linuxHello all, I am new to this chat, and new to linux as well, I installed Ubuntu Mate 18.04 and it looks impressive but no much software available for it10:19
linuxI am a programmer, and wanted to see what is there for programmers, but I dont see anything10:20
linuxis there any book Ubuntu Mate for dummies?10:23
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nils  ncjl o18:08
NutNutHello, I have a problem turning off Ubuntu mate 18, to do so it freezes in the logo of shutdown and never turns off, in UM 16 did not have this problem, if someone knows of the solution please write me. By the way, I do not update from UM 16 to 18, i install a fresh copy20:58
diogenes_NutNut: when it shutsdown try to press f12 and observe what process is taking all that time21:07
NutNutSome thing... That... Yeah I forgot that... key, u have right, i'll try this, ty21:10

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