Dry8r3aD_Hello everyone! I’m Gunyoung, current vice leader fo the Korean verified LoCo team. It has been two years since we got verified as a loco team, and it’s time for us to get re-verified! We created a bug at the launchpad, and I’m just notifying loco council members here to review our reverification request. Thank you :)02:21
youngbin_Hello, @nhaines, I'm the leader from Korean LoCo Team. Did LoCo Council received our re-verification application via email? We've sent it earlier this week, but we still got no feedback about that and our LoCo team's verification will expire in less then 24 hours.03:42
czajkowskiyoungbin_: I'm sure they can extend it then until they meet or review08:19
youngbin_czajkowski: Thanks. I just notified that LoCo Coundil just started reviewing our application.08:23

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