Canid1Hi. When I select "Logout" option from xubuntu, it ends the session, and immediately opens a new one. Can anyone help me figure this out?03:47
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zarzarhi, i have 2 ubuntu systems i switched to xcfe, one was about 8 months ago, it has a better look and layout than the one i just switched today, the new one looks like a blue version of the ubuntu desktop, no real changes, i installed xubuntu-desktop via apt-get13:28
zarzari think i wanted xcfe4 not xubuntu-desktop13:30
Unit193Did you select the 'xfce' or 'xubuntu' session in lightdm/the login screen?13:32
zarzarthere is no option on ligin screen for that13:33
pmjdebru1jnzarzar: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Z60tgjQS9pE/Ws7-XUBsIXI/AAAAAAAAP8s/ivPReUlTdXsunlmcAAziU6_cnLX2JF9KgCLcBGAs/s1600/Screenshot_2018-04-12_02-35-55.png that's how xubuntu is supposed to look13:34
Unit193Should be top right corner.13:34
pmjdebru1jnzarzar: is that the "look" you want, or don't want?13:34
zarzarmine does not look like that13:34
zarzarlooks like ubuntu but blue, no other change13:35
Unit193That's not a Xubuntu session then.13:35
zarzarsudo install apt-get xubuntu-desktop13:36
pmjdebru1jnzarzar: if you have old files in your homedir that might influence things though13:36
zarzaris that not right?13:36
pmjdebru1jnyes but there are always local settings in your homedir13:36
zarzarwhat should i do?13:36
pmjdebru1jnthere's ~/.config/xfcesomething13:37
pmjdebru1jnwhich you could move aside13:37
zarzarno xcfe*** in that dir13:37
zarzarthere is a gnome-session dir and a gtk-3.0 dir13:38
pmjdebru1jndo you have a ~/.gtkrc-2.0 or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gtk-3.0/settings.ini13:38
zarzarUnit193: found it13:39
zarzarUnit193: how do i always use that?13:39
Unit193zarzar: Going forward it should use whatever you selected last, so that should now be default.13:40
zarzarneither xcfe or xubuntu look like my other xcfe system13:41
zarzarscroll bars in allpications window does not work13:43
zarzarmaybe i uninstalled ubuntu desktop on other system13:45
pmjdebru1jnnormally that shouldn't matter13:47
zarzarubuntu is still a session option, maybe its the versions13:48
zarzarhow do i get xubuntu version?13:48
zarzardesktop version13:48
pmjdebru1jnzarzar: try creating a new user account13:48
pmjdebru1jnthen login using the new users, with the xubuntu sessin13:48
pmjdebru1jnsee if that makes a difference13:48
pmjdebru1jnthen at least you know whether is homedir related or not13:48
zarzarin xubuntu session, the ubuntu gear is still shown in top right of toolbar, but does not work, log out does not work13:50
zarzaronly log out on xubuntu drop down works13:50
zarzarguest session is the same13:51
zarzarXfconf has LaunchGNOME checked13:52
zarzarnew account is the same13:57
zarzarwas i suppoosed to see a package configuration screen during install?14:01

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