blackflowHello. How does one effectively recommend a factoid for ubottu. Should I open a bug report? It's missing one for 'snap(s)'.11:01
Unit193Usually you just !snap is <reply> Snaps are strange new packaging that in some ways are like flatpaks, they are available in the usual Software Center too.   While trying not to sound like an advertisement.11:04
Unit193(Then, !snaps is <alias> snap)11:04
blackflowI did that a few times in the past month or two, but I don't know if that was seen and acknowledged.11:05
Unit193Then ubottu should have said "Thanks for your suggestion, it's been forwarded to #ubuntu-ops" (And I don't remember seeing it, but my brain tends to filter snaps out)11:06
blackflowUnit193: that's why I'm asking what's the _effective_ way to recommend a factoid :)  from what I learn, doing it through the bot requires someone to see it at that moment and react....11:07
blackflowso, LP bug against ubuntu-bots ?11:08
Unit193I would think that'd be one of the least effective methods.11:08
Unit193Where did you do it and did you get a PM from ubottu like what I stated above?11:08
blackflowyes the bot did respond11:10
Unit19306/#ubuntu-ops.2018-06-10.log:09:23:55 <+ubottu> In ubottu, blackflow said: !snap is Snaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io11:11
Unit193I see.11:11
blackflowyah, that'd be it :)11:11

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