ochosifyi i'll switch to cosmic today for my productive system10:49
ochosithat'll be a good motivation to find and fix bugs ;)10:50
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xfce4-announce:: ANNOUNCE: xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin 2.2.1 released @ http://xfce.10915.n7.nabble.com/ANNOUNCE-xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin-2-2-1-released-tp51381.html (by Graeme Gott)11:34
* ochosi waves hello from cosmic12:58
ochosialready found several things to update in the default panel config12:59
Unit193...Dare I ask? :313:01
ochosisure, the "square" option in statusnotifier, indicator and systray13:01
ochosishould improve the situation with bigger panel sizes13:01
Unit193I'm not entirely sure I know what that does, doesn't seem to change anything for me.13:03
ochosiif you have non-square icons, e.g. in systray, it will make sure it still behaves like a square13:03
ochositherefore the alignment of all those "status icons" remains consistent13:03
ochosiwith the indicators this problem is less pronounced than with systray13:04
Unit193I see, is this just a thing with the gtk3 panel?13:04
ochosibut it makes sense to enable the option in all of them, if at all13:04
ochosii'm not sure now, but i think we backported the square option to gtk213:04
ochosibut i may be wrong13:04
ochosi(for systray)13:04
Unit193I don't see it in systray, but doesn't *seem* to make a difference for sn.13:05
Unit193Heh, yes I see the option, just not for notification area in gtk2 panel.13:07
ochosiright, so we ended up not backporting it13:07
ochosinow i need to fix the symbolic version of nm-applet...13:08
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xubuntu-default-settings:: panel-config: Set the square-icons option to true @ http://git.launchpad.net/xubuntu-default-settings/commit/?id=c9bb58c4630ac22c9d31fda1611d7109e6a2d5fb (by Simon Steinbeiss)13:08
ochosisince we use the "symbolic" option in statusnotifier13:08
Unit193heh yeah I don't use symbolic because I like the other version of nm-applet. :)13:09
Unit193bluesabre: https://git.xfce.org/apps/xfce4-terminal/tree/NEWS#n1 on the radar for SRU?  I only know of exo and IIRC -settings?13:26
ochosiUnit193: no worries, i'll make them look consistent. good part is if you use a bright or dark theme it'll always look right13:34
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