brobostigonmorning boys and girls.06:52
brobostigonanyone know of any cli spreadsheet apps?07:23
zmoylan-pisc for linux. i do use an old dos spreadsheet as easy as in dosemulator. superfast and and fully keyboard driven which is nice07:46
zmoylan-pisc would be nice but the commands are horrible07:46
zmoylan-pibut with as easy as i can use lotus 123 commands i learned 30 years ago and are still embedded in muscle memory07:47
brobostigonzmoylan-pi: cheers, let me try it, :)07:52
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marshmnso.... I installed system updates this morning... and now mouse doesn't behave in PhpStorm for some reason...11:19
marshmnI'm not saying it's definitely related, but...11:19
marshmnmouse acts weird as though it's trying to select things without me clicking, and right-click doesn't work11:20
marshmnseems same with track-pad and mouse11:20
marshmnmouse seems to function just fine everywhere else though11:20
marshmnit's a bit like PhpStorm thinks the left mouse button is constantly pressed down or similar11:21
marshmnhmmm, seems to be touchscreen related...11:38
marshmntouching the touchscreen seemed to fix it (?)11:38
marshmnhow does one disable the touchscreen anyway?11:39
marshmnI never use it...11:39
marshmnthat issue was driving me crazy for a little while there11:40
ubuntu-matehi all I am on a live disk11:59
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safiyyahsorry, I am on a live disk, I just want to back up my home drive12:00
safiyyahbut it was encripted I think so it says permission denied12:00
safiyyahi can't log into it12:01

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