guivercthanks oerheks Bashing-om01:14
Bashing-omguiverc: Huh .. thanks just for hand holding ? Ain't done nothing yet :P01:17
guivercnah, you have...01:18
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:00
oerheksgo to sleep, lotuspsychje03:13
oerheksseeguls crying03:14
lotuspsychjebig bionic update :p03:14
oerheksmoskito you can kill03:14
oerheksoh kernel03:15
Bashing-omoerheks: I read on launchpad that the -29 kernel should fix the -24 issues :)03:22
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hggdhlotuspsychje: you pinged me earlier04:07
hggdhand good morning to you04:07
lotuspsychjehey morning hggdh04:07
lotuspsychjeits fixxed, was for artful topic wipe04:07
lotuspsychjehence its eol :p04:07
hggdhah, OK04:07
hggdhand we are fixing to look at the factoids suggestions we received04:08
hggdhReal Soon Now(tM)04:08
lotuspsychjeah i didnt send some04:09
lotuspsychjecurious :p04:09
hggdhyou did not, but others here did04:09
lotuspsychjenice one04:09
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lotuspsychjehere we go again oerheks :pp04:26
lotuspsychjemaybe he installed that hijacked mint dvd lol04:27
lotuspsychjeim pretty sure he's on mint, using ubuntu as excuse04:31
hggdhOTOH, it is so stupid an error that it may be real04:31
lotuspsychjenever seen someone execute the install icon lol04:32
hggdhyes, this is why I think it may not be a troll. But... borderline04:32
lotuspsychjeyeah could be he's real04:33
oerheksno, there are no simular issues, he is drunk, or bored04:34
oerheksguys he is going to reboot04:36
oerhekssay "ay"04:36
hggdhwell... I will do the smart thing, and go to bed :-)04:37
lotuspsychjesleep tight hggdh04:37
hggdhnight night04:37
lotuspsychjecu next round04:37
hggdhcertainly :-)04:38
lotuspsychjeim gonna reboot aswell..04:38
lotuspsychjefor kernels :p04:38
lotuspsychjesay ay oerheks04:38
lotuspsychjeLinux R00TBOOK 4.15.0-29-generic #31-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 17 15:39:52 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:41
lotuspsychjetnx for headsup Bashing-om04:41
lotuspsychjewe will spread the word04:41
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: mutual support :P04:45
hggdhis the ehlp situation controlled?05:25
hggdh(I was going finally to bed...)05:25
hggdhyeah, it is. night night for real now05:26
oerheksyes, they moved05:27
oerheksnn hggdh05:27
lotuspsychjefleemarket bbl :p06:07
oerheksfresh flees, for all06:18
ducassegood morning, oerheks06:19
ducasseand everyone else06:19
tomreynthere is a new cpuburn alternative: http://i.imgur.com/BtUiSt3.png15:00
blackflowmy god it's full of sta^H^H^H^H CPUs!15:01
oerhekswow, is there a snap available?15:03
oerheksso, you slept 10,5 hrs after checking email ?15:04
tomreynthere's indeed a snap, but i don't dare to run it, since it might make things backward incompatible.15:27
tomreynplus i dont know who "ken-vandine" (publisher) is15:28
lotuspsychjegood evening to all16:00
tomreynhello there16:02
lotuspsychjehey there tomreyn16:02
lotuspsychjewhats his original question tomreyn16:05
tomreynlotuspsychje: none so far16:06
blackflowhuh.... SSD firmware updates. I had no idea but I guess it makes sense. ogawd, yet another thing to worry about updating.................16:30
lotuspsychjeblackflow: aka the samsung 840 evo has bad performance bugs==needs firmware16:31
oerheksfor that 840 yes16:32
lotuspsychjeblackflow: the pro's are mostly good to go16:32
lotuspsychjebut check anyway on samsungs site16:32
blackflowlotuspsychje: yeah but I see on samsung's site there are fw updates even for 85016:32
lotuspsychjeevo or pro blackflow ?16:32
blackflowsorry, caps lock16:33
lotuspsychjeoh tnx for feedback blackflow16:33
lotuspsychjemust have been added16:33
lotuspsychjewell, if there are firmwares available: do them :p16:33
lotuspsychjejust keep in mind there 'can' be datalost resulting to reformat16:33
blackflowyyyyyyyyyeah, not sure about that. if it ain't broken and all that, and so far I don't see anything broken.16:34
tomreyni think this is only for old drives, newer ones were seold with newer firmware already. smartctl / hdparm would tell which firmware is running16:34
lotuspsychjedepending on what the firmware holds of course16:34
blackflowreason I'm also not keen on doing BIOS updates either. got burnt in the past.16:34
blackflowtomreyn: indeed, good idea16:35
lotuspsychjeblackflow: but lets say we have a 850 pro, samsung gives out 10y warranty, if you dont do the firmware they could say its not under warranty perhaps16:35
blackflowI'm sure I'll be getting new drives one way or another in half that time :)16:36
blackflowI renew my computing infrastructure every 5 or so years16:36
lotuspsychjethats why i work with the 850 pro 10y warranty i like16:37
blackflowI'll probably hasten this cycle tho'. I'm currently on equipment from 2015, and I'm drooling for some ryzen2 goodness later this year or early next year.16:38
lotuspsychjedidnt get dataloss or breakage neither on them16:38
tomreynunfortunately samsung ssd's also dont do TRIM properly https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/e64f638483a21105c7ce330d543fa1f1c35b5bc7/drivers/ata/libata-core.c16:38
tomreynwell not queued TRIM anyways. they just doint support it, but claim that they do.16:39
tomreynwhich is whys there's this blacklist in libata16:39
lotuspsychjebut xenial and up autotrims already right?16:39
tomreynyes, there are queued trim and another method. queued would be better if it worked, but the other method (i forgot the name) still works.16:40
tomreynits just bad for hardware / firmware to claim they support features and when you try to use them they fall flat on their face.16:40
lotuspsychjetru that16:41
tomreynand others, microns, i think, or some of them, actually do queued trim fine16:42
lotuspsychjeill have a look later on the new firmwares16:48
sonicwindI gotta read this discussion later... I'm actually in the market for an SSD and am considering both Micron/Crucial and Samsung17:02
lotuspsychjeim fan of the 850 pro's :p17:03
lotuspsychjebut what tomreyn stated is true17:03
sonicwindI have an 840 in this used laptop I just got and can't say i'm terribly impressed with it, although i think most of that is Ubuntu... haven't had time to work on that17:03
lotuspsychjesonicwind: evo?17:03
sonicwindyeah I think... not pro I don't think17:03
lotuspsychjesonicwind: they i presume you didnt firmware it?17:04
sonicwindmostly whatever all my friend did to it before he handed it over to me... he works in IT17:04
sonicwindI know much of it is ubuntu, from having done systemd-blame analyze and such... it sits around for 10 seconds just looking for btrfs partitions17:05
lotuspsychjeyou can check firmware the way tomreyn suggested above17:05
sonicwindunfortunately my friend put encryption lvm and uefi on it even though I asked him not to lol...17:05
lotuspsychjeand btrfs isnt the most stable neither :p17:06
sonicwindI'm eventually going to put plain ext4 and mbr on it, no encryption17:07
lotuspsychjeyeah try that sonicwind17:07
sonicwindlearning curve these past 2 1/2 years has been so crazy fast, I feel sometimes like I'm forgetting as much as I'm learning17:07
lotuspsychjeyeah recall stuff is harder when you grow older :p17:08
sonicwindso, have enough to remember now without tackling uefi encryption and lvm17:08
sonicwindyeah I just turned 4917:08
sonicwindplus, seems like there are more problems on ubuntuforums with encryption and lvm than anything else17:08
tomreyn"sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda | head" should tell the firmware17:08
sonicwindFirmware Revision:  DXT0AB0Q17:09
sonicwindsamsung ssd 840 series17:10
sonicwindI do have over 50 pages of notes from that 2 1/2 years though, that I'm constantly revising. It's been a great help. My own manual so to speak. Once I know I have certain stuff down, I can get rid of it.17:11
lotuspsychjesonicwind: compare your firmware with the one on samsungs site(for your model)17:12
sonicwindI'll eventually get an encryption, lvm and uefi section to it but not now... I have some basic uefi stuff in it already.17:12
sonicwindI only see firmware for windows and mac users17:14
lotuspsychjeits non Os related, it just has to be loaded on an usb, then get to your ssd17:15
lotuspsychjei think i did it with the site frop plop boot manager, to get it on stick17:15
sonicwind* Notice: ISO files may be used only via DOS using a bootable CD/DVD.17:16
lotuspsychjeyeah it means you need to boot your made usb, at F12 boot, then let do its job to firmware it17:17
lotuspsychjethis is before ubuntu loading right17:17
sonicwindright, gotcha17:18
sonicwindISO DXT09B0Q ... yep, guess its oudated17:19
lotuspsychjeyeah this will be big performance fix17:19
sonicwindthink I'll just deal with it... another thing for me to mess up17:19
lotuspsychjeif you succesfully burn to usb, nothing can go wrong17:19
lotuspsychjenot sure how i did it exactly anymore17:20
sonicwindwill make a note of it and wait for a day I feel ambitious17:20
lotuspsychjesonicwind: https://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/index.html17:21
lotuspsychjewith a tool from here17:21
sonicwindtruth be told, I got all the time in the world to wait for stuff to happen... just want it to work... low expectations.. I'd be happy with 5 minute boot time. I wake up , turn it on and go get breakfast.17:21
lotuspsychjei dont lol, when i buy an ssd it has to be TURBO!17:22
sonicwindas it is, my boot time on this laptop with the SSD now is about 46 seconds... at least 20 of that appears to be wasted, but haven't had time to work on it17:22
sonicwindand 46 seconds isn't any faster than my other sytem with docked external HD I run Ubuntu off of17:23
lotuspsychjeyour new purpose in life, 840 performance bug fix :p17:23
sonicwindactually, the ext HD has booted as fast as 38 seconds or so17:23
sonicwindseemed to get slower after the meltdown/spectre fixes17:24
lotuspsychjeyeah whole world is turning slower now :p17:24
sonicwindsince that started, I still haven't heard of any actual issues in the wild with them... that weren't from someone testing17:25
sonicwindstill amazes me how much you guys offer here... lotuspsychje, tomreyn, oerheks among others17:31
lotuspsychjewe share & learn sonicwind17:32
lotuspsychjetogheter as a team we can do alot, co-operate17:33
lotuspsychjewe also learn from issues17:33
sonicwindDo any of you also work with linux in your day job?17:34
* blackflow raises hand.17:34
lotuspsychjeim running an ubuntu business with barebone laptops and ssd's LTS17:35
sonicwindusually running a business requires as much time as you spend here lol17:35
lotuspsychjealot of volunteers are working in IT17:35
lotuspsychjebut others also have years ubuntu experience17:36
lotuspsychjewe dont judge :p17:36
sonicwindI started with 14.04 LTS late in the going... lots of change with ubuntu since then, just in that short time17:36
lotuspsychjewe are legion17:36
sonicwindok, caught up on that earlier discussion... I think maybe NCQ is the other type of TRIM tomreyn was referring to.18:15
tomreynsonicwind: yes i think so, thanks ;)18:16
lotuspsychjeman this zexaron can talk some branches oO18:57
tomreynthere's a reason why i asked him to put the whole story on etherpad or pastebin19:00
lotuspsychjejeez he can turn around the corner lol19:01
tomreynhe wouldnt do it, though, and i'm not willing to try to understand the way they present it on the chat19:01
tomreynlotuspsychje: they are just not in a very good mental state at this time, which makes it hard to work with them. i'm not sure you saw this: <Zexaron> Yeah trying to get what other people think, sorry I have a ... i'm not able to explain so good the events of past 2 weeks coherent, i've been to hospital in the middle, doing much better now but I'm not that energetic etc19:05
lotuspsychjepauljw: ignore is like an austrich stick head in the sand :p19:14
tomreyni think todays' #ubuntu chat can't get much worse, so things can only get better now.19:16
lotuspsychjethat promises for 26 tomreyn19:17
tomreynlotuspsychje: 26?19:17
lotuspsychje.1 release19:17
tomreynoh right19:17
tomreynwell, its mostly about the people and their behaviours and abilities (the latter is okay, but can be daunting, too)19:18
sonicwindit looks like yates left, but he could have installed net-tools to get ifconfig back19:19
tomreynyes, but it semed like he should read the release notes first of all.19:20
pauljwno it's not, lotuspsychje.  it keeps my blood pressure under control and prevents me from telling exactly what i think of his whiney attitude.  he should just go back to Windows where he came from.19:20
lotuspsychjeventilate agression to unaware trolls...hmm thats an idea pauljw :p19:24
lotuspsychjei might finally get rid of my years built frustrations19:24
oerhekswelcome to weekend support .. gna gna19:25
ducasseuntil we have a way to remotely whack them over the head with a rolled-up newspaper. /ignore is a good tool19:26
pauljwlife's too short to put up with the likes of some of these people.19:26
lotuspsychjeand when your heads in the sand, you hearing the sound of your suffering volunteer friends19:27
* sonicwind can't wait to get whacked19:27
pauljwif you're still helping the likes of that one, you're on your own.19:28
pauljwbesides, i didn't notice him looking for help.  just complaining about something he has paid nothing for, to people he's paying nothing to.19:31
ducasse...for project he's probably not contributing to19:33
ducasse*for a19:33
lotuspsychjeyeah its not fair canonical gets payed and we dont :p19:34
lotuspsychjewhere's my wonga's19:35
sonicwindyou guys should get something for it...19:35
sonicwindstickers from the Canonical website or something haha19:35
lotuspsychjesonicwind: yes man! my bank number is 555-7867564-8719:35
lotuspsychjehmmm thats a new idea, ubuntu pizza's19:37
lotuspsychjewith the round logo n all19:37
lotuspsychjeyou found a new hole in the market ducasse19:37
lotuspsychjeEriC^ uses his mycroft to bake pizza's and bring them to him19:39
sonicwindcookie for tom19:53
lotuspsychjewe getting nice prices today :p19:53
tomreynmuch better than a cookie!19:53
lotuspsychjewelcome oliver_swift19:54
lotuspsychjewhats up on kdenlive oliver_swift ?19:55
lotuspsychjewelcome CaCO319:57
oliver_swiftJust brought out an old camera to film a video and used kdenlive to edit, and I just wanted to hear if there were tips from anyone on using it? It'd be cool to start writing extensions for it but I don't know much about it. I heard it's written in python though!19:57
lotuspsychjenever used myself here19:57
oliver_swiftOr some portion in Python, I guess a video editor might be a bit slow if it were all in Python?19:58
* tomreyn neither19:58
EriC^lotuspsychje: :D19:58
lotuspsychje:p EriC^19:58
sonicwindI use Avidemux for video editing lol19:58
lotuspsychjenite nite all20:01
sonicwindtom with the google-fu for another cookie :-)20:10
tomreynhope i can make it work, wireless can be tough20:36

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