lordievaderGood morning05:13
sikunlordievader, morning05:53
lordievaderHey sikun How are you doing?06:01
sikunlordievader, not too bad, long day :/ lol06:01
sikunyourself ?06:02
lordievaderDoing good here. Still waking up for a bit.06:02
sikunlordievader, nice06:05
sikunblah... need something to keep me busy for a while, lol06:39
masbergood afternoon, I am trying to install ubuntu 18.04 and in the networking section I need to create a bonding but I can't see the option to do that... any advice?07:18
masberI was thinking to skip the networking part and continue with the installation but the installer is not allowing me to keep going if no nic is setup07:20
masberany thought?07:20
sikundoes it detect the NIC(s) ?07:23
sikunguessing it does if it's wanting you to set it up, could just enter in bogus info and then change it after first boot07:24
masbersikun, yes it detects the nics07:24
masbersikun, I can't continue the installation, it complains that no nic has been setup07:25
sikunmanually configure one nic then, just give it ip and change it afterwards07:25
tafa2i'm sure this has been asked/debated a zillion times - but I need a new naming system for my servers - what do you guys use?08:26
tomreynstars is common, rivers, cities, or if you're enough of a nerd and dont have (and wont have) too many servers, then pivk just your favourite comic series / movie characters / locations etc.08:28
masberhi, I just installed ubuntu 18.04 and changed netplan config file to setup my network, now I want apply my new network config by running systemctl restart NetworkManager.server but that doesn't work, any idea?08:29
masber*want to apply08:29
masbererror message says Unit NetworkManager.server not found08:29
masberI am following official documentation https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager?action=show&redirect=WifiDocs%2FNetworkManager08:30
tomreynmasber: did you install ubuntu server or desktop?08:30
masbertomreyn, server08:30
tomreynserver defaults to the system-networkd backend08:31
tomreyndesktop uses network-manager by default08:31
tomreynat leats thats what i think i read on the release notes08:31
tomreynyou surely read those, too? :)08:31
masbersudo systemctl restart system-networkd ?08:32
tomreynmasber: you need to "netplan apply"08:32
tomreynand before that, "generate"08:33
ahasenackrbasak: hi, good morning/afternoon12:04
ahasenackrbasak: if you are in review mood, here is another one, for a merge from debian this time: https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/autofs/+git/autofs/+merge/34932012:04
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Harishello all12:37
Harishow to get php 7.2 on xenial ?12:37
cyphermoxtomreyn: generate is unnecessary, just "netplan apply" is enough12:38
tomreyncyphermox: thanks12:39
tomreynHaris: please dont cross post12:42
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