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IrcsomeBot<Anarcho Taoist> @forester, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/back ports … sudo apt update … sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop01:59
IrcsomeBot<Anarcho Taoist> Kubuntu is running plasma 12.6. Is it possible to install 13.2?02:01
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IrcsomeBot<Scyt4l3> @Anarcho Taoist, It's not released yet via backport ppa. You have to wait or switch distributions04:10
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zxq9hrm... how do I make capslock work the normal way (not require shift+capslock)?05:50
zxq9Seems to be an Ubuntu thing. I don't think my vanilla Debian or Gentoo systems do that on KDE or XFCE.05:51
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amichairIt seems kdesudo is gone in 18.04, what's the recommended alternative?10:56
diogenes_ amichair pkexec10:57
amichairdiogenes_: does it require special arguments? without args it gives an X display error10:59
diogenes_amichair: pkexec kate for instance10:59
amichairdiogenes_: "pkexec software-properties-kde" results in "Could not connect to any X display"11:01
amichair"XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set"11:01
diogenes_amichair: yeah, it doesn't work with all the applications, it's something recently implemented to ...11:01
amichairso kdesudo is just gone, and there's no appropriate replacement?11:02
amichairdiogenes_: lovely11:03
amichairok, let's try another q:11:05
amichairhow does one switch between nvidia and nouveau drivers?11:06
amichairhow does one switch between internal Intel graphics and NVidia card? (on laptop with both)11:06
diogenes_amichair: did you install the proprietary nvidia?11:08
amichairdiogenes_: I think so11:08
diogenes_amichair: open the terminal and run: sudo lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A311:09
diogenes_copy/paste the output to some pastebin and share the link here11:09
diogenes_!pastebin | amichair11:10
ubottuamichair: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:10
amichairdiogenes_: that outputs only the Intel one, should I use VGA|NVIDIA to grep both?11:12
diogenes_sudo lspci -nnk | grep NV -A311:12
amichairdiogenes_: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DGqbrgymd7/11:14
diogenes_amichair: yep, you installed the proprietary driver, in order to use it, type in the menu nvidia, you open the nvidia settings and there should be an option to switch either to intel or nvidia11:15
amichairdiogenes_: so that sets the one used for the laptop display and turns off the other completely? how about external hdmi port?11:16
amichairis this under 'PRIME Profiles'?11:17
diogenes_amichair: yes under prime11:18
diogenes_you switch to nvidia and reboot11:18
amichairoh nice there's also a prime-select command for cli11:18
amichairdiogenes_: is the same card used both for laptop display and external hdmi port? or are they different?11:18
diogenes_the same11:19
amichairdiogenes_: and how would I switch if I didn't have nvidia installed, just nouveau?11:19
amichairwhere is that?11:20
amichairdiogenes_: thanks!11:21
diogenes_i prefer nouveau11:22
amichairdiogenes_: now how do I switch nvidia/nouveau driver? The driver manager gui seems to not change anything11:22
diogenes_that's a tricky way11:22
diogenes_it is described in the article i gave11:23
amichairdiogenes_: oh wierd, I changed in nvidia setting to use intel, now the grep shows nvidia using nouveau11:24
amichairor maybe that's just what it says when intel is used and not nvidia anyway11:24
diogenes_<look at kernel driver in use11:25
amichairyay, with intel drivers the laptop seems to not get stuck on resume from suspend!11:25
amichairand will probably save some battery compared to nvidia card (my guess)11:25
amichairis there an advantage to using an MX150 with nouveau rather than intel graphics 620?11:26
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diogenes_amichair: i personally prefer nouveau, it's open source and it works nice for me11:27
diogenes_no need to install the proprietary crap11:27
amichairdiogenes_: compared to intel or compared to nvidia?11:27
amichairisn't intel driver also open?11:28
diogenes_nouveau is related to nvidia, you got the nvidia card and it can use either nouveau or nvidia proprietary driver11:28
diogenes_intel has proprietary microcode too11:28
diogenes_but it's optional because there is an open source driver too11:28
amichairdiogenes_: yeah, I was asking about nouveau compared to intel11:29
diogenes_amichair: the question is not quite correct because with the optimus setup (when there are two cards intel and nvidia or AMD) you are supposed to use your normal work with itel grphics11:30
diogenes_only when you play games or do some heavy graphics demanding stuff'11:30
diogenes_you use nvidia cadr with either nouveau or nvidia proprietary driver11:30
diogenes_intel graphics*11:31
amichairdon't know what optimus/prime is11:31
amichairso it automatically switches between them?11:31
diogenes_optimus means when there are two graphics cards intel and nvidia or AMD11:31
diogenes_nope it doesn't switch automatically11:32
diogenes_only on windows, on linux you need a command to switch to the second card11:32
amichairdiogenes_: does it use both concurrently? or u switch manually and reboot? if so how is that different from having two cards a decade ago (or whatever was before optimus)?11:32
diogenes_amichair: a decade ago there was no such thing as integrated graphics, so you had only the discrete one11:33
diogenes_now the intel one is integrated it means even if your discrete graphic card dies, you can still use your pc11:33
diogenes_with the integrated one11:33
diogenes_and it doesn't use both at the same time11:34
amichairI know that setup, didn't know it's called optimus. dunno what the name adds :-)11:34
diogenes_optimus it's called because it optimizes power consumption and performance, it keeps a good balance between those two11:35
diogenes_and that's an awesome technology11:35
amichairdiogenes_: but if it doesn't switch between them automatically, what's the optimization/technology?11:35
amichairif u need discrete graphics u use that, if not u use integrated, and that's it, no?11:36
diogenes_amichair: that's logical, all your tasks normally run with intel, it means lower power consumption, lower heating and stuff but when you need more power for a game for instance, you append the command that enables the discrete card and ther you have it.11:37
amichairor do u mean optimus is a separate technology within a given card to keep poewr/performance balanced? (i.e. unrelated to multiple cards)?11:37
diogenes_i explained ^^^11:37
amichairdiogenes_: oh, so u can switch weithout a reboot11:37
amichairyeah then that's more convenient11:37
amichairadding it to a game startup script is closer to what I meant by automatic. semi-automatic :-)11:38
diogenes_amichair: you can switch without reboot when you use intel + nouveau, with intel + nvidia you need to reboot and yes, there is no optimization in that case11:38
diogenes_up until 18.04 there was a program called bumblebee that used to work perfectly switching the nvidia proprietary driiver on the fly, no reboot needed, but now they killed it11:39
diogenes_and that's kinda sad11:39
amichairso bumblebee enabled optimus on the proprietary driver? and now it only works with nouveau?11:40
diogenes_amichair: exactly, in ubuntu yes, but there are still some other distros where you can use bumblebee that will switch to the proprietary nvidia on the fly11:41
amichairah ok11:41
diogenes_by just appending: optirun <application>11:41
amichair(and uncool it's not in ubuntu)11:41
amichairdiogenes_: thanks for ur help and many answers!11:53
amichairdiogenes_: solved my initial problem (suspend/resume), and learned a few things along the way!11:53
amichairI'll try to get nouveau working instead of nvidia proprietary too11:53
loatdoes anyone know how to get videos to sort by duration in dolphin?12:39
amichairdamn suspend/resume still fails even with intel card/driver :-/12:46
amichairresumes into blank screen, only hard reboot helps12:47
Dragnslcrloat- if you right-click in the column header, there's a column for Audio -> Duration. Not sure if that will work for video files as well.12:52
loatDragnslcr- I did try that and no luck, I may have to write something, was hoping it was built in12:53
loatI appreciate the response though12:54
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IrcsomeBot<Faszinosium42> Hey there!  … I often have the feeling that my Kubuntu system uses too much memory (and therefor tends to be slow) but I am not sure which background applications are necessary to ''run the system'' and which ones are only eat up my memory. … I would appreciate it if someone could help me :)13:49
diogenes_Faszinosium42, look in ksysguard14:10
tichun_How can I live with Plasma 5.12 when 5.13 was released?14:11
tichun_Firefox (GTK3) has dark text on dark background for tabs except the current one using Breeze for GTK14:14
diogenes_tichun_: what?14:15
diogenes_try a different theme for ff14:22
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IrcsomeBot<Anarcho Taoist> (Sticker, 336x512) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/OcsmzCxc/file_8683.webp14:59
IrcsomeBot<Anarcho Taoist> Yes, how can you? I am installing plasma on a new laptop next week. Do I go with 18.04 - Kubuntu or 5.13 - Neon?14:59
tichunIs "United" Look And Feel working for you on 18.04?15:14
tichunThis is the theme that mimics Unity15:14
tichun(I'd like to swap theme every once in a while)15:15
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jrssgood morning15:44
jrssI want to move my kubuntu installtion to an SSD in my computer. looking for a way to clone. which software do you recommend? is there anything built in?15:44
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IrcsomeBot<Scyt4l3> dd is build in in every linux system. but be extremely careful as many call it destroyer of disks. Read a few guides to use it16:46
[Relic]wouldn't it be easier just to backup copy all the config files, reinstall everything and overwrite the config files to the last setting you were using?16:54
jrsswell I want to make a backup that includs configs all of my programs, yes, potentially also what I downloaded17:57
jrssso when I start on the SSD it's there17:58
jrssI have a backup of my home folder, that's a good start.17:58
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Dragnslcrjrss- I've used Clonezilla in the past. It's a Debian-based Live CD that uses partclone/partimage18:33
jrssDragnslcr: keep hearing about this one. So you can boot from a USB using it?18:35
jrssif I'm dual boot, can I use my windows partition for it maybe?18:35
jrssnot that I mind starting from a usb just wondering about options. seems to have many18:35
DragnslcrYeah, it should work fine booted from a USB drive18:39
DragnslcrI think I only ever tried it from a CD and from the network, but USB should work fine18:40
DragnslcrYou don't need any other disks or partitions. It can just copy from the old disk to the new SSD.18:40
jrssohh really? so if I format my SSD, and then boot from USB, I can tell it to copy from my HD to my SSD? and it will?18:42
jrssall in one action? as in, do I need to create an image first, or is there a "copy" option? I am looking it up right now I didn't see it before hmm18:42
DragnslcrI'm pretty sure it can just do a direct copy18:52
DragnslcrI don't think you even need to format the SSD, since the format of the old drive will get copied as well18:52
jrssDragnslcr: wow that's helpful hmm. yeah I have to SSDs, both are used by windows, one for the OS, the other for stuff19:00
tichunHow to hunt QML modules for widgets? I currently need org.kde.plasma.private.notes19:00
jrssand I thought I'd need it but it makes no sense to use my HDD for Kubuntu19:00
Candida_ZXHi, I have a problem. I´m not able to make a USB startup disk (and yes I know how to do this) with startup disk creator.19:36
diogenes_very little info19:37
Barefooted_ravenStartup disk creator isn't working for me19:37
diogenes_try etcher and RosaImageWriter19:37
Barefooted_ravenDo you mind telling me what the problem might be?19:38
diogenes_yes of course19:38
* diogenes_ gazes into his crystam magic ball19:38
Barefooted_ravenor course, you do mind?19:38
Barefooted_ravenWhat I mean is, this does seem to be a problem with this particular program.19:39
diogenes_it's either program or device19:39
diogenes_one of two19:39
Barefooted_ravenI see, as this has happened before when I used other computers.  I am using an older version of Kubuntu as well19:40
Barefooted_ravenMy reasons for wanting to do this are also because none of my flash drives are visible UNTIL I use a partition editor. Odd!  This is a first19:42
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my_mindAnyone have an issue with usb devices in 18.04? When I unplug a usb external hdd or flash drive, it stays in dolphin and freezes21:47
my_mindWhen I plug it back in, it doesn’t mount itself21:48

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