajright I'll mark that on my calendar18:36
BluesKajthere used to be a linux cafe in Toronto, but I think it's out of business now18:38
daftykinshrmm i wonder if he knows, he's right in the middle18:39
daftykinsmight have to do the tourist thing and go up the CN tower :)18:39
daftykinsalready paid my $7 CAD to be permitted entry to the country!18:39
BluesKajyes, he's mentioned it many times18:39
BluesKajthe CN tower is a must18:39
EriC^^evening all18:58
pragmaticenigmawait, it costs money to go to Canada now?19:02
daftykinssame as it costs to go to the US19:06
daftykins$14 USD for them :/19:06
daftykinsESTA visa waiver for the US, and eTA for Canada19:06
BluesKajone has to pay for the customs ppl to look at your passport ...another govt scam19:17
pragmaticenigmaI never knew there was a fee for crossing between the US and Canada. The only time I crossed was a family vacation to Niagra falls, and I think I was 8 years old19:17
leftyfbI was just in Niagara last summer and plan on going in a couple weeks. I've never had to pay anything to cross in either direction19:20
pragmaticenigmaI suppose, now that a passport is required to jump across the border, that would make sense... used to need only a drivers license when I went... I'm thinking it was sometime in the late 80's or very early 90's19:23
BluesKajwas at Niagara a couple of weeks ago with my daughter , 25 buck cdn to park one's vehicle, but they have these little shuttle buses to take you to the falls a quarter mile away19:24
MysticReverieTrudeu gotta pay for all the immigrants he's welcoming in somehow lol19:25
Bashing-omAnd me welcomes the weekend support .. ready or not .... here I come :P20:55
daftykinswelcome back :D20:56
Bashing-omdaftykins: Thanlee as per the ususal .. Good day in the neighborhood ?20:58
daftykinsyep gorgeous weather here and much relaxation was had with chilled drinks :D20:58
daftykinsall well in your corner of the world?20:59
Bashing-omWell .. sad to have buried family pet dog - 14 years - cancer . We now have a different world here .21:02
daftykinsoh dear, sad time - freedom from suffering for him/her too, though i wager21:06
Bashing-omShe did not really complain until the final hours . Died in her mistres' arms, on her breast .....21:08
=== kostkon__ is now known as kostkon
pauljwhi everyone23:13

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