cmaloneyGOod morning11:27
cmaloney That good, eh?16:52
brouschYou all inspired me to get our remote control cars and drones out last night. Nost of them had bad batteries17:15
rick_h_almost usable! https://photos.app.goo.gl/z5h3oxZzm6i3y1Y1717:16
rick_h_brousch: hah, yea my neighbor I guess got the same car we did a couple of years ago17:17
rick_h_and couldn't come out and play I guess his lipo battery swelled up and is ruined17:17
cmaloneyHey cool, your bathroom has a climbing wall!17:17
cmaloneyIs there a lip between the toilet / sink area and the shower area?17:18
rick_h_not a lip there, but a glass door wall is getting installed on monday17:18
cmaloneyReason I say that is our tub gets backed up over time so being aware of where the water is can be helpful17:19
cmaloneyso you're not impromptu-swabbing the bathroom17:19
rick_h_ah so that section of the floor is flat but tapered down to the drain in the shower17:19
cmaloneywe had showers like that at Hope, and they had a trough for where the water could go17:20
brouschDon't show that photo to my wife. She really wants a new bathroom17:20
cmaloneyand the drain was in the trough area17:20
cmaloneyso the water had somehwere lower to go17:20
cmaloneyThat is impressive though. Really like the layout of the bathroom17:21
cmaloneyand the color scheme17:22
rick_h_cool, thanks. Lots of work and $$ but coming together17:22
brousch$$ means $99, right?17:22
brouschOr is that the number of zeroes in the value?17:23
rick_h_yea, just a bunch of $99 bills17:23
rick_h_you have to decide do you want a new car? Or do you want your bathroom to be the nicest room in your house17:23
greg-guh, a vacation :)17:24
cmaloneyYou can vacation in the bathroom17:25
cmaloneyagain: climbing wall17:26
greg-gI just opened the photo, yeah, that'd be hella fun for a little kid (maybe not climbing but playing in the shower with GI Joes/whatever17:29
cmaloneyPretty sure this house would be the only reason I would move to Texas18:03
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