Guest16609hola tengo ubuntu mate 18.04 quiero tener el global folder color pero no se como hacerlo02:26
Guest16609serian tan amables de ayudarme02:26
Guest16609ubot9 ayudame we02:27
TaZeRhello mate!22:00
TaZeRwelcome to ubuntu-mate the home of the mate22:00
hackmymacI am trying to make a Live USB for 18.04 using Mac Linux USB Loader. 17.10 will work but not 18.04, either 64 or 32 bit22:00
hackmymacHello by the way22:00
hackmymacI thought you would all be named Bruce22:01
TaZeRmy real name is Bryce22:01
TaZeRis that close enough22:02
hackmymacHa! Mine is Bruce. Monty Python says I win22:02
TaZeRcool maybe we can be brothers22:02
TaZeRand take down the modern gangs of new york22:03
hackmymacAny idea why my Live USB of 18.04 boots into a black screen?22:08
hackmymacOh well. I figured I would give this a shot before I had to leave.22:12
hackmymacIn closing, let me leave you with what Monty Python has led me to believe is your national prayer22:13
hackmymacDear Lord,22:13
hackmymacWe Humbly beseech thee22:14
hackmymacEtcetera etcetera etcetera22:14
mate|64623Hi guys, I am trying to install Ubuntu Mate onto my raspberry pi, however the image when I put it on using etcher only has a 64mb boot partition, which causes the software updater to fail. Is there any way I can make this bigger? I tried using gparted live and it caused it to boot but then crash22:27
sixwheeledbeastsoftware wouldnt normally use boot partition. what does ls -la show?23:18

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